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Old 07-15-2009, 12:24 PM   #1
FROGPRINCESS27 wows us all with wonderFROGPRINCESS27 wows us all with wonderFROGPRINCESS27 wows us all with wonderFROGPRINCESS27 wows us all with wonderFROGPRINCESS27 wows us all with wonderFROGPRINCESS27 wows us all with wonderFROGPRINCESS27 wows us all with wonderFROGPRINCESS27 wows us all with wonderFROGPRINCESS27 wows us all with wonder

Default The forest people part 5 the forest fire

The Forest Fire

A man was walking in the forest smoking .Then he threw it on the ground. It caught the grass on fire! He looked and saw what he did and ran from the scene of the accident. It was small at first but a half hour later it was getting bigger and bigger.
Animals in the forest started running out of the forest and leaving. Lucky, the forest people doctor, came running to see what was going on.
Then rabbit came running up and said,
“Fire, fire.”
“Where?" said Lucky.
“By the school!" said the rabbit.
Lucky ran in the Animal Hospital and got Flower Cup her helper. Flower Cup ran to the work places and got the adults out.
At the school Fo was looking out the window and the trees were on fire.
“Mrs. Gumdrop!" said Fo.
“Yes," Mrs. Gumdrop said.
“There are trees on fire outside," said Fo.
Gumdrop ran to the window and her mouth opened and she said, “Everyone drop your books and run outside and wait for me.”
Gumdrop ran to her desk and got paper and pencil and wrote Left went to the park on the other side of the road. She then ran outside and took the kids across the street.
“Ok, look both ways before crossing!" said Gumdrop.
Lucky was at school first and she looked and saw Gumdrop's sign and ran to the big kid school. The roof was on fire! Lucky ran to the school but it was too late. When she got to the door, the roof fell threw. She heard yelling inside the school and the teacher Thorn came running out with flames in his hair. Lucky grabbed her hospital bag and pulled out a spray bottle and sprayed Thorn’s hair and the fire went out. Gump, Mick and Moss came running and were ok. Lizz Fizz and Tina came with Carissa crying.
“I think I broke my arm," said Carissa.
Flick came out to with a couple of scraps. Lucky got out her bag again and web string and bandaged Carissa's arm.
“My hair, it’s all gone!" Thorn said crying.
“It will grow back," said Lucky.
“We got to get out of here now, to the park!" Lucky said.
One hour later, the ranger came by and saw the fire and called the fire fighters. The fire fighters had a hard time getting the fire out, but they did. All animals and everyone started going back home. The schools were burned down and some of the other animal’s homes were distorted by the fire so they had to find new homes at the forest. Ritz looked and saw what was left of his house. Sunset said it was ok and he could stay at her house for a while.
Some of the animals wanted to help the forest people, so the next day they started building new schools for the kids. The wood ****** made a hole in the bottom of the tree. Then more wood peckers came and made a big hole inside the tree and round holes for windows. The raccoons ran inside the tree with small pieces of glass that they stole for a glass factory. The raccoons put the glass in the window holes. Then the rabbits grabbed the piece of wood the wood ****** had cut from the bottom and put glue on one side and glued it for a door.
The raccoons decide to go to the toy store that night to get a desk and a chalk board. So that night the raccoons opened the lock with a needle and got in the toy store. But they had to turn the security camera off. One of raccoons ran to the camera control room and broke into the control room and pushed the off button and turned off one camera at a time. When the raccoon got back to the others, they went to the doll aisle and one of raccoons stopped and said,
“There it is doll furniture; they have desk, chairs, chalkboards with chalk and little erasers!”
The raccoons opened the box and took a chalk board and an eraser and chalk and took desks out of the boxes. Then they put the boxes back on the shelf and took the thing out. One of raccoons went back to the control room and turned the camera on. Then they locked the door again.
The raccoons ran in the forest with the stuff and put it in the classrooms while the other animals where fixing Ritz house. They finally finished the classrooms and Ritz house. The animals went to find the forest people and they found the little kids were outside writing on the ground.
“Mrs. Gumdrop!" the animals said, “we got a surprise for you and the kids.”
They took them to the new school house and Mrs. Gumdrop said, “Thanks.”
All the kids ran to the desk and started talking about who is going to sit with who.
The animals went to find the big kids. They were looking at plants and naming them.
“What is this plant?" said Gump holding the plant.
“Poison oak!" said Thorn.
He looked at his arm and saw red dots.
“Go to Lucky now!" said Thorn.
Gump walked as fast as he could to Luck’s animal hospital. The animals found the big kids and showed them the school they built for them. All the kids and the teacher thank them. The animals found Ritz and showed him his house and he could not believe his eyes and thanked them.
Now at Luck’s hospital, Gump was lying down and she was giving medicine to make him feel better and a cold leaf to bring the temperature down. Then Lucky ran over to the deer that sprained its leg from running from the fire and put ice on the leg and had the deer lay down. A bird came in and her eggs were cracked. Lucky ran and got glue and glued it back together and the bird was so happy.
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