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Old 03-23-2010, 09:23 AM   #1
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Smile *~Queen of Adricia~*

*Approved by TTGTTG*

helllloo, please enjoy my story, and be nice (:

check back often, cuz i'll put up new chapters a lot!

*chapter 2 is up!*


(But it’s like a Chapter 1, so READ IT)

“I’m thirsty…” I moaned. Missy handed me her canteen. I took a sip of the cool, fresh water and handed it back, slipping my left foot into a sturdy foothold in front of me.
“Well, it looks as though we’re about one hundredth of the way up,” Adam sighed somewhat encouragingly, although I’ve no idea how a statement such as that one could be comforting.
So, you’re probably wondering where in the world we are, right? Or who in the world we are? Well, I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is Sydney Graham. I’m ten years old and live in… well; we’ll talk about that later. My sister Melissa (Missy for short), thirteen years of age, is a twin. Her twin brother, of course also thirteen, is Adam. Just so you know, he’s a nerd. Then there’s Noelle. She’s my old cotton doll from my third birthday. My mother made her for me, and… you see, she was… a fairy doll. She was a little doll that looked like a fairy, you know? Or so I thought… Until I found out about a week ago that she wasn’t just a little fairy doll. She was a real fairy. As in a little magical-person fairy. She came to life, as I said before, about a week ago. She then told us that the King and Queen of Adricia, a magical parallel universe, needed our help. She had come to life because it was my tenth birthday. I am the youngest of us three- me, Adam, and Missy- and I was finally old enough to come “on the journey,” in her words exactly. So we secretly left home (I mean, without our parents knowing) and decided to travel to Adricia with Noelle. Well, it’s not like we just out-of-the-blue willingly upped and traveled to a parallel universe with an old doll who just turned into a four-inch tall fairy. No, that’s not us. She begged us for two weeks to come back to Adricia with her. She told us they needed our help. But she wouldn’t tell us why, and she still won’t. Sounds like a far-off fantasy novel, right?
So that’s what we were doing, climbing a mountain on the way to Adricia, when troubles began to rise.

Chapter 1

“Adam, how much longer till we get to the top?” I asked.
“Well, according to my calculations,” Adam paused. I was so glad that we had someone smart enough to figure out these things, since I didn’t really care to. I mean, I was just really glad that… My thoughts were interrupted by Adam’s voice.
“Well, it’ll probably take about a decade to get to the top at this pace!” He joked.
“Adam, I’m serious!” I yelled. Then a low rumbling noise arose. “What’s that?” I whispered. No one responded. We all knew. My hands went clammy and Adam’s and Missy’s faces both went pale. “Where’s Noelle?” I whispered even quieter. The little fairy then appeared in front of my face and I calmed down a little. If there’s a little magic fairy in front of you, nothing that bad can happen, right?
Oh, and in case you haven’t guessed, the rumbling was an avalanche, because I had yelled at Adam. Well, we guessed it was an avalanche.
I then heard a girl’s scream. It couldn’t have been Adam, because, simply, he was not a girl. It couldn’t have been me, because I would have known if I had screamed… right? And it couldn’t have been Noelle, because she was still staring me right in the face. All that was left was Missy. I looked over my left shoulder and what I saw horrified me. Missy was falling down, down, down to the bottom of the mountain. I heard a low yell, and just as I had feared, Adam fell all the way down as well. I knew I was going to be next to fall all the way down, and destroy all the work I had made hiking up the mountain. Oh, and Noelle had disappeared too. Great, I thought.

* * * * * * *

I was right, and I was next to fall. I wasn’t seriously injured, because Adam attempted to catch me. What a brother. Sure, I had a few scrapes and bruises, but nothing like what Missy had to deal with. When I reached the ground, Missy was lying on the ground in a little heap of rocks. At first, since I was a little lightheaded, I though that that was all it was- a pile of rocks. But then my eyes focused a little more and I realized that the “pile of rocks” was very brightly colored. Missy’s bright orange shorts (with the word GYMNASTICS plastered across the bottom. Those pants with the words on the **** just aren’t very attractive to me) alarmed me for a second, and I guess I panicked a little. Adam must have seen how excited I was, because he put his arm on my shoulder and uttered a faint “She’ll be okay, Syd,” even though I think he believed it about as much as I did (and that was really not a lot). I drew in a deep breath and fell to my knees.
“Missy?” Nothing. “Melissa…? Please?” I moaned and clutched her body tight to mine. Adam gulped. I ran my hands over Missy’s arms and legs, trying to feel for broken bones. Then, I ran them along her front side. “Just as I thought!” I exclaimed in more triumph than I probably needed. Adam raised one eyebrow in question.
“What did you think, Sydney?” He asked.
I winced, knowing I wasn’t going to say what he wanted to hear.
“Uh...” I murmured, wondering how to put the news. I decided to go the “straightforward” route, and I sighed as I explained, “Broken ribs. I guess when she fell she either hit a rock or landed on her front side. I’m not a doctor, but I would say this is an emergency- and here, we don’t have a real doctor.” I looked around the rocky plain that just had dirt instead of grass. It wasn’t until then that I saw Noelle sitting there on a rock, waiting for us to spot her. What a difficult fairy. She smiled. “Noelle!” I exclaimed. “Oh, Noelle- thank goodness. Do you think you can do anything for Missy?” I asked hopefully. The smile slowly faded away from Noelle’s face as she dug for something that was inside her tiny little fairy purse. Noelle pulled out a glass vial that was no bigger than a quarter of my thumbnail. She emptied the contents slowly on top of my sister. It was some sort of dust. Probably fairy dust, I thought. Missy didn’t move, but she did moan.
“That’s a good sign,” I said somewhat optimistically.
Adam only grunted, and Noelle stared at Missy with hard concentration- you could see it in her eyes. After we all stood there for a while, Noelle cleared her throat.
“The only reason she’s… er, um… ” Noelle looked quite troubled. She sighed and quickly finished with, “The only reason she’s not dead is because I lightened all of your guys’ falls. I would’ve done better with Missy, but…” Noelle slowed down again. “But a snake slithered up to me and broke my concentration.” She looked down at her little shoes. “I’m so sorry!” She buried her tiny face in her tiny hands and sniffled. I walked towards her and patted her on the back with one finger so the force wouldn’t knock her over, although the one finger still swayed her a little.
“Won’t she be fine though? Didn’t you heal her with your fairy dusty stuff?” Adam piped up. Noelle sighed again.
“Not exactly. I really am trying, but I’m not sure if it’ll help any.”
We all stared at Missy for a few more seconds, and then my heart literally stopped beating when she sat up (or at least tried to sit up), looking dazed and confused.
“Hmph?” Missy frowned. She couldn’t speak.
“Oh yeah,” Noelle added, cheeks turning rosy. “That’s one of the downsides of the fairy dust. It makes it difficult for the patient to speak for a while.”

Chapter 2

Adam looked perplexed. I knew he wanted to say something to the little fairy, but he was quite stunned, so I replied to her for him.
“Well, that’s okay. You don’t really need to talk to climb up mountains!” I exclaimed brightly. “And… you kind of shouldn’t… in case you talk too loud, and…” I looked toward Adam sheepishly. He looked… a little angry, I think. Or maybe just sad. So I decided to change the subject. “Her ribs and everything are okay, though, right?” I asked Noelle.
She paused before answering, “They should be. Try to stand, Missy.”
Though still dazed and confused, Missy did as she was told and attempted to stand up. It sort of worked, but really looked like it hurt.
“Good!” Noelle commented. “She’ll be fine by morning. We’ll just camp out here for the night.”
Missy looked at us in a weird sort of way. “What?” I asked, slightly annoyed. I wished she would just say something. Before I could remember that the fairy dust made it impossible to speak for a while, Adam interrupted my thoughts.
“She can’t talk, Sydney,” he glared at me. I started to tell him that I knew that now, but he kept talking, this time to Missy. He explained all that had happened between her falling and her awakening. “That’s about it,” he sighed. Missy nodded and lay back down.
“I think we’re all pretty tired,” Noelle stated. Adam and I nodded our heads too, very wearily. “I’ll set up camp.”
With a wave of her wand, Noelle made three large tents and an awfully small one appear on the dirt.
“Uh… tents? I expected a little better from a magical fairy,” Adam complained with a smirk.
Noelle seemed hurt. “Look inside,” she advised.
With and exchanged glance, Adam and I popped our heads into the un-zippered opening of a particularly vividly colored tent. I was completely shocked by what I saw. I mean, it’s not like I expected it to be just a normal tent or anything, but… what I saw was just magical. Of course, I knew at once that this tent was meant for Missy. It was full of all sorts of bright things, including cheerleading, gymnastics, and ballet accessories and decorations. All the stuff had her name on it, too- I mean Missy, not Melissa. She hates the name Melissa, and I don’t know why. I’m extremely jealous of her. What an awesome name! Anyway, the thing I really couldn’t believe- apart from the extreme personalization- was the size of the tents! Each one would equal about two and a half of my bedrooms at home (and that was a big bedroom.)
Finally, I realized that Adam had walked out of Missy’s tent and into his. I sighed happily as I headed towards my own to see if Noelle did as good a job on mine as she did on Missy’s.

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Old 03-23-2010, 06:07 PM   #2
Webkinz :)
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soccerjonna will become famous soon enough

Default Re: *~Queen of Adricia~*

Great story!post more soon!
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Old 03-25-2010, 09:00 PM   #3
♡☮☯ rock on
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mandytraut is a glorious beacon of lightmandytraut is a glorious beacon of lightmandytraut is a glorious beacon of light

Default Re: *~Queen of Adricia~*

thanks, more is up (:

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Old 03-29-2010, 01:35 PM   #4
♡☮☯ rock on
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mandytraut is a glorious beacon of lightmandytraut is a glorious beacon of lightmandytraut is a glorious beacon of light

Default Re: *~Queen of Adricia~*

okay, well, it might be a while before more is up, because my computer with the file on it crashed so i have to rewrite it. :pp
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Old 04-09-2010, 11:25 AM   #5
Webkinz :)
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kayla8209 is a work of artkayla8209 is a work of artkayla8209 is a work of artkayla8209 is a work of artkayla8209 is a work of artkayla8209 is a work of artkayla8209 is a work of artkayla8209 is a work of artkayla8209 is a work of artkayla8209 is a work of artkayla8209 is a work of artkayla8209 is a work of artkayla8209 is a work of artkayla8209 is a work of art

Default Re: *~Queen of Adricia~*

It's very cool. Post more!
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Old 04-09-2010, 11:27 AM   #6
Webkinz :)
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Aikou is a saintly comradeAikou is a saintly comradeAikou is a saintly comrade

Default Re: *~Queen of Adricia~*

It's really good
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