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Old 03-12-2009, 04:01 PM   #1
Webkinz :)
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Arrow Why is my life so horrible.... a ShikaOC story. Please read!!!

Before you read.... Kai looks like this:

A girl around the age of 13 who has bright blond hair a little longer than shoulder length. Her right eye is dark blue and her left eye is a bright green.

Chapter 1!
Kai leaned against the wall. She could hear her parents perfectly without being seen. Yes, she was eavesdropping. "She is just such a beautiful girl," her mother began. "She will make a fine princess, maybe even a queen someday." Kai gasped to herself. A princess?! All princesses ever do is command things. I can't live like that! "Yes," her father agreed. "I would never let her fight in one of those ninja acadamies!" Kai silently ran to her room. Good thing they didn't know that she already had graduated from the ninja academy in this place. Kai looked around her room. It was pink and too girly. She sighed. This would never have been her live. She would have left sooner or later. Kai changed into the ninja outfit her uncle had given her. He had taught her how to be a ninja in the forest. That was what she called a ninja academy. She opened her window and climbed out. She slid down the roof and into the garden. Then she jumped the fence and ran. She stopped at the gates. An older ninja stood there, looking tough and proud. "Where is Konoha?" Kai asked. The man pointed towards the west. She nodded her thanks and ran into the woods.

Chapter 2!!
Kai looked up, her eyes gleaming. She stood before the gates of Konoha, the gates of her new life. A man leaned agaisnt a building near the gates, half asleep. Kai raised her hand and waved. "Kakashi!" She called. "Kakashi-sama!" Kakashi woke up and looked at her. He adjusted his mask and walked to her, waving back. "Hello there, Kai-kun. Why are you here?" Kai looked down shyly. "I-i-i ran away." She looked at her uncle. "They were going to keep me away from becoming a ninja! Did you expect me to stay?" Kakashi laughed and patted her head. "You always knew what to do. Come," he said as he put his arm over her shoulders. "I need to show you your new sensei."

Sorry the second chapter was so short!

Chapter 3!
Kai followed Kakashi until they came to a training ground. There was a tall man with a beard watching 3 others: one, a boy, eating potato chips like there was no tomorrow. Another, a girl, looked at Kai with questioning eyes. The last one, another boy, didn't seem to care much about anything. "This is such a drag!" He complained. Kai got shy around him and looked away. Kakashi walked to the sensei and said, "Good morning, Asuma. Taking them out for a training session i see?" Asuma laughed. "Yep!" Kakashi pointed to Kai. "This is Kai. She will be your newest team member." The girl squealed happily. "Oh my gosh!" She said excitedly. "I'm sooo glad to have another girl on the squad! I'm Ino! Who are you?" "Shut your mouth, Ino!" The lazy guy said as he turned to Kai. "I'm Shikamaru Nara. Shika for short." Kai nodded, but didn't look him in the eye, for she was too shy. The guy with the chips stood right infront of her. "I'm Choji!" He said between mouthfuls of chips. Kai finally looked up and said, "I'm Kai." She smiled. "I'm really happy to join your squad!" Everybody started talking and smiling.

Chapter 4!
Kai's first training session had just finished. She and Ino had become great, almost instant, friends. They had laughed at how lazy Shikamaru was and how Choji always ate and never EVER talked. Ino was taking Kai on a tour of Konoha. "He is so awesome!" Ino said. (Naruto fans, i bet you know who she's talking about!) "He's just so myterious and cool!" Ino sighed. "He is just so amazing!" Sounds like one annoying person to me! Kai thought to herself. "Oh my gosh!" Ino said with a gasp. "There he is!!!!" She grabbed Kai's arm and pulled her to him. Ino stood proudly infront of the boy while Kai brushed the dust off of her and rolled her eyes. "Hey, Sasuke!" Ino pointed to Kai. "This is myy new team member Kai!" Sasuke looked approvingly at Kai then shyly turned away. What is he looking at me like that for?! She shot him an annoyed glance. "Cool," he said quietly, then he turned and walked away. Ino tried to drag Kai to see him again, but Kai stood her ground. "Come on, Kai!" Ino said. "No, Ino! I'm too tired to go chase after some messed up kid you think is so awesome!"
Kai opened her door and sighed. Ino had introduced her to the entire Konoha population, and trust me it was tiring! She flopped down on her bed and sighed happily. "This is just what I wanted," Kai thought out loud. "My parents would never know I'm here and I'll be able to fight as long as im healthy!" Then Shikamaru popped into her head, she shook it away. "I don't like him!" She said thinking outloud.

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Old 03-12-2009, 04:26 PM   #2
♥~Call me Lucy~♥
Webkinz :)
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Snicklefritz096 is a name known to allSnicklefritz096 is a name known to allSnicklefritz096 is a name known to all

Default Re: Why is my life so horrible.... a ShikaOC story. Please read!!!

that is coolio!!!
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