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tigerdove09-03-2018 03:32 PM

Rick's Senior Year
Spoiler: show
i write a series of stories every year on may 17th. however, i have also written other stories about the characters involved in my series. i can't find the links to them, but they are titled Rick's Summer, Happy Halloween Ruben, and Peter's Random Christmas. also, a big thank you to Desty for giving me the idea to write this story!
edit: i found the links to the other stories!


:arte: good morning, boys! are you all excited for your first day of school tomorrow?
:ffawn: NO!
:fox: yes! i can't believe i'm going to be a big 9th grader!
:beagle: dude, how the heck are you not the #1 target for bullies? i would bully you every day if you weren't my little brother.
:ffawn: hey! i'm your brother too but you bully me every day!
:beagle: that's because you're stupid! *punches Rick*
:ffawn: omg why do you have to be so mean?!
:ac: Rick is right! you have no reason to be so mean, Reese!
:beagle: yes i do! when Rick was 6 months old, i caught him chewing on my brand new hot wheels truck!
:ac: that's not a valid reason to be mean! you're grounded!
:beagle: i'm already grounded!
:arte: ENOUGH ALREADY! everybody get your laundry ready for tomorrow!
:beagle: finally Richie is crying for an actual reason. i hate doing laundry too!
:ac: i'm starting to really worry about Richie! he's about to start kindergarten tomorrow but all he does is cry! i couldn't even take him to preschool because he started screaming so loud when i dropped him off! hopefully he won't hate kindergarten too!

:beagle: RICK!!!!! do my laundry for me or else i'm going to punch you in the face!
:ffawn: no! you punch me in the face all the time anyways so i don't even care anymore!
:fox: i'll do your laundry for you Reese! mommy promised to buy me a cookie if i did it for you because she said you don't know how to do it right anyways!
:beagle: thanks Randy! you see, Rick, this is why i like Randy way better than you even though he's a total sissy. anyways, get ready to have the worst day of your life at school tomorrow! *punches Rick*
:ffawn: ughhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Desty09-03-2018 06:19 PM

Re: Rick's Senior Year
Poor Rick! Reese needs some kind of serious attitude adjustment. :nod: Hopefully the school year goes well.
Richie always cracks me up. How in the world will he deal with kindergarten? ::)
Looking forward to reading more! :)

Queen of Sheba09-03-2018 07:28 PM

Re: Rick's Senior Year
Oh my goodness! So much bullying! :(

Some lessons definitely need to be learned! Can't believe all that Rick is putting up with!

tigerdove09-04-2018 03:08 PM

Re: Rick's Senior Year

*alarm goes off at 6:30am*
:beagle: *punches alarm clock* DANG IT!!!! i was in the middle of the best dream ever! i was dreaming that school got canceled forever!
:arte: *walks into room* get dressed now, boys! your mom is waiting for you in the kitchen, she made pancakes for breakfast
:beagle: YESSSSSSSS!!!!!
*everybody gets dressed and goes to the kitchen and eats pancakes*
:ac: all right, let's all get in the car and drive to school!
:ffawn: i agree, Richie!
*the kids arrive at school and walk towards their classrooms*
:bc::bwcd: hi Rick!
:ffawn: hey, guys. i am SO not excited about school this year!
:bwcd: same here! i can't believe Reese is going to be in our class! what a nightmare!
:bc: i know right?! speaking of Reese, where the heck is he? actually nevermind, i don't care.
*bell rings*
*the three of them walk into their classroom*
:beagle: surprise! *trips Rick*
:ffawn: HEY! what was that for?
:cttam: calm down right now, students! my name is Miss Jefferson, and i will be your new teacher this year since Mrs. Fuzzlekinz is now retired. now everybody take your seats wherever your nametag is placed, and you will find your textbooks in your desks.
*everybody goes to their seats*
:beagle: hey, where's my desk?
:cttam: you must be Reese. Ms. Cowoline and Mrs. Fuzzlekinz have both sent me e-mails regarding your terrible behavior and bad grades, so i placed your desk right here in the front next to mine.
:beagle: WHAT?! but that's so embarrassing! and i really wanted to sit next to my brother Rick so that i could bother - i mean, help him with his homework!
:ffawn: no! don't believe him! please! he's lying!
:cttam: both of you knock it off or else you're getting detention! Reese, you will sit in the front until i see improvement of your behavior and grades. now everyone, stay in your assigned seats while i pass out copies of the class syllabus. i expect good behavior from ALL of you!
:beagle: ughhhhh *puts head down on desk*

Queen of Sheba09-04-2018 03:53 PM

Re: Rick's Senior Year
Uh oh. Reese is being called out for his poor reputation. Sounds like it might spoil his style! ;D

Desty09-04-2018 04:12 PM

Re: Rick's Senior Year
Good! I'm liking this Miss Jefferson.

tigerdove09-06-2018 02:22 PM

Re: Rick's Senior Year

*at recess*
:ffawn: i'm so excited to begin orchestra next week!
:beagle: omg what a nerd! *punches Rick*
:ffawn: go away, Reese! nobody said you could hang out with us! why don't you go hang out with your own friends?
:beagle: uh, um, because, uh... your friends like me better?
:bwcd: no we don't!
:bc: we think you're super annoying!
:beagle: well then i don't like you either! you're just a bunch of nerds anyways! you're always talking about orchestra and math and other stupid nerd stuff!
:ffawn: well then why are you over here with us?! go away!!!
:beagle: fine then! i was going to make fun of you all, but since you don't even care any more, i'll go find something better to do! like, uh, like... like thinking of more ways to make fun of you! bye! *runs off*
:bc: geez, what's up with him?
:ffawn: who cares? at least he's gone!
:gsd: hi Ruben!
:bc: grandpa?! what are you doing here? and why are you wearing that?!!
:gsd: i baked cookies so i thought i would drop by and bring you guys some! and i just happened to be wearing these rainbow overalls i bought at the thrift store, aren't they cool?
:bc: no, they're weird!
:gsd: you just don't have any taste in fashion! by the way, i signed up to be a parent volunteer, so i'm going to come to your class once a week! isn't that awesome?!
:bc: *sighs* whatever
*bell rings*
:gsd: well, let's get to class! last one there is a rotten egg! *takes off running*
:bwcd: let's walk super slowly behind him and pretend we don't know him
:bc: good idea

Desty09-06-2018 06:01 PM

Re: Rick's Senior Year
Rainbow overalls. lol
It will be interesting to see how it works out with Ruben's grandpa there. ;D
It sounds like Reese needs a hobby or something.

tigerdove09-07-2018 03:06 PM

Re: Rick's Senior Year

:ac: happy Friday, kids! how was your first week of school?
:beagle: TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!
:ac: really? that was the kind of answer i expected from Rick
:ffawn: my week actually hasn't been that bad, Reese has only punched me once or twice at school this week
:beagle: because i have better things to do, that's why! now leave me alone and stop bothering me!
:ffawn: nobody was even talking to you...
:beagle: I SAID STOP!!!!!!! *punches Rick and runs to his room*
:arte: well that was unusual
:ffawn: what's his problem? he's been acting weird all week!
:arte: i'm sure he's fine, he just hates school. anyways, your mom and i have some big news!
:ffawn: what is it?! it sounds exciting!
:arte: we're going to be moving to a new house this december!
:fox: cool!
:beagle: *runs out of room* OMG are we gonna live in a mansion???????!?
:arte: no, Reese. just a 3 bedroom house, but a nice one!
:beagle: boring! *goes back to room*
:ac: and the reason we're moving is even more exciting, but we can't tell you just yet! it's a huge surprise!
:ffawn: is it really a surprise, or is it going to be like the time you said you had a big surprise for us if we ate all our broccoli but then forgot to give it to us after we ate all the broccoli?
:ac: nope, it's a real surprise this time! i promise!

Desty09-10-2018 04:25 PM

Re: Rick's Senior Year
Exciting! :)
I wonder what the surprise is. ???

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