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Old 12-27-2009, 06:29 PM   #1
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Default Heart of Ice (TM) By:Baby_G

Closed pending approval

Here is the first chapter of a story that I'm writing. Please DO NOT copy it. You can tell your friends about it, though

Chapter One:
Snowflake’s Friend
Every animal has a time in its life when it wants to do nothing but good. Sometimes it’s when they become elderly. Very rarely it occurs in youthful souls. But with a particular arctic fox, his soul is tainted with hatred and anger.
This arctic fox goes by the name Frostbite, for he can do no good. He is a thief and a plotter. Some say ‘He is confused and doesn’t know the meaning of life’. His name isn’t even Frostbite. Some say his name was a noble name like ‘Frostflake’ or ‘Frostfur’. But no one knows for sure.
Frostbite’s birth was exactly 13 centuries after the extinction of the humans. 13 is known to be an unlucky number, and perhaps this is the cause of Frostbite’s poisoned soul. Others say that he was born with no heart. Some believe that the cause of his impureness is that he was abandoned after birth.
But many animals disagree with this thought, for he would not survive the bitter winters and harsh blizzards left alone. Again, this is a mystery. And like all mysteries, there is always someone who’s curious and feels the urge to sleuth.
This leaves us with another arctic fox named Snowflake. Ever since she was born, she has always been curious of Frostbite. She had heard many tales of Frostbite’s plots and his ignoble doing. She had always wondered not why Frostbite was so evil, but the reason behind it. There was no reason for an animal to feel such anger and vile feelings.
Snowflake one day asked her father where Frostbite lived.
“Sno dear, a crook like Frostbite,” Her father wrinkled his snout as he said the word “Is a nomad. All thieves are nomads.”
“What’s a nomad?” Snowflake asked out of pure curiosity.
“It’s an animal who doesn’t stay at one place very long. A nomad doesn’t live anywhere. They travel quite frequently.”
“Doesn’t that get lonely?” Snowflake’s eyes twinkled. Whenever an animal’s eye twinkles, it signals affection and love. Snowflake in fact, adored Frostbite. Not for what the animals called his tainted soul, but for what she believed was his good side. She thought all animals had to have some goodness in them.
“Perhaps.” Her father, named Winterbreeze, replied. If he had seen the twinkle in her eye, he would have beaten her. This was a punishment he felt strongly about. ‘If a nutty notion is in their head, a blow to the place where it comes from will bust it out of ‘em.’ He had always said.
Snowflake now was a teenage fox and had planned to find Frostbite. She wanted to learn more about him and disprove the awful rumors that had spread around the animal kingdom. If mum were still alive she would agree with me. Snowflake always thought. But if pa finds out, he’ll claw my eyes out.
The day Snowflake picked to start her trek was just the following day. She had heard tell that tomorrow there would be a blistering cold storm. This was a perfect plan, for pa always slept during raging storms to build his energy. When he dozed off, she would leave the cave and journey around the arctic, searching for the crook she felt strongly about.
Snowflake looked out the hole of her burrow and stared off into the dark sky. It was almost supper time.
“Sno! Chow time!” pa called. Snowflake groaned. She had always dreaded the meal that her father prepared for this night. It was the awful ground squirrel. Snowflake had never grown to this grainy tasting mammal. Even though ground squirrels didn’t have that much meat, she could hardly digest the tiniest of bites.
“Coming.” Snowflake replied softly. Her voice was identical to a harmony of mourning doves in song. Her voice was filled with melancholy since the terrible accident that killed her mother. The avalanche.
Snowflake slowly approached her father. She quickly lost her appetite when she saw the lifeless squirrel on the cave floor. She shuddered as the dead animal stared up at her. How she hated the hard, cold, depressing stare of death.
“How much do you want, honey? I’ve hunted down about eight. Almost caught a big juicy one. Too fast for me, though. I ain’t as fast as I used to be.” Winterbreeze offered.
“I’m not too hungry tonight. Just one, thanks.” Snowflake had trouble looking into her father’s eyes. She felt too guilty for what she was going to do the following day.
“Just one? What’s wrong Sno? You seem a bit sad lately. Is everything okay?” Snowflake gulped. She couldn’t risk getting caught. For with every action, there came a consequence. Good or bad.
Snowflake stared down at her paws, trying to come up with something to say.
“Yeah, just one. I’m fine, really pa. Just got a lot on my mind.” Was all the arctic fox could think of.
Winterbreeze cocked his head and stared at his daughter. The youngin’ got a lot on her mind lately. I wonder what she’s up to. He thought. It seemed that she had been saying this a lot. And she had. But it was a true statement.
Her father finally tossed her a squirrel. “More for me!” he chuckled.
Snowflake took the meat and dragged it to her favorite place: the hole of her burrow.
She nibbled on the little squirrel. Thoughts raced around and around in her head. What am I going to do tomorrow? What if there is no storm? What if pa catches me? What if. . . Thoughts seem to build up on top of each other in her mind.
A gust of bitter winter wind blew in Snowflake’s face. It shocked her and she jumped back. Her eyes were wide with caution. Just Jack Frost nipping at your nose, Sno. Nothing to be afraid of. She reassured herself.
She got up and returned to the opening of the burrow. She liked this place because she could think about things and daydream and even sleep and pa wouldn’t hurt her.
The wind started to calm and Snowflake drifted to sleep. . .

When Snowflake woke up, she could tell the other animals weren’t lying when they said there was going to be a blistering cold storm. Her teeth chattered and she ran as fast as she could deeper in her burrow to see if pa was sleeping.
What she saw was a lump of snow white fur in the middle of the burrow snoring softly. Pa was asleep all right. He was even in a deep sleep. Snowflake thought, Thank you, Mother Nature, for planning a storm today.
Snowflake started up for the mouth of the burrow. She decided she wouldn’t need anything to bring. That would only be a burden to her, slugging around snacks. She could just hunt if she wanted to.
When she stepped out of the burrow, she nearly froze right there and then. It was extremely cold. She was knocked to the ground by the violent wind. As she got to her feet, she was starting to have second thoughts about this journey. What if she froze to death? What if she starved? Poor Snowflake didn’t even have the slightest idea what Frostbite looked like. If she didn’t know his features, how could she find him?
Snowflake shook these thoughts out of her head. No, no, no! She scolded herself. You will find Frostbite. You will not freeze to death. You will not starve to death. You are a strong, smart female arctic fox and nothing can change that. You just have to have faith in yourself. No more bad thoughts! She thought over and over and over again. These words were a record player mentally spinning in her head. No more bad thoughts, no more bad thoughts, no more bad thoughts, no more bad thoughts!
Snowflake took one step. And then another, and another, and another, and another, and another. Soon she grew far from the burrow where her father lay, sound asleep and slightly snoring.
The harsh wind tried to push and pull and knock her down. Snowflake would never let that happen. She was determined, strong, and unbelievably brave. No animal would dare go on such a perilous and deadly mission that Snowflake was going on. She had so much faith in herself; she forgot that there would be arctic wolves on the move.
The arctic wolf is a dangerous enemy of the arctic fox. There had been a great war between the two types of animals about a century ago and the foxes won. The wolves would never let that go so whenever an arctic wolf found an arctic fox, the wolf would signal its kin and soon there would be a terrible and violent feud. And with Snowflake exposing herself, there was a good chance of her being mobbed, as the animals called it.
After Snowflake was a good two miles away from her home, she began to actually think after telling herself not to think bad thoughts that would get her discouraged.
Okay, what are threats that I need to avoid? Snowflake asked herself. So far she had come up with two things: number one: ground squirrels. Number two: big rocks. Ground squirrels weren’t even a threat. And big rocks weren’t really, either. But then it dawned on her: polar bears and arctic wolves! Snowflake began to panic. What if she was mobbed? What if they tried to kill her? Snowflake took these thoughts and stomped them dead. She was not going to give up! Never ever never ever never EVER give up! She screamed internally. You’ve already come this far! You’ve fought the violent storm that has tried to hurt you. You’ve traveled away from home… you’re not going to give up now! Keep fighting! Keep working! NEVER GIVE UP!!!! Snowflake started to march.
Her ears twitched. She heard a rustle and saw the water droplets on a nearby dead shrub fell to the snow covered ground.
Snowflake approached the bush slowly… slowly… slowly… and was about five inches in front of the bush. Then there was a gasp.
“Spare me! Spare me!” a small voice pleaded. It was the voice of a baby arctic hare. Snowflake took another step and saw the little hare staring up at her with frightened eyes.
“Why should I spare you? You’re out on your own and some animal is going to come and eat you sometime.” She barked bitterly. Snowflake was incredibly hungry and needed something filling to continue her journey.
The baby hare trembled. “True, but every life is sacred. At least that’s what my mama said. And I believe mama. I miss you mama!!” the hare wailed.
Snowflake felt a terrible ache throughout her body. It was like the pain that she felt when her mother died. I miss you, mum! Snowflake thought. She felt a tear well up in her eye.
“What happened to your mama, little one?” Snowflake said softly. Her eyes grew gentle and loving. They even twinkled a little.
The hare sniffled. “She got eaten by an arctic fox like you,” she began “and right in front of my eyes too! My brothers and sisters had the same fate, as well. I wasn’t seen, though. Mama! Come back to me!” the hare began to cry again.
“I lost my mama, too.” Snowflake nearly whispered.
“How did your mama die?” the hare asked, her eyes full of sympathy and friendliness.
“Well, she went to travel to the mountains. I begged her to let me come, but she refused. She said I was too young. And I was. It was nearly ten years ago.
“Then she left and I cried the whole time she was gone. I missed her so much. And about six days later a snowy owl came to our burrow. The snowy owl was a good friend of my mum’s.” Snowflake paused. “And the owl had gone with my mum on the little trip. The owl said that my mum had died in an avalanche.
“I didn’t want to believe it. I told the owl, ‘No! Mum is strong! She didn’t die!’ but after two months, it was true my mum had passed. She didn’t come back to us. She didn’t send us a message. She was gone. Forever.”
The little hare stared up at Snowflake in awe. This animal knew the same pain that she knew. This arctic fox was just like her. They both had only known their mothers only a few years.
“What’s your name?” the hare finally said. She dearly wanted to change the subject because the pain and sorrow was taking its toll on her.
Snowflake thought for a minute, as if she had forgotten her name. “Snowflake.” She whispered.
“That’s a pretty name. My name’s Aurora. I was named after the northern lights.” Aurora thought for a moment. “You’re not going to eat me, are you?” Aurora started to tremble at this thought of dyeing the way her mother did.
“No, no. Of course not.” Snowflake reassured the tiny creature. “Only if you be my friend.”
“Okay!” Aurora hopped up and down excitedly. “But will you answer a question?” the little hare asked, settled back down.
Snowflake paused. “Did you want to know what I’m doing here?” Snowflake guessed.
Aurora nodded slowly. There was a dramatic pause between the two. Snowflake tried to determine if she wanted to tell the little hare that she was trying to find an evil fox or not. Tell her. Tell her. Tell her! There’s nothing to be afraid of. Just say it! Say you want to find Frostbite! Part of her screamed. No! You’re going to scare this little hare and then you’ll be on your own! Snowflake gulped. She couldn’t decide.
Snowflake broke the silence. “I’ll tell you later.”
Aurora nodded again. Her small white face didn’t show comprehension, though. “Will you at least tell me part of it?”
Snowflake thought. Would it be safe to tell her you’re traveling to find something? Snowflake asked herself.
“Hmm… I suppose so,” Snowflake finally answered. “I’m traveling to find something… and I might need help.” Perfect! This little hare might know this land better than she did. Then Snowflake’s body fluttered with guilt. It sounded wrong to manipulate such a young and honest soul. But it would still be nice to have a traveling buddy.
The raging snow blizzard was turning into a light flurry. The storm was starting to pass, and it wasn’t freezing cold anymore. Aurora started to hum with warmth.
“Could I help?” the hare asked. This was exactly what Snowflake was aiming for. Snowflake smiled.
“Of course,” Snowflake replied, cheerfully. “Extra help is always nice.”
Aurora nodded in agreement. Aurora was really starting to like this arctic fox. Snowflake had made a good impression on Aurora. The words that came to the baby hare’s mind when looking at this stunning white fox where these: independent, strong, brave, daring, adventurous, intelligent, and stubborn. This was the perfect description of Snowflake’s character. Aurora could read animals like nobody’s business. They were both indeed the most magnificent creatures that dwelled in the arctic.
The two fell silent again. Neither of them could think up anything to say. Snowflake badly wanted to tell Aurora what she was searching for but something told her not to. Aurora wanted to ask so many more questions about Snowflake but she was too scared to ask. Ask her! Ask her! You’re such a coward! It’s just a simple question! Ask her! Aurora shouted in her mind. She opened her mouth but nothing came out. Why was she so fearful? Because Snowflake might think you’re nosy? Because you don’t like asking questions? Because… Aurora couldn’t think the next sentence. Because Snowflake… might be a thief? A crook? An undercover… bad person? Could she be wanted?
Aurora opened her mouth again, and this time words came out. “Wha… what… what are you… loo… looking… for… exactly?” Aurora choked on each word as it slipped out. Snowflake gave her a look, and not a very friendly one. Aurora immediately regretted the words she had just spoken. She was too afraid of what might happen. She was very sure that Snowflake was going to open her jaws and… eat her. She could hear her heart beat through her sensitive ears.
Snowflake’s eyes softened. The fox thought for a moment. “Well, I’m not planning a heist or traveling to slay anyone if that’s what you’re thinking.”
Aurora’s breath started to ease. At least the awful things were disproved. But why wouldn’t Snowflake just come up and say it?
“So if you’re not bad… what are you looking for, exactly?” Aurora whispered so softly that only an animal with incredibly sensitive hearing could catch her words.
Snowflake managed to hear most of it. “Well, you’ve heard stories about him.” Was all Snowflake could say.
“Never mind.” Aurora said. “I don’t want to know.”

Sorry if it's hard to read-- there's a lot there!

oh and the chapter is called : Snowflake's friend

Please post any comments--- no rude comments. I will take constructive critisism, though.
I am afraid to post the whole thing so far, because i think someone will copy it. So sorry if i left you wondering. I might post the rest later.
Thanks for reading!
Again, sorry if it's too small

Last edited by Jennielou; 12-27-2009 at 08:09 PM..
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Default Re: Heart of Ice (TM) By:Baby_G

Can't wait til the next chapter!
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