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Old 01-20-2011, 08:40 AM   #1
hy, clearly I'm a
Webkinz :)
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Default The Prophecy~Book Six~A Warriors Fanfic

Book One: The Greatest Wish
Book Two: The Lost Loyalty
Book Three: Untrusted Shadows

Book Four: Armageddon

Book Five: The Legend Reborn
Field Guide: Tales of the Clans

Spoiler: show




Medicine Cat:

Med Apprentice:
Berrypaw-A small black tom with amber eyes

Featherpelt-A gray flecked she-cat with blind green eyes
Antfur-A brown tom with black ears and green eyes
Tawnytail-A tortoiseshell she-cat with a dappled coat and amber eyes
Blossomtail-A pretty tortoiseshell and white she-cat with green eyes
Fuzzyfur-A gray tom with thick fur and blue eyes
Whitebriar-A big white tom with amber eyes
Lilypetal-A dark ginger she-cat with a white tipped tail and amber eyes
Squirreltail-A ginger she-cat with one white paw and amber eyes
Jaywhisker-A thick-furred gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Sweetwillow-A pretty white she-cat with tortoiseshell patches and blue eyes

Softpaw-A light gray, almost white she-cat with blue eyes
Stonepaw-A gray tom with green eyes
Queens and Kits:

Blacktail-A black tom with a graying muzzle and amber eyes



Medicine Cat:

Med Apprentice:
Barkpaw-A white tom with blue eyes

Tigerlight-A brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Toadwhisker-A dark brown tom with amber eyes
Gorsefire-A tortoiseshell and white she-cat with dark green eyes
Graytail-A gray tom with white paws and green eyes
Smoketail-A brown tom with a long gray tail and green eyes
Wasptail-A gray ‘tuxedo’ tom with green eyes
Cloudywhisker-A white she-cat with one black paw and blue eyes
Harewhisker-A white she-cat with small gray paws
Sparrowheart-A small mottled brown she-cat with a scarred muzzle and green eyes

Swiftfire-A skinny white tom with small paws and blue eyes

Thornpaw-A dark brown tom with white paws and amber eyes
Patchpaw-A black and white she-cat with blue eyes. Tunneler
Mothpaw-A small tortoiseshell and white she-cat with blue eyes
Briarpaw-A brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Lizardpaw-A brown ‘tuxedo’ tom with green eyes. Tunneler

Queens and Kits
Birdwing-A white she-cat with gray tabby patches and green eyes
Hollykit-A white she-cat with gray tabby patches and blue eyes
Cinderkit-A black she-cat with white paws and amber eyes

Grass-A gray tom with patchy fur, ragged ears, and amber eyes



Medicine Cat:

Med Apprentice:
Acornpaw-A russet furred she-cat with amber eyes

Stripefur-A gray tabby tom with green eyes
Foxwhisker-A bright ginger she-cat with blue eyes
Owltail-A black tom with amber eyes
Raventail-A black tom with white chest and paws and amber eyes
Snowthorn-A mottled gray-white tom with blue eyes
Redflower-A ginger, almost red she-cat with a slightly graying muzzle and green eyes
Twitchtail-A light brown tom with a white-tipped tail
Ratfur-A large gray tom with blue eyes
Weaseltail-A brown tom with one white paw

Darkpaw-A thick-furred black she-cat with blue eyes
Pinepaw-A brown tabby tom with green eyes
Specklepaw-A brown tom with darker flecks and green eyes
Beepaw-A gray she-cat with black tabby stripes and green eyes

Queens and Kits:
Sandyfur-A pale gray-white she-cat with darker paws, ears, tail, face, and green eyes
Fallowpath-A brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Swallowkit-A small black and white she-cat with blue eyes
Hawkkit-A brown tabby tom with a white chest and green eyes




Medicine Cat:

Med Apprentice:
Goldenpaw-A bright dappled ginger tom with green eyes

Wolfwing-A gray tom with amber eyes
Cloudytuft-A white she-cat with gently tufted ears and green eyes
Lichenpelt-A mottled brown and white she-cat with green eyes
Darkstorm-A mottled gray-black tom with blue eyes
Snaketail-A lithe gray tom with green eyes
Beechwhisker-A light ginger-brown tom with three white paws and green eyes
Rowanflower-A pretty tortoiseshell and white she-cat
Kestrelfire-A mottled brown tom with green eyes
Mottlefur-A small mottled brown she-cat with amber eyes
Eelfang-A gray tom with one white paw and tail and blue eyes

Crowpaw-A thick-furred black she-cat with amber eyes
Splashpaw-A black and white tom with amber eyes
Clawpaw-A white tom with black paws and ears, and amber eyes
Gorgepaw-A skinny light brown she-cat with amber eyes

Queens and Kits:
Snowberry-A thick-furred white she-cat with blue eyes
Nettlekit-A small mottled brown tom with amber eyes
Mallowkit-A light gray, almost white she-cat with green eyes

Longpelt-A dark brown tom with ragged fur, torn ears, a scarred muzzle, and blue eyes
Graymoon-A gray she-cat with a white muzzle, a large, dark patch on her back, and green eyes



Medicine Cat:

Med Apprentice:
Beetlepaw-A small brown and white tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Raincloud-A mottled blue-gray tom with blue eyes
Harespots-A brown tom with darker flecks and green eyes
Leopardheart-A golden she-cat, dappled brown, with green eyes
Thrushtail-A black tom with amber eyes
Petalfern-A white she-cat with brown patches and green eyes
Mossycloud-A tortoiseshell and white she-cat with green eyes
Pouncefall-A ginger tom with white paws and green eyes
Snowtail-A skinny gray she-cat with a long white tail
Nightwhisker-A black tom with one white paw and amber eyes
Brackentail-A brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Cloverpaw-A black she-cat with a splash of white on her nose and blue eyes
Flickerpaw-A small ginger tom with green eyes
Icepaw-A small white she-cat with blue eyes

Queens and Kits:
Mintpelt-A dark gray she-cat with blue eyes

Mistyleaf-A gray she-cat with misty blue eyes



Medicine Cat:
Jayheart-A gray tom with a darker stripe along his back and green eyes

Med Apprentice:
Poppypaw-A small tortoiseshell and white she-cat with blue eyes

Songfeather-A lithe black she-cat with blue eyes
Kinktail-A light brown tabby tom with a bent, broken tail and blue eyes
Heatherflower-A tortoiseshell and white she-cat with amber eyes
Ambereyes-A dark gray tom with amber eyes
Riverfoot-A skinny gray tom with amber eyes
Ripplefur-A black tom with a long white tail and blue eyes
Shadewhisker-A black she-cat with a white tipped tail and amber eyes
Briarheart-A brown she-cat with darker forepaws and green eyes

Eaglepaw-A gray she-cat with a white tipped tail with green eyes
Blossompaw-A brown she-cat with a white tipped tail with blue eyes
Leafpaw-A small brown and white she-cat with amber eyes

Queens and Kits:
Lightwing-A gray she-cat with white paws and amber eyes
Tinykit-A small gray she-cat with one white paw and amber eyes
Drizzlekit-A gray she-cat with white patches and blue eyes
Sunfire-A pretty ginger and white she-cat with amber eyes

Oatfur-A brown tom with a gray muzzle and green eyes
Stormycloud-A light gray she-cat with blue eyes

Cats Outside Clans:
Janus-A huge brown tabby tom with a deeply split ear and murky colored eyes
Whitefeather-A white she-cat with a torn face and one blue eye
Nameless-A muscular black and white tom with dark green eyes

The gray tom struggled to blink open his eyes. He coughed once, then twice. "Of course I’m alive..." He murmured, and let his head drop back to the ground.
A paw prodded his face, batting at his whiskers. He didn’t stir, just lapsed back into unconsciosness.
Songfeather blinked at him fondly, then rasped her tongue over one of his ears. She turned away, dipping her head politely to the black tom watching her. He swished his white tail, the fur along his spine rippling.
"Are you ready for a patrol?"
"I am now," The black she-cat answered. She glanced over her shoulder, watching the young tortoiseshell cat, Poppypaw, apply the juice of a plant to Jayheart’s scratches. "They were attacked by a fox, Eaglepaw told us?"
"That’s why we’re searching the area again," Ripplefur agreed, leading the way out of camp. A small brown and white she-cat basking on a rock just outside the camp raised her head as they approached, then trotted after them as her mentor continued speaking. "The fox wasn’t too far from the camp, and we want to make sure its gone. Last night, Kinktail led a patrol and chased it off, but it might have returned."
"Did you see the fox?" The little she-cat asked, blinking wide eyes at Ripplefur. "Was it really big and scary?"
"Not too big," Ripplefur answered, fondling Leafpaw’s ears with his muzzle. "But it’s dangerous."
Leafpaw shivered, but her eyes were bright with excitement, and she batted at the air in front of her with her paws. "One day I’ll be a great warrior and chase away all the foxes in the territory!"
"That’s the spirit!" Ripplefur purred. "Now, open your mouth and breathe in deeply. What can you scent?"
Leafpaw obediently parted her jaws, drawing in a breath. "There’s prey-scent," She began cautiously. "Birds and voles and things...and there’s fox-scent...and blood-scent..." She shivered slightly. "Is this where Jayheart and Eaglepaw were attacked?"
Ripplefur nodded. "Close by. Anything else?"
Leafpaw closed her eyes. "There’s cat-scent. Shadewhisker must have taken out the hunting patrol not long ago."
"That’s right." Ripplefur nodded, but Leafpaw kept her eyes closed, tilting her head.
"There’s another scent. I don’t quite recognize it..." She wrinkled her nose. "It smells like rot-food. Crow-food, that’s what Jayheart called it. But it’s cat scent...and....a musky scent of something big...I think."
Ripplefur was warily tasting the air himself when they saw a cat. He was holding a squirrel tightly in his jaws, head to one side, studying the Clan cats. His fur was white, patched black, and he just stood there quietly. But as soon as Ripplefur took a cautious step towards him, he whirled around and darted off, vanishing.
"Loner." Ripplefur confirmed. "But I’ve never seen him before."
Unease crawled up Songfeather’s spine. Ripplefur had once been a loner himself, and if he didn’t recognize this cat, it worried her.
"Come on." Ripplefur kinked his thick white tail over his back, trotting in the opposite direction the loner had gone. "We have a border to patrol."
Leafpaw nodded and followed him eagerly, though Songfeather cast a glance back over her shoulder. Not a leaf rustled, not a breath of wind stirred the air. Cautiously, she turned away and bounded into the forest after Ripplefur and Leafpaw.
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Old 01-21-2011, 08:41 AM   #2
hy, clearly I'm a
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: The Prophecy~Book Six~A Warriors Fanfic

(It's really big)
This map isn't exact, it's just a basic placement on where Clan territories are and where water is, and the approximate location of the camp [which should be bigger than the map seems to show, The camps shouldn't be that small and the territory shouldn't be that large)
Spoiler: show

Click the image to open in full size.

Chapter 1:
"You have done well. The Clan is pleased. The Clan is happy. The Clan is safe."
The gray flecked she-cat turned her blind gaze on the cat sitting beside her. It unnerved Sweetwillow, the way Featherpelt seemed to see things with those sightless green eyes.
"Yes." Featherpelt smiled, though it seemed distant, as though her thoughts were elsewhere. "It’s like it was back home."
Sweetwillow ducked her head to lick one of her forepaws. "Your starry ancestors are happy too," She commented. Though she had been raised as a kittypet, she had willingly left her home to join the Clan, and had surprised the others with her strong connection to StarClan. Every cat thought she was going to be a medicine cat, but she had refused. She knew it was the right path for her, the life of a warrior. It was Berrypaw that trained under Jayheart now, willing to learn the healing herbs that could save the lives of his Clanmates.
"Have they spoken to you?" Featherpelt asked curiously.
"In my dreams, at times." Sweetwillow answered quietly. She busied herself by washing her ears. "I see stars. Cats. They purr. They’re pleased."
Featherpelt nodded, her blind gaze drifting to a tree stump in the center of the camp. Widestump. Flat, long, and hollow-enough space for a cat to sleep in. The leaders’ den. "Jayheart says StarClan will send a sign to choose the leaders of each Clan. I’ll be releived when I can be a normal warrior again." She smiled.
Sweetwillow scratched her ear with a hind paw, then turned to her companion. "Do you ever wish...well...that you had kits?" She asked quietly.
"Oh..." Featherpelt’s blank gaze seemed to focus on something in the distance. "I did once. But...well, my...mate died in the Battle. We never had kits. We were going to, but then there was the Battle. Now though, all the Clan are my kits."
Sweetwillow pondered this for a moment, then nodded. "I suppose that makes sense." She sprang from the boulder she was sitting on. "I told Antfur I was leading the border patrol near the gorge." She called back to Featherpelt. "I have to find him and Stonepaw. I’ll be back later."
"We’re over here," A voice called. Sweetwillow spotted Antfur sitting in front of the warriors’ den, tail curled over his paws, Stonepaw sitting beside him.
"Are you ready?" Sweetwillow asked, but she knew the answer. Antfur nodded, and the three of them left camp.
"Wow, I’ve never been to the gorge before." Stonepaw’s ears swiveled, his green eyes wide with curiousity. "Is it very deep? Will we fall in?"
"Not if you listen to your mentor and stay away from the edge." Antfur purred. He bumped Stonepaw with his shoulder, knocking him to one side, but the gray tom quickly caught his balance again. Sweetwillow smiled. The Clan was doing well as it began to survive.
"Here’s the stream," Antfur called out. His forepaws were in the water, and he bent down to drink from it. Stonepaw quickly followed, and after a few heartbeats, Sweetwillow bent to lap some of it up as well.
"Come on." Antfur flicked the tip of his tail. "Let’s go to the border."
Four of the six Clans’ territory touched the gorge. The others, OakClan and StormClan, would have to walk through another Clan’s territory to get there. Sweetwillow tasted the air now, her white fur with its tortoiseshell patches standing out among the undergrowth as the patrol made their way forward.
"What are they doing?" Antfur had stopped on the lip of the gorge and was peering down into it. Stonepaw padded up on one side of his mentor, and Sweetwillow joined him on the other. Below them, in the gorge, were four cats. They called out occasionally, but the patrol above couldn’t quite make up the words. The four cats were exploring the gorge, wandering around in circles. Finally, they gathered together by the stream.
"Let’s go down and see what they want," Stonepaw suggusted.
"I don’t think-Stonepaw, wait!"
Sweetwillow turned and saw Stonepaw crossing into MossClan territory. "Oh no," She groaned, and she and Antfur raced after him. Stonepaw was circling around to the path that led down into the gorge, veering around underbrush that got in his way, trying to keep his gaze on the cats below. Stonepaw rounded the edge of the gorge, his eyes flickering hastily over the ground in front of his paws, and then he practically tumbled down the path, though he kept on his paws. Antfur and Sweetwillow watched him as they ran, not quite at the corner of the gorge yet. Then they were, spinning around it, chasing after Stonepaw as he scrambled down the rocky path.
Stonepaw had slowed his pace and was now in the shade of the large oak tree. Quick as a flash, Antfur bounded up to him and cuffed him on the ear. Stonepaw sat down, and both toms tried to catch their breath. Sweetwillow skidded up behind them, and then she noticed the CloudClan cats, watching them with a mixture of amusement and suspicion. One of them, a gray tabby tom with green eyes that Sweetwillow recognized easily, took a step towards them.
"Do you want something? Or perhaps," He nodded at Stonepaw. "You were trying to catch a runaway apprentice?"
"I wasn’t running away," Stonepaw protested, but Antfur shushed him.
"May I ask, what you’re doing?" He flicked his tail at the gray tabby. "If I have understood Featherpelt and Jayheart correctly, usually cats only come here for Gatherings, or to speak with StarClan."
A look of irritation flashed across Stripefur’s face, but it was a small black she-cat who spoke. "We’re looking for lost kits."
"Hush, Darkpaw." A dark gray tom hissed, but Stripefur merely shrugged his shoulders.
"It’s true. Two kits thought it amusing to runaway from camp while everyone was sleeping this morning, and we’re out looking for them." He narrowed his green eyes. "Now that you’re here, convince us that you haven’t stolen them."
"Convince? Stole?" Antfur’s eyes flashed, and he waved his tail at Stonepaw and Sweetwillow. "We have a patrol to finish, thank you."
He turned and stalked away, Stonepaw trotting after him, but not before Stripefur mewed, "Ratfur? Weaseltail? Escort them out of the gorge."
"With pleasure," The gray tom growled, and Sweetwillow, Antfur, and Stonepaw were led up the stone path and out of the gorge.
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Default Re: The Prophecy~Book Six~A Warriors Fanfic

Very good! Keep on a-writin!
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Default Re: The Prophecy~Book Six~A Warriors Fanfic

Wow, Stripefur has turned...wow
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hy, clearly I'm a
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Default Re: The Prophecy~Book Six~A Warriors Fanfic

Aw, maybe he's just being cautious.

Chapter 2:
"MossClan swim! MossClan swim! MossClan fish! MossClan fish! MossClan..." The apprentices broke off chanting as Wolfwing stopped walking. He flicked his tail, motioning the four smaller cats to stand in a line beside him, facing the stream.
"Now, can any of you tell me how to swim?"
The apprentices blinked at eachother, then pondered together. Finally, one of them, a black and white tom called Splashpaw, turned back to Wolfwing. "Swimming...well...you kinda churn your paws and kick your legs and stuff, right?" His amber gaze flickered nervously.
"That’s right." Wolfwing gave them an encouraging nod. "Have any of you actually tried to swim yet?"
There was shifting of paws, then finally a black she-cat named Crowpaw mewed, "Not alone. Sometimes with the warriors."
Wolfwing flicked his tail at the stream that bubbled before them. "Have you noticed what the warriors do when they’re guiding you across? No? Well then." He stepped into the water and beckoned a small brown she-cat named Gorgepaw forward with his tail. "This is the shallowest part of the stream, but the current can be strong if you aren’t used to holding your balance with your paws, especially when your head has trouble clearing the water."
"You don’t want to be swept away," Clawpaw agreed, pondering. "But what do the warriors do?"
"It’s simple." Wolfwing answered. "The larger or bulkier cat will stand on the side where the water is rushing." He flicked his tail to the left to give them a better idea of what he was saying. "The smaller or less steady cat will be on that cat’s other side." He flicked his tail to the right, the direction from which the water camp.
"I see," Gorgepaw mewed as she pressed against his pelt. "I can’t be swept away when you’re blocking me."
"Exactly," Wolfwing purred. "Come on, let’s walk together to the other bank." He raised his muzzle at the other side of the river. Nervously, Gorgepaw stepped beside him as Wolfwing led the way through the shallow part of the stream. The warrior had been right though, the current was swift and strong, and tried to knock her off her paws, but Wolfwing was there, pressing his muzzle into her shoulder until they reached the far bank.
"Yeah, Gorgepaw!" Crowpaw called from the other bank, eyes shining. Gorgepaw gave a shy smile at her friend.
"The stream that runs through camp is much shallower," Wolfwing reminded the apprentices, shaking out each paw in turn. "So shallow, a kit could walk through it. Well, maybe if he were almost an apprentice. But still, I would advise you to watch your footing when you splash through it so you don’t slip."
"We will," The apprentices chorused. Wolfwing let out a purr.
"All right, let’s get back to camp."
Gorgepaw sat outside the bushes that marked the medicine cat den, peering through the entrance. She bent her head and began covering her chest with brisk strokes. Then there was a rustle of leaves and the voice of Goldenpaw. "Come in."
She automatically glanced up at the sky. Goldenpaw left the camp to train with Jayheart and the other medicine cats when it was Sunhigh, but it wasn’t that time yet. Then she shook her fur and padded through the gap of the bushes.
The inside of the medicine cat den was bursting with lush color. There was a clear circle of grass, and then around the edges of the circle were the herbs. Bundles of leaves were wrapped neatly and placed on rocks. Plants were sorted in different groups. Berries spilled from a piece of bark into a pile of yellow flowers. In the center of the den, lying down in the grass, was Goldenpaw.
He raised his head as Gorgepaw approached, his green eyes blinking open. He yawned, stretched, then got to his paws and bumped her shoulder affectionatly with his head. "And what can I do for you?" He purred.
"Can’t I just want your company?" Gorgepaw teased. "You’re my littermate, after all."
"True." He turned away and padded a few steps off to sniff at some berries spilling from a rock. "Is that all though? Or do you need something. I have to visit Jayheart soon for my training, so if you’re hurt-"
"No, nothing’s wrong." She told him quickly, following his pacing with her eyes. She forced a smile; a small, tired smile. "Just...good luck with your training."
He paused to rub his cheek against hers. "Yeah," he murmured, then shrugged. "Luck." Then he padded out of the den and was gone.
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Default Re: The Prophecy~Book Six~A Warriors Fanfic

Hmm...*thinks* I have a hunch, but Im most likely not right
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Default Re: The Prophecy~Book Six~A Warriors Fanfic

Chapter 3:
"Do you always do that?"
"Do what?" Raincloud looked up in annoyance to see one of the apprentices, Cloverpaw, watching him with her head to one side.
"That thing with your feet. Do you always lick them like that?"
Raincloud flicked the tip of his tail. Just let it go... "Where’s Beetlepaw?" He mewed, glancing around nervously. But Cloverpaw just stretched out in the sun.
"She left to go train with Jayheart."
Raincloud’s muscles relaxed. "Oh good. She’s been hanging onto me like a tick." Cloverpaw looked at him blankly, and he tried again. "You know...following me around? You hadn’t noticed?"
"Oh, that." Cloverpaw nodded and began giving her paws a thorough washing. "She likes you." She told him. "You’re her hero, did you know that?"
Raincloud twisted and continued to rasp his tongue over the base of his foot, then turned to one of his forepaws and began gnawing at a claw, trying to rid himself of the dirt between his toes. But he didn’t answer.
"Anyway," Cloverpaw continued, looking up from her wash. "Didn’t you tell Snowtail and Harespots you were taking them patrolling along the BreezeClan border?"
For a heartbeat, Raincloud was tempted to say he had, then take them out there. He wanted to feel the wind on his ears, perhaps see Tigerlight. But he forced himself to answer honestly. "No, Nightwhisker’s going there. I’m still working on the camp."
Cloverpaw nodded. "Okay then." She got to her paws. "Good luck with that." Then she trotted off in search of her mentor.
Raincloud raised his head and closed his eyes, listening to the sounds of the camp around him. If he tried hard, he could almost imagine he was back in the old OakClan camp. Before the Battle. Before he’d had to leave.
Raincloud decided to circle the camp, checking all the dens. It was his job, though he’d assigned it to himself. He wanted to see how his new Clanmates were faring. He looked up at the sky, searching for the gaps in the leaves above where the sunlight came through and dappled the ground. Then he pushed himself to his paws and shook his fur. He could start with the big oak tree in the center of the camp. He purred quietly and padded towards it.
The tree in itself was amazing. There was a gap in the roots, allowing room into a nice shady den, but that wasn’t just it. Raincloud squeezed his way through the gap in the roots. There was room for him to turn around easily, and he looked up. The trunk seemed almost hollow, like an empty shell. It stretched far up above his head. He searched for pawholds, and they were easy to find and hold. He sunk his claws into the soft bark, then began pulling himself up the inside of the tree.
He reached as high as he wanted to go. There was a hole bored through the trunk that led to a thick branch. Maybe it had once been home to an owl. Raincloud didn’t know, but he carefully slid through the hole and found himself on the thick branch. From here, he could see all of the camp. He swiveled his head around, taking in every detail. Other thick branches forked above and below him, making plenty of space for sleeping places.
Yes. Sleeping places.
Raincloud could see a warrior now on a branch a tail-length above his head. Three of his paws dangled down from the branch, the fourth tucked beneath his muzzle. In a way, it had been that warrior’s idea to have the Clan sleep in trees like this. His name was Thrushtail, and he had gone on the dawn patrol this morning and seemed to be trying to catch up on a little sleep.
Not all the cats in the new OakClan had been particularly fond of the branches so high above the ground. One warrior, a ginger tom with white paws called Pouncefall, had been absolutely terrified. He’d once been a kittypet, Prince, if Raincloud remembered correctly, and he seemed frightened of hanging in the branches.
But not all the cats slept in the trees; only the warriors and, hopefully, the future leader would too. The queens and kits slept in a space beneath some bushes near the back of the camp. It was shady under there, with plenty of room for playful kits. Apprentices didn’t sleep in the tree either-it was an honor reserved for the higher ranked. Instead, they slept in a hollow log close to the entrance of camp.
Mistyleaf too had her own den. She claimed her joints were too stiff for her to be jumping like a squirrel in the trees all day. She slept in a small, cool cave made by the roots of a big, old alder tree. Raincloud could see her now, her head and forepaws out of her den, telling a story while Flickerpaw and Icepaw listened.
There was another tree, somewhat distant and strange, though it wasn’t any farther away than the other ground dens. It was the medicine cat den, where Beetlepaw lived and slept. It was on a bit of island; a tiny island surrounded by a pool of fresh water that didn’t come much higher than Raincloud’s paws. The tree itself, like the elders’ den, had a large gap in its roots, with room for sick cats to sleep. Raincloud’s gaze drifted to it now, glad that there were no cats needing treatment, especially with Beetlepaw so young and inexperienced.
"Hey! Raincloud!"
The mottled tom peered down at the ground, several fox-lengths away. Brackentail, a brown tabby tom, was twitching the tip of his tail, while Mossycloud sat beside him.
"Geez, are you going to sit in that tree all day?" He waved his tail. "Or are you going to come hunting with us."
"Coming!" Raincloud rolled his eyes and stiffled a purr. He wove his way through the branches until he was on the lowest one, which was too high off the ground for even an OakClan cat to reach from below. He crouched, then sprang, landing lightly on the ground below, padding briskly past Brackentail. "Bring your apprentice," He instructed, then paused to lick one of his forepaws. "It’s greenleaf, and there’s prey to be caught."
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Yay! Prince joined the Clans!
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hy, clearly I'm a
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Default Re: The Prophecy~Book Six~A Warriors Fanfic

He was origionally not going to, but since both you and...someone else wanted him to, I did.

This chapter is as long as three usual chapters.

Chapter 4:
It was dark. Quiet. Even peaceful. Jayheart padded swiftly through the forest, moonlight glinting off his green eyes and shimmered on his fur, giving him a somewhat ghostly appearance. If you were watching this particular cat, you might notice that he was being followed by six smaller shapes, padding in the shadows, moonlight occasionally striping their fur and showing their fur. Russet. Golden. White. Tortoiseshell. Black. Tabby. These six cats, in their own way, held the future of the Clans in their paws.
Jayheart stopped at the lip of the gorge, where the path down began. He whirled around, looking each of the smaller cats in the eye. "Tonight, it is halfmoon." He mewed quietly. "I’ll introduce you to StarClan, and you will be accepted as a medicine cat apprentice. I’ll only go gather you all up and take you to the gorge like this once, but from now on, you’ll have to find your own way. Do you understand?" Nods all around. "Remember, there are two halfmoons in a moon, which means twice a moon you’ll come share tongues with StarClan." Without the cover of the trees, they stood out among the side of the gorge, light glittering off Jayheart’s green eyes. He paused for a moment to let that sink in, then dipped his head and closed his eyes.
"StarClan. Here we come. Here are the cats who have chosen the path of medicine. Guide their paws well." Then he opened his eyes, got to his paws, and flicked his tail down the path. He skidded down it, the wide-eyed apprentices scrambling to keep up with him.
When he reached the bottom, he watched the six apprentices bound past him, then slow to a stop. "It’s this way," He told them. He led them back towards the path that led out, but he didn’t go up it, instead padding past it. Along this back wall of the gorge, rocky ledges seemed to have been carved out of the wall of the gorge.
Jayheart turned around to face the apprentices. He stood tall, eyes flicking over each of them in turn.
"I say these words before StarClan, my ancestors. These apprentices are willing to enter in the ways of the medicine cats. With your help, I will teach them about the herbs they will need to know, and how to care for their Clan. I present to you, Berrypaw of BrambleClan, Goldenpaw of MossClan, Barkpaw of BreezeClan, Poppypaw of StormClan, Acornpaw of CloudClan, and Beetlepaw of OakClan. Guide their paws as they learn the ways of your noble code and follow the path of the medicine cats."
Jayheart had never actually tried to contact StarClan with the Moonledges, and he just hoped it would work. A lump formed in his throat. What if StarClan didn’t-or couldn’t-speak to them? And, if they could, what would be the best way to contact them?
"We are here, Jayheart." A soft voice in his ear whispered. He twitched it, turned his head, but saw no one.
"What do we do?" Beetlepaw, apprentice of OakClan, mewed quietly.
"The grass," The soft voice mewed again. "Look down, Jayheart. See the soft grass beneath your paws." Jayheart looked. The grass almost seemed to shimmer with silver, reflected from the moon. Suddenly, he knew what to do.
"Lie in the silver grass," He instructed the apprentices. "Look up at the ledges." They blinked, seeming surprised, but they did as he told. The seven cats settled in the silver grass, waiting, watching the moon and the Moonledges. There was another whisper in Jayheart’s ear, and he flicked the tip of his tail hopefully. "Try to fall asleep," He told the apprentices. He looked up at the Moonledges. The lowest ledge was probably two tail-lengths above his head, and there was about the same distance between each ledge above it.
Acornpaw yawned and stretched out her forepaws before tucking them beneath her muzzle. "Then will we see StarClan?" She asked, her breaths already growing slower. Jayheart watched the other apprentices try to fall asleep too, and suddenly, he felt very tired. He touched his nose to Acornpaw’s forehead.
"Yes. Then you’ll see StarClan." He promised quietly. Then he turned away from her and stretched out on the silver grass.
"Welcome, Jayheart."
The gray tom scrambled to his paws, looking around with wide eyes. The apprentices slept at his paws, but on the ledges above him were starry cats. They were smiling at him, purring, or just watching him. One of the cats on the second lowest ledge took a few steps forward, then leaped from the ledge, padding a few steps forward. Jayheart’s mouth gaped a bit, and he eagerly touched noses with the StarClan cat.
"Mother." He whispered. She licked his ear, then took a step back.
"StarClan is very proud of you," A new voice mewed, and a second cat sprang from a ledge, landing beside Skystripe. Her head was raised, and she blinked fondly at her apprentice. "Hello Jayheart."
"We want to thank you." A third cat meowed. She leapt from the lowest ledge, and padded forward to stand in front of Jayheart, raising her head and tail high. "You’ve rebuilt the Clans."
Jayheart’s legs trembled, and he couldn’t help himself. He covered the she-cat’s head with licks. "Foxpaw..." He whispered. "I’m so sorry...." She let him groom her for a moment, then took a small step back. "The others?" He pressed, flicking his tail at the sleeping apprentices. "Are they asleep?"
"Only to you," Foxpaw mewed gently. They are each seeing StarClan cats too. They only appear to be asleep. They are awake in their own minds."
"Is it my turn to speak now?" A cat called from the second lowest ledge. Foxpaw rolled her eyes and took a few more steps back. Jayheart twitched his ears in surprise as a starry brown tabby landed heavily in front of him.
"Rippedstar?" He mewed in surprise.
The large brown tabby paused to pull a tuft of fur from between his claws. "I just wanted to thank you. For bringing the Clans back. All the Clans, not leaving one out."
"I don’t think Stripefur would let us," Jayheart purred in amusement, but Rippedstar’s face remained serious.
"It’s him I’m worried about. The cats from the Place of No Stars are plotting something. Halfstar and Bearstar, and their friends." He spat the last word. "Stripefur is involved in it somehow. Bearstar mentioned something about preying on his feelings, and both her and Halfstar told me they had plans for him."
"When exactly was this?" Jayheart asked, twitching his whiskers. Rippedstar gave him a hiss of annoyance and batted one of his ears. Then he seemed to relax.
"Watch out for him. I fear they’re going to...use him somehow. I don’t understand much more."
"Watch out for him?" Jayheart snorted. "He wants to claw my ears off-he barely let me take Acornpaw for training."
"Exactly my point," Rippedstar mewed softly. His amber eyes, pupilless and glowing as they were, seemed soft and sad.
"Thank you for saving the Clans, be careful of Stripefur, got it." Jayheart twitched his tail, but Rippedstar raised one paw.
"There’s more." He shifted uneasily. "Halfstar seems to think Tigerlight’s involved in it somehow...just...just be careful, Jayheart. I don’t want anything to happen to BreezeClan-to any Clan." Then he ducked his head and stepped back.
There was a yowl, and Jayheart looked up. On the highest ledge were six cats. There were gasps of surprise from the gathered StarClan warriors, and then, one at a time, as the six cats sprang from the ledge, the other StarClan cats bent their heads in respect.
"Jayheart, medicine cat of StormClan!" The meow was deep and commanding, and came from a muscular tabby padding towards him. Quickly following the example of the other StarClan cats, Jayheart flattened himself to the ground. The huge brown tabby tom stopped in front of him. Meekly, Jayheart kept his eyes on the tabby’s starry white paws. He knew exactly who this cat was, and was expecting some dramatic ‘Arise!’, but the dark brown tabby simply prodded him with a paw. "Get up, you."
Jayheart pushed himself to his paws and raised his head, struggling to keep his fur flat. The tabby was massive, his fur a dark brown, his paws white and huge. His eyes were a startling bright green.
"Do you know who I am?"
Jayheart struggled to find his voice, and somehow kept it even when he spoke. "You are Bramble, the first and oldest kit of Gossamer and Streak. You are the founder of BrambleClan."
Bramble eyed Jayheart, looking him over. "Very rarely to the living cats get to meet us," He mewed quietly. He held his head high and waved his tail. With that signal, the StarClan cats all vanished, until there were only six left.
A second cat padded forward. Stars glittered on her fur. Jayheart was taken aback by how beautiful she looked. She was a slender, yet somehow large tortoiseshell and white she-cat, with a long ginger tail. Her eyes were the color of the sky, and her fur seemed to ripple in an invisible wind.
"Do you know my name, young one?" She asked quietly. The answer was easy, but he had to swallow before he spoke.
"You are Breeze. Daughter of Gossamer and Streak. Oldest she-cat of the litter. The founder of BreezeClan."
A third cat took a step, but another cat thrust forward. "I will speak," He growled. The cat he had pushed back fluffed up her fur, but then dipped her head. The thick furred black tom looked Jayheart up and down. "And me?" He demanded. "Who am I?"
He too was easy to guess. Jayheart raised his chin higher as he spoke. "You are Storm. Second oldest of the litter of Gossamer and Streak. Founder of StormClan." He met the black cat’s stormy gray eyes. The black tom blinked, then dipped his head, and stepped back without another word.
The she-cat he had pushed back stood there now. She was smaller than her five siblings, and her fur was a misty gray, her eyes a mossy green. "And me?" She asked quietly. "Do you know me, Jayheart?"
He knew. Of course he knew. He bent his head to her. "You are Moss. Youngest of the litter of Gossamer and Streak, but perhaps with the kindest heart. You are the founder of MossClan."
"Surely you know me," Another cat purred. Jayheart turned to him. His brown fur was thick, his chest a patch of white. He raised his eyewhiskers and flicked his ears. "You do know me, don’t you?"
As he had the others, Jayheart dipped his head, trying to avoid looking straight into the empty amber gaze. "You are Oak. Fourth oldest of the litter of Gossamer and Streak. Leaper of the trees. Founder of OakClan."
"There is only me left," Another cat commented. He was bent, twisted to groom his thick white fur, and he turned his own amber gaze on Jayheart. His face betrayed no smile, only intense curiousity. Jayheart gave a small shiver.
"You are Cloud. Second youngest of the litter of Gossamer and Streak. Known for being the most cunning of all your littermates. Known for refusing any cats from your Clan that weren’t born there, or the first accepted." Jayheart could feel every pair of eyes on him, everyone quiet, as he raised his own green gaze to meet Cloud’s blank amber ones. "Known for bearing grudges. Known for letting the other Clans suffer and starve through leaf-bare-which you created-while CloudClan had abundant prey. Known for killing your brother, Storm. Known-"
"That’s enough," Cloud snarled. His eyes flared with rage. But Jayheart didn’t flinch away. He was deep in thought, mind racing as he searched through the tales of elders, and what knowledge he had learned from past visits to StarClan. Cloud had three kits...Two of them had two kits and one of them had one kit...then....he ran through the list as much as he could, sure he was missing a few here and there. Finally, he reached Otterstar, and raised his head to meet Cloud’s gaze.
"I was right. Otterstar is a direct decendant of you, therefore Snowpelt is a direct decendant of you, and so is her son, Stripefur."
"What does it matter?" Cloud growled. He sniffed and turned his back. "I am finished with you. Bramble, I will be waiting for you at the waterfall." He exploded into stars and puffs of cloud, which then too vanished.
"Jayheart," It was Breeze who spoke, her voice ernest. "Our time here is waning, but we have come to warn you. Difficult times are springing up for the Clans, despite the fact that they have only just begun to survive." She paused, searching his face. Briefly, she pressed her nose to his forehead. "We’ve put all our trust in you. Do not fail us."
"Or else," Storm added with a growl, but he bumped his head against Jayheart’s, like a father would a son. "Be brave."
Then they disappeared, each in their own way. Jayheart couldn’t help but watch in facination. Breeze vanished as though a wind were blowing her apart. Oak seemed to stiffen until he seemed to be growing bark. Then the bark faded, taking him with it. Storm sprang into the air, higher and higher, like a dark stormcloud. Moss turned to water and sank into the ground. Last of all, Bramble. He fur stuck out in all directions, changing into thorns, and then, he immediatly vanished without a trace.
Jayheart curled up in the silver grass, exhausted. He closed his eyes, only to find himself being shaken awake by Poppypaw. He blinked open his eyes to see her sitting their, her eyes shining, her tortoiseshell and white fur fluffed up.
"You were right, Jayheart! StarClan was amazing!"
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Default Re: The Prophecy~Book Six~A Warriors Fanfic

The six chosen cats are decendants of the first leaders! Wait....that means Raincloud and Tigerlight are distaint cousins......creepy...>.>
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