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Old 07-21-2009, 09:47 AM   #71
♥I got my Rainbows♥
Webkinz :)
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Talking Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Here is my entry!!!!!
The First couple days of Terra and Rosie’s Exciting Summer!

One Beautiful day, Ly Rosie [a Cotton candy sheep], she longed to go to the beach but they have not been all summer. Her best friend Terra [a spotted turtle] just bought a brand new Swimsuit and her mom was going to take her to the beach. She had wonder since they are such good friends that maybe she would take her along to. She thought that was a brilliant I idea so she jumped out of bed, threw her clothes on, and ran down stairs as fast as her little legs could take her! Her mom said she would call her!

The next day, she was already to go to the beach with her best friend.
She looked good and the swimsuit to. Her dad was cooking hotdogs and hamburgers. Terra told her that her big brother just got a brand new surfboard so maybe he could teach them how to surf. She was so excited she couldn’t wait! After they ate they were ready to swim and look for shells.
But Terra’s mom Remembered to make them put on sunscreen so they wouldn’t get sunburn.

They were just about to run to the water when a School of aardvarks came running in from behind them and they had to move before the got trampled.
The aardvarks took their Swim spot where they came every summer.
They were Sad and they couldn’t swim unless they moved because that spot was the shallowest of all the water. They had never talked to an aardvark before.
Webkinz around town said they were mean animals and they took everything but
Some people did not believe them.

Terra and Rosie were so upset it was time to go all they got to do was play in the sand and pick up a couple seashells.
Terra’s mom told Rosie’s mom everything that they were good but they never got to swim so they decided to take them they next day.
This time Rosie’s family went to. They had Hoagie sandwiches,
With chips. They Slopped on sunscreen and finally got in the water!
Yes they were so happy to enjoy it and they caught some Hermit crabs and sand dollars to.

Just when they were enjoying it they same crowd of aardvarks that came yesterday came that day. But they stopped when they saw Terra and Rosie in the Shallow water
They got upset just like Terra and Rosie got upset yesterday over the exact same thing
Terra and Rosie felt really bad to make them feel bad. They did not like it when that did it to them and they felt even worse when they did the same thing back to the poor aardvark kids.

So they went over and invited them over to play in the shallow Water.
The aardvark kids were so happy they all played together.
Aardvarks were actually nice webkinz believe me I would know.
Terra and Rosie felt so good to do some thing nice for other people. And they were so happy they even made a bunch of new friends that day!
That night they had a sleep over and they both planned on meeting them again in the shallow water tomorrow
They slept well that night real good.

Both their moms were proud of them and they did not mean to underestimate aardvarks.

After that day they both got a really good nights rest.

Terra and Rosie got to take Surfing lessons the next day to!!!!
Thank you so much I had fun writing it!!!!!
602bye bye

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Old 07-21-2009, 11:06 AM   #72
is kinda back...
Webkinz :)
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Arrow Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Noel rummaged through the cupboard in Holly's room. "Holly, I thought you said the sunscreen was in this cupboard." Noel yelled at Holly with her head still lost inside of the cupboard, meaning that her yell was a little muffled. "What was that?" Holly walked over wearing her blue swimsuit with pink spots. "I can't find the sunscreen. What is sun tan lotion by the way?" Cecil who was sitting on Holly's couch rolled his eyes and replied. "Sun tan lotion is Sun Screen you crazy little penguin." "Oh, well in that case you have a lot of different kinds of sunscreen." Noel pulled out fifteen colorful bottles with different colored lettering. She stared excitedly at all of the bottles eagerly trying to pick the one she was going to use. She giggled at the tenth bottle she came to it was a very bright shade of hot pink and had florescent green lettering which read: Arnie Aardvark's Amazing Sun Tan Lotion. Underneath the writing there was a picture of a strange looking animal. She giggled and held it up for Cecil to see. Cecil took one look at the can before he gave a blood curdling scream. He yelled "Aardvark!" then hid behind a surfboard that was propped up against the wall. Lily came running in the room and yelled "What happened?" she stood there breathing heavily and trying to catch her breath. She saw Cecil hiding behind the surfboard. Noel giggled and said "I guess Cecil is afraid of Aardvarks." She giggled again and showed Lilly the Sun Tan Lotion and said "I think I am going to use this sunscreen." Lilly looked at it and said "Don't use that, there isn't an Aardvark webkinz so the maker isn't really an Aardvark so I think it will be an unreliable product. Use that one, she pointed to KINZSCREENtm Water and Sweat resistant. "But that isn't a fun bottle" Noel said looking distastefully at the plain white bottle with blue Lettering. Lilly quickly stole Arnie's Aardvark's Sun Tan Lotion from Noel and hid it out of the little penguin's reach. Then she called Cecil out from behind the surfboard and they all put on sunscreen since Lily decided that she might as well sunbathe with them. As the walked out to the garden Cecil caught the aroma of something cooking. When they walked out into the blinding sunlight they saw that yes Arriana was cooking hot dogs on the grill with Velvet at her side. They looked over when they walked in and asked "If any of them would like a hot dog?" Cecil said no as he was still recovering from the Aardvark incident and was not quite hungry. Noel though was famished and eagerly answered an ecstatic "Yes." Holly declined the offer and mumbled something about having brought some food for herself. Cecil jumped straight into the cold pool. They sunbathed for the rest of the day enjoying the sunshine and the cold swimming pool and even Velvet got in the pool even though she loathed the water. They all had a great time until it was time to head back to Holly's room and Cecil tripped walking in and bumped into holly's Bureau and something wobbled on top and then a can fell right into Cecil's hands and he found himself face to face with Arnie the Aardvark for the second time that day.


568 words
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Old 07-21-2009, 11:30 AM   #73
ill be loved
Gift Guru
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Here's my story!

On the first day of summer vacation, Allie (the alley cat) couldn't wait to go surfing on her brand-new surfboard. She had rushed through her breakfast, slapped on some clothes and brushed her teeth as fast as possible and she was all set! She remembered that she had propped her surfboard up near her bed. She ran over and she thought "Hmmm, why isn't it here?" Then she remembered! She must have left it at her dad's surf shop along with her swimsuit and sunscreen!

She went over to the beach to look for her surf board but all she found was her swimsuit. She said to herself "I wonder if Detective Addie can find it, she is unusually smart for an Aardvark." So she went downtown to look for Detective Addie. When she got to his office he wasn't there! Her secretary said, “Addie is at the Hot Dog shack, it’s lunch time, you know. So after that Allie rushed down to the hot dog shop.

"Addie! Addie! My surfboard is missing!" said Allie

"Well, where did you think you left it?" replied Addie

"The surf shop, But it wasn't there!" She wailed

"Well let's go check then." Addie said.

They got there at One’ o’clock, and Addie inspected the Surf shop. "Well it isn't here; I only saw you and your Dad's fingerprints." She finally said,
"Where else do you think it could be?"

"Well, there’s always the swimming pool, we could check there! Or-"

"Ok!!!” said Addie, “Let’s go!”

When they got there, they searched high and low, from wall to wall, even in the changing room! “I’m exhausted” Said Allie with a sigh.

"Me too” replied Addie.

"I know! Let’s go back to my house, there’s ONE place we haven’t checked…”

"Let’s go then” said Addie.

When they got there, Allie opened her closet and… “Ah-ha! Just as I suspected, it was in my closet all along!”

"WHAT??? We spent all day looking for a surfboard that was in your closet?” Addie closed her eyes and sighed, “Oh well, I hope you’ll be more careful next time.”

Suddenly, Allie woke up. “It was all a dream? Well,” she said with a grin “At least I know where to look.”

375 Words

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Old 07-21-2009, 12:04 PM   #74
e always knew I was
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

This was turning out to be the most boring summer EVER. Everyone I knew was going somewhere exotic and fun, but of course, not me. My family decided it would be "fun" to have a "family vacation", which involved hanging around our suburbs and doing things like wearing our swimsuits ALL DAY and coating ourselves in sunscreen to pretend we were at a beach, getting hula- dancing lessons, or buying hundreds of hot dogs and inviting our neighbors to a hot dog eating contest. Unfortunately, this was NOT my idea of fun. But one day, my family decided we were going to the zoo in the city. I love the zoo, so I was pretty excited to go. However, the day before we planned to go, there was an ENORMOUS rainstorm- HUGE. It flooded out the suburbs in ten feet of water, and in the city there was twenty feet! It was a disaster- in fact, the flood had swept into the zoo and destroyed all the cages and tanks so the animals were running wild, and no one knew what to do! Now I must tell you, along with being an animal-lover I am also extremely talented on a surfboard- a first-class surfer. So when my family heard about the zoo, I knew exactly what to do. I took my surfboard and surfed the small waves of the flood over the highways and into the city. It really was a mess- aardvarks were floating along in the currents and penguins were waddling around on top of buildings! So I took my Animal Caller 3000 and shouted into it "TASTY FOOD IN THE SPORTS ARENA!" The Animal Caller 3000 translated it into every animal's language, and soon I had all the animals sitting, hovering, and swimming in the city's Sports Arena, waiting for their delicious meal. I had one big problem, though- how was I going to feed them? Then I had a brilliant idea. I surfed back home and grabbed all the hotdogs for the hotdog eating contest. I quickly surfed back to the Sports Arena. I climbed to the very top and threw down hundreds and hundreds of hotdogs for the hungry animals, and they loved them! But the flood kept coming and it kept on raining. Soon I had to clean out the Arena! I was truly stumped this time- how Iwas I supposed to do that? Wait- I knew what I could do! I got together all the aarvarks and elephants and using the Animal Caller 3000 told them to use their long, trunk-like noses to vacuum out all the garbage, then spit it out into the dumpsters outside! It worked perfectly, and soon the Arena was clean and the animals were happy and content. After about a week the flood cleared up, and some rescue helicopters were sent to the Sports Arena. The animals were lifted out of there, and boy, you should have seen the helicopters trying to lift the elephants! My family and I returned home, and in a couple of days the sky cleared up! We all got into our swimsuits and sunscreen, and this time we actually DID go to the beach! Now, all I have to say is this: I hope next summer is as exciting as this one was!

I got several different calculations, but I think the WordCount was 578 words.
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Old 07-21-2009, 12:59 PM   #75
I know that we are a
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Donation Award 
Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

The Story of the Tomato Fish and His Summer of 2009

The Webkinz tomato fish, originally white went to the spa getaway at the traveling agency. So first he went and grabbed a Sweet Creola from the blender made with Cream soda, Orange Pop, and Sushi. While at the bar, he met a new friend who was a Webkinz lionfish. Her name was Shiner. So they went down all the waterslides, lazy rivers, and down the submarine together. He decided to go to the pool to take a swim.
So Tanner the tomato fish took Sheldon’s surfboard for a swim while wearing the sunny day swimsuit. Tanner decided he needed to dry off so sat down at a restaurant to eat and dry off. The waitress an aardvark named Sally S. Summer asked this fish if he wanted a hotdog. He said that would be a very yummy, delicious, wonderful lunch! So after his deserving delicious meal he went out for a tan. He forgot his sunscreen!
Suddenly when he woke up from his nap on the beautiful blue and white striped deck chair. And felt itchy and hot… to itchy… He then noticed he had miniature red speckles and spots on his back, nose, and arms. Mostly everywhere on his body though. When he came home from the spa he really looked like a tomato fish because he was permanently red. Poor Tanner has a horrible named to be called as considering he does not like tomatoes, but now he has learned to remember his sunscreen.

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Old 07-21-2009, 01:17 PM   #76
I Need TS6
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Here's my story!

A Beach Trip
by panda886

Latte exclaimed, "I'm so excited to be going to the beach!"
"Do we have everything?" Wilbur asked.
"Yup! We're got everything," Suzanne replied.
Flora called, "Don't forget my stuffed aardvark!"
Wibur said, "We wouldn't forget that."
Then the Webkinz family drove the half an hour to the beach, and when they got there, Latte complained, "I'm hungry!"
"Well, here's some money, and the stand is over there. See it? It's shaped like a surfboard," Suzanne said.
Latte danced over and stood in line behind an aardvark standing on his head.
"Next!" the cashier called.
"Aah! I don't wanna be next!" the aardvark cried and ran off, now balancing on his hands.
Latte looked at the menu. "Do you have any hot dogs?"
"Oh my gosh! You like hot dogs? We don't sell hot dogs, because who wants to eat a dog?" the cashier exclaimed, looking startled.
"Okay..." Latte said. "I guess I'll have a fruit salad in a sunscreen bottle."
The cashier replied, "We only sell those to people in swimsuits. You're not in a swimsuit."
Latte said, "Yes, I am. It's underneath my clothes."
"Fine," the cashier said, rolling his eyes.
When Latte returned to her family, Flora had stripped down to her swimsuit and was playing in the ocean. Wilbur was surfing, and Suzanne was slathering sunscreen on her face and hooves.
Latte sat down to enjoy her fruit salad, but suddenly, Flora came running up, knocking the fruit salad out of Latte's hooves.
Flora said, "Oh, sorry. But your fruit salad needed sand in it. It's not a beach fruit salad without sand. Anyway, Mom, I need Westy! Where's Westy?"
Suzanne handed Flora the aardvark. Flora put the aardvark on her head and ran back into the water.
Soon Wilbur came in from the water. "I'm going to get some lunch."
As he headed off, Latte called after him, "Don't order a hot dog. The cashier will go ballistic!"
"Aah! You said hot dog!" the cashier screamed.
Latte rolled her eyes. "What is it with Webkinz here and hot dogs? They're not really made out of dogs."
Flora came in from the ocean, too. "Westy has disappeared!"
"No he hasn't. Your aardvark is sticking out of the top of the back of your swimsuit," Latte replied.
"How'd he get there?" Flora asked, confused.
Suzanne shrugged. "Who knows?"
Suddenly, Wilbur ran by, the cashier right behind him. The cashier shouted, "Confess that you eat hot dogs and that it is wrong!"
"No!" Wilbur screamed.
Latte said, "I can't wait to leave this beach where they hate hot dogs, where my little sis swims with a stuffed aardvark, they serve fruit salad in sunscreen bottles, the food stands are shaped like surfboards, and I get a ton of sand in my swimsuit."
"I agree," said Suzanne.
Wilbur ran by again, but the cashier had to stop to catch his breath, so Latte said, "Hot dog!"
"Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the cashier shrieked.
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Old 07-21-2009, 01:20 PM   #77
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

“Big Bo, stop taking my swimsuit! Now I have to wear the ugly spotted one!” shouted Charlie the Unicorn, to his younger brother, Big Bo the Clydesdale. “Well, stop using my sun screen! I have to use Peaches’ and it smells like tuna!” bellowed Big Bo. Charlie smirked, “I have sensitive skin and after the hot dog fiasco, mom won’t let me buy my own!” Big Bo frowned, “It’s not my fault that you thought it was funny to put sunscreen on our hot dogs and call its white mustard.” Charlie turned to go in his room, “I’d rather have an aardvark for a brother than you!” he yelled back. “So would I, at least an aardvark is nocturnal and doesn’t need sun screen!” replied Big Bo, before storming into the kitchen for a snack.

“Day Dreamer, can you ask mom if we can get an aardvark to replace Charlie?” said Big Bo to the pink pony that was making a smoothie. “Sure, if you can turn the under the sea lounge into its room, why not,” said Day Dreamer sarcastically. “Great! I’ll go out and buy some paint! Aardvarks are nocturnal you know, so they like it dark. What colors should I repaint the surfboards? I like dark blue for the first surfboard, dark green for the second, and purple for the third surfboard,” gushed Big Bo. Day Dreamer laughed, “I was being sarcastic, mom would never adopt an aardvark, they aren’t even webkinz pets!” Big Bo frowned, “Maybe getting an aardvark is a good idea, maybe I should apologize to Charlie,” he thought.

“Peaches, oh Peaches, where are you?” called Charlie, entering a warm colored room. “I’m up here Charlie!” called the little orange and white cat, jumping down from her crow’s nest mast. “What’s up?” she asked. “Do aardvarks like hot dogs?” asked the unicorn. “No, they eat ants and termites and creepy crawlies. And the dark,” replied Peaches. “Eww, that’s gross, I hate all of those things,” whimpered Charlie. “Big Bo is a much better brother than an icky-sticky aardvark,” said Charlie to himself.

Charlie and Big Bo ran around their webkinz house until they found each other in the garden. “Charlie, I’m sorry I took your swim suit,” said Big Bo. “Big Bo, I’m sorry I took your sunscreen,” replied Charlie, “And I’d rather have you for a brother than an aardvark.” “Me too, aardvarks are so lame, I bet they can’t use surf boards,” laughed Big Bo. Charlie laughed too, “And they don’t like hot dogs either. Speaking of hot dogs, want to go get some?” asked the Unicorn, “I’d love to,” smiled Clydesdale. “Race you there!” squealed Charlie, running off. “Hey, no fair!” chuckled Big Bo, before taking off after Charlie. The two lived, happily ever after (until Charlie put white mustard on Big Bo’s hot dog. Then they started a prank war). THE END.

485 words
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Old 07-21-2009, 01:35 PM   #78
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

One day down by the pool an aardvark named Sunny was eating a hot dog wearing his swimsuit. All of a sudden Sunny fell asleep in the hot sun. When Sunny woke up he had just remembered he forgot to put on his sunscreen! He was sunburnt everywhere on his body! Just then a Yellow Lab carrying a black and red surfboard walked by "Ouch! You must of forgot to put on your sunscreen!", said the Lab. "Yes, I know", replied Sunny. And that day was the most embarassing day of Sunny the aardvark's life.

The end

95 words

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Old 07-21-2009, 01:57 PM   #79
Call Me Sarah!
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Here is my Story:
The Bell Rang and everyone Cheered as they all rushed into the bus. "Come on Jamie, Hurry Up" said Sophie. Jamie shouts " I'm Coming, I'm coming" Jamie And Sophie grabbed a seat on the bus and started to plan what they should bring on their vacation to Sunny Sands Beach. "I'm Going to bring Sunscreen, Flip Flops, a Swim Suit, and Clothing." Said Jamie. "I'm going to bring Clothing, The Aardvark But we have to read for school, Flip Flops, a Swim Suit, and Sunscreen. "I'm Really Excited! Thank You so much for inviting me!" Exclaimed Jamie. "Don't Thank me, Thank my Parents, they said i could invite you!" Said Sophie. "Well i am just really glad i have a great Best Friend" Said Jamie. "Your A great Best Friend Too" Sophie Replied. "I'll See you tonight i have to go this is my stop." Said Jamie. "Ok, see you later Jamie!" Said Sophie"
As Jamie stepped of the bus Sophie got out her Packing List and looked it over one more time:
What To Bring To Sunny Sands Beach~
The Aardvark But from school
Flip Flops
Sun Screen
Swim Suit

As the bus came to halt Sophie Stuffed the list into her pocket and grabbed her backpack and stepped of the bus. As she walked into her house she saw clothing flying out the door of her mothers bedroom. "Where is that Orange Tank Top???" ,Her mother Laura muttered to herself, "I Swear it was in this yesterday!" "Mom What Are You doing i walked in the door and i sweater hit me in the face!" said Sophie. "Oh I'm sorry honey, i was looking for the orange tank top have you seen it?" Her Mother said. "No mom i haven't" said Sophie. "Oh Ok, but you should go pack i put your suitcase in your room on the bed." Said her mom. "Thanks I'll go pack" said Sophie as she walked out of the room.
Later That night Jamie came over. They were having a sleepover cause the had to get up and leave early to make it to Sunny Sands Beach in time. They got up around 4:00 AM and left. They got their around lunch time and had two hot dogs for lunch. As they walked into their room and set their suitcases down they noticed a big box sitting on the bed. The opened it up and inside was a bunny rabbit! It must have been a gift from their parents! They played with it for the rest of the day, they named it Carrot Cake(CC for short). They ate dinner and watched TV and went to bed. The next day The piled on sunscreen and slipped a sun dress over the swim suits. They put on their flip flops and gave CC fresh water and some food before the left to go to the beach. On Their Way out they grabbed some money to rent surfboards and some towels. On their way to the beach the stopped at the Surf Shack and rented 2 surf boards. They walked down to the beach and laid out their towels and put up the umbrella their mother brought them.
As they slipped of their flip flops and sun dresses the grabbed the surf boards and went towards the ocean. After about an hour of surfing they got tired and came back to shore. They dried of and laid on their towels and read their aardvark book to get it over with. When the finished the book they looked at the time and realized they were supposed to be back at the room getting canged for dinner. They grabbed their stuff and quickly returned their surf boards and rushed to the room. They changed as fast as they could and rushed to the lobby to meet their parents. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR TEN MINUTES!"Sophie's Mom exclaimed angrily.
"Sorry We lost track of time" Sophie apologized. "It's Fine just don't let it happen again! Come, come let's go have dinner" Her mom rushed them into the restraunt and sat down and had dinner. As they walked to the elevator the noticed a little gift shop so they stopped and walked in. They found cute earrings that matched to sun dresses. They bought them and took the elevator to the room. The fell asleep and the next day they rented a boat and just rode into the middle of the ocean and stopped. They sat in the middle of the ocean and went diving. The found beautiful seashells and came back to the boat. The sun was setting and they rode back to the shore. They next day they went shopping. The bought lots of new clothes for the summer. The next few days the spent at the beach.
Finally it was time for them time for them to go home. They had the best summer vacation ever! Sophie and Jamie remained friends forever. And finally the story of two best friends comes to end.

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Old 07-21-2009, 03:21 PM   #80
Lil Kinz
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

As soon as I unpacked, I realized that I had left the two most important things out of my suitcase. I knew that they were essential. Now what was I going to DO? I had to have sunscreen. I could not swim without a suit. Darn it. For a Velvet Elephant, I have a terrible memory. I knew that I would have to go shopping. I decided the best place to start on the island would be Sheldon's Shack. I had heard good things about Sheldon from the people back home. I just was worried about him having the 10x size swimsuit. As I started for the door, someone knocked. I jumped back- startled of course. Slowly I opened the door and there right in front of me was a waiter. His name tag read Anders. He was a strange looking fellow. He reminded me of home. Then I realized that he was an Aardvark. He explained that life back in Africa had gotten boring, so he had moved here to the island. I was really thrilled to meet an Aardvark. You never see them back home in Africa. And to top it all off he had brought me lunch. I was so hungry I did not even care that it was 20 hot dogs. After I inhaled the hot dogs, I asked Anders where I could rent a surf board. He told me that I could get a board on the beach right next to Sheldon's. This vacation was going better than I had thought. Anders pointed me in the direction of Sheldon's shack and I was off. As I was walking along the path, I was in awe of the beautiful landscape. Volcanoes, strange flowers, the beautiful beaches and ocean, it was almost too much to absorb. Could I ever go home? Did I want to? Oh, summer vacations, why did they have to end? Suddenly the earth shook. My tummy was rumbling? Had a heard of buffalo gone by? NO! it was the volcano! Suddenly the air seemed hotter, I ran towards Sheldon's. He was having a big sale, a fire sale. Sheldon said everything was half off. I found my swimsuit, sunscreen and a really nice surfboard. Then Sheldon explained that the best time to surf was right after the Volcano burped. I said, "Burp?" He then explained that the Volcano never really erupted, it just rumbled a little every now and then. He then told me that the island was safe and I should go have a great vacation. And that is exactly what I did. Next time you are in need of a little rest and relaxation I suggest you go on an Island Vacation!:el1:
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awesome storyyy peeps, good luck everybody, good stories great, great stories here!, ilikecheese!!, love the aardvarks!, robertpattinsonishot:), stories are cool, third tag!

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