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Default •Horizon of Nature• A book about a young swan who is seperated from her family after a deadly disaster...

Hello! So I have had this plot for a story in my head for awhile, and I am glad to actually write it now! I am actually printing and making books of it right now. The first book is called "Horizon of Nature, Book of Chapters 1, 2, and 3: Dream." I also currently have a website for it found HERE. Become a member if you are a fan of my book and spread the news! Also, please do not take any ideas that you have read in my book. Well, I hope you like like!

You are the one, my dear Lily, who will have to have all the courage in the world to face your destiny...

Swan duckling Lily dreams of going to the wondrous place called Horizon of Nature. Join her on an unforgettable adventure to reunite with her family after a deadly disaster....

Chapter 1
* Silky white feathers drifted in the sky as five graceful swans flew in a v-shape in the autumn air. Lily, a swan duckling, stared after them, longing to fly.
“Where are they going?” Her younger brother, Pine, chirped.
Lily turned her head toward him as his voice woke her up from her thoughts. “You don't know?” She asked, more surprised than scornful.
“Of course I don't,” Pine snapped, “How should I when nobody told me?”
Ignoring her brother's irritated reply, Lily began explaining. “Horizon of Nature is the place where swans go in the winter time, when the weather gets cold. It's the only place in the world where all species live! There's mountains, seas, deserts, even arctic places for arctic animals! You can find all types of territories there. That's where Cloud's going.” Cloud was their older sister, who just flew off with the other swans.
Suddenly, Lily bounced to her feet in excitement, her heart racing. “Oh, mother, when can we go there?” She begged.
Their mother, Dusk, gazed down at her duckling with all the love a mother could give. She replied, “One day, when both of you are old enough.” She must have heard her daughter's sad, little sigh, because then she added, “But let's check your wings to see how your feathers are growing in.”
Lily instantly perked up. She stood as tall as she could
and stretched out her wings.
Dusk bent down her long, skinny neck and examined the newly grown in feathers. Her mother preened a few of them before straightening up again.
“Your feathers are coming in beautifully, but it will be awhile yet before you are ready to fly,” Dusk warned, her eyes traveling back to Lily's
wings that shone in the sun's light.
“Darn it,” Lily muttered under her breath. Her shoulders drooped in disappointment, and her webbed feet kicked at the loose dirt under her.
“Hang on, I didn't finish yet,” Dusk interrupted, “We can start swimming lessons, though.”
Lily stood frozen as a statue, shocked. A heartbeat later she bounce up in the air, her eyes shining with excitement. “Oh, mother, thank you!” She gasped, looking up at Dusk affectionately. Her mother's eyes gleamed with excitement.
“Your first lesson will be tomorrow afternoon,” she told her daughter. Lily's eagerness made her pleased, and she was also looking forward to next afternoon.
“Hey, what about me?” Pine demanded, his stare cold and his soft down fluffed up, “I want to do something too!” His last few words came out in a wail, and he stared at his older sister in jealousy. Why did she get everything first?
“Your turn will be soon,” Dusk promised him gently in her soothing
Lily noticed that Pine looked upset even after their mother's reply, so she added, “When your time comes, I'll help teach you how to swim.”
Pine looked a little less angry, because his body relaxed and his down smoothed down again. “Thanks, Lily,” he said quietly.

Lily relished the breezy day as she stepped out from the reeds. Her
heart beat faster with every step. She was actually going to learn how to swim today! Then Lily felt a stab of pity as she recalled Pine's envious look as she left to go to the lakeside. She reminded herself that he will be taught how to swim very soon also. She pushed her thoughts about her brother to the back of her mind.
The young swan duckling gasped in awe as she stared down at the lake. The sunlight hit the water, and made the lake sparkle like millions of stars. Dusk had a strict rule about straying to the water's edge, so Lily never had the chance to have a close up look of the lake. At the far side of the water, giant rocks formed a small hill that sloped down to the lake, threatening to fall into the water and break the lake's beauty.
“Good, you're here,” her mother's brisk voice shook her out of her thoughts. “Are you ready to begin?”
Lily nodded eagerly and started to wade in the water, but Dusk blocked her path. “Wait, Lily! Before you get into the water, there are a few things we have to go over.”
Lily sighed impatiently, her legs itched to get into the cooling water. “Yes, what is it?”
“We have to go over a few rules before we begin. Break any of them, and you won't be going into the water until the next full moon,” Dusk told her sternly. Lily winced, she was never going to break any of the rules after she had waited so long for this time to come!
“Right, the first rule is no swimming farther than where your feet
can touch the bottom of the lake unless your with me. The second rule is no swimming if you don't have my permission to. Third rule is always do what I say you should do in the water. If I tell you to get out, you get out. If I tell you to stop, you stop. Fourth rule is to believe in yourself. If you don't have much faith in yourself, your never going to succeed.”
Lily nodded seriously, she understood how important these rules were to her mother.
Dusk's eyes seemed to smile at her daughter, and gave her an approving nod. She seemed to know what Lily was thinking, and Lily was warmed by her mother's small, silent praise.
“Now follow me as I wade into the water,” Dusk instructed, and her eyes never left Lily as she carefully watched her daughter going into water for the first time ever.
The water made calming rippling noises as the two swans moved elegantly through the lake. The sand and mud tickled Lily's feet as she waded, and the water sent shivers up her spine, but she was enjoying herself as she was spending time with her mother. Once in awhile she would trip when some weeds got tangled around her bare legs, but she quickly regained her balance.
“This is good,” Dusk announced when the water was lapping at the top of Lily's legs. Lily glanced behind her, where the shore lay waiting for her. She quickly turned back and looked at her mother for instructions.
“Let your legs relax, and let the water hold you,” Dusk told her. “It will feel like you are floating in the sky.”
Lily tensed up her legs and pulled them to the bottom of her stomach. Fear rose inside of her as she tipped over to one side and plunged into the icy cold water. Lily scrambled to her feet, and shook the water out of her fluff and feathers.
Her mother sighed, “Lily, I told you to relax your legs, not tense them up! Let the water carry your weight, not you.”
Lily nodded, and lifted her feet off the lakebed. She drew in a quick gasp of relief. She was floating! Triumph shone in her eyes, and her mother looked at her fondly. “Very good!” Dusk said, “Now, the next part is learning how to paddle through the water.”
Lily pushed her legs back as she attempted to swim, but she once again tipped over to the side. She thrust her feet into the bottom of the lake before she could splash into the water.
“Honestly, Lily, why call it a swimming lesson if you don't listen to what I have to say?” Dusk asked a bit impatiently.
Lily's heart sank. She never meant to do that! “I am sorry, mother,” she murmured quietly, bending down her head in shame.
“Let's forget about it and move on,” her mother told her in a firm voice. “Now watch what I do.” Dusk pulled her legs up from the lakebed and confidently swan through the water, causing ripples that tickled Lily's legs. “See how I'm pushing my legs front back, front back?” Her mother called over her shoulder. “It's like running on land, except that you kind of have to flow with the movement of the water.” Dusk swan back to her daughter and waiting for her to do it.
Lily started to float and pushed water with her legs to get her to move. But instead of moving forward, she fell headfirst into the water.
Not again! She though in dismay, and stood back up with a frustrated puff.
“Try again,” Dusk encouraged her, “Don't expect to get everything on your first try.”
“Okay,” Lily nodded, with hope surging through her like a sudden gust of wind. I can do this. She told herself.
Lily started again. I can do this, I can do this, her thoughts roared through her mind. She pushed forward a little wobbly, but she managed to stay afloat. “I got it,” she whispered quietly to herself. “I got it.”
After she had swan around in the lake with her mother for awhile, Lily's legs began to get sore. Dusk noticed this also when her daughter began to slow down, so she led the way back to the shore.
Lily collapsed on the shore and sat there for a moment, reflecting on her first swimming lesson. She couldn't believe what progress she had made that day. Her swimming lesson felt like a wonderful dream, even if she had gotten more wet than she had liked. Lily watched the sun go down, when the light blue sky was shaded in scarlet red, orange, yellow, mysterious blue, and indigo.
“How was your lesson?” Pine's curious voice asked as he stood in front of her.
“Fine,” Lily replied absentmindedly, still peering over her brother's shoulders to see the sun set.
Pine sighed as Lily's eyes became expressionless as her mind dove into her thoughts. “Well, mother called for you, it's time for night meal,” he told her, searching Lily's face for some reply.
Lily nodded and followed Pine under the weeping willow tree, where the family shared their last meal of the day. “Thanks, mother,” she looked gratefully at Dusk who had gotten the food. Pine echoed her thanks also.
Dusk nodded appreciatively at her two children, then she declared, “Let's eat.”
Lily looked down at her meal of freshly pulled green pondweed and freshwater shrimp. Her stomach felt hollow after her lesson, so she appreciated the meal before she went to bed. She began to eat the plants, savoring the interesting taste that over whelmed her mouth.
Dusk swallowed her first bite and then cleared her throat. “I would like to congratulate Lily for completing her first swimming lesson successfully. We swans are the best animals in the world, because we are graceful and intelligent, we are land, sky, and water animals.”
Lily's heart glowed with pride. She could never have asked for a more inspiring, patient and gentle mother.

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