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Old 02-10-2011, 07:56 AM   #31
hy, clearly I'm a
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Default Re: The Prophecy~Book Six~A Warriors Fanfic

Chapter 21:
"Seek the one who is followed by a silent star. That is who StarClan has chosen to be leader."
Featherpelt struggled awake. She was in her nest of bracken and moss in the warriors’ den. Thistlefang’s parting words still echoed in her mind. She got to her paws and carefully made her way out of the den. She twitched her ears and tasted the air. Sensing Berrypaw sleeping in the medicine cat den, she padded towards him, moving slowly across the camp.
The medicine cat den was a gap in the side of one of the little hills that formed the edges of the camp. Grass hung over it, nearly concealing it, but Featherpelt found it easily and slipped inside. Twitching her ears, she searched the den with her paws until she nearly stepped on him, and Berrypaw let out an annoyed noise, somewhere between a grunt and a moan.
"Berrypaw?" Featherpelt whispered. She prodded him with her paw. "Berrypaw, wake up."
"Go find me more flowers, Softpaw." Berrypaw muttered. He tolled over.
"Berrypaw, wake up. It’s me, Featherpelt."
Berrypaw was silent for a moment. Featherpelt touched him again, and he rolled to his paws, shaking out his fur. "Okay, okay, I’m up." She sensed his movements as he licked one paw and ran it over his ears. "What’s so important?"
"I had a dream from StarClan," Featherpelt told him. "It was from...one of the cats in the old forest. His name is Thistlefang, and he told me that StarClan would send a sign to choose the leader of BrambleClan."
"I’m listening." Berrypaw yawned and rubbed his face with his paw. "So you thought Berrypaw, the young, amazing, all powerful, handsome, and just plain cool medicine cat of BrambleClan could help you with your problem?"
Featherpelt ignored him. "Thistlefang told me to ‘Seek the one who is followed by a silent star. That is who StarClan has chosen to be leader.’"
"A silent star, eh?" Berrypaw groaned "Not again."
"You’ve heard this before?" Featherpelt asked in surprise.
"I only spent the entire night trying to figure it out," Berrypaw compained. "And when I finally got to sleep, you come wake me up. When you told me you had a dream from StarClan, I hoped you might have a clue as to what it meant."
"Sorry," Featherpelt mewed.
Berrypaw turned away and stretched. "If I figure anything out, I’ll let you know. I promise."
"Thanks Berrypaw." Featherpelt shuffled backwards out of the den and bumped into another cat.
"Sorry Featherpelt," Softpaw mewed, breathless. She bounced on her toes and craned her neck to see past the warrior. "Is Berrypaw awake?"
"Yes, but I think he’s going to try to get back to sleep." Featherpelt mewed gently. "He’s trying to speak with StarClan about who they want as our new leader."
Softpaw jumped higher. "Is it me? Can I be the leader? Please Featherpelt? I’ll do all the ceremonies right, and I’ll be nice to everyone in the Clan!" She sprang into the air, twisting and landing on her paws again, facing Featherpelt. "Call me Softstar!"
"You’re still an apprentice," Featherpelt told her gently.
Softpaw sat down, disappointed. "Oh yeah."
"But maybe you can help me." Featherpelt mewed. She had an idea. Softpaw sprang to her paws eagerly, and Featherpelt continued. "StarClan told me to ‘Seek the one who is followed by a silent star’. That is who they want to be our leader. I want to give you an important job. Watch all the warriors and see if you can figure out who is being followed by a silent star. When you figure it out, tell me and Berrypaw."
"Okay Featherpelt." Softpaw’s tone was serious now that she had been given such an important duty. In a way, the fate of the Clan rested on whether or not she could figure out who was being followed by a silent star. "I’ll figure it out."
"Thank you Softpaw." Featherpelt brushed her muzzle to the top of Softpaw’s head. "You’ll be much better at this job than I will, since I can’t see."
"I won’t let you down," Softpaw promised. She rubbed her head against Featherpelt’s neck, then pulled away and padded off, searching for silent stars.
"Please StarClan," Featherpelt whispered. "Help Softpaw figure it out." She turned her head away. "I’m no leader. BrambleClan needs someone with wisdom, strength, and nine lives to lead them. That’s something I can’t give them."
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Old 02-12-2011, 07:16 AM   #32
hy, clearly I'm a
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: The Prophecy~Book Six~A Warriors Fanfic

Chapter 22:
Jayheart was curled up by the small heap of fresh-kill in the center of camp. He raised his head and twisted to look over his shoulder, but after a few heartbeats he’d settle down again. Finally, he uncurled himself, stretched his legs out, then got to his paws. He pawed through the bits of prey on the fresh-kill pile and pulled a vole from it. He turned to look for her again, then padded towards her, the vole in his jaws.
He lay it down at her paws. A small gift. A peace offering. An amend. "Hey Songfeather," He greeted. She turned her back on him, raising her muzzle in the air, refusing to have anything to do with him.
He slid around to face her, searching her eyes. "Songfeather," He mewed again, wincing. "I’m sorry. I never meant...I didn’t..." He sighed, dropping his gaze to his paws. "I can’t be your mate," He continued softly. "But I can still be your friend." He looked up at her, but his hopefullness died. She had turned away again, lying on her side now, unwilling to meet his gaze. Jayheart pulled the vole towards him. He waited for her to look at him, to accept his apology, but she didn’t. "Songfeather," He mewed softly. "I’m sorry. It isn’t your fault that I’m a medicine cat, or that it was StarClan’s will I should never take a mate. But I want you to still be my friend."
No answer.
"Here," Jayheart nosed the vole towards her, turned around, and padded off. Songfeather just needed time. Then she’d get up, shake out her fur, and continue on the way she always had. She couldn’t stay upset forever, and he wasn’t going to appologize again.
"Hey Riverfoot," Jayheart called, spotting the dusty gray warrior. "Can you and Ambereyes take Eaglepaw and Blossompaw out for training?"
"Sure," Riverfoot replied. "I was just taking Blossompaw now. Do you know where Ambereyes is?"
Jayheart hesitated. "Um...he might have gone on patrol with Kinktail and Shadewhisker."
"I’ll wait for him." Riverfoot promised. "Hey Blossompaw, come over here!"
As the brown she-cat scampered to her mentor’s side, Jayheart turned away. He scoured the camp with his eyes, and his heart sank when he saw Songfeather still lying where he’d left her, the vole untouched at her paws. He started towards her, but Tinykit darted into his path, followed closely by Drizzlekit. Poppypaw chased after them, warning them to stay away from the nursery. Then she turned to Jayheart with wide eyes.
"Jayheart, I think Sunfire’s having her kits," She mewed frantically. "She’s moaning and whimpering and stuff, and I don’t know what to do!"
"Come on." Jayheart cast one last glance at Songfeather, then raced to the nursery, Poppypaw just behind him. Jayheart shoved his way through the bracken that guarded the entrance to the nursery, which was a small thicket of tightly woven brambles. A thorn snagged on his fur, but he ripped it free, stumbling slightly. Sunfire was crouched in her nest, Lightwing licking her head and murmuring comfort to her.
"Poppypaw," Jayheart called over his shoulder. "Bring me...uh..." His mind raced. "Iris petals, and narcissus petals!"
"I’m on it!" Poppypaw’s voice was slightly muffled through the bracken, but Jayheart heard her retrating pawsteps.
He sank to the ground beside Sunfire. The ginger she-cat whimpered quietly. "Don’t worry Sunfire," Jayhert murmured. "You’re going to be okay." He ran his paws over her belly, feeling it. "You’re going to be just fine..."
He sat quietly as Sunfire let out occasional moans and whimpers. Then Poppypaw shouldered her way through the bracken and bramble, herbs in her mouth. She dropped them at Jayheart’s paws. "Got them."
"Right." Jayheart snatched up the narcissus petals and pushed them towards Sunfire. "Here, eat this."
Sunfire did, chewing them and wincing occasionally, but she swallowed. She relaxed slightly, though her eyes looked pained. Poppypaw curled up beside Jayheart, and they waited.

I'm posting tomorrow's chapter here too, because I won't have internet connection then. You could read it today or tomorrow, I suppose.

Chapter 23:
Wolfwing watched as Nettlekit and Mallowkit splashed around a shallow part of the stream near the nursery. Nettlekit would splash Mallowkit with water, then spring back to avoid her retaliation.
Wolfwing played with his vines. They were his favorite thing to grow, the way they could coil around his paw or wrap him in them. Right now he busied himself with weaving a vine around a stick. Wrapping around and around, coils of green covering the little stick.
"Wolfwing! Can I play too?"
"Me too! Me too!"
Wolfwing looked up. Nettlekit and Mallowkit stood in front of him, watching the coil of vine wrap around the stick at his paws.
"That’s so cool!" Nettlekit exclaimed. "Teach me to do that!"
"I can’t," Wolfwing mewed awkwardly. "It only works for me."
"Oh." Nettlekit’s face fell, but Mallowkit was still curiously watching the vine as it coiled around the stick.
"What else can it do?"
"Anything really," Wolfwing told her. He focused on the ground and Mallowkit’s paws. A new vine erupted from the ground, twisting itself around one of Mallowkit’s forelegs. She let out a shriek of surprise and sprang backwards, while Nettlekit laughed.
"That’s scary," Mallowkit scolded, but Nettlekit let out a purr of amusement.
"You’re afraid of Wolfwing!"
"No I’m not!" Mallowkit protested. "He just startled me."
Wolfwing watched them and let out a soft purr. Then he focused on a new twig a few tail-lengths away. A third vine poked its way from the ground and coiled around the small stick. Then it lifted it into the air, growing until it was above Nettlekit’s head. Mallowkit let out a squeak of alarm, and Nettlekit looked up. The vine twitched a bit, then seemed to throw the twig into the stream, where it landed with a soft splash.
"Go get it," Wolfwing urged. Sensing a game, Nettlekit and Mallowkit sprang forward, tumbling head over paws as they fought to get to the twig first.
"That outta keep ‘em busy for awhile." Goldenpaw commented from behind Wolfwing. He nodded at the vines. "Neat trick."
"Uh...thanks," Wolfwing mewed cautiously. He looked back down at the stick in his paws, wrapped tightly in a green vine. Nearby, Nettlekit and Mallowkit had each grabbed one end of the twig and were engaged in a playful fight over who could yank it from the other’s grasp.
"Looks like fun," Goldenpaw mewed wistfully. "Gorgepaw and I used to play something similar when we were kits." The small tom slipped past Wolfwing and out of the medicine cat den. Wolfwing watched him go, then fiddled with the stick again. He was interrupted as Nettlekit dropped the twig in front of him and let out a triumphant yowl.
"I got it, I got it!"
Wolfwing gave a twitch of his ears, and the vine wrapped around the twig again, tossing it farther, nearly to the warriors’ den on the other side of the stream. Nettlekit yowled and chased after it, Mallowkit splashing through the water on his heels.
Kits. He thought. What fun. He lay his vine-wrapped twig down and concentrated on making more, smaller vines twist around it, though in a different way then they had been coiled around the stick before. He guided them with his mind and paws, and at last gently took the stick in his mouth and positioned it. Steadying it with his paws, he made his twig-cat into a sitting pose and slid backwards to admire his work.
In his mind, the twig-cat wasn’t just a twig-cat, but a queen fashioned from the ground itself, made of sticks and vines, and there were four tiny coils of vine around her. Wolfwing touched his nose to each one. A queen and her kits. Four kits. Her kits. His kits. Their kits.
"I got the stick!" Mallowkit cried. She dropped it, but the throwing vine darted forward and twisted around it before it hit the ground, rearing up and tossing it farther. Mallowkit let out a mrrow of laughter and ran towards it, though Nettlekit reached it first.
"Oh Sorrelpelt," Wolfwing whispered, tucking the twig-cat beneath his paws. "If only you were with me now."

Chapter 24:
Softpaw sat in the center of camp by the fresh-kill pile. She watched every warrior that approached, searching for the one who was being followed by a silent star. What did that mean? Would the chosen warrior leave behind a trail of bright stars? Would a StarClan cat be following them, moving quietly and making no sound?
Softpaw eyed Whitebriar intently as he came close. She followed him with her gaze as he padded past, but she saw no stars. No glimmer of light, no wisp of a StarClan cat. No trace of anything.
Antfur and Jaywhisker padded by, murmuring in quiet voices. Softpaw took a few steps towards them, her eyes searching desperatly, but there was nothing. She sunk to the ground in despair. She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t figure out the prophecy that StarClan had given Featherpelt. She was no medicine cat.
Softpaw dully watched as Blossomtail made her way by. She had looked at every cat in the Clan, and had seen nothing. Could this mean StarClan’s chosen leader hadn’t joined the Clan yet?
Fuzzyfur paused and gave Softpaw a confused look. "Are you all right?" He asked. "Do you need something?"
Softpaw closed her eyes. "I don’t know."
"I’m taking a patrol to one of the streams to gather moss and get a drink. Tawnytail’s coming, do you want to come?"
"All right," Softpaw mewed miserably. She got to her paws and trailed behind the patrol as Fuzzyfur led to the stream. She tried to pay attention to Tawnytail as her mentor commented on a few landmarks, but despair weighed heavy on her shoulders. She had failed. Featherpelt would be disappointed in her.
The patrol reached the stream. Softpaw let the cool water run over her forepaws, and she bent down to lap some of it up. She blinked at the Sunhigh light shining through the trees and shook out her fur, scattering stray droplets at the others in the patrol. Her gaze traveled over them sadly. Fuzzyfur. Squirreltail. Tawnytail. Lilypetal. None of them knew of the task she had been given. Yet again she had failed someone in her Clan, but there was no Jayheart here to offer her a flower.
"Should we head back now?" Squirreltail asked Fuzzyfur. The gray tom stretched out his forepaws, arching his back.
"We need to gather some moss first, I told Featherpelt I’d search for some new nest linings."
Squirreltail nodded and padded to a tree growing near the stream. Softpaw followed, intent on helping gather moss from it. The sun was behind them now, casting their shadows on the ground in front of them. Softpaw watched her shadow, a small, dark form of herself. She examined it more closely. Her shadow looked sad. Dejected. She raised her tail and pricked her ears. For good measure, she gave a little bounce on her paws. There! Her shadow seemed happy now, more like who she was supposed to be-tail raised, head high, bouncing in excitement. Softpaw slid her gaze curiously to Squirreltail’s shadow, trying to guess her mood. How strange-how did Squirreltail make her shadow all jagged like that?
"Softpaw?" Squirreltail was looking at her curiously, and Softpaw felt a thick tail brush her shoulders. Softpaw tilted her head in confusion. That was Squirreltail’s tail on her back, yet the shadow had not moved. It stayed the same, rippling slightly around the jagged edges when Squirreltail moved, but it never changed its shape.
Suddenly Softpaw let out a yowl and sprang backwards. Squirreltail jerked away, looking at the apprentice in alarm. "Softpaw, are you all right?"
Yet it wasn’t fear that had caused Softpaw’s yowl, but excitement. She raised her head, giving Squirreltail a look of respect.
"I have to get back to Featherpelt," She mewed quickly.
"Why, what’s the matter?" Tawnytail had come up behind Softpaw, who was practically trembling in eagerness.
"It’s you," She whispered in admiration, keeping her gaze on Squirreltail’s confused face. "Squirrelstar, chosen leader of BrambleClan!"

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Default Re: The Prophecy~Book Six~A Warriors Fanfic

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Default Re: The Prophecy~Book Six~A Warriors Fanfic

Chapter 25:
"A shadow in the shape of a star?" Raincloud tilted his head, gazing at the two cats in front of him. One was an apprentice bouncing on her toes, and the other was Featherpelt, her blind green gaze seeming almost urgent.
"Yes," Featherpelt mewed, her tone almost excited. "Berrypaw and I had a dream from StarClan. We were told to seek the one followed by a silent star. It’s the shadows, Raincloud, the shadows!"
Raincloud, however, was still hesitant. "Maybe for BrambleClan, but how do we know that it’s true for OakClan as well?"
Featherpelt gave her ears an impatient flick. "You just have to trust us, Raincloud. Softpaw’s right-Squirreltail’s shadow was unnatural, jagged lines, and it didn’t look like her at all."
"Silent stars," The apprentice, Softpaw if Raincloud remembered correctly, mewed. "Shadows are silent-they make no noise, and when the sun is in front of us, the shadow is behind them. It’s how Squirreltail was ‘followed’."
Raincloud eyed them carefully, then dipped his head. "I’ll search for the chosen leader of my Clan. Thank you for telling this to me."
Featherpelt dipped her head. "Of course. StarClan wishes for us to help eachother, even those of other Clans."
Raincloud watched her for a moment, then bumped her shoulder with his head. "Thank you," He mewed again. "My warriors will guide you to the StormClan border."
"Yay!" Softpaw cheered. "First BreezeClan, then OakClan, and now StormClan!"
"We have a long journey," Featherpelt purred, nudging Softpaw forward. "We better get started now."
Raincloud flicked his tail. "Pouncefall, you and Brackentail please take them to the river. Make sure they get into StormClan territory, then report back."
"Yes Raincloud," The two murmured, though Raincloud noticed Brackentail paused for a heartbeat before echoing Pouncefall’s words. He watched as the two toms led the BrambleClan cats out of camp and out of sight, before turning to Beetlepaw, who was close by his side.
"Why don’t you go check on Mossycloud’s paw? She caught a thorn in it on patrol this morning."
Beetlepaw paused for a few heartbeats. "Okay Raincloud," She mewed at last. She flicked him with her tail and bounded off. Raincloud watched her go, smiling slightly. Then he got to his paws and padded towards the large oak tree in the center of camp. Warrios’ den...tree...thingie. Flickerpaw and Icepaw were crouched near its roots, and Flickerpaw’s voice carried towards him.
"Higher? I obviously jumped higher than you did."
"You’re forelegs are bigger than mine," Icepaw complained, batting at his ears. "You can reach higher."
"What are you too doing?" Raincloud asked. They both jumped, then relaxed when they recognized him.
"Icepaw and I are having a jumping contest," Flickerpaw explained.
"Really?" Raincloud twitched his whiskers in amusement. "How does it work?"
"Well," Icepaw mewed, flattening herself to the ground. "First, you count to the number of claws on one paw, and then you both jump as high as you can. When you’re really high, you slash the tree bark to mark how high you jumped."
"Like this." Flickerpaw nodded at Icepaw. They both dropped their gazes to their paws. "One....two....three....four....and the little one makes.....five." At that last word, each of them sprang high, slashing at the tree bark and landing on the ground again.
"Who was higher?" Icepaw asked Raincloud.
"Flickerpaw," Raincloud replied honestly.
"See?" Flickerpaw purred. He reared onto his hind paws, searching the tree bark for the mark he had made and stretching one paw up to touch it, though he couldn’t quite reach it. "My mark is higher than yours."
"Why don’t you two get something from the fresh-kill pile?" Raincloud interrupted before they could break into an argument. "I’m taking out a patrol this evening, and I want you both to be there."
"Okay Raincloud," They mewed. Raincloud watched in amusement as they broke into a friendly scuffle over a sparrow on the fresh-kill pile.
"Apprentices," A voice behind him purred. Raincloud started and turned to see Snowtail watching Flickerpaw and Icepaw fondly.
"The Clan is coming along really well," Cloverpaw mewed from Snowtail’s side. "OakClan is going to be the strongest in the forest."
Snowtail gave her apprentice an affectionate cuff on the ears. "Don’t be boastful," She scolded, purring slightly.
"I’m not," Cloverpaw insisted. "I’m just stating what everyone knows."
Snowtail rolled her eyes at Raincloud, and he smiled back at her. "Are you coming on evening patrol?" He asked.
"Yes." Snowtail licked one of her paws. "Right now I’m taking Cloverpaw out to train, we won’t be long."
"See that you’re back on time," Raincloud called after them as mentor and apprentice headed out of camp.
"We will," Snowtail responded, and vanished out of sight.

Chapter 26:
"And then I on-a-ly had three-ee mice leeefffttt....for meeee! Then Wasptail came by, and told-me-I-had-five, but I proved him wrong when I showed him all-my-mice...then it was Toadwhisker by my side....teaching me how to divide! And then-"
"Please stop singing," Lizardpaw interrupted. Patchpaw was quiet for a moment, and the three cats; Swiftfire, Lizardpaw, and Patchpaw, moved on in silence.
"I know a song that never ends...."
"Stop it."
"First comes new-leaf, all flowery and sweet-"
"Then there’s green-leaf, cheerful and bright!"
"Who taught you to be so annoying?"
"Quiet, both of you." Swiftfire interrupted. "You both know navigating the tunnels is dangerous. This isn’t the time to play."
"Yes Swiftfire," Both apprentices mewed meakly. The moved along in silence, whiskers brushing the tunnels. Their eyes had begun to adjust to the darkness, losing daylight vision altogether. Both could easily find their way from the main tunnel entrance to a small stone room in the cave. Swiftfire was teaching them how to navigate the web of tunnels beneath the hills. It turned out he had been a loner that lived just inside the mouth of the first cave. He had been wary of the newcomers at first, but as he watched them from the cave while they built their camp in the valley, he had accepted their offer to join them. It turned out that he was already good at running through the tunnels, and agreed to teach the two apprentices how to do the same.
"While we’re in the tunnels, not only are eyes sharpen in the darkness, but our ears become better as well. What do we always listen out for?"
"Water," Lizardpaw answered.
"Very good, and why is that?"
"We want to listen for dripping sounds." Lizardpaw told him. "Because if there’s dripping, there could be a river, and we might get swept away."
"And we want to rub against the walls of the tunnels often," Swiftfire continued. "Why do we do that?"
This time it was Patchpaw who answered. "It leaves a scent trail, and we can follow it back and get out of the tunnels."
"That’s right. What else do we do in the tunnels? Watch your step here, the tunnel slopes down and curves around this rock wall."
"We..." Lizardpaw’s thoughts raced. "Oh-we recognize the scents of animals. We don’t hunt them, but we stay out of their way, because we don’t want to come across a den of foxes or rabbits-if there are too many they might hurt us, and dragging prey through the tunnels would slow us down if we needed to escape something."
"That’s right." Swiftfire mewed happily.
"Where are we going today?" Patchpaw asked. All three of them knew that the network of tunnels spread not just beneath the hills, but under the other Clan’s territories as well, providing a quick entrance out of or escape into the tunnels.
"To the place between StormClan and CloudClan territory. Swirlingwater, did Jayheart call it?"
"Wow!" Patchpaw sounded excited. "We’re going all the way there?"
"That’s right." Swiftfire mewed. "Now be quiet and concentrate on listening. The tunnel is straight at this part, so we’re going to run for awhile.
The apprentices moved more quickly, following Swiftfire as he effortlessly weaved his way through the tunnels. Lizardpaw glanced to his left as they moved along, noticing one of the tunnels branching off and curving away into more darkness. He knew it only led to a dead end, Swiftfire had taken them there, but he longed to race down its passageway and see for himself, to make sure that it hadn’t changed, that it was indeed the same tunnel.
The tunnels forked now, one trail spreading to the left and one to the right. Swiftfire took the path on the right without hesitation. Another tunnel branched off, but they continued past it. The trail curved to the left, and the three tunnelers started moving faster, eager to reach Swirlingwater.
"We’re beneath CloudClan territory now," Swiftfire announced, weaving through another tunnel.
"Neat," Lizardpaw commented. "We’ll be to Swirlingwater soon then, right?"
"Right." Swiftfire flicked his tail, though Lizardpaw only caught the movement by touch and not by sight. "This way, hurry."

Chapter 27:
Stripefur made an angry swipe through the air with his front paw.
"It’s not working, Rowanwhisker."
The light brown she-cat, Rowanwhisker by name, just blinked her blank eyes at him, cocking her head to one side.
"Stop looking at me like that." Stripefur snapped. "This was your idea. I tried speaking to her at the Gathering, but she only murmured a few words to me before leaving!"
"And this is my fault?" Rowanwhisker asked sharply. Stripefur drew away, crouching low, bristling angrily.
Another cat slid from the shadows, and Stripefur tensed, drawing his lips back in a snarl. "Halfstar."
The broad-shouldered black and white tom watched him cooly. "You really need to learn to control your temper, Stripefur."
Stripefur sprang to his paws, flattening his ears against his head. "I don’t have a temper!" He jerked his head at Rowanfeather, who gave him a hiss. "She’s the one with problems."
Halfstar stepped forward, and Rowanfeather slipped behind him, glaring defiantly. "Oh Stripefur," Halfstar mewed. "It isn’t Rowanfeather’s fault she’s so mouse-brained."
Rowanfeather started and opened her mouth in denial, but Halfstar had already moved on. "And anyway, Stripefur, you’ve been...well, how do I put it in a way you could understand, hmm? You’ve been very useless to us." He began to circle Stripefur, who watched him warily.
"What do you mean? I’ve had nothing to do with you. I’ve refused you before."
Halfstar brought one paw to his face, extending his claws and giving them a few swift licks. "So?"
"I’m leaving." Stripefur got to his paws, but Rowanfeather sprang forward with an angry hiss and knocked him back to the ground.
"What do you want with me?" Stripefur snarled at Halfstar. "Leave me alone! Go away!"
Halfstar didn’t move, and Stripefur swallowed a whimper. Yet again his ability had no effect on...well, those he was using his ability on.
You know what, little Stripefur?" Halfstar inched closer, claws spiking from their sheaths. Stripefur flattened himself to the ground, eyes wide as Halfstar towered above him. "Yes, you plan to be just like him, don’t you?"
"I don’t know what you mean," Stripefur stammered. His eyes darted from side to side as he searched despertly for a way out of the situation.
"Your father," Halfstar snarled. "Smokestar. Yes, it was him that killed me, when you were just a little apprentice, I believe." Without warning, Halfstar launched himself forward, slashing his claws through Stripefur’s pelt, while the gray tabby howled in pain.
Then as suddenly as it had come, the pain stopped. Stripefur opened his eyes and saw a large white cat standing over him.
"That’s enough, Halfstar." The voice mewed, cool and even, yet somehow hiding anger. "We don’t want him dead."
"At ease, Cloud." Halfstar answered. "I was just-"
"I take orders from no one," Cloud snarled, and Halfstar flinched backwards as Cloud struck out at his face. "You will listen to me, do you understand?"
Halfstar flattened his ears in submission, his claws tearing at the ground. Cloud flicked his tail. "They’re on their way. Be prepared, the time is approaching." Then he burst into a shower of puffs of cloud and was gone.
Another figure threw itself forward, shielding Stripefur from harm. It was the familiar pelt of his father, standing over him. Stripefur struggled to his paws, wincing in pain. Blood dripped to the ground from the slashes along his side.
"You won’t touch him," Smokestar growled. Halfstar was crouched as though to spring, his muscles bunched together, his eyes cold and calculating.
"Is he not strong enough to stand up to me himself?" Halfstar challenged. At his side, Rowanwhisker flattened her ears against her head, eyes narrowed at Stripefur. "Let him fight."
"No," Smokestar’s tone was low and threatening. "You’ve done him harm." Stripefur pricked his ears at the rustling of dead leaves and branches, and several more cats lined up alongside Smokestar. Stripefur saw Halfstar’s eyes flicker uncertainly, then he flicked his tail.
"Come on Rowanwhisker, we have more pressing matters to attend to." He whirled around and vanished into the forest, Rowanwhisker tagging after him, and they were gone.

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Default Re: The Prophecy~Book Six~A Warriors Fanfic

Chapter 28:
"You’re doing it all wrong." Bearstar extended her claws into the ground and drew her paw back towards her, leaving several lines in the dirt. "He’s not likely to listen to you if you yell at and try to kill him."
"What’s your point?" Rowanfeather growled, turning her back on the black furred she-cat.
"This isn’t effective." Bearstar raised her head. "We need to convince him that he is wrong, and we are right. We need to send him a sign."
"Right." Flamefoot gave a bitter laugh. "How do you propose we do that?"
"Perhaps I can be of assistance," A cool voice mewed. All three cats jumped, but the fourth, Halfstar, gave a nod of greeting to the newcomer.
"Star of Fang, you made it. Please, join us."
The newcomer was a brown tom, dead as the others were, but his pelt looked different. As he stepped from the shadows, he could feel Rowanfeather and Flamefoot focus on his pelt in confusion. Unlike them, his pelt was not still fur, but instead made of leaves. Though they were the color his fur had been in life, his form was made up of overlapping leaves.
"Who is this?" Rowanwhisker demanded, flicking her muzzle in Star of Fang’s direction. The newcomer’s pelt of leaves rustled together in annoyance, but his tone remained even.
"You need my help." He raised a paw to his mouth and licked it, drawing it back over one of his leafy ears. "Though you may not like it, I speak the truth. You, you, and you-" He pointed at Rowanfeather, Bearstar, and Flamefoot in turn with his paw. "have heads full of cloudfluff."
"That’s an outrage!" Rowanwhisker sprang to her paws, fur bristling in fury, but Halfstar silenced her with a snarl, and Star of Fang continued as though she had not spoken.
"Even with his help," He looked distastefully at Halfstar, "you do not add up to much."
"And what do you want us to do?" Flamefoot growled. Star of Fang lifted his muzzle, blank amber eyes glittering in the darkness.
"If the one you call Stripefur will not listen to those who are dead, perhaps he will listen to those alive."
"What are you saying?" Bearstar asked suspiciously.
"If it isn’t obvious, you three are even more pathetic than I thought," Star of Fang scoffed, which raised a chorus of growls that were silenced with a twitch of Halfstar’s tail stump. "Clearly, you’re focusing on the wrong cat. You need a messenger, someone that can communicate to Stripefur what she believes to be true."
"She?" Rowanfeather’s eyes glittered in surprise and annoyance. "I’ve already spoken to him."
"There’s more than one she-cat in the Clans, cloudfluff-for-brains," Star of Fang spat. "You already tried communicating with him, and you saw how well that turned out."
Rowanfeather flattened her ears against her head, hackles bristling in rage. "Halfstar knows I did my best."
"Your best wasn’t good enough then." Halfstar mewed, and Rowanfeather turned her back on the others in the group.
"As I was saying," Star of Fang continued evenly. "She will communicate to Stripefur what she believes to be true."
"You’ve already chosen someone then?" Flamefoot mewed, eyes narrowed to slits. "Who then? Out with it."
Star of Fang drew his claws through the dirt, much in the same way Bearstar had done a few moments before. "It’s simple really. Or at least-" He cast disapproving glances at Bearstar and Flamefoot. "it is for those with more intelligence than mice." A snarl rose in Bearstar’s throat, but Halfstar gave her a warning glance. "You see, our best chance at getting to Stripefur would be first getting to someone close to him. Unfortunatly, if I am correct, everyone he was close to died in the old forest."
"You are correct," Flamefoot mewed grudgingly.
"All except one." Star of Fang paused for a few heartbeats.
"Tigerlight?" Bearstar guessed.
"Exactly." Star of Fang nodded. "But she can not be of any use to us. At least not for the moment." He drew another line in the dirt. "Tigerlight lives in the Clan of Breeze, which is over here, and Stripefur lives in the Clan of Cloud, which is over here, and it might be a bit difficult to speak to Tigerlight and send her to the Clan of Cloud to speak with Stripefur."
"So what is your point?" Rowanfeather growled, twisting to glare over her shoulder at the muscular brown tom.
"I’m getting there," Star of Fang mewed patiently. "Since there is no one he is yet close to in the new Clan of Cloud, our messenger would have to be someone he trusts.
"Such as?" Flamefoot flicked his tail, feigning bordom.
"The leaf reader."
"Medicine cat?" Halfstar asked, leaning forward, eyes glittering in anticipation. "Acornpaw?"
"That’s the one." Star of Fang licked his paw and drew it over one ear. "If she believes she is receiving signs from the tree spirits-"
"StarClan," Bearstar growled.
"She would tell him, no?"
"You’ve forgotten the most important part," Rowanfeather mewed impatiently. "How. Do. We. Speak. To. Acornpaw?"
"You must excuse them," Halfstar mewed, turning to meet Star of Fang’s gaze. "They are about as useful as snow in leaf-bare."
Star of Fang dipped his head. "I have realized. They have the brains of mice, no?"
"Watch it," Rowanfeather growled warningly. "We have been useful to you before, Halfstar. Are you going to let this piece of crow-food lie to you?"
Quick as a flash, Halfstar sprang forward and sank his teeth into Rowanfeather’s shoulder. She let out a cry of pain, and he flung her to the side. Flamefoot sprang forward and crouched over her, pressing his paws to the wound in her shoulder, glaring at Halfstar with unmasked contempt.
"Star of Fang has more intelligence in one paw then any of you have in your whole bodies," Halfstar spat. Bearstar took a threatening step towards him, but he bared his teeth. "Find Tigerbite, and leave us be. I have no use for you at the moment."
Bearstar kept her gaze level with Halfstar’s before finally dropping it to her paws and giving a short nod. She nosed Rowanfeather to her paws, and the three cats disappeared into the forest.
"Impudence," Star of Fang mewed. "I hate impudence. It is why I killed Paws of Grass back when I was in the Clan of Dark."
"They’re harmless, really," Halfstar soothed. "They fight, only, they meet their limitations when it comes to strategy."
"I see." Star of Fang flicked his tail at the marks he had made in the dirt. "And what I think we should do first is this...."

Chapter 29:
Shadows striped the forest floor. Wherever moonlight touched the ground, it shimmered in an almost silver light. Two cats slunk along the edge of the gorge, moonlight reflecting off their eyes. They had a purpose, these two cats. A mission that was long overdue.
They paused at the top of the rocky path that led to the bottom of the gorge. Then the lead tom started down, the larger tom following.
"Over there," The lead tom mewed, gesturing with his muzzle to a place in the back of the gorge. "The moonlight turns the grass there silver. When you lie down in it, StarClan will send you sleep, and then you will see them."
"Will they really come to me?" The second tom asked anxiously. "Was I really chosen by them?"
"Of course. I saw the sign." The smaller tom gently touched his nose to the larger one’s side, moving him forward. "I’ll be with you here, but not in your dream. There, you will be alone."
"Right." The larger tom swallowed, then moved forward. He reached the patch of silver grass the smaller tom had pointed out and kneaded it with his paws. Then he circled it a few times before sinking down and curling up.
"Sleep," Jayheart murmured. "StarClan will be there for you."
The tom blinked open his eyes. At first, all he saw was darkness, and then everything came into focus. He scrabbled to a sitting position, eyes wide, chest heaving. He looked around him. He was in front of the Moonledges still, Jayheart curled up beside him. Lining the Moonledges were cats, their pelts glittering with stars. One of them, a small tortoiseshell she-cat sitting on the ledge above, dipped her head.
"Welcome Ripplefur, chosen one of StormClan. Are you ready to receive your nine lives?"
Ripplefur’s eyes darted around for a moment before steadying on the speaker. He paused for a few heartbeats, then dipped his head in return. "I am ready."
The she-cat sprang from the ledge, landing in front of him. He drew back slightly, then relaxed as she touched her nose to his.
"I, Ivyheart of StormClan in the forest long ago, give you this life of courage. Never lose sight of what is important in life."
A shock of energy started in Ripplefur’s nose and raced down his spine, filling his whole body with energy. He let out a yowl of alarm, but then the pain was gone. Ivyheart turned around and sprang back onto the rocky shelf, and a second cat sprang down.
"Jayheart?" Ripplefur mewed in confusion, glancing at the sleeping cat at his paws. But the new cat shook her head.
"I am his mother, Skystripe." She touched her nose to Ripplefur’s. "With this life I give you confidence. When the leader has confidence, so does the Clan." There was another shock of energy, rippling through his muscles, his very being. He trembled slightly, but held his ground as Skystripe rejoined the others on one of the ledges.
Another cat leaped down from a higher ledge, stumbling slightly, but catching his balance. His head was high and his eyes were shining as he looked at Ripplefur. "I am Graythroat, final deputy of the old StormClan." He took a step forward, resting his muzzle on Ripplefur’s head. "With this life I give you endurance. Use it especially when times seem difficult."
Another bolt of energy coursed through him. Ripplefur tightened his jaw, feeling he could endure it, and Graythroat sprang back onto his ledge. Another, smaller cat leaped down from a ledge to the left, padding forward until she stood in front of Ripplefur. Though she was small, she held her head high.
"I am Foxpaw, medicine cat apprentice of StormClan." She stepped forward, reaching up to touch her nose to his. "With this life I give you hope. Even when everything seems sad, hope will spring forth again." She drew back and gave a sad look to Jayheart, touched her nose to one of his ears, and rejoined her companions on the ledge she had come from.
Another cat weaved forward, springing from her ledge and standing before Ripplefur. "I am Cindersplash, warrior of StarClan in the old forest." She pressed the pad of her nose against Ripplefur’s. "With this life I give you love. Use it to protect your Clan as a mother would her kits." The bolt of energy was strong, pulsing through his head, ripping through him, filling him with energy and pain, but then it was gone, and Cindersplash too was disappearing, another cat taking her place.
"I am Goldenstar, one of the last leaders in old StormClan." The she-cat meowed. Her ears were ripped, her claws unsheathed, but her tone was gentle, and her eyes were calm. She rested her muzzle on Ripplefur’s head. "With this life I give you justice. Judge all cats fairly, friend or foe, from the strongest warrior to the most silly kittypet."
Justice. It rippled through him, filling him with energy and wisdom. It hurt too, but the pain wasn’t as searing as it had been before. How many lives was that? Six? Seven? Another cat slid forward; his dark green eyes large, his black fur sleek, his tail held high.
"I am Flytail, one of the last warriors of StormClan in the forest. With this life I give you cooperation. Use it with those of your own Clan, and those who are not." As he returned to his ledge, Ripplefur saw him touch noses with a second cat, three smaller cats bouncing at their paws.
Another cat sprang from the ledge. His tail was erect, but not quiet so high, and his ears were flattened against his head as though in submission, though his eyes spoke a tale of energy and fighting. Of life. Of a warrior.
"I am Slithertail, warrior of old StormClan. With this life I give you humility. Listen to others and understand that you are not always right, that there are some battles than cannot be won. This will help you become a wiser leader." He touched his nose to Ripplefur’s and another shock of energy passed through him. His legs trembled with weariness, but he held his head high, giving a small nod to Slithertail as the dark ginger tom vanished into the mass of StarClan cats.
A large black tom jumped from a higher ledge, landing with a soft thump. His eyes were cool and calculating as he looked over Ripplefur. At last he dipped his head and stepped forward. "I am Blackstar, last leader of old StormClan." He rested his muzzle on Ripplefur’s head. "With this life I give you wisdom and compassion, to know that your Clan needs to be strong, that you need to protect them." As the bolt of energy passed, Blackstar murmured, "I chose you well." Then he stepped back, sitting down, head raised. "I call you by your new name, Ripplestar."
"Ripplestar!" The other StarClan cats chorused. "Ripplestar." And Ripplestar stood listening to them, knowing that his old life had ended not here on this night, but the moment he had accepted the offer to join the Clans.

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Default Re: The Prophecy~Book Six~A Warriors Fanfic

Chapter 30:
A paw prodding his side woke Wolfwing. He swatted irritably at it, then opened his eyes. Lichenpelt sat in front of him, her whiskers twitching in amusement. "You told me to wake you up when it was time for the dawn patrol. Do you still want to come?"
"Dawn patrol. Right." Wolfwing yawned and rolled to his paws, shaking out his fur. "I’ll be right out there." He arched his back in a stretch, then made his way out of the den. Lichenfur was drinking from the stream, while nearby, Crowpaw dabbed at her reflection. At the fresh-kill pile, Beechwhisker was finishing off a fish. He licked his claws clean and hurried to join the patrol.
"Mottlefur has moved into the nursery with my kits," He mewed excitedly to Wolfwing, who gave him a small smile.
"That’s good. Then maybe Nettlekit and Mallowkit will have someone else to play with."
The patrol reached the river not far outside of the camp. Beechwhisker murmured something in Crowpaw’s ear, and the two of them crossed together, followed by Lichenpelt and then Wolfwing.
"Right," Beechwhisker flicked his tail. "I think we should patrol over there first-"
"Shh," Lichenpelt hissed. Beechwhisker gave her a confused look, but then stayed quiet. Wolfwing tilted his head. Lichenpelt’s ears were pricked, and she was listening intently. "Can’t you hear that? Can’t you hear that?" Without warning she darted off.
"Wait, Lichenpelt!" Wolfwing yowled, charging after her. Lichenpelt didn’t slow. She sure-footedly made her way across the territory, the others in the patrol racing behind. Suddenly she scrambled to a stop, and Wolfwing almost bumped into her before he caught his footing.
There was a small cliff just in front of them, only four or five tail-lengths deep. The cliff spanned in either direction for quite a bit of distance, and the other side of land was at least a tail-length away.
"The Ridge," Wolfwing murmured.
"Look, down there." Lichenpelt peered over the edge of the cliff, Wolfwing following her gaze. Two kits were in the bottom of the gorge. Occasionally, one of them would let out a wail.
"We have to help them," Wolfwing insisted as Beechwhisker and Crowpaw joined them. "Beechwhisker, you and Lichenpelt get the kits. Try to bring them out. If you can’t, try to pass them up to me and Crowpaw, and we’ll take them."
Without hesitating, both warriors sprang into the little gorge, padding towards the kits. "Where is their mother?" Crowpaw wondered aloud. "Why would she leave her kits here?"
Beechwhisker was holding a kit in his mouth, and Lichenpelt was murmuring to the other one. Then she gripped it by it’s scruff and pulled it into the air.
Wolfwing looked around. "Over there," He called, flicking his tail. "A little way down that way there’s a pile of boulders you can climb out on." Lichenpelt and Beechwhisker gave nods to show that they had heard and started along the bottom of the ridge. Wolfwing and Crowpaw followed them from above, watching intently as they climbed the boulders. Wolfwing accepted the kit from Beechwhisker and took a few steps back. The kit mewed quietly.
Lichenpelt dropped the black kit she was carrying by the other one. "Why were you down there?" She asked, using a gentle voice. The dark gray kit at Wolfwing’s paws whimpered quietly, but the black kit looked up.
"Mama Snowflake...she told us she was going away for awhile, but she would be back."
"How long ago was that?" Lichenpelt asked, continuing to use the gentle voice.
"I don’t know," The black kit admitted. "One or two sunrises ago?"
"Oh, you poor things." Lichenpelt curled around them to warm them, giving a helpless look to Wolfwing. He knew what she was thinking-the kits’ ‘Mama Snowflake’ was not coming back. Either she had truly believed she would, and had been killed, or she had left them.
"Why don’t we take you back to our camp with us?" Wolfwing asked, trying to immitate Lichenpelt’s calming mew. "We can feed you and take care of you, and you can grow up strong."
"Okay," The black kit meowed. He nosed his brother, who let out a soft whimper.
"Right then." Beechwhisker flicked his tail at his apprentice. "Crowpaw, go back to camp. Tell...um...Goldenpaw that we found two kits and he should be ready to check on them." He turned away and gripped the gray kit in his mouth again. Lichenpelt took the other one, and they headed back to camp.
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Default Re: The Prophecy~Book Six~A Warriors Fanfic

Chapter 31:
"Cats of BrambleClan, gather here beside the Widestump!"
Squirrelstar’s voice rang out over the camp. It was calm, if slightly shaky. Softpaw squeezed out of the apprentice’s den and bounded forward. She looked up at Squirrelstar in excitement. She was the reason Squirrelstar was standing there now. She had figured out StarClan’s sign. She glanced at Squirrelstar’s shadow, but it was already back to normal, no longer shaped like a star.
"I have received my nine lives and been named leader," Squirrelstar meowed. "and the time has come to name a deputy." She cast a questioning glance at Featherpelt, who gave her a nod of encouragement. Softpaw pricked her ears. Would StarClan send a sign about who was to be the new deputy? Had they told Squirrelstar? Was their new leader to pick the deputy on her own?
"I say these words before StarClan, that they may hear and approve my choice." Her eyes flickered over the gathered cats. "Lilypetal will be the new deputy."
There was silence. No one moved. Then at last, Stonepaw yowled, "Lilypetal! Lilypetal!" The rest of the Clan joined in, and the dark ginger she-cat with the white tipped tail moved forward and sat beside the Widestump. The cheers died down, and Lilypetal looked around.
"Thank you Squirrelstar," She mewed. "I never expected to be anything more than a warrior, but I promise to serve my Clan, and if I should give my life for its sake, then so be it."
"Lilypetal," The Clan cried again, but the yowl soon died away again.
"The meeting is over." Squirrelstar dipped her head. "Thank you." She sprang from the stump and flicked her tail for her new deputy to join her inside. Lilypetal did, and the Clan began to disperse. Softpaw wandered around the camp for a moment, searching for her mentor, Tawnytail. Hearing voices from inside the warriors’ den, she bounded over, pausing at the entrance with pricked ears.
"I told you to leave me alone." That was Tawnytail’s voice.
"But I-"
"No Whitebriar, I have to take Softpaw out for training."
"Just listen," Whitebriar pleaded. "I have-"
Tawnytail padded out of the den, her dappled tortoiseshell fur ruffled in annoyance. She flattened it quickly when she saw Softpaw. "Are you ready for battle training?"
"Oh yes." Softpaw gave an excited little skip, and Tawnytail let out a purr.
"Let’s go then." Tawnytail flicked her tail at the entrance of camp. Softpaw started off, but glanced back over her shoulder and saw her mentor looking sadly into the warriors’ den for a moment before she joined her.
"What are we going to learn today?" Softpaw asked.
"I’m not quite sure," Tawnytail admitted. "Antfur and Stonepaw are already there, and Featherpelt will be there to watch...erm....listen to you and offer advice on different battle moves."
"Okay," Softpaw mewed happily. "Let’s go." She turned around and bumped into another cat.
"Softpaw," Berrypaw scolded, scooping his scattered herbs into a neat bundle. "Watch where you’re going."
"Sorry Berrypaw," Softpaw ducked her head in embarrassment, trying to help him gather the herbs. He snatched one away before her claws could touch it.
"Just watch where you’re going," He repeated under his breath. He gave a quick nod to Tawnytail and scuttled away. Softpaw looked sheepishly at her mentor, who comforted her apprentice by pressing her nose to Softpaw’s ear.
"Berrypaw’s just busy, that’s all. Nothing concerning you. Let’s go training now, Antfur and Stonepaw are waiting."

Chapter 32:
Raincloud sat in his post in a tree near the edge of CloudClan territory. Green-leaf was coming to an end, and the leaves were already starting to change color to reds and browns and yellows. He glanced behind him. A few trees away sat Icepaw, one of the most surefooted tree-climber in the Clan.
There was a rustle in the bracken below, and Raincloud focused his attention on it. A broad shouldered black and white patched tom slid from the bracken. Raincloud widened his eyes and trembled very slightly on his branch. Could it be that this was Nameless?
Nameless, if that’s who he really was, held a mouse in his jaws. He glanced around often, and his shoulders seemed tense, yet he moved calmly and purposefully.
An owl hooted somewhere behind him, which was odd since it was day. Raincloud pricked his ears, suddenly remembering that an owl hoot was the signal-Icepaw was trying to get his attention. Below him, Nameless glanced around, confused, then shook out his pelt and continued on.
Raincloud could see Icepaw’s head peering out of the leaves a few trees away. She tilted her head, giving him a questioning look. Raincloud’s mind raced. What should they do? It was possible Nameless was dangerous. Should he send for more warriors? Chase him off? Let him continue? He struggled to remember the tail signals the warriors had set up. Waving his tail at Icepaw would send her back to camp to fetch backup, flicking his tail would send her to alert the camp that someone was approaching, but didn’t seem threatening.
Raincloud let his tail hang down a bit. Stay, he told Icepaw silently. He focused his attention on Nameless again. The black and white tom had crouched down and was eating his mouse. Raincloud couldn’t help but watch in facination at the loner’s every move. The confident way he had walked, the way his ears seemed to swivel, checking for danger. The way his tail was curled around his paws.
He was eating prey he had probably gotten from OakClan territory. Raincloud wondered if he should try to scare Nameless off, but if the stories were true, Nameless could summon badgers and foxes. Raincloud didn’t want to get involved with that. Besides, Nameless was bigger than him, even if it was just a little, but his paws were huge.
Nameless started suddenly. He gripped the remains of the mouse in his mouth and darted off into the bracken. A heartbeat later, a CloudClan patrol stumbled into the area.
"Aren’t we in OakClan territory now?" Asked a brown tabby apprentice. Raincloud recognized him as Pinepaw. He tensed on the branch, wondering if he should confront the patrol.
"Yes," The tom at the head of the patrol growled. Raincloud bristled. It seemed as though Stripefur always came on patrols near this border. Always surrounded himself with warriors. Always had that little apprentice tagging along behind. "That big tom stole prey from us right in front of our eyes."
"I’m telling you," Twitchtail mewed nervously. "That’s probably Nameless. No one has ever come within a few tail-lengths of him. He’s never been caught, never been found. He can disappear. He can speak to badgers and foxes."
"I don’t wanna be turned into a badger snack," Darkpaw whimpered, pressing herself to her mentor. Twitchtail draped his tail protectivly around her, glancing around nervously.
"He’s a thief," Stripefur snarled, fur on end. He whirled around to face his patrol. "We are warriors! There are five of us and one of him." There was silence. Darkpaw let out a little whimper and scooted backwards into the brush. Twitchtail scrambled after her. "Are you mouse-hearts?" Stripefur yowled. "He’s just a loner!" Even Foxwhisker was looking uncertain, and she slowly vanished into the bracken. Pinepaw cast nervous glances between his mentor and Stripefur, then followed.
"You...you mouse-hearts!" Stripefur yowled after them, shaking angrily. "You miserable excuses for warriors!" He circled a spot of grass below Raincloud’s tree. "You...you..." He was shaking slightly as he curled up beneath the tree, shoving his nose beneath his paws. Raincloud thought he was trembling with rage, but when he looked more closely....Stripefur...was shaking with despair. Raincloud slid to a lower branch of the tree to get a better look. The gray tabby was whimpering quietly, though Raincloud couldn’t tell why. Was it because his Clanmates had deserted him? Was he afraid of Nameless? What was going on inside his head?
Raincloud glanced behind him. He could see Icepaw, tense, standing exposed on a tree-branch. She tilted her head, gaze flicking between Raincloud and Stripefur. Raincloud looked back at the tabby too. Couldn’t he at least have made it back to CloudClan so Raincloud wouldn’t have to deal with him?
Taking a risk, Raincloud dropped to a lower branch, this one not concealed with leaves. He was now above Stripefur, wondering what to do. He couldn’t take him back to camp. He couldn’t leave him here. He didn’t want to show himself. No, he would have to if he wanted Stripefur gone. Should he try to chase him off? Gently guide him towards the border? Taking a breath, he dropped to the ground.
"What are you doing on OakClan territory?"
Stripefur raised his head, his eyes glittering with determination. "I was just leaving," He mewed cooly, turning around. Raincloud followed him a few steps as Stripefur padded towards CloudClan territory. They left cover of the trees momentarily, and Raincloud looked up at the sun. It was still rising. Raincloud glanced at Stripefur again, then for some reason he couldn’t place, turned his gaze to Stripefur’s shadow. He jumped back in surprise, though the gray tabby didn’t seem to notice. No, Stripefur’s shadow wasn’t the jagged star that Featherpelt told him would symbolize leadership, but a lion. It was huge, padding along beside Stripefur silently, a shadow. It had a thick mane it seemed, like Raincloud had heard lions described, and its mouth was open, long teeth showing. Raincloud’s gaze flickered to Stripefur, who was still moving forward unperturbed.
Lion. Stripefur. What could it mean? Raincloud had a sinking feeling. Lions in elders’ tales in the old forest were portrayed as powerful and strong. Was StarClan trying to tell Raincloud that was what Stripefur was like?

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Default Re: The Prophecy~Book Six~A Warriors Fanfic

Stripefur is alot like me...Except the whole lion's shadow part
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hy, clearly I'm a
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Default Re: The Prophecy~Book Six~A Warriors Fanfic

We've reached the end of the book.

"Please! Go somewhere else. Get out of my way. Get back to your own camp for StarClan’s sake!"
The mottled blue-gray tom stayed stubbornly in the nursery. "Jayheart, I can’t. What if she needs me?"
The brown tabby she-cat on the ground raised her head and forced a purr. "Raincloud, I’ll be fine, I promise."
Jayheart twitched his ears in defeat. "Fine. Stay. But don’t get in my way."
A fourth cat pushed his way into the den. He had sent Birdwing and her kits outside, and then fetched some herbs. He dropped them at Jayheart’s paws. "What can I do to help?"
"Take Raincloud and fetch some water-soaked moss."
"No," Raincloud insisted. "I’m staying here."
"I’ll get it, Jayheart." Barkpaw promised, slipping out of the nursery. Jayheart looked at Raincloud and sighed.
"Fine. Just stay there any try not to get in the way." Jayheart rested a paw on Tigerlight’s stomach, rounded with her kits. They had been waiting since dawn, but nothing seemed to be happening except Tigerlight’s occasional whimpers of pain, which made Raincloud’s fur stand on end. Every once in awhile he’d insist that Jayheart was hurting her, to which the gray tom would flatly reply that he was a medicine cat and knew what he was doing.
Another spasm passed over Tigerlight’s body. Jayheart drew back his paw, bringing forward the herbs Barkpaw had left. He fed them to the tired tabby queen, murmuring quietly to her every once in awhile.
"It’s a she-cat!" Raincloud announced proudly. Jayheart slid the kit over to him.
"Here, make yourself useful. Lick it."
"Did your mother have tortoiseshell fur?" Raincloud asked Tigerlight, rubbing the kitten’s fur with his tongue. Tigerlight didn’t answer, just whimpered quietly.
"Birdwing!" Jayheart called. The gray tabby and white she-cat had been waiting outside the nursery, but now she quickly hurried in, accepting the kit Jayheart passed her. It was another she-cat, this one a dark blue-gray tabby.
"There’s another one." Jayheart announced. Raincloud glanced up from licking the tortoiseshell kitten, then dropped his gaze back down to it.
"It’s a tom," Jayheart nipped at the kit, then passed it to Raincloud, who quickly covered it with licks as it whimpered and wailed. Jayheart fed some more herbs to Tigerlight, who licked them up without complaint.
"Three beautiful kits." Raincloud purred.
"There’s one more." Jayheart lapped at this kitten himself, keeping his eyes on Tigerlight as he did. "It’s a she-cat."
"Four kittens." Raincloud purred. "Tigerlight, we have four kits!"
"Lick. The. Kitten." Jayheart snapped at him between licks, and Raincloud obidiently ducked his head and alternated between licking the tom and she-cat.
Tigerlight looked exhausted, but she purred as the four kittens were pressed against the crook of her belly. "Three she-cats and one tom. Four healthy kits."
"Maybe healthy." Jayheart mumbled. Raincloud raised his head, eyes wide with shock.
"What do you mean?"
"Well..." Grudgingly, wishing he hadn’t opened his mouth, Jayheart touched the smallest she-kit with his paw, the one who had been born last. "This one might not make it. She’s small, possibly sick...I don’t know."
"She’ll be fine." Raincloud mewed fiercly, though Tigerlight’s eyes flickered with worry. She struggled a bit, touching the small kitten with her nose, then covered her with gentle licks. It was then that she noticed that one of the she-kits hind paws was twisted, very slightly. She raised her head.
"Crookedkit. I want to name her Crookedkit." She looked at Jayheart, her gaze narrowed and intense. "She will survive. I won’t let her die."
"All right," Jayheart agreed. He pricked his ears as Barkpaw padded into the nursery, moss gripped in his jaws. He lay it by Tigerlight’s head and purred when he saw the four kits.
"I missed it. Have you picked out any names?"
"Only one." Raincloud mewed. Slowly, he untangled himself from the ball he had curled himself into and stood over Tigerlight, sweeping his gaze over the kits. He touched his paw to the tom, who was suckling loudly at his mother’s side, pushing her belly with his paws. "He’s as white as a bone. Bonekit."
"This tabby..." Tigerlight mewed, thinking hard. "Can we call her Willowkit?"
"We can call her whatever you like." Raincloud agreed. "Bonekit, Willowkit, and Crookedkit."
"What about the tortoiseshell?" Asked Birdwing, who had gone to check on her own kits. The tortoiseshell kit, the one who had been born first, was patched black and brown. Raincloud tilted his head to one side, thinking hard.
"Tawnykit," Jayheart mewed suddenly, casting an appologetic glance at Tigerlight. "Sorry, I-"
"No, it’s pretty." Tigerlight assured him. "I like it. Only, why Tawnykit?"
"Well...I was thinking of the night everyone joined their Clan, and I gave everyone their names. There was a dappled tortoiseshell she-cat that joined BrambleClan. Her pelt was black and brown, and her name is Tawnytail."
"Tawnykit," Raincloud repeated, trying out the name. He leaned forward and pressed his nose to Tigerlight’s ear. "It’s perfect."

The black she-cat slid through the trees, her blue eyes bright in anticipation. She glanced over her shoulder, though she couldn’t see the Blackpath from here. She had crossed it already, and was now back in the forest she had grown up in.
The ground dipped down, and she scrambled for a pawhold. She found one and relaxed, making her way towards the stream. She wouldn’t be here longer than a day, but she longed to find her spirit-tree. She wanted to speak with the tree-spirits. Though she tried to tell herself it was because it had been moons since she had last spoken with them, her heart believed she was going because she wanted to ask them about StarClan, and why medicine cats were forbidden mates. Why Jayheart...
There it was. The tree seemed covered in black soot, so she found it easily. She looked up fondly at it. It had few branches, and on this side of the tree there was only one, branching off from the trunk. She believed it had grown there because she had taken a different path. She was like that branch.
Songfeather curled herself up in the roots of the tree, closed her eyes, and breathed deeply. The tree-spirits would send her sleep...
"You’ve been away too long." A voice beside her mewed. Songfeather looked, but saw nothing. Then she recognized the meow.
"Whisper of Branch?" She had spoken to the first leaf reader of the Clan of Sky before, but it had been a long time. The light brown tom slowly appeared before her.
"Come. I must show you." He led the way through the forest, on a path that was familiar to Songfeather.
"Are we going to the Clan of Sky?"
"There is something you must see. It is happening now." He moved more quickly, and then Songfeather found herself in the camp again. Kit of Fire-no, Paws of Fire now, surely, was play-fighting with a pretty tortoiseshell and white she-cat that must be Paws of Poppy.
"Oh how they’ve grown." She whispered. "It’s been moons since I saw them last." Then suddenly she tensed. A yowl split the air. The cats of Clan of Sky sprang to their paws, but it was too late for them to do anything. More cats streamed into the camp, slashing at anyone who got in there way. Leading them was a large black tom with one white ear, his left ear.
"Talons of Shadow," She whispered, horrified.
"No." A tail made of overlapping brown leaves was placed across her shoulders. "His name is Star of Shadow now."
"What’s happening?" Songfeather watched in horror as cats from the Clan of Dark swarmed through the camp. Star of Shadow leaping at Star of White...Star of White defending the nursery from another cat...Star of Shadow slashing at her face, ducking low and swiping at her paws. Star of White collapsing with a yowl and...
"Oh please, take me away." Songfeather squeezed her eyes shut. "I don’t want to be here anymore, make it stop."
Then it did stop. The camp fell silent except for a few whimpers. Songfeather opened her eyes. Star of Shadow was sitting on a boulder near the edge of camp, Star of White lying limply on the ground in front of him.
"I am leader now," He proclaimed. "There is no Clan of Sky, there is only Clan of Dark." His cats began circling the former Clan of Sky, bringing them close together. They crouched in the center of camp, frightened, as Star of Shadow looked down on them.
"I am Star of Shadow," He mewed. "Leader of Clan of Dark, leader of the forest!" He broke into a yowl, and the Clan of Dark cats joined in, while the former Clan of Sky pressed close against eachother.
"Star of White is dead," Whisper of Branch mewed softly. Songfeather trembled at the thought, though she could see it was true.
"We have to help them. What can I do?"
"You can do nothing," Whisper of Branch told her gently. "But Star of Shadow has his own prophecy. There will be a cat, trained to fight, that will rise up against him, and kill him, setting Clan of Sky free."
"Who?" Songfeather searched the camp with her eyes. "Paws of Fire?"
"He has yet to be born." Whisper of Branch mewed. "If you find him, you must not tell him of his prophecy. He must learn it on his own."
Songfeather looked back at Star of Shadow, who was still sitting on the rock. One of the Clan of Dark cats sprang forward and jabbed Tail of Fox, who let out a yowl of protest. Star of Shadow gave a slight nod, then flicked his tail.
"All back to their dens. We will need to start making this camp bigger."
Everything swirled before Songfeather’s eyes, and then she was waking up, blinking, at her spirit-tree again.
"Star of Shadow has taken over the Clan of Sky," She whispered. She thought about her Clan. Paws of Jay had been trained by Star of White to be the next rightful leader. She wondered what his name was now, for surely he had grown up. But Star of Shadow would certainly not let him rule.
"Oh tree spirits...StarClan...guide this young kitten. One day when he’s big and strong, help him set them free."

The Clan of Sky has been taken over by the Clan of Dark.
Stripefur is trying to untangle himself from Halfstar’s clutches,
and Songfeather too struggles to understand her destiny.
In BreezeClan, four new kits are born to Tigerlight and Raincloud,
who, though he will return to OakClan, will watch over them
lovingly. Though all the Clans may know who the parents of these
four kits are, it is unknown where the Fifth Kitten came from, a
kit that was rescued by OakClan and trained as one of their own.
Arch Two, Book One:
Rising Moon
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