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Old 07-20-2009, 09:51 AM   #21
valwiehl's Avatar
valwiehl wows us all with wondervalwiehl wows us all with wondervalwiehl wows us all with wondervalwiehl wows us all with wondervalwiehl wows us all with wondervalwiehl wows us all with wondervalwiehl wows us all with wondervalwiehl wows us all with wondervalwiehl wows us all with wonder

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Lindsey and her sister Ashley were so excited to go back to school shopping! They loved trying on new clothes and new styles. As they headed over to the mall they talked about their fall classes. Ashley was a few years older than Lindsey but they went to the same school. As they arrived at the mall, they looked at the map to decide which stores to go to first. They picked a new store they had never gone to and each bought a few new shirts, shorts, pants and sweaters. Lindsey found a cute new sunhat in her favorite color, pink. As they headed out they saw a rack filled with webkinz and decied to pick up a webkinz Bengal Tiger for their little sisters birthday that was coming up in a few days. They got hungry and picked up three hot dogs for their lunch.The next shop they went to was Ron Jon Surf Shop where they each got a new swimsuit and mini sunscreen. Their mom had recently just won the lottery and bought a surfboard for one of her friends that lived right near Coco Beach. Then the girls' mom decided that they could go visit that friend on the beach! The girls were estatic! They could use all the new swim things they had just bought. When they arrived they found out that their friend they went to visit was at the hospital because he saw an aardvark in his house and fainted and hit his head on a coffee table. So the girls and their mom decided to have fun playing on the beach anyway and had a great time making sandcastles and swimming in the clear blue water.

The End. I hope that you enjoyed it!

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Old 07-20-2009, 10:08 AM   #22
Lil Kinz
rembielle is an unknown quantity at this point

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

I was sitting out on the beach one day, looking at all the surfers on their super-cool sufboards, and eating a hot dog, when I thought to myself "I should have a summer party!" I picked up my sunscreen bottle from beside me and walked back to my house.

Soon, it was the day of the party. I don't think I forgot anyone. Did I remember the aardvarks? Yes, I was sure I had. I was putting on my flowered swimsuit and slathering on some more sunscreen when I heard the doorbell rang! The party had begun!
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Old 07-20-2009, 10:15 AM   #23
Webkinz :)
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tennisstar10 has lots of talenttennisstar10 has lots of talenttennisstar10 has lots of talenttennisstar10 has lots of talenttennisstar10 has lots of talenttennisstar10 has lots of talenttennisstar10 has lots of talenttennisstar10 has lots of talenttennisstar10 has lots of talenttennisstar10 has lots of talenttennisstar10 has lots of talenttennisstar10 has lots of talenttennisstar10 has lots of talenttennisstar10 has lots of talent

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

"Summer Reading" By Tennisstar10
One Sunny July Day, Jessie the Aardvark decided she wanted to head off to the beach, and find something to do. She ran upstairs to her Bedroom, put on her swimsuit, and grabbed her Surfboard.
“Don’t forget your Sunscreen!” Mrs. Aardvark hollered out behind her.
“Yeah, I won’t” Jessie said. What Jessie didn’t realize she grabbed the Mustard Container!
Jessie got to the beach and ordered a Hot dog. She met up with friends and swam, built sandcastles, and then remembered to put on Sunscreen. She laid out her beach Towel and Lathered on her “Sunscreen”. Finishing her Hot dog, She suddenly Smelled Mustard. Checking the last Bite to see if she put Mustard on the Hot dog, Jessie started to look around for the scent.

“Where’s the Mustard! Does anybody know where the Mustard smell is coming from?” she yelled all over the beach. People Tried to tell her that it was on her back, but it was not until later, when she went back home….
An exhausted Jessie went home, surfboard in one hand, “Sunscreen” in the other.
“What’s for Dinner, Mom?”
“Hamburgers, But I can’t Find the Mustard, Just...” Mrs. Aardvark said, “Ketchup and, Sunscreen?! How did this get in here?”
Jessie, recapping the Day, Quickly grabbed the “Sunscreen” and read the Label: Mustard!
“Uh, here’s the Mustard Mom! I was protecting my skin with Mustard all day! Opps!”
“Now you’re burned. Oh, Let’s Just eat.” Her mother said
Therefore, my friends the Moral of the Story is, read! It can help you through Life.

258 (262 counting title) words.

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Old 07-20-2009, 10:21 AM   #24
Diabetes Awareness
AgHornsRock's Avatar
AgHornsRock is a name known to allAgHornsRock is a name known to allAgHornsRock is a name known to all

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Here is my submission. If i win a prize i would prefer to have the trading card shuttle.

2 of my Webkinz Pets, Macaroni and Howler, had decided to throw a party at the beach one hot summer day, so Howler picked up his surfboard, and Macaroni got a swimsuit. They got there and Macaroni began to bask in the sun. Then an aardvark walked up and challenged him to a race from one peninsula to another one, around the bay. Macaroni accepted, and a lot of people gathered to watch. Howler watched from his surfboard, and didn't even notice when a tsunami coming right toward him. It crashed down on him and pushed him underwater. He came up gasping for air. Macaroni heard him, and grabbed a random person's hot dog, dumped the ketchup into his sunscreen bottle, shook it up, and used it as a jetpack to get to Howler and save him. Unfortunately, he wasn't used to flying. He did a triple roll with a double outside loop. Then he scooped up Howler and headed for the ending peninsula, but then the last of the sunscreen and ketchup ran out, and they started falling. Howler immediately pulled out his surfboard and twirled it around so fast it was like a propellor and they crashed onto the finish line just ahead of the aardvark. They decided to relax for the rest of the day.

The End.

I hope I win!

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Old 07-20-2009, 10:38 AM   #25
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Here is my story!

It was one beautiful sunny day in woodchuck valley. Molly the aardvark decided to go to the beach and swim and surf. So she packed her sunscreen,snacks,her swimsuit and surfboard. "Now I'm ready to roll"Said Molly. Molly put everything into her trunk of her yellow convertible and took off. "What a nice day for the beach I'll turn on my radio! Oh yah! This is sweet"Molly said. When Molly go to the beach. The beach was having cookout. Molly loved cookouts because they had hot dogs! Molly couldn't resist not to go. First she got a spot on the beached and laid her towel down and put her stuff down too. After she made her spot comfortable for a day at the beach. Molly went into a changing room and changed into her swimsuit then went to the cookout. "Uh! The smell is pretty,and the hot dogs are so juicy"Molly said as she dug her teeth into the hot dog. Yum! After she ate she felt a little hot, she felt she needed a dip in the water. Molly ran to the water as fast as she could. "Burr,cold water,but just right"Molly smiled. Molly swam for 10 min. they went out to suntan. *2 hours later* Ouch! I think my back is burnt,oh no I forgot to put sunscreen on. Ouch,I have to go home. So Molly packed everything and left. She felt so burnt,she had a bath and put aloevera on to sooth the pain. Then she went to her bed and took a nap!


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Old 07-20-2009, 10:52 AM   #26
pee queen
Webkinz :)
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webkinzro is an unparalleled talentwebkinzro is an unparalleled talentwebkinzro is an unparalleled talentwebkinzro is an unparalleled talentwebkinzro is an unparalleled talentwebkinzro is an unparalleled talentwebkinzro is an unparalleled talentwebkinzro is an unparalleled talentwebkinzro is an unparalleled talentwebkinzro is an unparalleled talent

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

i woke up one morning to a bright summer day.it was just the day for swimming at the lake!and maybe at the lake we can see a AARDVARK!! i grabed my beach bag and put my SWIMSUIT in it and i aslo put some SUNSCREEN in my bag.i got my swim toy, and got together my towels.i was ready.i went to the lake. there was a HOT DOG stand i ordered a HOT DOG.mmmm it was great.i ran down to the lake put all my stuff out on the beach and went down to the lake steped in the water was warm.i noticed i forgot my SURFBOARD on the beach i ran up to the beach to get my surfboard when i saw a AARDVAK it was amazing.i ran on up to the beach got my SURF BOARD. somebosy else was eatting a HOT DOG.i ran back to the lake jumped on my SURF BOARD.and i was having the time of my lifei swam around the lake.i layed with my toys in the water and had a great time but the evening came. i had to go home as soon as i got in a taxi i wached as little drops of hit the water in the lake.i was home soon. i went in and thought about what a great day i have had.today had been a great day. the end


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Old 07-20-2009, 11:01 AM   #27
Webkinz :)
ampick1's Avatar
ampick1 is on a distinguished road

Cool Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

It was a hot summer day in webkinz world, and kaira the cocker spaniel was happily playing at the beach with her friends when suddenly an aardvark came and said " I have no sunscreen, can you please give me some?" and kaira replied "I guess so, but you have to win a game of volleyball first." The aardvark agreed and said "I was born with this thing so i can't burn, but if i stay out when it is as hot as a hot dog, then." "umm" said sally kaira's friend. "a hot dog isn't hot" "OH!" said the aardvark "lets just, play..." said kaira. So, they started playing. Then, a swimsuit washed up on shore. "Hey, whata bout we go buy a surfboard" said kaira. "Why" said the aardvark. "You didn't see?" replied kaira "a swimsuit!" "oh, uhh i..." said everyone else. "I what?" Come on! "Uhh nah not me, or me, said everyone else. "Okay, but there are some lands out there." said kaira. "Fine" said everyone else. "GOOD!" said kaira let's go! Sally picked out a pink surfboard with kittens on it, Kaira picked out a green one with flowers on it, and the aardvrak pick out a rainbow one with a puppy on it. "CUTE!" cried everyone and ran for it. "Na Na no..... WAAAHHH!!" Said the aardvark. "Anyway's, what is your name?" asked kaira to the aardvrk. "Alley" she replied "Nice!" Said kaira. "Now lets surf!" So they started surfing and falling, Surfing and Falling and........LANDING ON ANOTHER ISLAND!!!!!!!!! When they landed they looked right and left, up and down. "I don't reconize anything here!" Said kaira "Where are we???" Said Sally. "I KNOW,I KNOW!" said the aardvark jumping up and down. "LOST!" Everyone starred at her and then at the person beside them. "Wow, lost, great" So, they got a stick and on the ground wrote "S.O.S" but no help. So they stayed, and waited untill someone came........ "DOGBEARD!" yelled everyone! Huging him. "No worrys!" "Come on!" They all hoped they would get home safe, and they did. THE END! P.S the webkinz now live in a playhouse. and sally is a alley cat.
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Old 07-20-2009, 11:01 AM   #28
Webkinz :)
brb1995's Avatar
brb1995 is a name known to allbrb1995 is a name known to allbrb1995 is a name known to all

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

This was going to be one of the best summers Sadie the Springer Spaniel had ever experienced. She was going on a vacation to a beach resort. She was so excited her tail wouldn’t stop wagging! She decided to take one of her best fiends Andy the Aardvark. Sadie had met him before she moved to Webkinz World and she was so excited for him to meet some of her Webkinz friends at the resort. Sadie was packed a whole week before the plane departed. She packed so many different things that her bag was overflowing. She packed her iPaw so she could listen to her favorite songs, her laptop so she could keep in touch with friends at home, a Nintendokinz so she could play her favorite games, and all of the clothes she would need for the trip.

It was the day of the departure. Sadie went to pick up Andy from his home. They drove to the airport anxiously, hoping they wouldn’t forget anything. Once they boarded the plane, they sat in first class row 10 seats 3 and 4. Half way through the flight, they were offered a small snack and a drink. Sadie chose a Pupsi and Andy chose a lemonade. They both had a small bag of pretzels too. Andy was so hungry because he had skipped breakfast so Sadie gave him so of her pretzels.

After the long flight they were able to unpack at their luxurious resort room. It had a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, and 2 bed rooms. They also had a balcony with an ocean view. It was truly paradise. There were flowing palm everywhere and the light ocean breeze was wonderful. After settling in their room, they decided to put their swimsuits and sunscreen on and take a walk around the beach. Sadie had a one-piece suit white with pink flowers. Andy had blue swim trunks with a fish on the leg. Andy had never been to a beach resort before so he was anxious to start surfing. They decided to go to the surf shack where Flipper would teach them how to surf. They each grabbed a surfboard. Andy’s was blue with red stripes and Sadie’s was pink with purple polka dots. After an unsuccessful attempt at surfing, it was lunchtime, so they decided to go to a hot dog stand and get a hot dog. Andy put ketchup and relish on his, but Sadie decided to eat hers plain. They decided to buy an umbrella and sat under it laughing and talking about how great the rest of their summer would be.

A few weeks had passed and it was time to go home. Reluctantly they said good bye to the resort and went to the airport. They were sad to leave but they had memories to last a lifetime. They had met many new friends too. Sadie and Andy both agreed that this was one of the best summers they had ever had.

The End.
501 words

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Old 07-20-2009, 11:02 AM   #29
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

ok here i am sitting at my computer..... trying to write my story for class next year because i "need" extra credit..... my mom thinks it is a good idea for me to "work" on something durring the summer.... and of course what shall i write... i had nothing. i scream "mom, can i take a break and play at the beach?" she replies " are you done writting your story yet?" i reply " you know i am not..." she says " then no, unless you get halph way" i roll my eyes at her.... luckily she didn't see that or else uh oh! so i think and think and think..... nothing. i think to my self what should i do! i could be putting on my swimuit right now! then my mother yells up " honey... want a hot dog for lunch?" i reply " sure, i really don't care" so i think some more and i come up with an idea.... bingo! i can write about how i learned to use a surfboard! so i write and write and write.... and now it is done! so i yell down to my mom " mom it is finished!!!" she replies " don't go out side to the beach just yet, i need to go out the the store to go buy some more aardvark." i laugh histerically.... why me! oh why me! i sigh... then she yells back up and says " never mind i found some in the cabnet!" i race to the door full of happieness... then my mom speaks to me " don't for get to put on your sunscreen before you go outside, you don't want to burn!"

not part of the story:
i hope this is 1,000 words.... i don't know how to count them up as i type.... and 1,000 is too much to count!!
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Old 07-20-2009, 11:29 AM   #30
Call me Lilly
ais1744 wows us all with wonderais1744 wows us all with wonderais1744 wows us all with wonderais1744 wows us all with wonderais1744 wows us all with wonderais1744 wows us all with wonderais1744 wows us all with wonderais1744 wows us all with wonderais1744 wows us all with wonderais1744 wows us all with wonder

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

One hot summer afternoon, Missy the Beagle sat on her porch, trying to think of ways to cool off. "We could run through the sprinkler!" her little sister, Maggie, said hopefully. "No, mom says Ms. Birdy needs to borrow it for something." Gabrielle said, sadly. "Ohh. . . I've got it, Missy!"
"We could hold a pool party!"
"Ummm, Maggie, we don't have a pool. . . ."
"Oh, right. . . maybe we can go to the beach!"
"Hmmm, but mom says I need to invite Charlie and Madison, our new Aardvark neighbors."
"Well, what's wrong with that?"
"We would need more sunscreen."
"They could bring their own! Goodness, Missy, the heat is really getting to you. . . "
"NO IT'S NOT!" Maggie raised her eyebrow at Missy, "It isn't, eh?" "Fine, I'll go ask mom. . ." Missy muttered as she walked slowly inside. "Missy, It's not like they'll eat us! We could invite kids from all over Kinzville! I'm sure a lot of Kinz are having the same problem as us! This way we'll have a way to cool off, and Charlie and Madison will meet friends! It's a win-win situation, and we could ask everyone to bring sunscreen, and sufboards."
"Surfboards, Maggie? Really?"
"Yes! Well, if they have any. . . . "

Two hours later Missy and Maggie arrived at the beach in their swimsuits and with their surfboards, and waited for the other Kinz to come. Maggie saw two webkinz coming up the hill, "It's Charlie and Madison!" she exclaimed, "Woah!"
"What is it?"
"Well, it seems everyone we asked to come, came! There must be a million of them!"
"No, Maggie, it's only about 100."
As everyone found a place to set their towels down in the sand, Madison came up to ask Maggie if she could sit by her, she said yes, and they started talking and giggling. When everyone was settled, Missy took out a megaphone and started to talk to the Kinz about the activities, "Well, it's not exactly a planned thing, but there are things you can do and games you can play. You don't have to do all of them. Well, over to my left is the volleyball court, behind me is the beach, so you can go swimming if you want, then to my right are some beach toys you can play with, then down the street is Chef Gazpachos Restaurant, so you can get a hot dog or two there. You can also go surfboarding if you have a surfboard! So go have fun!"
Everyone went to the activity they wanted to do, and everyone had a great time. Maggie and Madison became best friends and Missy hung out with her best friend, Gabrielle the turtle. Maggie and Madison built the biggest and best sandcastle KinzVille had ever seen, and Missy and Gabrielle learned how to surf! The day was over quickly (or so it seemed) and they did it again the next day!

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awesome storyyy peeps, good luck everybody, good stories great, great stories here!, ilikecheese!!, love the aardvarks!, robertpattinsonishot:), stories are cool, third tag!

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