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Old 02-16-2009, 07:28 AM   #1
I <3 James Maslow
Webkinz :)
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Default Diary of Sarah Souffle- daughter of Sophia Souffle. *REOPENED AFTER THE FACT THAT I WAS TOO LAZY TO CONTINUE AT ONE POINT!*

Yo peeps! Well, I reopened this story that I wrote. Here we go! (LOTS of reading to do)

Dear Diary-
I am really mad right now! My mom just came into my room and told me I would be working in the Le Souffle for the summer. Don't get me wrong, I love mom, and it's my favorite restaurant in the world. I eat all of my meals there, it has the BEST food- and while other people are paying ALOT for a simple order of fries, I get it all for free! It rocks! I just don't want to work there for the ENTIRE SUMMER. I want to play soccer and stuff!

The twelve year old black lab put down her fake jewel encrusted diary and sighed. It was 6:00- she had a LONG day ahead of her.
Come on, keep it together girl- this is the LAST DAY of school. Sarah thought, putting on a candy tank top and baby blue skirt, but didn't think it was enough, so she added a Kinzstyle aqua high belt, gleaming gold sandals, Holnwon golf cap, and pink studded shades. She struck a pose in front of her high mirror- as she said, black labs look good in ANYTHING. She left her condo theme room- the room had EVERYTHING in the condo theme- and went to her private bathroom.
Sarah and her family were RICH RICH RICH!!!!!!! They could buy anything they wanted, at any given time, all thanks to le souffle. In fact, the only person that didn't go there for all the meals was chef gazpacho! Sarah's family consisted of her father, Sam, her little brother, also Sam, her older sister (who graduated from Kinzville academy and was currently going to school at Kinzville high), Samantha, her claim to fame mom, Sophia, and herself. Life was good. Anyway, Sarah waltzed into her bathroom. It had pretty in pink walls and floors. She went over to her hot tub and took a nice, short bath. She used Kinzessence strawberry shortcake shampoo and Kinzessence chocolate molten cake shampoo. After she dried herself with a velvety towel, she went over to her funky girl bathroom sink. She brushed her fur with her gold shimmer high brand hair brush. She brushed her teeth with a gold shimmer high brand tooth brush and strawberry flavored toothpaste. Then she took her soft cheeky monkey towel and Kinzessence chocolate covered strawberry soap and washed her face. She hastily rushed to put on her clothes, and ran downstairs. She grabbed her backpack and ran downtown to her mother's famous restaurant. She saw a huge mob of people waiting to get in. She groaned. She looked at her watch. Good! It's not even time to open yet. THAT'S why the mob is here- not because the joint was packed. She thought as she sighed in relief. Her mom looked at her from the door and smiled. Her mom took out a golden key and opened the Le Souffle. With all of her might, Sarah ran into her favorite booth. Loretta the waitress came and took her order- ocean bubblyglub and wishful whirlawhip with a side of shabloomers. Loretta shook her head. "Shabloomers at this hour?" She asked. "Yeah, I really want those today" Sarah decided. Her food came in SECONDS- literally! They had the finest chefs, lots of equipment, and food all at hand. She ate her food and rushed to school. Today would be exciting. She walked up the steps to the school. Her school was Britcher Academy- the school that came right after Kinzville Academy- if you were lucky enough. Only the REALLY smart GIRLS went to Britcher- it was a really good, really exclusive school. It got 60% of the school district's money, not to mention all the pancake breakfasts and hair cut fundraisers they had all the time. All the other girls (and all the boys) went to Kinzville High. She plopped her things down next to her desk. The bell rang and the teacher, Miss Futch, came in. "Class" she said in a strict, teacher-like tone. "Today you will be taking tests, both physical and written. If you should succeed, you go to KooCollege" BACK UP!!! KooCollege? Sarah sat up straight after shortly dozing off. KooCollege was the most professional school in the virtual plush world. Her mom, Chef Gazpacho, Fluffington, singer Tammy Turning, and all the other most successful virtual pets in the world had all graduated from there. This would have meant this- BIG MONEY IN THE FUTURE FOR SARAH!!!- If she could pass all the tests.
The first test was a written exam:

Why do you think you should go to KooCollege?:
I think I should go to KooCollege because I want to follow in my mom's footsteps. She is one of the most famous chefs in Kinzville- her only competition is Chef Gazpacho. We are a very wealthy family, and my mom graduated in KooCollege, which she said ensured her career.

The exam went like that. They took pancake making tests, hair tests, running, cheerleading, singing, dancing, you name it. Finally the bell rang and the girls went home. IT WAS SUMMER BREAK- SARAH WAS FREE!!!!! She went to her mom's restaurant to have a celebratory snack- saccabingalings and BerriBrite blast! Finally, she had a sleep-over at her friend May's house, and found a letter in the mailbox for her. She anxiously held her breath as she opened it. Her eyes widened and she gasped.
Here's what the note read:

Dear Sarah Souffle,
We are happy to congratulate you on your test score. Out of a possible 100% each, here are your grades:

pancake making: 98%
hairdressing: 100%
cheerleading: 100%
singing: 100%
weight lifting: 65%
running: 50%
fashion: 100%
track: 34%
written essay: 93%

This was a 900% total score. You got an 840% out of a possible 900%. You had to have at least an 865% to get into kookollege. HOWEVER.

We have noticed a pattern in your grades: you got all 100's on things like singing, cheerleading, etc. We think we have a better college for you. Next year, though you will not be at Kookollege, nor Britcher, but Ty Girlz University. TGU is strictly for girls like you, and is the top girl-only school on the plush-virtual market. You will be escorted by a Ty Girlz. Her name is:

Lovely Lola

You will be departing on August 16, 2008, and return May 17, 2009. For more information on TGU, please visit http://www.tylandschooldistrict.org/TGU (NOTE: Not a real website)

The board of plush virtual schools

All Sarah could do at this point was stare. She knew this about TGU:

*It was known as the "dumb blonde academy" to some.
*All of the Webkinz like London Hilton or Brianna Spears went there.
*Her aunt went there and is the most unsuccessful person she knew

Sarah put her paw on her eye to help stop the tears. Of all the schools! She had been trying to AVOID TGU!!! This was unfair. It was also around 3,000 miles away from home. What if there was an emergency? The plane tickets near TGU were expensive.

She showed the letter to her mom. Her mom gasped and put her paw on Sarah's shoulder. "It shouldn't be all bad!" She said, trying to cheer her up. "YES IT WILL!!!!!" Sarah sobbed, running up to her room as she broke down in tears. She wrote in her diary:

Dear Diary-
This is SO unfair! I have to go to TGU next year! If I do poorly, mom will get mad at me. If I succeed, I will HAVE to stay there for another trimester. I don't want to go! I really want to stay in Britcher now! And I hate some of the teachers here, like Mrs. Hegan or Mrs. Lovanage! I really had a dream that I would someday, go to a school like Koo! Their mascot is a REALLY COOL alligator! Our mascot is a black horse with a pink heart on top of it! How stupid!

-A very angry Sarah

She put her diary away. She kicked her bed. "OW!" She yelled. She had stubbed her toe on something. She looked. It was a box wrapped up in sparkly pink paper. Inside there was a Stuffed black horse that said in light pink and lime green letters, " TY GIRLZ BAY-SIDE ACADEMY!" There was a small plastic bag, and inside there was a "Webkinz size" (as the tag read) Cheerleading outfit. And there was a letter that said:

Dear Sarah:
Hi!!!!!! I'M LOVELY LOLA! I KNOW we are going to have SO SO SO SO SO SO SO much fun!!!! I can't wait to bring you back to the academy with me!!!! It will be SO SO SO SO SO exciting! Attached is a picture of me, and I sent you a horse and a cheerleading outfit to get you into that STALLION SPIRIT!!!!! Oh, and there should be something inside the letter that says all all of the TGU cheers! I will be in Kinzville next week to meet you and tell you more about the Terrific TGU!

Lovely Lola

And a small picture fell out. It was a picture of a girl that was in her teen stage. She had one hand on her hip and one making a peace sign. She had waist length, long, full, blonde hair. She had on golden hoop earrings. She had blue eyes and was wearing a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT of makeup. She was wearing a gold necklace around her neck. She had a white tee shirt with a pink heart on it, and a fuzzy pink blazer that started at the chest, ended at the chest, but had sleeves that went down to her wrists. A large amount of a healthy stomach shown was adorned by a golden belly button piercing. A sparkly white skirt was made even more glittery by a sparkly silver belt with a golden buckle. There was pink leggings that went down just down the lower calfs of her legs. Finally, her feet were boosted up with three inch, sparkly pink high heels. In script, on the bottom of the picture, it wrote: Lovely Lola.

Sarah held her breath and put one paw, in a fist, behind her back. When she finally let out a breath of air, it came out with the angry and tired, groaning words: "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, lord". And silently breathed a name at Lola that cannot be put up in this story (or website, in this case) without being blocked out by asterisks. Life had taken a whole new level of hard for Sarah in a matter of hours. Sarah took a few minutes to calm down. She picked up the stuffed horse. It was the softest horse she had ever felt. It even had really big eyes and eyelashes- it was the cutest horse she had. She next picked up the cheerleading outfit. It had consisted of only TGU colors- lime green and light pink. It had a tube top and a pretty skirt. It even came with pom-poms! She picked up the sheet of cheers. Here was her favorite:

Ty! Girlz! Back again! Time is right, so let's begin!
(clap clap, clap clap clap)
Ty girlz 1, Ty girlz all, lets go toooo The Ty Girlz mall! TGU! TGU!
Ty girlz 2, Ty girlz 3, lets all pettttttt our stallion Bea! TGU! TGU!
Ty girlz 4, Ty girlz 5, lets all doooo the axle dive! TGU! TGU!
Ty girlz 6, Ty girlz 7, lets all goooo to Ty girlz heaven! TGU! TGU!
Ty girlz 8, Ty girlz 9, and STOP! It's stallion time! Go Beaaa! Go Beaaa!

And off. She looked in the mirror- Her eyes were still a little red from crying. She put on her special cream and went down town to Le Souffle. Wow, it was packed. Thankfully, she had a private booth. She walked to sit down at it, but was bumped into by Chef Gazpacho.
Sarah quietly growled. She thought Chef Gazpacho really had some serious problems to work out. Ok, she admits her mom is a little into competition. But Gazpacho- he got the gold spatula scholarship, has is own TV show, has worked for Fluffington, and on top of all that, has is OWN RESTAURANT!!!! He honestly started this whole thing! Sophia TRIED TO BE NICE TO HIM AT FIRST!!!! Sarah knew FOR A FACT Gazpacho was obviously jealous of Sophia. She really thinks Gazpacho needs to get a life, stop crying it up, and get out of her mom's face.
She dusted herself off and walked to the booth. Felicity came and took Sarah's order. "Can I start you off with something to drink and an appetizer?" She asked. "Yes, I will take a Bubbaberriboo to drink, and for an appetizer, I will take a syzyglorbit. For dinner, I will take a Bannattle dome." Sarah ordered. When the food came out, she ate it and got dessert- sappirake scones. Then she went home, did her night (same routine as the morning) routine and went to bed And soon enough, the day came- time to go to TGU. A soft knocking was heard on the door, and Sarah opened it."Hi, is this the Souffle household?" The young lady asked. Sarah couldn't believe it. This girl looked nothing like the girl she should have gotten!
She had black hair, not blonde. It was not AS full as Lovely Lola's, but still full. It came down just to the middle of the arm. It was sort of curly, but not real curly. She had beautiful green eyes. They were like emeralds! She had nice eyelashes that were thin, yet so beautiful. Besides*the beautifully manicured nails, the only make up she had on was a little eyeshadow and a thin layer of perfectly pink lip gloss.
"Huh? Er, I mean, yes, but your not Lovely Lola!" Sarah answered, confused. "Oh, yes I am! You see my sister, who is also a Lovely Lola, sent you the wrong package!" Lola said. "So, I guess you want it back?" Sarah sighed. "No, it doesn't really matter. It was the same package present. All I need is the picture and letter!" Lola smiled. Sarah liked that smile. It was a warm smile, unlike the creepy, preppy smile of the other Lola in the picture. Sarah got a different picture and letter. The picture looked just like THIS Lola. It was really pretty. Then she read the letter. In the BEST SCRIPT, it read:

Dear Sarah,

My name is Lovely Lola. I am going to be your escort as well as your roommate to and from TGU. I hope you have a great summer! I will be visiting you in a couple weeks to meet you formally and talk about TGU. I heard you like cheerleading! I packed you a Webkinz sized cheerleading outfit from TGU with both of our school colors- lime green and bright pink! I also sent you a stuffed animal of our ROCKIN' mascot, Bea the black stallion! The cheerleading outfit should also have a list of cheers in it so you can catch up on our TGU spirit ways! C U L8r!

-Lovely Lola!

Sarah already knew she would like this Lola. She was sweet, kind, welcoming, and pretty. "So anyway, let's go upstairs and talk!" They girls ran upstairs into Sarah's room. "Woah, it's so cool!" Lola exclaimed, looking at a bright green lava lamp. "Yeah, thanks, it's great!" Sarah thanked. "So anyway, I don't know why they call TGU a BAY-SIDE academy. It's near Party Rock Beach, not a bay!" Lola said, eyeing the stuffed horse. Sarah stopped dead in her tracks. Party Rock was the best beach in the WORLD! And she could (at TGU) just easily go there whenever she wanted! It was known for it's famous, purple and pink beach sand, Blue, tall, climb up and dive off rocks, crystal coves, and crystal blue waters. BEST PLACE EVER!!! "So, uh, you like music?" Lola inquired. "Yeah! Let me play some of the best tunes in kinzville!" She piped up. She popped a cd into the player and listened. Lola cringed. "This is too soft!!!" She moaned. She took out an Ipod and struck it into an Ipod pillow that said "TGU tunes out the world!" and hit play. It started off with Elevator by Flo Rida.
Lola started singing. "Hey gal... you coming with me, you coming with me-e?" She sang. She had an INCREDIBLE voice. It was so beautiful. Sarah had never heard such a noise so wondrous! Then her mom popped in the door.
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Old 02-16-2009, 07:44 AM   #2
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Diary of Sarah Souffle- daughter of Sophia Souffle. *REOPENED AFTER THE FACT THAT I WAS TOO LAZY TO CONTINUE AT ONE POINT!*

great story! i can't wait for more!!
ps- i love the siggie- so me! lol :]
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