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Those silly
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Default Misfortunes and miseries of Molly Mary the Mysterious, (Please post)

Please post your FEELINGS about my thread, odd name oh well I'm going in chapters, If you like reading my stories you're going to have to post at least three times before I post again, Oh yeah... This is based on the main idea of an odd book I found in a library-I mean Indigo Book store....INSPIRED

Chapter One: Book of Mysteries

I had meant to finish my essay an hour ago, but I was still finishing my letter to my aunt. At five o'clock sharp every night I have to leave the house til' seven o'clock.. Pa told me it'd be something good. I'm eleven, oh well. I'm very supersticious, the bad luck only actually works if you're supersticious. But I never thought that quite right, the most popular girl in our class was never supersticious, but one time I was staring at her in the washroom- I mean she was washing her hands with rainbow patterned soap! How odd could that get? Well I looked away and the mirror broke, now she's the least popular girl in our school and seems to be finding bad luck everywhere. I kept walking. I trotted up to a pay phone, put in a quarter and dialed home.
" 'Lo?" my sis' had picked up. "Can I come home?" I asked-I knew I'd only been out for fifteen minutes but I was bored. "Honestly? Yah.. K' Father'll be a minute y'can start walkin' 'ome. G'bye!" I heard a pop of her bubblegum and hung up.
I trotted across the street staring at the pet shop window. "Kittens..." I sighed. Kept walking. I stared back, they were gone. Odd I'd only been walking for a minute. I knew my family was odd. But.. I mean, I didn't ever know how, til' today. That is, you'll realize.
I rubbed my wrist. It hurt, especially on the back. Odd, I turned it over. Slightly surprised I found that someone was somehow writing onto my wrist from somewhere else. "Odd..." I quickened my pace only to crash into the least friendly girl in our class, Harmony Lily Drakin.
I never liked her name.. odd. " 'Lo" I forced a smile. "I know your feelings about me," she hissed and slid away. I watched her leaving. She completely dissolved into darkness. Odd.. I ran home.
Never would I doubt her again. "She knows my thoughts!" I muttered angrily.
I swung open the door to find my parents holding a book, a leather-bind blue book. I checked the back "Blue Dragon-scale patent?" I murmered. An diary, I started to write.
....Odd book I'm writing in. I wish I had a friend to talk to, a duck a cat- cat black cat, named Willow. Okay, that is odd.... But I want to turn Harmony into a snake-half snake-half human. I want to know a phoenix. I want to go into the warrior cats book and be SquirrelFlight. I oh.. I'm lost in my thoughts. A erm, unicorn and dragons.. entering the Harry Potter books. Harmony to be nice. I want to be half-cat.
I smiled. I love magic. I put the book at my bedside and fell into a deep nightmare filled sleep. Odd, no this was odd "You cannot stop yourself from writing in the book of mysteries once you've started.. Be aware of misfortunes... Aware..,.beware..." I awoke tired and stretched. A black was sitting on my bed humming and The whole Erin Hunter Series and Harry Potter series' were on my bed. I smelt smoke and looked out the window, "Ph-ph-phoenix?" I quivered. This can't happen! "Dragons? Mountains?" I screamed and held my head.
"sis...? No school mum's letting us stay home..Harmony's here," Maxie (my sister) yawned dragged away. "Oh... This can't be happening!" I screamed. I dressed only finding witches robes in my drawers. I looked at my reflection in the mirror I was turning away when I heard a loud crack and the cat started to snicker. "Bad luck roams my land! I stand here and sing..." it sung in a terribly beautiful voice. I shrieked looking at the mirror. "Cracked?' I shook my head, "No,"
"Go meet Harmony!" the cat hissed, "yesss, I'm Spinx, the cat wearing a scent called Luck," it snickered. Slunk away to the door, "Harm-Ahhhhhhrrrrr!" I shrieked. "My skin is green, yes... I'm a witch. An evil witch," she smiled menacingly, "And me?" I whispered. "Good pretty witch against me.. related to.. er- yesssss Wizard of Oz?" she asked, "I can't he's a fictioanal character" I added. "Well if I've been related to The wicked witch of the west for all my life and I've beensearching for you?" Harmony hissed. "Er-"

END of CH. ONE.....................
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