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dancingwriter9612-22-2008 07:33 PM

<Caution: Blonde thinking.>*CHAPTER 13 IS UP!! RATE AND REVIEW! :)
Hello my dear readers I would like to introduce you to my new co-author Gracie503!! lets give her a round of appluase! (sp) and we are also going to ditch the diary so from now on it will be in the point of view of rachel and seth!!
Ok - i changed seth cause now he looks like a special someone in my life..... ♥♥♥
Chapter 1. March 1st, 2009

I walked towards my locker today. Zac was there. He said hi! I then tripped on a pencil. Whoops! When I opened my locker a happy Birthday balloon was inside. It covered up my picture saying "Caution Blonde thinking". Zac said "Happy Birthday Rach." I turned 13 today. He is so sweet.
~ Rachel Smith

Chapter 2. March 3rd 2009

My best friend in the whole world is Ally. She has brown hair and is very smart. She says her hair is "brunette" that is one long fancy word. Ally came over last night and we watched movies till midnight and fell asleep on the couch. When we woke up we missed the 9:15 service of church. Zac goes to that serivice. He texted me. This is what it said: Rach y weren't u here? r u ok?
I texted back like this: Ally came ovr. We fell asleep and just got up. I'm fine. So are the fish.
~ Rachel Smith

Chapter 3. March 5th 2009

Today my mom told me I have to get a tooter (tutor). I guess I'm going to need to pick up some ferbreeze today. Zac asked me if I wanted to go out sometime. I said "how about now? There is a nice breeze" He also asked if I wanted to see "chick flick 3" with him on friday. And I thought guys liked football.
~ Rachel Smith

Chapter 4. March 6th 2009

I saw that movie last night. Zac tried to put his arm around me. I said "Honey you need some strawberry deodorant before you try that again" he just laughed and laughed. I'm not sure why its so hard for boys to throw a nice stick of strawberry deodorant in their basketball bags.
Anyways Ally told me a joke today. I don't get it. Here it is: "So there was a blonde a red head and a brunette. So one day they broke into a farmers house and went down into the basement where they know he had valuble things. They soon heard him coming and hid in potato sacks. Well he tapped the one the brunette was in and she meowed like a cat. And he believed it. Then did the same to the red head. He barked like a dog. And he again believed it. so He tapped the one the blonde was in and she said 'potato potato'" don't they make that sound? Hmm I will have to think on that one.
~ Rachel Smith

Chaper 5. March 8th 2009

I got off the phone with my sister. She is married. I don't like her husband. He is always lying. And my sister is pregnant. Great, more lying form their boy.
~ Rachel Smith

Chapter 6. March 10th

My math teacher gave a pop quiz today. That quiz didn't even go "pop". It was easier thanks to that tooter (tutor). She doesn't toot very much, she just teaches me more math. Also Zac passed a note to me in class this is what it said:
Spoiler: show
I just wanted to let you know you are the best! I always have so much fun when I'm with you. You always know just how to make me laugh even of you don't mean to. Will you go to the "Spring Fling with me?
Love always, Zac
that is the nicest thing he has ever said to me!!!

Then my teacher read it to everyone when she found it, they laughed Zac turned red. I'm not sure why.

Chapter 7. March 10th,

today was ally's birthday! she turned 13! we hung up posters on her locker. mine had pictures of us when we were 3 in bikinnies running in her backyard and one of us when we were 7 and sitting on the teeter-toter! it was very awesome. but people laughed and made fun of her all day! she got really mad at me! i told the rude people that they were just jelous.
Also today Zac wasn't here! i was very sad.

Chapter 8. March 15th,

Ok i am having a major problem! My teacher told us we had to write noveletts and i don't know what that is! she mad them due in 2 weeks! i think its a story because ally told me her idea and it sounded like a story to me. so if that is what it is, then this is my idea: a pretty princess cheerleader who falls on love with her daddy's night and he rescues her when she falls out of her tower! then they get married and live happily ever after...! the "popular crowd thinks it sounds babby-ish! and that fariytails are a waste of time! zac seems flustered lately! but today in 7th bell we were making emblems of us and my group had 2 black outline-ing markers and so did his friends group, but he came up and asked me if he could use one of mine! yay! ok i'm done talking. my brain hurts! ehhh... better go get some advil.

Chapter 9. March 20th

ok my story is so good! it is 3 whole paraghraphs long!!! i am turning it in today!
and in art we are making statues. ally's is a dog holding aball in its mouth. mine is a alien blonde who cheerleads on the moon. I got a D-! yay!!!

Chapter 10. March 22nd

Oh no! I got an F on my novelette! My mom is going to kill me!! And Zac has been ignoring me all week! I am going to talk to him. Hmph. Oh Emm Geee!! Look a squirell! Oh i feel sick.. It must have been something i ate.. ughhh i think i'm gonna *puke*. I think it was that caffiteria food. Also the spring Fling is tomorrow and i have the most pretty dress its pretty pink with puffy sleeves and gigantic flowers and big bows! Zac said it was very "interesting". I don't think he ment it. :'(

Chapter 11. April 3rd

I just got home from the spring fling! I am heartbroken!! Zac and I were dancing and then he went to get us something to drink. Well he was taking along time and I went to see what was holding him. It was a girl! He was 2-timing me!! *tears* This is what they said: Zac, why were you dancing with her? Have you even seen her grades? Or the way she dresses?" Zac: "Aw, come on baby. I invited her to the spring fling BEFORE I met you. I couldn't just tell her 'I changed my mind. I have a girlfriend now'." Her: "Okay, but she likes you. I can tell." Zac: "Of course she likes me. Even I can that. Her: "Tell her that you have a girl though. But talk slow and use small words..."

So i ran out of there fast! Mascara running down my face everyone made fun of me!! My life was ruined! But then as i was walking home i met Seth he is brunette and brown eyes. And he said he loved my dresss and ment it!! Then he wiped away the tears and I told him what happened, he gave me his number and a hug!!

Chapter 12!

As i woke up and wiped the sleep from my eyes, i remembered last night. the horror of it all. thankfully i met seth! then my phone wrung. it said seth calling. my heary skipped a beat!
"Hello?" i said
"Rachel?" he replied
"Yeah. hey seth!"
"Hey are you ok?" (aww he cares about me!)
"I think so. Lemme check. *pauses* yup no broken bones!" i replied
*seth laughs* "ok good!"
"Hey do you wanna hang out today?" i questioned, hoping he would say yes.
"Yeah! How about the amusement park?" he asked
"Ok i'll meet you at the puke-a-nator!" i said excitedly.

Chapter 13!
I arrived at the park and got in line for the puke-a-nator. I just finished smoothing my outfit when Seth walked up.
Seth: "Hey Rach"
Me: "Hey!"
Seth: *runs fingers through hair* *smiles* "So have you ever puked on this?"
Me: "Nope. I even kept down chilly cheese fries"
Seth: "Wow! Me neither." *smiles* ((his eyes sparkle when he smiles))
i'm so sorry guys! i have to go so i'll add more this weekend! i promise!
Credit to jj887 for the idea of the novleette and the statues! :)

pollytoad7712-22-2008 09:17 PM

Re: Caution: Blonde thinking. Dairy of a blonde.
Awesome story so far! :)

Dancergirl09612-22-2008 10:38 PM

Re: Caution: Blonde thinking. Dairy of a blonde.
This is cute!!! Haha blonde jokes are funny!

zonlykenze12-22-2008 11:30 PM

Re: Caution: Blonde thinking. Dairy of a blonde.
i like it but u should write more dont be so scared u already have three ppl who replied

mypetduck12-22-2008 11:47 PM

Re: Caution: Blonde thinking. Dairy of a blonde.
Haha! That's really funny!

ainbowraycanape12-23-2008 12:03 AM

Re: Caution: Blonde thinking. Dairy of a blonde.
This is really funny! I am proud to say I am a SMART blonde! Yay me! *slips on a pencil* Oops. Anyway, great story! :)

dancingwriter9612-24-2008 07:23 PM

Re: Caution: Blonde thinking. Dairy of a blonde.*CHAPTER 4 IS UP*
come on any takers? i promise it's good!!

Born2Surf12-24-2008 08:19 PM

Re: Caution: Blonde thinking. Dairy of a blonde.*CHAPTER 4 IS UP*
I'm half blonde but that's funny!! I love it!

Meerkat9712-24-2008 08:25 PM

Re: Caution: Blonde thinking. Dairy of a blonde.*CHAPTER 4 IS UP*
ha! I am blonde. And that is funny. I know that "we blondes" have the right to say these things, but dont you just hate it how people crack these jokes and they are not even blonde? My math teaCher says "Im having a blonde moment" even though she is a dyed blonde!!!! But still. this is too too funny!!!! xD xD xD

Pistachio9612-24-2008 08:28 PM

Re: Caution: Blonde thinking. Dairy of a blonde.*CHAPTER 4 IS UP*
Its pretty good.
You are off to a good start :]

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