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Old 12-03-2007, 05:04 PM   #1
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Default Dragonstar Chronicles


DECEMBER THIRD: PART ONE: Plots, Rules, and Draglets
As a young dragon, finding myself a pack was difficult. My parents were known everywhere for murdering a pack leader, though they were innocent. Finally, in mid September, we found a pack. I could tell they tolerated us, so I didn’t bother making friends or even learning everyone’s name. Then that next morning, I looked in my parents cave and they weren’t there. I searched all around and then had to face the fact that they left willingly, without me.

My name is Dragonstar. Hear my tale.

“All dragons please gather ‘round! Pack meeting! Pack meeting!” Dragonleader roared as he hovered in the sky. He landed with a great THUD, dislodging many rocks. His pack was gathered below him, and Dragonleader smiled as Dragoncloud climbed up the rock and cuddled next to him.

“Dragons of the pack, I give you wonderful news. Dragoncloud, my mate, is expecting to lay an egg in two days!”

The pack and I cheered. Though this meant the caves were going to be extra guarded, it was still great.

“Many of you have never seen a draglet, so in order to see my little one be born safely, there will be shifting guards around Dragoncloud’s cave. No one but myself is allowed to enter, unless you have my permission and a guard with you.

“Also, other packs might try to steal my egg, so I advice caution to anyone and I want you to report anything unusual.

“Today, I will set off to talk with another pack, Koro pack. They have been sending spies to our caves while we rest and I must stop this. I want Dragonclaw, Dragonthorn, and Dragonstar with me. Dragonrain will be the first guard for Dragoncloud. Back to your duties!”

Dragonleader jumped off the rock, his golden scales clanked together like a badly made wind-chime. With a click of his marbled claws, the chosen dragons and I leapt to his side and began walking over to the rival pack’s territory.

I was a not friend with Dragonclaw, and he showed no signs of ever wanting to. He quickly sped up to talk with Dragonleader, casting a nasty glance at me from over his gray colored shoulder.

I caught up with Dragonthorn. He was my friend at least, with rust like scales. He was the first dragon who seemed to even notice me when I first arrived here. Dragonthorn was around my age, and was deeply in love with Dragonheart, a reddish pink dragon with quite an attitude problem.

“Hey, Dragonstar,” greeted Dragonthorn. “What do you think Dragonleader’s up to?”

“Up to? What do you mean?”

Dragonthorn leaned in close. “He wants you dead, Dragonstar!”


“Yep, listen, he knows you like Dragonspirit a lot. And, well, since she’s his daughter, he doesn’t want you to take her as your love. And because you’re not born in the pack, he doesn’t trust you.”

“I haven’t done anything to break the trust! And I don’t love Dragonspirit!”

“I agree with you about the trust, but not Dragonspirit. The way you look at her each day is all the evidence needed that your love her dearly.”

It was true. I did love Dragonspirit. She was so elegant in dark green scales and she was gentle, kind, h
onest, and true. I had a strange feeling that she loved me back.
Suddenly Dragonleader growled. I sniffed the air and could almost taste the disgusting scent of a Koro pack spy.

“Going off to spy on Faron territory, Dragonheat?” Dragonleader snarled at the spy who was guarding the path to his pack’s caves.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” stammered Dragonheat. “All I know is that Koro territory has intruders slithering about.” Then without warning, he sprang upon Dragonleader, but Faron pack’s leader was to quick, and swiped a massive stone claw. Dragonheat roared in raged as he examined three bloody gash marks on his underbelly.

“You’ll pay for that!” He shrieked and dived for Dragonleader’s belly, only to be pinned to the ground by four huge feet.

“Lemme go! Lemme go, you Faron scum!”

Dragonleader bit Dragonheat’s ear because of the insult and plucked a large scale off the Koro spy’s back. He howled in pain.

“You will now go to Dragonleader of your pack, Dragonheat. Tell him I caused your injuries because I don’t like Koro spy scum in my territory near my pack. Got it? Now go!” Dragonleader released Dragonheat.

He whipped around and hissed at Dragonleader. Then he walked away in defeat, calling over his shoulder, “Come, Dragletlava.”

Up in an ancient pine, a young brown she-dragon jumped down. She glared at Dragonleader and spit in his face. “My father is the greatest dragon is our pack. When I graduate to a dragon, you will never lay a claw on him again.”

She followed Dragonheat back to the Koro caves. Some reason I recognized her voice from somewhere. Dragonclaw growled a threat after them.

“How dare she!” He exclaimed to Dragonleader. “She should treat a leader with respect, enemy or not! Why didn’t you teach her a lesson?”

Dragonleader sighed, “Have you forgotten the Three Rules we live by? First, all dragons have permission and rights to kill. Second, no dragons or draglets are allowed to go into different pack territories ever unless with very good reason or messages. Third, it is forbidden under any circumstances that a dragon challenges and threatens a draglet! Dragonclaw, you threatened young Dragletlava, you will be punished once we return to the caves.”

Dragonclaw opened his mouth to protest but thought better of it and said, “Yes, Dragonleader,”

He was quiet the rest of the journey and wouldn’t look at Dragonleader.

Once at the caves it was already dark and the pack’s bellies growled for food.

“I’m hungry,” complained Dragoncloud.

“All right, you need your strength. Dragonclaw, go hunt for all dragons here and get some extra meat for when the egg hatches. You will not hunt for yourself, you will starve tonight.”

Scowling, Dragonclaw launched himself in the air to hunt.

“I don’t feel well, Dragonleader,” moaned Dragoncloud.

Dragonleader clicked his claws, “Dragonspirit, find what’s bothering Dragoncloud.”

Quickly, Dragonspirit led Dragoncloud to her cave and gave her small scraps of meat dipped in medicine.

“I don’t want medicine! I...I...I’m having my egg!” Dragoncloud shrieked. Dragonspirit led her to the guarded cave and Dragonleader followed.

Mere moments later, Dragonleader came out off the cave, brandishing what looked like a round piece of granite.

“My egg, my heir to the pack,” he breathed quietly.

Dragonspirit came out. “She’s going to be fine,” she assured Dragonleader. “If it’s a girl, her name will be Draglethope. If it’s a boy, his name will be Dragletsky.”

“Very honorable names, Dragonleader,” whispered Dragon-rain, transfixed on the rock-camouflaged egg.

I put my ear to the egg. I was listened for a heartbeat and I hoped Dragonleader understood. Then, there! One two, one two, one two, said the heartbeat. I knew that rhythm. It was a girl.

“What are you doing, Dragonstar?” Dragonleader growled.

I pulled my ear away from the precious egg and explained. Dragonleader looked surprised.

“Very well, so this is little Draglethope,” he said. Dragonleader returned to his love and gave her the egg.

A roar from the skies interrupted the moment, and I saw Dragonclaw flying over with three deer and a falcon.

“The stupid falcon tried to gouge my eyes out, so I swiped at it. Then I spotted a group of deer at a pool drinking. Is Dragoncloud all right?”

“She’s fine. The egg has been laid and Dragonstar claims it’s a girl.” Dragonleader said. Dragonclaw glared at me.

Dragoncloud, Dragonrain, and Dragonheart all gathered around a deer and began stripping the meat in small pieces. Dragons all have very small throats, so if a piece is too big, you could choke. Dragonthorn and I began clawing up another deer.

“What are they talking about?” Dragonthorn asked, glancing at Dragonleader and Dragonspirit. They were talking and Dragonleader looked heartbroken. I tried with all my might to eavesdrop.

“...and I’m sorry but, well, it’s not Dragoncloud’s fault.” Dragonspirit whispered.

“I know it isn’t, it’s my fault. I should never of taken her as my mate. That way Dragoncloud would never have to feel so much pain.”

I swallowed hard, something that would make Dragonleader regret Dragoncloud must be devastating.

“Don’t say that father, there’s only a fifty percent chance of it!”

“Still.” Dragonleader pushed away his untouched deer. “You can have this. I’m not hungry.”

Dragonspirit sighed and Dragonleader climbed up on the rock used for meetings. He roared unenthusiastically, “Pack meeting.”

The pack members looked up from dinner.

“I bring sad news with me tonight. My egg, as you know, was laid this night, when it wasn’t due two days after. This earliness might, well, make the egg a dud.”

Dragoncloud gasped and ran into the cave to check on her egg. She then came back out with it, tears swimming in her amber eyes.

“Dragonspirit once treated to an egg delivered a mere hour before schedule. That egg hatched fine but the draglet was found dead the next morning.”

More gasps and cries of sadness came from the pack. Dragoncloud wept loudest.

“Well, there’s is a fifty percent chance of--- ARGH!”

A dragon leapt out of a tree surrounding the caves, attacking
Dragonleader. The Faron pack leader, caught off guard, didn’t fight back and was pinned to the ground by, who else, but Dragonheat.

“Long time, no see,” snarled Dragonleader. Dragonheat snorted in amusement.

“I am here on orders of Dragonleader of Koro pack! He wants you to hand over the egg, or we’ll take it by force and kill you and the pack.”

Dragoncloud silently flew over to Dragonheat and commanded, “Let him go.”

Dragonheat looked up. For what seemed like an eternity, they gazed into each other’s eyes. I expected to see hatred in Dragoncloud, but there was something else, I couldn’t tell. Dragonheat was expressionless.

Suddenly, Dragonleader thrust Dragonheat off him and pounced on him. Dragonheat got the wind knocked out of him.

“Kill me now, you Faron scum!” He begged. Dragonleader raised a claw, stopped, and sniffed the air.

“No, not when you have a daughter to care for.” Dragon-leader shoved Dragonheat off the rock. Dragonheat sighed, “Thank you.”

He walked out of the territory and the learning draglet, Dragletlava, leaped out of a birch tree.

“I stick to my promises,” she growled at Dragonleader. “Tonight, my Dragonleader will make me a dragon. I am of age, I am well trained, and I will carry out my last task with nobility.”

Without warning, Dragletlava jumped over to the egg, grabbed it, and threw it in the air. For many breathless seconds, it seemed to hover, but I watched it fall into the claws of Dragonheat. He grinned evilly then took off to Koro pack.

A squeal made me turn around. Dragoncloud had slashed marble claws across Dragletlava’s face. The youngling was bleeding heavily and she pounced on Dragoncloud, giving her a death bite in the neck.

Dragoncloud roared. She then began breathing oddly and in a raspy voice she whispered something inaudible. Dragletlava looked confused, and then launched herself in the air. She flapped silently away, followed by growls.

“No!” Dragonleader cried. He sat next to Dragoncloud and lifted her limp head. “I have lost my mate. I have lost my child. I have lost everything!”

He cried to the skies as Dragonspirit flew over to Dragon-cloud.

“She’s not dead! Dragletlava didn’t bite hard enough to get through to her main blood vein. She lost a lot of blood, but she’s not dead! Dragonleader, she’s alive!”

Dragonleader stood up, as if the news replenished his energy. “Do everything to save her,” he demanded. Dragonspirit carried Dragoncloud over to the cave where Dragonspirit heals. I turned to Dragonthorn who watched quietly in horror.

“I’m going after Dragonheat and Dragletlava. I’m going to retrieve the egg to gain Dragonleader’s trust that I am a worthy member of the pack and I deserve Dragonspirit.” I said.

“I’ll go with you,” replied Dragonthorn. “Dragonleader has never liked me, and the only way I can take Dragonheart as my mate, is to prove myself first.”

“It’ll be dangerous, we might not live to tell the tale,” I warned.

“I know, but it’s worth a shot,”

I sighed. There was no way I could talk Dragonthorn out of coming. “We leave now,” I said.

We slipped away from the caves while everyone else comforted Dragonleader. Thorns scraped against our scales until the Koro pack territory was in view. There was a large clearing with small groupings of birch trees in various places. A large oak was in the center and I saw the Dragonleader of Koro pack resting in the tall fork. In his great claws was the egg. Unfortunately, the Dragonleader’s grip was not loose.

“We need a diversion. Dragonthorn, will you make some sort of noise or something?”

“Sure,” Dragonthorn walked over to the far end off the clearing lay down on the ground and whimpered loudly. Immediately, the dragons in the trees lifted their heads. I recognized Dragletlava jumping out of a small birch; her wings were spread out threateningly. The Dragonleader looked up too and he carefully climbed down the oak, leaving the egg in the top fork.

I carefully reached out a claw to get little Draglethope, but suddenly, Dragletlava cried out, “Faron scum intruders! ATTACK!”

She leaped on Dragonthorn, and I could do nothing but watch the blur of brown and rust scales thrash in battle. A few more joined, but Dragonheat and three others stealthily slipped away and pounced on me.

I felt four pairs of claws rake against my black scales, but I had unnaturally strong and tight scales so I wasn’t bleeding. I whipped around and kicked Dragonheat and a blue she-dragon in the belly. They soared backwards and slammed against tall thickets of razor sharp thorns. The female recovered quickly, shaking off the thorns and running a forked tongue over each wound. Dragonheat’s head had collided with the ground, knocking him out cold. The three remaining clawed at me again and the small green one got my belly. I felt my leathery skin spit open and blood spluttered out. Weak, I kicked at the dragon that hurt me.

“You break the third rule of the Three Rules! I am Dragletthunder, and you hurt me!” He snarled. Dragletthunder leaped on my head and ripped part off my ear off. I roared in fury and pain while my own blood dripping in my eyes blinded me. Then a tremendous weight fell on my back, and I heard at least seven ribs crack. Next to me in my good ear I heard the leader’s voice say, “Nighty night!” He swiped a massive claw and I fell unconscious.

DECEMBER SIXTH: PART FOUR: Questioning with the Sisters
I felt dizzy. I had a crushing weight on my back and I had waves of pain sweep through me. For a second I forgot where I was, then the memories of last night’s battle rushed in. Then I began to panic. Where was Dragonthorn? What happened to the egg? I turned my head in search of my friend, but I couldn’t. The pain was too great. Suddenly I felt thunderous vibrations, and the Koro pack Dragonleader lowered his great head to meet my eyes.

“Ah, good. You’re awake! I see Dragletthunder took a bit outta ya. He’s a good boy, you know, but attacking him, tsk tsk, you broke a Rule, Dragonstar. Dragonleader of Faron pack wouldn’t want you to be mean now, would he?” Dragonleader chuckled.

“Where’s Dragonthorn?”

“Ah, yes. The reddish brown one. He is in questioning right now with Dragonlightning and Dragonharp. But nothing for you to worry about! We can’t get a peep out of him, so plucking off his scales one at a time seems to be the appropriate punishment.”

“Punishment!” I growled. “That’s torture! And what do you want to know from him so badly?”

“We would like to know whose egg it is. According to the great black scabs on Dragonlava’s face, Dragoncloud is obviously the mother. But, I ask you, who is the father?”

I knew I couldn’t tell the Dragonleader that my Dragonleader was the father. So I changed subject and said, “Dragonlava? So I guess she got promoted.”

“Yes, she’s a honorable creature, and quite worthy of being a dragon of Koro pack. But you’re avoiding my question.”

“Why are you asking me? Dragonheat should know! He’s the one who was told to spy on Faron pack!”

Dragonleader laughed loudly. “Dragonheat is no longer a member of Koro pack. We plan to drop him far away from here, near humans. He’ll be killed undoubtedly. But what do I care? He’s a scummy traitor!”

“How so--?” I began but a blood-curling roar drowned my words. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Dragonthorn being dragged over a hill. His head was all bloodied from where the two she-dragons tore off scales. They dragged him in front of me and placed a large tree on his back. I guessed that a tree was also on my back.

Dragonthorn looked up at me, blinking blood out of his eyes. “They nearly killed me, Dragonstar. And your next. Don’t tell them anything!” With those words out he fainted from the pain. Unfortunately, he was right. The females who tortured Dragonthorn came over and lifted the tree off me.

“Come on!” One hissed at me. I wistfully walked with them across the Black River, behind the hill, and up in an enormous maple tree. The branches had been cut of and the huge trunk was hollowed. All three dragons could fit in and still have plenty of space to move.

“All right,” snarled a blue dragon I remembered kicking into a thorn thicket last night,

“I’m Dragonlightning, and this is my sister, Dragonharp. We would like to know something about Faron pack, and the recent egg laid. Who is the father?”

“I don’t know,” I lied.

“Liar! Dragonharp, I will give you the honor of ripping off the first scale.”

Smiling, the navy-blue dragon stepped forward from the shadows and selected a scale above my right eye. She got a good grip and tugged hard. The scale didn’t come off. Dragonharp tried again and again until she resorted to pulling with her teeth as well. Still, the scale stayed firmly in place. The feeble attempts by Dragonharp didn’t hurt me at all either, which frustrated her even more.

“Wimp,” jeered Dragonlightning. “It’s just one scale! Move over, lemme try.”

Dragonharp backed away gratefully and her sister took her place. Once again, the scale stayed put.

“These are the tightest scales I’ve ever seen! There’s no way I can pull this off!” She cried.

“Dragonleader told us to only pluck off scales though. What else can we do?”

“I dunno, let’s bring this scum with us and ask Dragonleader. C’mon!”

They all climbed out of the gigantic tree and headed back toward camp. On the way, the sisters and I began to hear strange sounds. When we reached camp, all the dragons and draglets were fighting other dragons who had invaded the territory. My heart soared when I saw Dragonspirit battling Dragonlava. My pack had come to rescue me!

Dragonlightning hurled herself in a fight against Dragonclaw. Dragonharp was about to pounce on Dragonrain, but I brought her down and pinned her.

“Lemme go!” She yowled. Dragonharp tried to throw me off and unexpectedly, she got an adrenaline rush and kicked me hard in the belly. I went flying through the air and pain from my cracked ribs seared through me. I crash landed and Dragonharp pinned me. “It’s time,” she growled, “you die!” She lowered her head to give a death bite when suddenly, she was flung backward and was knocked out unconscious. I lifted my head to look at who rescued me and was shocked. In front of me was a baby draglet with a piece of eggshell still on its head. She made a sound and stared up at me with huge eyes. Then I realized, this is the Faron pack Dragonleader’s child, Draglethope. She looked nothing like her parents; in fact she was almost identical to Dragonthorn, with rust colored scales and vibrant green eyes. I snatched up the draglet and limped over to Dragonthorn. I hauled him on my back and launched into the air flying over Koro territory. Behind me, I heard my Dragonleader roaring, “Retreat!” I crash-landed in front of our caves and soon I heard my pack members running over to me.

“Dragonstar, are you okay?” Dragonspirit asked.

“Yeah, I just have a few scars, a torn ear, and a couple broken ribs. Nothing major. But Dragonthorn, you got to help him first. Many scales have been torn of and maybe his back is wrenched. Oh, and also, this draglet here is Draglethope, Dragonleader’s child.” I explained.

“Lemme through!” Dragonleader roared squeezing through the ring of dragons around me. He picked up Draglethope and said sadly, “She cannot be the next leader of Faron pack.”

“What?” Dragonrain gasped.

“All leaders must be born with golden scales,” replied Dragonleader.

“That’s stupid,” snarled Dragonheart. “She’s the heir to the pack. When you die, who will take your place?”

“I don’t know, but it is possible one of you might birth my next generation leader.” Dragonleader sighed.

“When a leader has a child with no golden scales,” whispered Dragonspirit terrified. “The pack is doomed, unless of course that draglet becomes a healer. I did that, becasue it was my destiny.”

I shuddered. If Dragonspirit’s omen was correct, then terrible events would begin to unfold. I hoped one of the times wasn't Dragonleader's death with no heir.

"Doomed?" Dragonclaw asked staring at Dragonspirit with fear in his eyes.

"Yes," answered Dragonspirit, "But we must still carry on with our daily lives. Oh, everyone, I must tell you now that since Dragonleader has had his first child, you are now privileged to also have young." I raised my eyebrows and looked at Dragonleader. He caught my gaze and sighed, "Dragonstar, I know you love my daughter Dragonspirit. Dragonspirit, you always tell me how wonderful Dragonstar is. I believe that you will be the first mates of Faron pack.”

I smiled and whooped in celebration. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Dragonspirit smiling too.

"Thank you!" I exclaimed at Dragonleader.

Dragonspirit bent her head shyly, and dragged Dragonthorn into her healing den.

“Follow me,” she summoned.

In the cave she settled Dragonthorn on a flat slab off stone. He groaned a bit then went back to sleep.

“Will he be okay?” I asked.

Dragonspirit looked at me, tears spilled out of her brilliant blue eyes. “I don’t know, Dragonstar. All I can do is stop the pain and try to readjust the bones he broke. His face without scales will not protect him from enemy claws. Oh, Dragonstar, Dragonthorn can never again go to battle!”

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Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dragonstar Chronicles

Sounds good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Default Re: Dragonstar Chronicles

Thank you! I'll post more tommorrow to find out what happns with Dragoncloud and her egg.
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Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dragonstar Chronicles

dragpletriver i guess lol)0
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Default Re: Dragonstar Chronicles

Ah, but do remeber that this is not based on Bone Pack. Bone Pack is based on this!
So, maybe it will be Dragletriver, and maybe not!
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Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dragonstar Chronicles

oh yes thats true!
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Default Re: Dragonstar Chronicles

Tomorrow I will post more.
Are you excited?
If so say WHOOPY!
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Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dragonstar Chronicles

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Default Re: Dragonstar Chronicles

YAY! G2g now!
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Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dragonstar Chronicles

(see u)) to the mighty writer lol
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