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tarsky781 challenges the impossibletarsky781 challenges the impossible
tarsky781 challenges the impossibletarsky781 challenges the impossible

Default Flood *** warriors fanfic}



StormClan- (dark and loyal)
Halfstar- large half black and half white tom; large amber eyes
{lives: 9}

Deputy: Tigerflower- dark gray tabby she-cat with white paws

Medicine Cat: Hawkshine- dark tortoiseshell tom with dark green eyes
Apprentice, Lightpaw

WARRIORS (toms and she-cats without kits):
Marshpelt- pale ginger she-cat with dark blue eyes
Apprentice, Shadepaw

Breezefur- pale ginger and white tom with large gray eyes

Owlthunder- large dark brown tom

Pebblestripe- light brown tabby tom with wide black stripes

Riverpelt- light silvery blue-gray she-cat with sleek, silky fur
Apprentice, Berrypaw

Featherheart- fluffy light gray tabby she-cat with a dark gray stripes; large green eyes
Apprentice, Moonpaw

Whitefeather- soft, black she-cat with a white tail-tip and thin rings of white fur around her eyes

Blackbird- large jet-black she-cat

Icehawk- light gray tom with black patches; light green eyes

Apprentices (more than six moons old, in training to be warriors):

Lightpaw- light gray she-cat with a black tail-tip and black paws

Shadepaw- black tom with rings of white around his eyes

Berrypaw- dark brown she-cat

Moonpaw- silvery-blue-gray she-cat with a dark gray tabby tail

Queens (she-cats expecting or nursing kits):

Nightpelt- very dark gray she-cat (almost black), mother of Breezefur's kit Jaykit (pale ginger she-kit with large blue eyes)

Elders (former warriors and queens, now retired):

Eaglewing- dark brown-and-cream she-cat

Graypoppy- dark gray tabby she-cat

StreamClan (proud and secretive):
Nightstar- dark brown tabby she-cat
{lives: 8}

Deputy: Riverclaw- dark gray-and-white she-cat

Medicine Cat: Gorseshadow- black-and-tortoiseshell she-cat

Shadowbird- black she-cat with a large white patch at her ear

Swiftpetal- sleek dappled pale ginger she-cat
Apprentice, Rosepaw

Firestorm- large brown tabby tom

Mudfern- sleek light brown she-cat with pale ginger paws
Apprentice, Blackpaw

Honeystripe- light ginger-and-white she-cat with gray eyes

Brightflower- pale brown tabby she-cat
Apprentice, Fernpaw

Echofeather- ginger, tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat

Leopardtail- white she-cat with a dintinctive leopard-patterned tail

Rosepaw- light-colored she-cat with faint stripes

Blackpaw- black tabby

Fernpaw- mottled brown she-cat

Heatherbird- tabby she-cat with blue eyes, nursing formerly rogue kits Patchkit (pale tortoiseshell she-kit with white paws) and Frostkit (very pale gray she-kit)

Kestreltail- small gray tabby she-cat

Brindlepelt- dappled light brown she-cat

DuskClan (friendly and mysterious)
Leader: Rainstar- light brown tabby
{lives: 7}

Deputy: Sorreltiger- tiger-like tabby she-cat

Medicine Cat: Lionwing- golden she-cat with thick fur
Apprentice, Ashpaw

Hawkflight- light gray mottled tom
Apprentice, Greenpaw

Poppywing- pale tortoiseshell she-cat with bright blue eyes

Sorrelpelt- reddish tabby she-cat with a white underbelly and a white tail-tip
Apprentice, Frostpaw

Mothtail- pale brown tabby she-cat with dark gray stripes

Icebird- bright white she-cat with large icy blue eyes

Heatherfoot- medium-brown she-cat with one blue-gray foot
Apprentice, Yellowpaw

Blacktail- large white tom with a black tail

Tawnyheart- pale golden tabby she-cat
Apprentice, Marshpaw

Gorsefeather- tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with a black tail-tip

Ashpaw- light gray mottled she-cat

Greenpaw- silvery-white long-furred she-cat with bright green eyes

Frostpaw- pale ginger-and-white she-cat

Yellowpaw- golden tabby she-cat

Marshpaw- ginger she-cat with black splotches

Creamtail- cream-colored tabby she-cat with a white tail, mother of Blacktail's kits Dustkit (white she-cat with a black tail) and Sootkit (gray she-cat with a cream muzzle)

Furlclaw- mottled tortoiseshell tom

Liontail- pale ginger she-cat with a fluffy golden tail

DawnClan (small and agile):
Leader: Hollystar- dark cream she-cat
{lives: 8}

Deputy: Littleclaw- small black she-cat with short front claws

Medicine Cat: Wingpelt- small pale tabby she-cat
Apprentice, Ashpaw-

Lionpelt- pale golden tabby tom with amber eyes
Apprentice, Blazepaw

Sorrelfur- brown she-cat with a white underbelly and a white stripe along her spine

Nightstripe- pale gray tabby tom with a few black stripes
Apprentice, Dustpaw

Poppyleaf- long-furred pale brown she-cat with a white muzzle

Dovetail- long-furred pale brown she-cat with a white tail

Deerpelt- dusky brown she-cat with white stripes
Apprentice, Birchpaw

Nightfoot- black she-cat with white flecks on her paws
Apprentice, Berrypaw

Fernleaf- pale golden she-cat with blue eyes

Blazepaw- white tabby tom with ginger, gray and black splotches on his pelt, black stripes, and bright blue eyes

Ashpaw- gray-and-white she-cat

Dustpaw-pale dusky brown tabby tom

Birchpaw- gray tom with light gray tabby stripes on his tail

Berrypaw- blue-gray she-cat

Kestrelfern- silver tabby she-cat with light blue eyes. Mother of Lionpelt's kits Leafkit (silver tabby she-kit with amber eyes) and Brackenkit (pale ginger tabby she-kit with gray eyes)

Squirreltail- ginger tabby she-cat with a fluffy tail

Sandfoot- white she-cat with one pale ginger paw


StormClan territory:

Shaded thickly by pine trees, StormClan territory is secretive and dark, like its sheltered cats. The prey in StormClan's territory can be hard to hunt in, but the StormClan cats have developed the ways of hunting their favorite prey. The apprentices' den is in a large, hollow tree next to the dense woods. The warriors' den is a long-abandoned badger den, with plenty of space for the warriors. The medicine den is a wide space under a slanted rock, and the rock is where the Clan leader holds Clan ceremonies. The leader's den is a carved-out rock with plenty of shelter; inside is a smooth and carved-out pined branch, lined with feathers. The elders' den is in the sunniest place of the camp. It's an underground space with a rock covering it, and the sun and moon shine through a hole in the rock.
Favorite prey: mice and voles

StreamClan territory:

StreamClan cats live on an island on the borders of StormClan and DawnClan. StreamClan cats have a taste for fish and love to swim. There is a small pond on StreamClan territory where the kits over three moons learn to swim and catch small fish. The cats of StreamClan hate being in the open, and the camp is surrounded by rivers, cutting them off from other Clans' attacks.
Favorite prey: fish

DuskClan territory:

DuskClan cats are easy to befriend, but they are a mysterious Clan. They fall into changes as their Clan grows weaker or stronger, and they love the marshy grounds. DuskClan territory lays where the sun sets; hence their name, DuskClan. The warriors' den is a cave, big enough for the warriors in the Clan. The leader's den is a wide, hollow tree stump. The medicine den is a cave like the warriors' den, large enough for the medicine cat, the medicine cat apprentice, and a few patients. The nursery is a wide, shallow hole, and there's a fern barrier to protect other cats from getting in. The entrance is hidden, but all the cats in DuskClan, and DuskClan alone, know it.
Favorite prey: mice and birds

DawnClan territory/prey coming soon!!

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hi :), warriors♄

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