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Old 11-08-2009, 10:13 PM   #1
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Default *Approved* Bugsy and Cat Friends ~ Part Two - Blast Off with Dex Dangerous

*Approved by TTGTTG*

If you haven't read part one, be sure to! Here is the link!*Approved* Bugsy and Cat Friends ~ Part One - Bugsy and Dex Dangerous

Bugsy was so excited that Dex Dangerous had picked him. He had picked him! Bugsy could hardly contain himself as he scurried to grab a scarf and some mittens. Then Bugsy burst through his front door, feeling happier than he ever had in his life. A grumpy bulldog named Norbert eyed him suspiciously as Bugsy skipped down his front steps. “Where are you off to boy?” growled Norbert. “I have to see Dex Dangerous at once, so I am going to the arcade, of course!” cried Bugsy, “After all, having his favorite arcade game named after him, is almost guaranteeing that Dex will be there often!” Bugsy flew past Norbert and ran as fast as he could to the arcade. Once he reached the arcade, he ran to the Dex Dangerous arcade game and accidentally bumped into Dex Dangerous himself. “S-s-s-sorry about that, um. Hi!” Bugsy stammered. Dex Dangerous laughed and turned around to face Bugsy. “That’s completely fine. What’s your name . . . I supposed you already know my name,” Dex Dangerous said in a deep voice, laughing again. “Well, uh, my name’s Bugsy. Of course I already know your name! You’re so famous!” Bugsy said. A flash of recognition crossed Dex Dangerous’s face before he spoke, “Aw, well thanks. What do want, Bugsy?” he asked cheerfully. “Sir, I am the one you chose for the exclusive tour on Planet 4,” Bugsy said earnestly. “Oh . . . oh! Yes, now I remember you! I supposed you are wondering about that. Sorry, I didn’t explain much in my letter! We will be leaving first thing tomorrow! We already have my rocket ready and everything else has been planned out and will go according to schedule. My team will pick you up tomorrow for the big day! All right?” Dex Dangerous said. Bugsy nodded. “Thanks!” Bugsy said, waving good-bye to Dex Dangerous. Then Bugsy hurried home again, thrilled and excited about what the next day would bring.

The next day, Bugsy woke up bright and early. He jumped into the shower and cleaned his fur vigorously. It was hard to say if it was clean or not, because the dirt was camouflaged by Bugsy’s light gray fur, but Bugsy was satisfy once his fur began to shine dully. Bugsy comb his fur after getting out of the shower and bustled over to see if Dex’s team had arrived yet. Sure enough, Dex’s team pulled up a few minutes later in a van with the words:
Dex Dangerous
sprawled across the side of the van. Bugsy ran outside to the waiting car and jumped inside the van. Then, the van drove off to the location where the spaceship would be launched into space. When the Bugsy arrived, Dex Dangerous greeted him, already dress in his space suit. “Go get your space suit,” Dex said, pointed to a building that stood right next to the enormous rocket. Bugsy went inside the building and some workers helped him get the space suit on, helmet included. “This is so cool!” Bugsy said as he viewed himself in a full-length mirror after he was dressed in the spacesuit. “Ready to go?” Dex called. “Ready!” Bugsy replied. They boarded the spaceship and took their seats. “Don’t push any buttons!” Dex warned. There were about a gazillion different buttons. Bugsy didn’t dare touch any. “Incoming video message,” a robotic voice said. Suddenly, a screen right in front of Bugsy lit up. A beagle on the screen stared at Bugsy. “We are ready for takeoff,” said the beagle, “Counting down . . . five . . . four . . . three . . . two . . . one!” The rocket gave a tremendous jerk and the entire room seemed to rattle. Bugsy’s head pressed against his seat and he felt the spaceship zoom into space, making his tummy flip-flop. After a while the pressure against Bugsy’s head eased and he was able to look around. “Are you doing okay?” Dex asked. “Yeah, I think so,” Bugsy said shakily. “Well we’re off! That is the important thing!” Dex said, “We will arrive on Planet 4 in a couple of days!”

So days did pass, some of the most wonderful days of Bugsy’s life. He loved to watch stars, comets, and even planets shoot by. The sights were amazing. “Just a couple more hours until we arrive on Planet 4!” announced Dex Dangerous. “Yippee!” said Bugsy. About half an hour later, Bugsy happened to be examining the buttons again. He put his paw against the flashing shapes, not so much that it would activate anything. Suddenly, the rocket gave a jolt for no particular reason, causing Bugsy to press his paw against the buttons a little harder than he meant to . . . causing the spaceship to suddenly start to shake, then go at full speed! “What did you do?” yelled Dex. He frantically began to press different buttons to stop the rocket, but nothing seemed to work. “I don’t know,” cried Bugsy, tears welling up in his eyes. “I know you didn’t mean to, but if we don’t stop the rocket, then we will miss Planet 4 entirely or even run into the planet at full speed . . . that wouldn’t be good,” Dex said softly, trailing off. The rocket kept speeding forward, right toward Planet 4. It was clear that if they didn’t do something quickly they would be smashed into a million pieces by the surface of Planet 4. So in those few seconds before they would hit the atmosphere of Planet 4, Bugsy swerved the rocket to the left, so that they were safely out of reach of Planet 4. Bugsy and Dex Dangerous breathed a sigh of relief. “That was close,” Dex said quietly. “A little too close,” agreed Bugsy. The rocket was still zooming forward at an enormous speed. “First things first, I have to find out what button caused the problem and find out how to fix it. This might take a while,” Dex said tiredly. Bugsy yawned and then took a nap while Dex Dangerous was hard at work, explaining to the beagle all that had happened and searching for the right button that would set the spaceship’s speed back to normal.

A couple hours later, Bugsy was woken by Dex, gently shaking him. “The problem is fixed,” Dex said proudly. “Good!” said Bugsy, rubbing his eyes, “Where are we?” Dex Dangerous bit his lip and said, “I forgot about that . . . I was too busy working on fixing the problem, that I didn’t actually check to see where we were going. Now, I don’t even know.”

Tell me what you think! I LOVE to read advice on how I can improve my story! Don't be hesitant to voice your opinion! Please rate and post what YOU think! Thanks for reading this!

Also, we now have a VM list in which I will send you a VM telling you when I will post the next part of the story! If you want to be on the VM list, let me know!

*Approved* Bugsy and Cat Friends ~ Part Two - Blast Off with Dex Dangerous

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Old 11-10-2009, 04:54 PM   #2
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Default Re: *Approved* Bugsy and Cat Friends ~ Part Two - Blast Off with Dex Dangerous

I love it!!!! Very nice, I can't wait for part three! A kitty in space, how unique and cute.
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Old 11-10-2009, 06:41 PM   #3
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Talking Re: *Approved* Bugsy and Cat Friends ~ Part Two - Blast Off with Dex Dangerous

View Post Originally Posted by Sugardog678
I love it!!!! Very nice, I can't wait for part three! A kitty in space, how unique and cute.

Thank you! I am working on the third part. I am going to make this a weekly thing, so every Monday, I'll make a new thread with the next part of the story! Thanks again!
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Old 11-11-2009, 09:13 PM   #4
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Default Re: *Approved* Bugsy and Cat Friends ~ Part Two - Blast Off with Dex Dangerous

I am almost done with part three!
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Old 11-16-2009, 10:50 PM   #5
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Default Re: *Approved* Bugsy and Cat Friends ~ Part Two - Blast Off with Dex Dangerous

Ok guys! Part three will be up! Be on the look out for the thread!
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