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Old 07-20-2009, 12:31 PM   #31
It's fun to be a
bubbanight's Avatar
bubbanight is a glorious beacon of lightbubbanight is a glorious beacon of lightbubbanight is a glorious beacon of light

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

My Summer Celebration.

My name is Snuggles Polar Bear and I wanted to share the story of one the silliest summer things I do. I live in Alaska and even though it was summer, it is only 55 degrees out. I know, everyone wants to go to the beach and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather, but summer here can be a blast too.

My summer day starts with a trip to the Polar Bear’s Club meeting. This is a club where we all put on our swimsuits and jump into the icy water to take a swim. After our swim, we head to the hot tub to warm up. Then, we head inside where we’ve heated up the room to 95 degrees or so, and have our bar-b-cue. We have all the usual summer goodies – hot dogs, hamburgers, coleslaw, potato salad and nice cold lemonade.

All of the members have do their part. Petunia Penguin plays the piano with her feet while blindfolded. The twins Andrew and Andrea Aardvark sing while standing on their noses. George Googles gets everyone going on the dance floor by break dancing and spinning on his head. Marcia Monkey bakes the banana bread while hanging from the rafters by her tail. Eugene Elephant showers everyone with water from his trunk when we get too hot, and I cook the hot dogs and hamburgers on my MegaStove.

After lunch, we all put on our sunscreen (you can still get burned even in the cold) and head out for one of our favorite activities – snow surfing. You see, we all love the Polar Plunge game but we decided to put our own silly twist on it. Instead of using sleds, we use our surfboards and race each other down the hills. It’s too hard to jump over things on a surfboard, so race the course as slalom and then when we hit the big jumps, we do flips and spins and make funny faces.

Then, when we are exhausted from the activities of the day, we build a big bonfire. We eat Mount Snococo, S’mores, and Fire and Water Sandwiches. We drink Mushmallow Frosty’s, Beach Sunrise Frappe’s, and Trippple Hot Chocolate.
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Old 07-20-2009, 12:34 PM   #32
Webkinz :)
hale96's Avatar
hale96 is an unknown quantity at this point

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Ah school is out and I, Addie Maggs can escape from my hectic life of middle school drama. Though I was never in the drama (my friends) buts its time to escape. All that stress will be released and no one will stop me. No more acting polite in public. Why not embarrass my self by doing things I would never do around my friends? Summer life has started so let’s start living, after the pool party though.
   I wake up at ten o'clock with no black rings under my vibrant green eyes. I get up and brush my straight hair blond hair back into a simple bun. Summer doesn’t need to be complex its nothing but sunshine and the smell of sunscreen during the day. I slip on my swimsuit under my new palm tree tank top and denim short shorts since there is no dress code. I apply some gloss so my lips don't get burned. Then brush my teeth so I have bright white pearly summer whites. I may look simple but i should still look simply pretty. I grab a bagel say bye to my mom and hop onto my purple bike in the direction of the beach, the best place to start summer.
  I arrive at the beach to the smell of the ocean, one of the great things about California. I see no familiar faces. So what should i do? Then it hits me well almost as a surfer comes by and nearly dismantles my head with his surfboard. No not surfing but sunbathing duh. Why hadn’t I thought of that and what else would I do? Then i heard a growl of a lion which happened to be my stomach. I decided to go get a hot dog. Afterward i got in my swimsuit and rested in the tanning sun. Oh well to embarrassment. Why risk my popularity?
   Ugh! The world is out to get me I have to take my little sister Courtney to the aardvark show at the zoo. What’s so interesting about aardvark? They just eat ants. This was the theme of the show. Hello embarrassment and social suicide. It’s on at five o' clock everyday with a new animal but I’m making the big bucks for doing it. What was I thinking after I got out of school? The answer: nothing besides he’s cute. This summer is going to be about pool parties and friends. Being alone is so last year. Summer this year is to friends and happiness. The way it should be.

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Old 07-20-2009, 12:51 PM   #33
Gift Guru
pounder's Avatar
pounder knows the way
pounder knows the waypounder knows the way

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

"What fun!"

On one of my vacations, I wanted to go surfing. I never went surfing before, so I decided I wanted to try it. But first, I had to get a surfboard. So I went to town, trying to have fun on my first day of my vacation, and maybe even a get a surfboard. When I was in town, I seen a zoo, I thought, "Maybe I should go in and see what they have." To my surprise, they had tons of animals, Zebras, Elk, Black Bears, all animals, big and little! They even had Aardvarks! I looked at all of the animals. I thought it was best one ever! It had a lot of stuff to do their, I thought I could stay all day long. I had a lot of fun, but started to get hungry, so I looked around to find somewhere to eat. I seen a little shop that had some food, so I went in and got a hot dog. I decided I had enough fun at the zoo, so I decided to head out and see what else I can find. I was cruising through town, looking for something else to do, when I seen a nice surfboard. So I went in. When I got in, I went to look at the board, but it was way too much money, so I looked at some other boards. When I almost gave up, I seen a summer surfing package! It had a surfboard, sun screen, a swimsuit, and sunglasses! I thought it was the perfect price and nice stuff, so I decided to get it. Once I got out of the store, I headed to the beach. When I got to the beach, no one was there! "Perfect!" I thought.

I had so much fun, even though my vacation was for three days.

The end.
(PS: None of this actually happened to me. )
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Old 07-20-2009, 12:59 PM   #34
mckinneysh will become famous soon enough

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Joey the Aardvark
By mckinneysh

One July morning, Taco the chihuahua desided he would go surfing. He got dressed and ran outside to go get his surfboard. But when he got outside and went into the backyard, not only did he find his surfboard, but beside his surfboard was a aardvark! Not only was he confused, but he was over joyed! "Hey there, little guy! I'm gonna call you . . . . Joey! come on Joey! We're going to the beach!"
Taco ran upstairs and put his swimsuit on. he grabbed the sunscreen and lathered it on. When they got to the beach, Taco made Joey a sandcastle so big, Joey could walk inside, but when he did the castle was destroyed! Taco brushed the sand off Joey." Joey, stay here, I'm going surfing. I'll be right back!" But when Taco was gone surfing, Joey Ran off through the hot sand. When Taco came back, he was shocked! " Joey could be anywhere! I'll never find him!" Taco thought to him-self. Later that day, Taco put up a " Missing Aardvark! name is Joey!" But by the end of the day, Joey was gone, no where to be seen! The next day, Taco was making a hotdog when he heard a scritch-scratch noise at the door. he opened the door but nobody was there. he looked down and there was Joey! " Oh Joey! I thought I lost you! don't worry! I won't let you out of my sight again! We'll surf together! swim together! I'll even sleep with my eyes open so you don't get lost! Come on Joey! Let's go to the beach!"
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Old 07-20-2009, 01:15 PM   #35
penguins and monkeys
Webkinz :)
iloverotwiler's Avatar
iloverotwiler has a spectacular aura about

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

One day Alyssa the aardvark and Hamlet the dachshund were going to the beach in Kinzy Kove. Alyssa went and got a double surfboard, she went over to talk to Hamlet. She told him she was going to go over to the beach house to change into her designer Persephone swim suit. She went and started looking thru her bag and realizes someone stole her swim suit. She gets her stuff puts on sunscreen and finds hamlet and tells him someone stole her bathing suit. They begin to look for it. At around six p.m. kinz time they stop looking. Then all of the sudden they turned around they say a pandaphant, (panda and elephant mix) he has her bathing suit on. She was so surprised she grabbed her spray sunscreen and sprayed the pandaphant little did she know that pandaphants are weakened by spray sunscreen and hot dogs. Hamlet told her about the hot dog bit later after they talked about the crazy day they had. She never got her bathing suit it was way too stretched but they had an experience of a life.
(Webkinz name is dadsaid)
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Old 07-20-2009, 01:34 PM   #36
Webkinz :)
bffforever's Avatar
bffforever is on a distinguished road

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

When my mom told my brother and I that we were going on a sailboat to far away places, i screamed. I just have normal friends. A normal house and I am a normal girl (expect my record for eating hot dogs in one sitting is 32). We started packing the next day. I brought my multi-colored surfboard, And of course my swimsuit. While we were driving to the dock with our sailboat on our truck's tailgate my 7 year old brother was talking rubbish.
He said that a aardvark waved to him on the way here. He pointed. And I, myself saw the animal. He was gone in a flash. Apparently he ran with his Land's End sneakers all the way to the side of our car and hopped in trough the opened window. He smelt like sour cream and onion chips and a little gash of hot dogs. Oh no, I thought, not my hot dog stash. I tried to shoo him away, but when i did he started talking. He was saying things like, he dided a thousand years ago and he wasn't born right so he could talk. My brother heard it too. When we told our mom, she just said "Did you put too much sunscreen on?" She always sounds like her role model, Hannah Montana. The aardvark, which I named socks, for all the times he chewed up my socks on the trip. He is now a member of our family. And my parents could hear him talk. It was a wonderful year on the boat. Well, we stretched it to 3 years. We all bonded so well, even socks. But socks made us put sunscreen on the aunts before he ate them.
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Old 07-20-2009, 01:42 PM   #37

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Maggie the Chocolate Lab, Daisy the Yellow Lab and Moonlight the Black Lab all sat around outside in their swimsuits.
"Let's go to the beach today"Daisy said."
"Yeah! Mom packed our beach bag with sunscreen and towels and we're already wearing our swimsuits"Maggie said"And we could rent some surfboards."
A sudden laughter startled the 3 sisters. Moonlight walked over to the fence and peered into the next yard. 2 Aardvark kids were playing in a sprinkler.
"Hey, the Aardvark family moved in"Moonlight said"And they look like their having a lot of fun."
The first Aardvark kid looked at Moonlight. "Care to join us at our backyard beach picnic? We have Hot Dogs?"
Moonlight looked over at her sisters. Maggie and Daisy nodded.
The day had turned out to be a fantastic summer day!
Old 07-20-2009, 01:43 PM   #38
Go Canada Go!!
Webkinz4ever44 is a glorious beacon of lightWebkinz4ever44 is a glorious beacon of lightWebkinz4ever44 is a glorious beacon of light

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

One day in midsummer, the sun was so bright and hot that the flowers drooped. An aardvark waddled through the droopy flowers and plopped down by a little bush. I fed the aardvark the rest of my hotdog and he yawned. After slathering on sunscreen I rolled the now sleeping aardvark under a tree for shade, and named him Sheldon. Sheldon snored a lot.
I left Sheldon alone to snore and headed to the nearby beach. A large amount of people were there listening to iPods and playing in the water. I rushed to the edge of the water and leaped in. I smacked into the ground head first. My nose throbbed and I stood up. The water was apparently shallow and I headed farther in to relax. My swimsuit was sandy from making the embarassing mistake of landing in shallow water. Suddenly a teenager and a few of his friends rushed to the water. The first teen had a surfboard tucked under his arm. "Stop!" I yelled. "The water is sha-" I was cut off by a large smack. The teen with the surfboard was lying in the shallow water, his body shaking with suppressed laughter. The others teens burst out laughing, and the sandy surfboard boy stood up and walked into deeper water. I giggled under my breath. Suddenly, the Sheldon appeared from the edge of the water. He was... Swimming. Towards me. The surfboard boy gasped. "Mr. Goop!" he shouted. Mr. Goop??? He could've thought of a better name than that! The other teens burst out laughing once again. Surfboard boy just glared back at them. It was a very interesting day.
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Old 07-20-2009, 01:53 PM   #39
Webkinz :)
Juliekinz's Avatar
Juliekinz is an unknown quantity at this point

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

A Day at the Ant Von Aardvark Beach

It was a smoldering day in Webkinz World and a deer named Meadow was swimming in her pool. She then decided it was much too hot to stay at home so she called up her friends Vertigo, Rocky, Sherlock and Willow to go to the beach. Everyone agreed that they could come, and decided they would meet at the Ant Von Aardvark Beach. Meadow stuffed her towel, sunscreen and sun hat into her beach bag and quickly put on her swimsuit.

The friends found a perfect shady spot under a palm tree. After everyone had put on sunscreen, Rocky, Vertigo and Sherlock instantly grabbed their surfboards and ran for the water. Meadow and Willow weren’t very good at surfing, so they stayed behind and talked under the tree.

The girls were lying looking at the clouds when they saw something that made them both jump. A U.F.O. had just crash landed into the water where Rocky, Vertigo and Sherlock were!

Meadow rushed down the beach with Willow right behind her. Sherlock and Vertigo were helping Rocky out from under the steaming U.F.O. Willow quickly ran to help and Meadow asked Rocky if he was hurt. Rocky seemed fine but the U.F.O. definitely wasn’t. Sherlock stuck his head inside the ship, and called that this was definitely a very heavy piece of machinery and it’s a good thing that they were on a sand bar or Rocky could have drowned!

Just then a bedraggled Lil’Kinz alien climbed out of the U.F.O. “Has…has anyone seen my mommy?” he asked. Meadow bent down and asked where he lived and what his name was. He said his name was Ed and he lived on Mars and his mom was there and he needed to get back to her. Willow said that maybe Goober or Dex Dangerous could help. Vertigo hurried away to find Dex while Sherlock ran off in search of Goober. Rocky, Meadow, Willow and Ed waited impatiently for what seemed like hours. Finally, Vertigo and Sherlock came back with Dex and Goober.

Dex was eager right away to take Ed back; he could do some scouting for the Mars Lunar Lugbotz base while he was there. Goober had always wanted some Mars Mud, so he also volunteered enthusiastically to take him. After much talk, it was decided that both Dex and Goober would take Ed back to Mars. Dex sprinted off to get his spaceship and map, while Goober gathered together all of the other equipment that they would need. The friends wished them luck on their journey, and stood waving good-bye until Dex’s ship was a tiny speck in the clouds.

It had been a long afternoon for the five friends. They decided to call it a day and go home. They packed up their stuff and made off – that is, after they mowed down on hotdogs and milkshakes to celebrate the safe return of Ed to his home on Mars. Willow, Rocky, Sherlock, Vertigo and Meadow agreed that it was the coolest, not to mention wackiest, day ever!!!

~ JulieKinz
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Old 07-20-2009, 02:19 PM   #40
I'm a learning
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pokemon2 is not just visiting!pokemon2 is not just visiting!pokemon2 is not just visiting!pokemon2 is not just visiting!pokemon2 is not just visiting!pokemon2 is not just visiting!pokemon2 is not just visiting!pokemon2 is not just visiting!pokemon2 is not just visiting!pokemon2 is not just visiting!pokemon2 is not just visiting!

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Here is my story. It is about a summer party gone wrong.

Dolph’s View
Sunscreen, hotdogs, swimsuit, surfboard. . .everything I need. Oh shoot.
“Mom, the aardvarks are coming closer again!”
“Don‘t worry, I used the repellent this time.”
The aardvarks scurried away. This is the worst summer ever. I got a new brother. . .an adopted one. Because my older brother went to college, my mom adopted a new child. He’s like 12. His name is Donny. He has light blond hair. It’s long and windswept. He is handsome, and is dating the girl I like. She’s my friend, but I like her more than that. I think she does too. I need to get her to break up with him. I’ll do it at the Summer Party today. She’s throwing it and he’s coming. She has long brown hair that flows in the wind. Deep brown eyes that you get lost in, perfectly shaped teeth, and not too thin. She’s a great girl. She has an awesome sense of humor and she’s cool. She’s a tomboy, but Anna is as hot as a cheerleader. Perfect girl for me. . .and Donny.

Donny’s View
I’m finally all packed in. I’ve been at the adoption center too long. Thank the lord (bless his name) that I am free! My brother is one of the 3 school bullies, and his sole purpose is to embarrass me in front of Anna. Today at the big summer bash I’m taking Anna. She is really pretty. She has this brown hair that matches her eyes, a nicely-sized breast, and isn’t fat. She is like a cute tomboy. The perfect girl. So glad I’m dating her. Dolph is jealous of me. I know it. He always looks at my hair. He is ugly. His hair is completely on one side of him and always perfectly combed. He’s rumored to be ***, but it isn’t true because he likes Anna. Must **** having the girl of your dreams dating your little brother. RING! RING! That’s Anna.

Anna’s View
I ring the doorbell of my boyfriend. His name is Donny and he is really cool. I like his brother, but he never showed any interest in me. I wish he did like me. I like him so much. Out comes Donny. His windswept hair, uncombed flows in the wind. Light blond and a perfect sense of style. . .he doesn’t even try. Dolph doesn’t like Donny. I know it. Brotherly thing. . .I feel like I have something to do with it. Donny bows and escorts me to his pool. The pool is amuck with kids, and the hotdogs look more like lumps then loops. We walk to the deep end. Up the diving board we go, and he leads. It’s the high board. You ever feel like something really terrible is going to happen?

Dolph’s View
I’m up the ladder in 5 seconds when I see my loser of a brother up their. Anna dives in first. . .never understood how that works. She somehow jumped over Donny, did a back flip, and dove in. Donny looks at her with those stupid eyes. I know this because his head is tilted just like it is during the *** talk in health class. I have to do something. He suit is loose. I have an idea: I’ll tie my brother’s little string to the diving board so his pants fall off when he dives in. They’ll be up here so he’ll have to walk all the way up, naked, to get to them. YES! I tie them.

Donny’s View
I jump off the board. Snap! The board breaks. I fall in the water, but my brother lands on the cement next to the pool. Not all of him. . .just his legs. They make a loud noise. No blood is on the cement, but the pool is now a deep shade of red/brown. Everyone is screaming and running all over the place. Anna calls 911, and they are here moments later. My brother is almost dead. Some Summer Celebration. The first day of Summer Party was supposed to be the coolest thing in town. Now I wish Dolph wasn’t invited. The time in the waiting room was brutal. All of his friends and pretty much all of the party goers were their. Sitting, waiting, praying.

Anna’s View
“He’ll be okay,” the doctor told me some 20 minutes ago. He’s going to be in a wheelchair for about a year. 3 hours after the accident, we all go back to the party. It’s not the same. The pool isn’t red anymore. The filter cleaned it out. After a while people are swimming and having a good time. Donny looks petrified. I dive into the water. We all start a game of Marko Polo. It goes wrong. . .
“Polo! Polo!”
“Why is there a saw in the pool?”
Every eye turns to a saw located right near the diving board. Someone fixed the diving board so it would break. Why is it that there is an attempted murder at every party I attend?

Dolph’s View
I’m dreaming. I know I am. What is this? I’m not me. . .I’m someone else at the party. And I-I-I-I-I want to kill me. I have a saw. There is a bolt on the diving board that if cut just right will make it all fall. I cut it. Donny dives in. Then Dolph. . .I got to get out of here. I run to the next yard and watch poor Dolph loose his legs. That’s what he gets. C-A-R-R-I-E by Stephen King. . .you never know when a bullied kid could snap.
What the hey was that all about? I shake it off. I’m awake now. What a weird dream.


Dolph can walk again. He is dating Anna and Donny is dating Beverly. Someone tried to murder Dolph 2 years ago. It is because he bullied me---him. I write this POV the day before I am to be executed. Happy Summer everyone. I hope Dolph likes the muffins I sent him. . .

Dolph’s View
“Oh boy! Muffins!” I take a bite. Everything goes black.

It is 1026 words.
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awesome storyyy peeps, good luck everybody, good stories great, great stories here!, ilikecheese!!, love the aardvarks!, robertpattinsonishot:), stories are cool, third tag!

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