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Old 12-19-2010, 08:01 PM   #1
e all know you love
Webkinz :)
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Webbykin56 is a jewel in the roughWebbykin56 is a jewel in the rough

Default 12 People Alone on a Beach With a Random Item 12/20/2010 UPDATE: EPISODE 4 IS NOW UP!

NOTE: I started this thread about a year ago, and haven't been updating it. I found it and want to keep updating it. So, I will continue it. Here are episodes 1 and 2 from last year.

People And Items:
Alexa Fiara...soccer ball
Halle Ennis...lip gloss wand
Alice Pacheco...book
Miriam Hayfer...purse
Lisa Sater...pillow
Jenn Webster...stuffed dog
Jason Thompson...Miley Cyrus CD
Terrien Julies...pen
Bryan Fiara...Wii remote
Alan Kersplastsky...DS stylus
Josh Herrick...gold ring
Alex Sater...Eye shaped eraser

And then the host...Sallie Hauser


Episode 1: Meet the Cast
SALLIE: Good Evening! I'm Sallie Hauser, and this is 12 people alone on a beach with random items! This is a realitical show with twists. Can you spot the twists? Now let's meet the cast using these tapes!
ALEXA AND BRYAN: Hi, we're the Fiara's!
ALEXA: I am Alexa! The awesomer one! I can put together a cute outfit using sweats, or I could bet Bryan at basketball!
BRYAN: That's not true, but what is true is that i'm Bryan!
ALEXA: Corny!
BRYAN: Not true! I can fly kites really well and like to para glide, and bungee jump! I will blow all of the others away!
ALEXA: Corny! Again!
SALLIE: Well, (Chuckles) let's meet the other siblings, Lisa and Alex.
ALEX: Hi, i'm Alex! I could imitate a donkey! Hee haw, hee haw!
LISA: I'm Lisa. The normal one! I'm tiny, but hey, look at this! (Hangs upside down from her loft bed.) Can you do that?
ALEX: She's flexible and popular.
LISA: He's not.
(Jenn's tape)
JENN: I'm Jenn! I love to try on clothes and do makeup!
(Miriam's tape)
MIRIAM: Hello! I am really random and cool! I loooove pop and lip gloss! Yeep!
(Halle's tape)
HALLE: Hello, i'm Halle Ennis, and my name is short for Hallilillie. (Wide eyed) I have 98 webkinz and a canopy bed. My webkinz unicorn, my first one, is Sallilillie, and she has two friends, Renee and Robin.
(Alice's tape)
Hey, i'm Alice. I love Twilight, which I call Twi. I have a best friend named Les, and she is so much like me.
(Jason's tape)
JASON: Hello, i'm Jason. I like most music, and have a whole music set in my room, basically.
(Terrien's tape)
TERRIEN: Terrien Julies, likes to draw, enough said.
(Josh's tape)
JOSH: I'm Josh Herrick, and I enjoy computers!
(Back to the beach, where Sallie is located.)
SALLIE: What interesting cast members! Now, ah, here they come now! Hello, beachers!
BEACHERS: Hello, Sallie!
SALLIE: Time for tent assignments, shall we?
BEACHERS: Yeaaaah!
SALLIE: Tent one will house Lisa, Halle, and Miriam.
(The three walk to a purple tent and go inside.)
SALLIE: Tent two will house the rest of the girls. Alexa, Alice, and Jenn.
(The three girls walk over to a green tent and go inside.)
SALLIE: Tent three will house Bryan, Terrien, and Josh.
JOSH: Yaaaay!
(The three walk over to a blue tent and go inside.)
SALLIE: Leaving Bryan, Alex, and Alan in tent four!
(The three walk over to a red tent and go inside.)
SALLIE: And that's all for today's shortened episode, which was in order for the season finale of Dancing in the Moonlight because we have nothing better to do and we like to dance! See you guys all next time, IF you rate and review. PLEASE DO SO, I WANT MONEY TO TAKE HOME TO MY FAMILY! I mean, bye.

Episode 2: The first Challenge
Narrator guy that only announces at the beginning and end: Previously on 12 people alone on a beach with a random item!
SALLIE: (Putting on lip gloss) What? Oh, right! Rehearsal, duh! So how about I say, "I'm Sallieeeeee Hauuuuusssssseeer!"? Nah, that's not my type, how about, i'm Sallie, and this is Twelve People alone on a beach with a random item? Nah...
PRODUCERS: Sallie, Sallie! This is live TV. Not rehearsal! Let's try this again.
NARRATOR: Previously on 12 people alone on a beach with a random item!
SALLIE: Whoooa! Hey, who tripped me? Oh, whoops! My shoe was untied! I'd better tie it.
PRODUCERS: Let's try it again...
NARRATOR: Previously on 12 people alone on a beach with a random item!
SALLIE: Mom, I'll admit it. I took the rest of the money from your wallet, I'm sorry.
PRODUCERS: Never mind...
(Camera rolls to see campers in tent, tent 1 is shown.)
MIRIAM: So, Hallilillillie?
LISA: No, no. I think it was Sallilillie.
HALLE: No, it's Hallilillie. I'm Hallillie Kendall Ennis. I have a webkinz unicorn named Sallillilie.
MIRIAM: Okay. So, Lisa, do you have Sour Apple Laffy Taffy Lip Gloss?
LISA: No...
MIRIAM: Awww, you stink!
LISA: You do!
HALLE: Guys, that's not so funny. We should be getting to bed, it's kinda late...
MIRIAM: Dude, it's only 11! I go to bed a lot later than this!
HALLE: Fine, but make sure to let me sleep.
(Tent 3)
JOSH: Bryan! Bryan!
BRYAN: Whaaaat? I'm trying to add to my ipod!
JOSH: I'll trade you my USB port Techno for your nano!
BRYAN: What's that?
JOSH: This, silly! (Holds up cord) Most know that! So, want to trade?
BRYAN: Fine, take it!
JOSH: Yayyyy! L-O-L!
TERRIEN: Kay, you two can be quiet now.
BRYAN: It's not me.
JOSH: It's hardly me. (starts talking really loudly into computer speakers) THIS IS MY VOICE! MY VOICE! THAT'S MY V-O-I-C-E! I AM JOSHUA GREGORY HANNAH! THAT'S J-O-S...

TERRIEN AND BRYAN: What are you doing?
JOSH: I'm trying out for the Expedition Nanonorium Technological Windows Narration Contest! You guys should try!
TERRIEN: No! Now let me draw!
(At first event.)
SALLIE: Well, well. Double double toil and trouble, Detention Fred and Expelled Malfoy (NOTE: I made that up as an intro, it has to do with Harry Potter.) Her-Hermi-Hermeony?-Herrrrmyoney? Wh-What is this? Jenn, let's ask you!
JENN: The first one!
SALLIE: Okay...
PRODUCERS: It's Hermione! Pronounced Her-my-own-ey.
SALLIE: Hermione, keep up good work. Potter, go practice. Now, let's play some, some....
SALLIE: Right! Grab a broom! Tent one and Two will be Gryffindor, while Three and Four will be Slytherin.
JOSH: Ha, ha, ha! Let's catch the snitch and win!
TERRIEN: Kay then.
(Game starts)
JOSH: I know this, I know this, Jason, get the bludger, the bludger! Make sure to take a 90 degree turn and block Jenn, keep going, keep going...
TERRIEN: Josh! Let him do it!
JOSH: I know this! I read the Harry Potter series once a week! I know this! Oh, ohhhh! Bryan, take a 100 degree turn, and....and....
ALICE: I can't do this!
JENN: What're we doing again? Right, whooooaaa!
JOSH: The snitch, the sniiiiiittttch!
JENN: Whooooa! Whooooooooooaaaah! (Falls off broom)
SALLIE: Ow! Jenn, what are you? Uh oh....
CAMERA GUYS: What-what is she doing?
PRODUCERS: Turn 'em off, Turn 'em off!
(Episode Ends)

(NOTE: They flew by running on a long, high platform and Jenn ran off the edge.)

PRODUCERS: Previously on twelve people alone on a beach with random items...
SALLIE: What? Oh, oh. It was very mystical. *wiggles fingers*
PRODUCER: No, Sallie. Tell them what happened while we show clips of the previous episode.
SALLIE: 'Kay, sorry. Well, we started the first challenge and... *Sallie's phone goes off, playing her ringtone, which is Teenage Dream by Katy Perry and Sallie sings along* Sorry, I have to take this. Hello? Hi, sweetums! Oh, the dog barfed on your shoe? NO! NOT AGAIN! THOSE SHOES WERE EXPENSIVE, GOSH DARN IT! Get the maid to clean it up! 'Kay? Bye!
PRODUCER: Sallie. Tell. Them. About. Last. Episode. And. Turn. OFF. Your. Phone.
SALLIE: Right! *laughs* Well, we started the first challenge, which was Harry Potter themed. And that DARN JENN OVER THERE FELL ON ME! YOWZA.
PRODUCER: Bring out the campers.
*Campers file out slowly*
JENN: Yes? *Giggles nervously*
SALLIE: I'm very mad at you for falling on me.
JENN: Oh? I'm sorry!
SALLIE: No, that's not it. I have to ask you, are you alright?
JENN: Oh, yes, yes, thank you! The medics for this show were very, very kind! They even got me free orange juice and-
SALLIE: Now, today's challenge will be a bit different. For this challenge-
HALLE: Hey, Jenn, did it hurt? One time, my webkinz Cocker Spaniel fell out of a window. He broke his paw. Are you okay, though?
JENN: Oh, no! That's terrible! And I'm fine, thanks!
HALLE: No problem!
SALLIE: Anyway...
JOSH: *Speaking into computer speakers again, for his audition to be a narrator for Windows, the Computer Company* MICROSOFT WINDOWS. I AM JOSH HERRICK. THAT IS J-O-S-H H-E-R-R-I-C-K. MICROSOFT INCOR-
EVERYBODY: What are you doing?!
JOSH: *grins* I am auditioning to be one of the narrators for Microsoft! You know, like, for blind people? So, they can know what they are accessing on the computer-
SALLIE: ANYWAY!!! Today, you will be jumping off of the Bridge of Shame into the big vats of Oatmeal. Then, you will be eating each vat of Oatmeal assigned to you. You will then shower in caramel syrup. Then you will...
JOSH: *Talking in robotlike voice* MICROSOFT, WINDOWS INCORPORATED
SALLIE: STOP THAT! After you shower in caramel syrup you will climb back up the ladder to the bridge! Comprendo?
BRYAN: I do, I do! *jumps off bridge immediately*
SALLIE: No, Bryan! No, no! You were supposed to wear bungie cords and take your item.
BRYAN: Oh, no problem! I have my wii remote in my back pocket and bungie cords? Psh, puh-lease. I saw the bungee cords YOU guys were going to use, and I brought my own. They are called super strapz! With a 'z'! And-
TERRIEN: Go, Go! Eat the oatmeal!
BRYAN: Haha! Right! *Starts eating oatmeal.
ALEXA: Can I jump?
ALICE: Sure, sure. Take your soccer ball. Do not forget.
ALEXA: Kay *starts getting bungee cords on and grabs soccer ball*
JENN: Be careful!
ALEXA: I will! *jumps* WOOOO!
JOSH: I can't jump! I can't jump! I'm scared!
TERRIEN: Dude, you can go last. Once he's done, I'll jump and-
JOSH: NOOO! *wails* That's not it!
TERRIEN: Then, um, what's wrong?
JOSH: I'm afraid that somebody's going to steal my computer speakers! *buries head in Terrien's shoulder and sobs* I should have NEVER brought these! NOOO!
TERRIEN: *awkwardly pats head* It'll be alright.
LISA: I'm gonna jump!
LISA: I have to jump...
MIRIAM: HA HA! *pushes Lisa*
HALLE: Miriam! That was so mean!
Miriam: Well... *pushes Halle*
JOSH: I'll save you!
Terrien: *grabs Josh* No, dude, you can't-
JOSH: *runs and jumps, with Terrien still on his back*
ALICE: *pushes Miriam*
JASON: *Singing along to CD* I'll dance with somebody new, won't have to think about you...
ALICE: Um...
JASON: Don't judge me! *pushes Alice, then trips and falls off of platform*
ALEX: What the heck? I repeat, what the-?
ALAN: Oh, shut up. *pushes Alex*
ALAN: Ha! I win! And NOTHING can stop me! NOTHING! *huge gust of wind comes out of nowhere, knocking him off of the bridge into the oatmeal.* CURSE YOU, WIND!!!
SALLIE: Enough, enough, enough! You ALL fail! Get back up here so we can do the eviction ceremony on the beach! NOW!
*ten minutes later, when the oatmeal and caramel sauce covered contestants are all back*
PRODUCER: Sallie. Stop. Start the Head of Camp nominations, please.
SALLIE: Fine! I pick, umm, Alice! The quiet one! Any no's? No. Kay, Alice, you're HOC!
ALICE: What do I do for that?!
SALLIE: You are the head of camp.
ALICE: I know, but...
BRYAN: I know that I will win next time! I am really good, I really am. You see, where I grew up *ten minutes later, contestant is pounding on the door* and that is why I like to put butter AND margarine on my toast.
JOSH: I need somewhere to practice my audition in peace! MICROSOFT! WINDOWS, INCORPORATED! MY NAME IS JOSH!
Commercial: And now, the show you have all been waiting for! Little Sister is up next! Only on DBS!

PRODUCERS: Previously on Twelve People alone on a beach with random items...
SALLIE: I'ma get this right. We did the second challenge and they all failed miserably. So, I made Alice the Head of Camp. Hooray, goodie goodie for you, you are safe and blah blah blah. So tonight she will sleep in the Royalty Tent, and she will nominate two people for eviction, we will have the Veto Competition, and then we will evict. Yah. Woo. Okay.
PRODUCERS: Good enough. Bring out the campers.
SALLIE: Campers! Come on out!
*Campers Walk Out*
JOSH: Is it time for another challenge? L-O-L!
SALLIE: If nominations for evictions are challenging to you, then I guess so. Alice?
ALICE: Yes, Sallie? *giggles nervously*
SALLIE: Um, you were supposed to pass out those papers and then give the two nominees for eviction the pieces of paper that say, "NOMINEE" on the back. Did you do that? I thought I already told you this.
ALICE: Oh, sorry. I overslept.
SALLIE: *sighs* What do we do now?
BRYAN: Don't nominate me! I promise, I will give you this sacred wii remote if you don't nominate me!
ALICE: What's so sacred about it?
BRYAN: It has a mustard stain on the back.
SALLIE: Anyway...Alice, just tell the campers who you are nominating for eviction.
ALICE: *giggles* Okay. I nominate you, Miriam, and you, Bryan.
MIRIAM: What?! Why?! I-snurrf-no! I can't go!
BRYAN: No wii remote for you!
ALICE: I didn't even want it in the first place..
JOSH: Ha! I'm not nominated! YES!
TERRIEN: *cough* I'm suprised, *cough*
ALICE: As you were.
BRYAN: *sobbing*
MIRIAM: Bryan, calm down, you ice face. It will be fine, maybe neither of us will go home.
BRYAN: *hiccups* How?
MIRIAM: Duh. I've been watching this show for years. Power of veto.
BRYAN: *hiccups* I-hic-Can't-hic-goooo!
MIRIAM: *snorts* Better me than you.
JOSH: Aw, no! You can't go, Bryan! *picks up his super old cell phone, which vibrates loudly* Ooh, a new message! WHAT?! I WON! I'M A MICROSOFT NARRATOR, BABY!!!
MIRIAM: I thought there was supposed to be no outside connection to the real world...
MIRIAM: *smiles slyly* Okay, on one condition, smurf.
JOSH: What? Smurf? What?
MIRIAM: *laughs* You have to tell Sallie that her hairstyle looks like a beehive
JOSH: NOOOO! That's mean!
MIRIAM: *shrugs* Okay. HEY, SALLIE!
JOSH: Fine, fine.
MIRIAM: *whispers to Josh* Good. *Yells to Sallie* Josh has something to tell you!
SALLIE: What is it, Josh?
JOSH: *grins* Your hairstyle looks like a beehive!
SALLIE: *gasps* How rude!
JOSH: Yeah, well.
SALLIE: *storms away*
*everybody walks away*
SALLIE: Campers, it's time for the veto ceremony. We will only get through the instructions, then we will do the ceremony next episode. So, basically, it's time to tell you how to do next episode's challenge.
HALLIE: Will it be fun?
SALLIE: Um. I guess so.
SALLIE: So, what you all will do is, okay. So, for this challenge, Bryan-
SALLIE: Yeah. Miriam, Alice, and two other house guests chosen by the eviction nominees will play. Bryan? You pick first.
BRYAN: Ah, this will be hard. But I pick my main man dawg, *pauses* JOSH!
JOSH: Thank you! Thanks so much! I am so honored! Uh, uh, Sallie, can I make a quick speech?
SALLIE: No. Miriam, now you pick.
MIRIAM: Hmm...
JOSH: Please?
JOSH: Come on! Please?!
JOSH: Please? I love talking. In fact, as of today, I am a Microsoft narrator.
ALEXA: Really? But I barely know you, and I don't even like you that much! But thanks!
MIRIAM: Ah, never mind! I trade her for-
SALLIE: No trading. So, anyway, what we do in this challenge is, well, it's going to be based on an obstacle course. You will stand on the platform, and at a random time, the floor will leave your platform, lowering you into the water. Well, really plunging, but whatever. Then, you will climb up the water, monkey-bar across the rope, ride the tire swing onto the trampoline, bounce until you get onto the big rubber ball swing, swing on it, and jump into the water.
SALLIE: Never mind. Well, we are out of time. Bye!

Last edited by Webbykin56; 12-20-2010 at 04:55 PM.. Reason: Adding another chapter to story
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Old 12-19-2010, 08:44 PM   #2
Webkinz :)
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carrub has much to be proud ofcarrub has much to be proud ofcarrub has much to be proud ofcarrub has much to be proud ofcarrub has much to be proud of

Default Re: 12 People Alone on a Beach With a Random Item EPISODE 3 IS NOW UP!

So funny can the next episode involve every one making a webkinz based of their item for webkinz to sell? That would be funny!
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Old 12-19-2010, 08:47 PM   #3
e all know you love
Webkinz :)
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Webbykin56 is a jewel in the roughWebbykin56 is a jewel in the rough

Default Re: 12 People Alone on a Beach With a Random Item EPISODE 3 IS NOW UP!

View Post Originally Posted by carrub
So funny can the next episode involve every one making a webkinz based of their item for webkinz to sell? That would be funny!
Great idea! I am so doing that. (:
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Old 12-19-2010, 08:48 PM   #4
Webkinz :)
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carrub has much to be proud ofcarrub has much to be proud ofcarrub has much to be proud ofcarrub has much to be proud ofcarrub has much to be proud of

Default Re: 12 People Alone on a Beach With a Random Item EPISODE 3 IS NOW UP!

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