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MissGnomie11-30-2011 06:29 PM

11/30/11 || NOTICE TO ALL AUTHORS: Please review the rules & revise your stories!
Dear WI Authors,

We have just gone through the process of once again clarifying and updating our rules. This should make it very clear exactly how far your writing may go. This will also clarify many other scenarios in our writing section which may, or may not, take place.

You may be contacted in the near future about revising your story, providing it has not violated too many of our writing rules. If you are contacted, you will have the option of editing it to be more appropriate for WI and it's rules of the section. If the thread is in strict violation of the rules, it may be removed. This has also been stated since August 2009, on our rules sticky found HERE.

You can also be proactive as we continue to monitor this section, if you believe your story may be crossing a line, feel free to send a staff member (you can direct it my way even). We will then take a look at your story, and provide any feedback in regards to the rules. If you know something is borderline acceptable, I would suggest you revise it right away.

I would once again like to remind our members that romance between two people (two characters) is not allowed. This includes crushes, relationships, dating, "soul mates," etc. And also includes any physical romance that you may wish to include.

The ONLY exception to this rule is Animal mates, and nothing can be featured which goes past "nuzzling" your companion in these stories. You may not describe how then Pups arrive in your story either. You can find full details about our romance rules on the rules sticky as well.

And finally -- as we state many times in this section, always save a second copy of your story. We provide this warning many times, as in the case that your story does not follow the rules, it may be removed from WI. I strongly recommend having a "hard copy" (printed, off your computer) in case something ever was to happen to your Computer.

If you have any further questions or concerns about your threads, please feel free to send me a PM.


MissGnomie12-02-2011 09:21 AM

Re: 11/30/11 || NOTICE TO ALL AUTHORS: Please review the rules & revise your stories!
I'm receiving a lot of questions asking if this includes older threads, or threads that may be closed. YES, it does. Just because your story is closed and cannot be commented on, does not mean that people will not read it. Older threads need to follow the same rules, no exceptions, they have been put in place for two years now and we expect each thread to follow them. :).

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