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Old 11-15-2009, 05:00 PM   #1
Imagine & be cre
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Default Maddi's Winter Wonderland. Will Maddi discover things during Winter season that she and her friend Taylor can understand? {APPROVED!}

Maddi's Winter Wonderland.
By. Arielle
Genre: Fiction
A fiction story is a story that is fake something that can not happen in real life.
Question: Will Maddi and her friend Taylor discover some unusual things during this winter?

Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size. First one: Maddi Second one: Taylor Third One: Blake Fourth One: Mom Fifth One: Hailey

I will have a PM and VM list whethere you want to get PMed or VMed once i put a new chapter in.

PM list

VM list

Chapter 1 [A good old talk]

Spoiler: show

It was a cloudy winter day in the middle of December and it was Christmas break me and my friend Taylor were going to hang out at my house to chill out with some fresh hot cocoa that my mom had just brewed. We headed towards my house and once we walked in we could smell that tasty chocolate smell of hot chocolate and we raced toawrds the kitchen. Once we got to the kitchen my mom said, "Woe hold it there it just got poured into the cups and it is steaming hot!" We stared at her with desperate faces like we needed that cocoa now after a play in the snow. I asked Taylor as i was heading for the cabinet, "Don't you think this cocoa is missing something?" She replied, "Like yeah marshmellows!"
I tore open the marshmellow bag and got four tiny little ones and Taylor got the same amount as me. My mom thought she was that stupid to forget marshmellows! As soon as we put our marshmellows in my mom came and sat at the table and started talking. "So Taylor how is your Christmas break so far you got your decorations up yet? my mom asked. "Well things are going good this Christmas break and yep we got our Christmas decorations up." She replied
"Just one thing don't yah think Ruldolph the red nose reindeer is real?" I randomly interupted.
My mom just sat there with a you still believe in that stuff face.

Chapter 2 [Good old friends to enjoy]
Spoiler: show

After our hot cocoa we headed towards my room and Taylor pointed out a statement, "I know Ruldolph is real i just know it, but your mom just seems to not believe in anything." "I know I know," I said. I told Taylor that my mom just isn't the kind of person that believes in easter bunnies, Santa, and all those seasonal things that all kinds of children love and believe in. Confused me and Taylor just couldn't figure out why. The next day i woke up and went to go clean myself off and take shower when i noticed my friend Blake and his sister Hailey playing out in the snow that was when i rushed in the shower ate my breakfast called Taylor and headed toawrds Blake and his sister. Once i got toawrds him he smiled and waved to me. I greeted him, " Bonjour my good old friend Blake!" He smiled and replied, " You sure do still love your french." " Yep i sure do love it and plus Taylor is coming in just a few minutes!" "Awesome," he replied back.
While waiting for Taylor me, Blake, and his sister Hailey built snowmans, made forts, had snowball fights, and made snow angles.

Chapter 3 [ talks, relaxing, snow]
Spoiler: show

Now we saw Taylor approaching we had got so snowballs cupped in our hands and ready to throw them at her.
Once she got close to us we threw them she laughed so hard.
Taylor exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! you guys got me good!"
Blake laughed so hd tears came out of his eyes.
Then Taylor saw Blakes little sister Hailey she walked over to her and exclaimed, "Aw! you look so grown up Hailey from the last time i saw you, you just looked so adorable!"
Hailey blushed she cupped her hand behind her back and started twirling around.
"Looks like she's shy." Blake said.
"Yep maybe," Taylor said giggling.
Then me and Taylor and Blake went into Blake's house once we were in i raced towards the bean bag chair. Taylor and Blake just sat on the couch. I looked over at Blake's Christmas tree it was so pretty the light gleamed inside my eyes so beautifully that my eyes almost got watery.
I said to Blake, "Your Christmas tree is so pretty."
He replied, "Thanks i really like it too."
While i was staring at the Christmas tree my eyesgrew into surprisement when Taylor mention about how people should believe in Santa and Ruldolph........... Again!
Taylor said to me, "Maddi we should stay up all night on Christmas Eve to see Santa and Ruldolph and we be the ones to see if they really are real."
I replied, "Really? all night? well sure i guess, but after we find out they are real i am going straight to bed."
Blake just stood there watching us talk about our plan for Christmas Eve.
And afterwords Taylor's final answer was, "Ok then we will do it!"

Chapter 4 [Tis the season to get ready for more jolly good fun or some sad news]

Spoiler: show

After Blake's house me and Taylor headed home when i approached my house i had seen my mom had set up the christmas lights in front of the house, a light up Santa Clause, And many other things. I ran up the steps then opened the front door and saw that my mom had finally put the star on the Christmas tree. I jumped around with jolly i was all ready for Christmas i was full of spirit. A minute later i got a text from my dad who was in Iraq i was hoping it would say tomorrow he would come home, When i clicked the button: Read text now, it said that he couldn't be able to celebrate Christmas with us this year. I softly closed my phone and tears came down my eyes my mom had already figured and simply said, "Let me guess (sighs) he can't celebrate it this year." I replied, "Yes. . . . ."
"I promise honey i will make this the best Christmas for you," She said.
"Thanks mom," I replied back. I slowly got off the couch and headed towards the kitchen to get a reindeer cookie.
Afterwords, I walked to my room and just looked out my window and just thought: I thought my dad would come this year my hopes were all up, next time i shouldn'y get my hopes up . . . or maybe.
That was when Lani my dog jumped up on my bed and sat next to me like she knew what was going on. Later I had told Taylor my ungood news she felt very bad for me and did everything to cheer me up so she decided to take me out to: Carla's fresh made coffee shop, the shop i REALLY loved. I smiled when i saw where she was taking me then out of nowhere i smiled big and said, "I love being your BFF Taylor you care for my feelings, and surely want me to have the best Christmas just like my mom i am so glad we met eachother." She giggled and replied, "Aw! You to Maddi i would do anything for my BFF even if nothing was wrong." We hugged again, then we were at the coffee shop i looked at the menu:
Click the image to open in full size.
I got the peppermint Latte and Taylor got the gingerbread cookie nicely she broke it in half and gave me the half i smiled like my Christmas has gotten slightly better with people that love me and care for me.
Once we left she took me home and i thanked her with a gift that had gingerbread perfume in it she loved it then she went home.

Chapter 5 [ A visit that Maddi will love]

Spoiler: show

The next day my mom told me we were visting someone i will love and be happy to see i kept asking her who, who are we seeing? ? ? After breakfast my mom told me to get ready for the visit anyways since i didn't know who it was i got my things and got what i needed and hopped inside the car. While we were in the car my mom asked me what i was thinking about i told her nothing really. We passed trees, beautiful nice decorated houses, and people. I saw that we passed the sign that read: You are now leaving Bryansville I started thinking who are we seeing mom? !
"Mom.... Why are we out of our town? ? ?" I asked her.
She replied, "We are seeing someone you will love it is secret sorry."
I sighed and stared out the window watching peaceful kids play with their friends in the snow and make awesome things i couldn't probably even make. Then I saw the next sign that read: Welcome to Lucy Ville. I thought and thought who could we be seeing? . . . .
Meanwhile i could see the pine tree's pines fall off with the nice scent of pine that i loved. We passed by houses and houses then came the last one i screamed, "Mom we are seeing grandma oh goodie goodie!" As we approached grandma's house i ran out the door and flew into my grandma's arms and said, "Grandma oh my i missed you for all these months i am so glad we are having this visit." and smiled. I gave my grandma some pumpkin pie, and a candy cane she loved it! Then we went inside her house where i saw her old cat Kristen i gave the cat a hug and set her back down.
For hours we ate, talked, played games, and played charades then we had to leave i gave grandma a huge hug and thanked her for letting us come she told us any time sweetie any time and waved goodbye. I told my mom that i loved that visit and this was the BEST day ever during Christmas break. It really made my Christmas break the best of all. Once we got home got settled, ate dinner, watched TV, thanked God for this day and went to sleep.

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Old 11-16-2009, 02:20 PM   #2
Call Me Sarah!
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millie12378956 is the bees knees!millie12378956 is the bees knees!millie12378956 is the bees knees!millie12378956 is the bees knees!millie12378956 is the bees knees!millie12378956 is the bees knees!millie12378956 is the bees knees!

Default Re: Maddi's Winter Wonderland. Will Maddi discover things during Winter season that she and her friend Taylor can understand? {APPROVED!}

Nice chappies Arielle!
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Old 11-18-2009, 05:51 PM   #3
Imagine & be cre
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Maddi's Winter Wonderland. Will Maddi discover things during Winter season that she and her friend Taylor can understand? {APPROVED!}

Thanks! more is coming soon!
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