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Old 12-20-2010, 02:47 PM   #1
Webkinz :)
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carrub has much to be proud ofcarrub has much to be proud ofcarrub has much to be proud ofcarrub has much to be proud ofcarrub has much to be proud of

Default Faded Paw Prints-A Warriors Story

Mossystar-Gray and white she cat green eyes.


Nightheart-Black she cat with blue eyes.


Medicine cat:
Willowleaf- Silver she cat with tabby striped tail and yellow eyes.

Tigerstorm- Reddish brown tabby tom with black stripes and white under belly and a jet black "Mask" with blue eyes.
Thornfoot- Light ginger tom with brown paws and green eyes.
Minnowfrost-Silver tabby tom with blue eyes.
Hawktail-Dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes.
Swiftstorm- Golden she cat with white stripe on her back and green eyes.
Nettleface- Silver tabby tom with green eyes.
Apprentice- Ferretpaw
Boulderstorm- Pale ginger tom with yellow eyes.
Russetfeather-Red ginger and white she cat with amber eyes.
Cloudstripe-Fluffy white she cat with amber eyes.
Goldenpaw-Pretty golden tabby she cat with green eyes.
Ferretpaw- Long haired brown tabby tom with yellow eyes.
Hollypaw-Ginger, brown, and black tortoise-shell she cat.
Reedpaw-Reddish brown tom with blue eyes.
Graypaw- Gray tabby tom with green eyes
Brokenpaw- Brown tabby she cat with amber eyes and bent ears and tail.
Blackwing-A black and white she cat with yellow eyes, mother of Thornfoot's kits, (Berrykit- a white and cream tom with blue eyes, and Cherrykit-Bright ginger she cat with white paws yellow eyes.)
Mothleap-Light ginger she cat with amber eyes, mother of Nettleface's kits,
Spiderleg-Dark gray tom with blue eyes and ginger legs.



Mossystar- Golden tabby and white she cat with green eyes.
Bramblestorm- Long haired gray and brown tom with amber eyes.
Medicine cat:
Honeycloud-Light golden brown tabby she cat with yellow eyes.


Barkfur- Brown tom with yellow eyes.
Swiftfur-White tom with green eyes.
Mudblaze- Brown tom with white under belly and muzzle, has amber eyes.
Darkfeather-Black she cat with yellow eyes.
Lionclaw- White and golden ginger tom with amber eyes.
Sparrowheart-Light brown she cat with green eyes.
Fernpaw-Light brown she cat with green eyes.
Sandpaw-Light golden she cat with amber eyes.
Windpaw-White tom with blue eyes.
Cinderpaw- Light brown and gray she cat with white muzzel and blue eyes.
Leaftail-Gray she cat with green eyes mother of Barkfur's kits, (Willowkit-Silver tabby she cat with green eyes, Emberkit-Ginger tom with amber eyes, and Twigkit-Brown she cat with yellow eyes.)
Hailsong-Pink-gray she cat with blue eyes, expecting Swiftfur's kits.

Brookstar-Brown tabby she cat with amber eyes.
Adderstep-Black tom with white paws and green eyes.
Medicine cat:
Shadowfur-Gray and black tom with blue eyes.
Russetear- Dark ginger she cat with amber eyes.
Owlear-Long haired light ginger tom with yellow eyes and large ears.
Poppycloud-Ginger,black and white tortoiseshell she cat with yellow eyes.
Frostfur- White long haired tom with blue eyes.
Cloudpaw-Long haired light ginger tom with white paws, under belly and muzzle, has blue eyes.
Snowpaw-White tom with amber eyes.
Dapplepaw-Black and white she cat with blue eyes.
Dawnpaw-Golden she cat with ginger under belly and muzzle, has amber eyes.
Sweetfang- Brown tabby with amber eyes, mother of Adderstep's kit, (Wetkit-Light gray tom with blue eyes.)
Duskcloud-Gray tom with yellow eyes.
Crookedjaw-Light ginger tom with yellow eyes and a twisted jaw.
Rabbitfang-Light brown she cat with amber eyes.

Bluestar-Black tom with blue eyes.
Amberfeather-Ginger she cat with amber eyes.
Medicine cat:
Heatherstorm-Pink-gray she cat with yellow eyes.
Webpool- Blue-gray tom with blue eyes.
Hazelstep-White she cat with light ginger paws and face, with blue eyes.
Eaglestorm-Dark brown tabby tom with white under belly and green eyes.
Mintfur-Light brown tom with green eyes.
Squirrelcloud-Fluffy dark ginger tabby she cat with yellow eyes.
Maplefern-Light brown she cat with darker stripe on back and yellow eyes.
Flametail-Golden ginger tom with amber eyes and fluffy dark ginger tail.
Darkclaw-Dark gray tabby tom with yellow eyes.
Hallowpaw-Light brown tom with yellow eyes.
Leopardpaw-Golden she cat with brown dapples and blue eyes.
Silverpaw-Molted gray and white tom with blue eyes.
Stormypaw-Dark gray tom with amber eyes.
Wingtuft-White she cat with yellow eyes, expecting Webpool's kits.
Ashclaw-Fuzzy gray and white tom with blind blue eyes.

Mist filled the meadows as clouds covered the full moon. Owls screeched while mice scampered across the forest floor. Near the end of the meadow laid a stream. The stream was peacefully quiet, the only sound came from the mice coming to get a drink. Suddenly the one the tiny creatures pricked up its ears. Soon it let out a warning cry and all the mice fled the stream. Soon three muddy cats emerged from the forest side of the stream. They leaped over the stream with little effort and ran into the meadow. When they left the mice came out of their hiding places. The guard mouse stepped ahead to make sure it was safe. Then after a few moments it twitched its whiskers to show that it was safe for the other mice to come out. After they all came back to the stream they herd a loud cry. Suddenly a huge scarred tom with big yellow eyes and rippling reddish brown tabby fur leaped out and grabbed one of the mice by the neck. In less than a moment all the mice fled, not even trying to save their trapped friend. "Spineless weaklings!" snapped the large tabby.

"Tigerstorm!" yowled a small she cat. "Yes?" Tigerstorm hissed. "We have found her," she yowled. "Good, are you sure she is the last one?" he growled. "Yes, after that there will be no more of them," the small tabby meowed. "Good," he growled. "Let's get her before other cats see us."

Meanwhile a dappled she cat laid on the lake shore. Her Black and white coat shining in the moonlight. She waited for her special one to visit her. She knew she should have never fallen in love with an apprentice from another clan, but she just had to see him. Suddenly she heard leave rustle. "Windpaw?' she meowed. Suddenly a tiger like tom leaped out of a nearby willow tree.

"Your not Windpaw!" she yowled. "Your right, you foolish kit, now you'll paw for your forbidden romance!" he yowled. "I'm sorry, but Windpaw is just so special!" she sobbed. "Tell that to Starclan!" he yowled. She looked stunned, but before she could speak he hit her thought with his huge claws so hard she got knocked into the lake. Tigerstorm walked forward to see her floating lifeless in the water.

Suddenly Tigerbolt heard another cat coming, he then leaped into the water and swam off before Windpaw could see him. Windpaw raced to the shore to find his friend floating in the lake. "Why?" he yowled. His eyes starting to water. "I'll find you! Who ever you are!" he squeaked his voice horse from his sobbing. "...and I'll make you pay....."

(Any one like it so far?)

Last edited by carrub; 12-20-2010 at 06:37 PM..
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