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Old 07-24-2009, 09:15 PM   #161
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

The other day, Xanthe the awesome opossum Was going to webkinz world's country club with her friend, Alex the aardvark. She packed her swimsuit, Sunscreen, beach towel, and of course her umbrella. Alex picked her up in his new webkinz Dragster. "Hey alex," She greeted him with excitement. "Did you happen to bring the hot dogs? "Well, of course! What's a day at the beach without hot dogs?" He replied with a slight eye roll and smile.
Thankfully, they got to the beach early enough to get a great spot. They set out their stuff, and then went to get their Surfboards from alex's car. Alex taught xanthe to suf, and they had a great day at the beach.
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Old 07-24-2009, 09:30 PM   #162
lilypad42795 is a jewel in the roughlilypad42795 is a jewel in the rough

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Beep. Beep. Beep.
I had been beeping for almost twenty minutes now. I had called the nurses’ station twice to tell them that there was air in my IV line, but no one had come to stop the beeping and restart the IV, despite the receptionist’s promise to send someone right away.
I sighed and lay back against the pillow, closing my eyes and trying to ignore the constant beeping. No one wanted to spend the first two weeks of summer like this, all shut away in a hospital room, with only the cold-handed doctors and soft-spoken nurses to keep them company. I mean, some of my school friends had come to visit, bringing Mylar balloons and get-well-soon Hallmark cards, but after an hour or so of strained and polite conversation (“How has your summer been?” “Good.” Pause. “Have you started on the summer reading list?” “No, not yet.” Pause.), they had all gone off to an art camp or babysitting course, leaving me in silence once again, except, of course, for the ‘Beep. Beep. Beep.’ of the IV. But I don’t really blame them. I mean, what do you talk about with a person that you rarely see outside of school anyway, while they’re all propped up in a hospital bed, covered in Band-Aids and tubes? Of course, my mom always came to stay with me at night, after she got off work. But ever since she and Daddy divorced, our relationship has been like that of two co-workers: courteous and respectful, with pleasant and quiet chitchat, neither of us saying what we wanted to say; what we needed to say. And then there was Leah, away at Camp Kewanee for Girls, who called every day. She had already sent me two “care packages”, both filled with half-melted Reese’s Cups and King-Sized boxes of Junior Mints. One of them had contained a stuffed aardvark in a pink tutu, which now sat at the foot of my bed. We would talk for hours, her chattering away about a new swimsuit or her annoying cabin mate (who, according to her, smelled like dill pickles and sunscreen), me imitating the stuffy social worker who droned on and on about insurance policies while my mom just smiled and nodded. But, other than that, I just sat in bed all day, watching Wheel of Fortune or Dr. Phil re-runs, occasionally wandering down to the gift shop to buy a magazine or bottle of Coke. The cafeteria food was TERRIBLE, and, since I was such a picky eater, I had eaten the same thing every day for the past ten days: a hot dog (plain), a bowl of mac ‘n cheese, and a slice of chocolate cake.
I pressed the button on the TV remote that called the nurses’ station, but no overly cheery voice asked what I needed. Maybe the receptionist had gone to get some coffee or something. She could probably use it. She had looked really tired when I had passed her after my last expedition to the gift shop. This whole hospital thing was probably really hard on everyone, I realized. My mom especially. She had come back from the office the night before with shadows under her eyes, her dark hair falling out of the clip she had used to pull it back with, but she had smiled and asked me how I was feeling. Then she had promised that as soon as all this was over, we could drive to Florida together. We would leave early in the morning, she had told me, and we would stay right on the beach. She had even mentioned buying a surfboard and enrolling me in surfing lessons, something she knew I had always wanted to do. But I had just nodded, my eyes trained on the 5 o’clock news.
Suddenly, I felt bad about that. I could have at least shown some enthusiasm, some gratitude. She was the one paying the hospital bill, after all. I could have at least smiled at her. But I hadn’t. So tonight, I promised, I would ask her about her day, and we would walk together to the cafeteria, instead of me ordering from my room and forcing her to eat alone, downstairs. I would smile at the receptionist on my way back to the room, and maybe, just maybe, I would let my mom watch Conan instead of Jon and Kate Plus Eight re-runs, which I had seen a million times already, but just watched because there was nothing else on.
Just then, the TV went silent and I heard the receptionist ask, “Ma’am? Is there something you needed?”
“My IV is beeping. Could you send a nurse?” I paused. “You know, when you get the chance?”
“Of course. I’ll send someone right away.”

Word Count: 799
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Old 07-24-2009, 09:35 PM   #163
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

One day Dixon decided to go to the beach. As he started out he saw his friend Aardvark. He told his friend where he was going and invited him to go along. Oh, that sounds like fun" said Aardvark. Off they went, walking and laughing getting more excited about their fun day at the beach. They both loved swimming but Aardvark didn't have his swimming suit! "Wait!" yelled Aardvark, "I can't go, no suit! "Let's go back to my house", said Dixon. It's closer and I have one you can barrow". It was getting late and Dixon really wanted to get to the beach. So off they went, and arrived at Dixon's house. Aardvark put on the barrowed swim suit and said he'd need sunscreen too. Dixon got the sunscreen and asked Aardvark to hurry. Aardvark tried to hurry but he was a pretty big Aardvark and he did worry about getting a sunburn. "Do you want to put some on too, Dixon?" Dixon looked at the clock and said "No, I'll be ok, but can we leave now? I really want to swim, and surf, and dig in the sand. I love going to the beach! Please let's hurry!" For the second time Dixon leaves home for the beach, this time trying to hurry his good friend Aardvark. Aardvark had one more idea, "should we take your surf board?" Dixon said 'Yes!" and told Aardvark to stay where he was and Dixon ran home, got the surf board, and ran back to join Aardvark on their walk to the beach. Aardvark could tell that Dixon was a little upset and so he tried to hurry and keep up with Dixon. Aardvark thought he'd try very hard to make the rest of day fun for his good friend. When they got to the beach they both tried to surf on the same board but Dixon fell off and Aardvark surfed all the way to the shore.
Aardvark watched Dixon swim in and thought he'd buy a hot dog for them both. Dixon's hot dog fell in the sand. Aardvark brushed it off, washed it in the ocean, and put it back in the bun.
He didn't want to upset Dixon again. When Dixon came to shore Aardvark was almost done eating his hotdog. He gave Dixon his hotdog. Dixon was hungry, "Thanks," he said. He took a big bite, started to chew, and yelled! "Yuck! What happened to that hotdog?" Aardvark looked embarrassed and decided to change the subject. "You're kind of red, Dixon, are you ok?"
The long walk to the beach, the long swim to shore, and sitting, eating on the beach was just too much sun. Dixon was very sunburned! This was just the worst day Dixon had ever had!
They walked home to Dixon's house, Aardvark carried the surf board because he was very worried about his friend. He told Dixon the shower and Aardvark put burn cream on Dixon's sunburn and told him to go and rest. As Dixon lay there he thought, "Even if Aardvark did slow me down and make me late, even if I did fall off the surf board, ate a horrible hotdog and got a painful sunburn, being with my friend Aardvark is more fun than doing anything else." Just then Aardvark came in the room with a cold drink and another hot dog. "Are you hungry?" he asked. Dixon laughed and covered his face. He was so lucky to have such a great friend!
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Old 07-24-2009, 09:55 PM   #164
Gift Guru
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Arnie the aardvark loved summer. It was his favourite time of year. Only, he wasn’t very fond of the heat. He didn’t spend his summers on the beach, oh no. He preferred the North Pole. So as soon as summer holidays began, Arnie packed his bags, jumped on a plane, and flew to the North Pole.

On the plane, Arnie had to sit next to a super sweaty dog. “Now that is one hot dog,” Arnie thought to himself. The sight of the dog was just so revolting that Arnie just had to close his eyes. Once he fell asleep, he was sawing logs for the rest of the flight.

When Arnie arrived at the North Pole, he checked into his hotel as quickly as possible, so that he could let the fun begin. Once he was checked in, Arnie took out his surfboard and sunscreen. Even though this was the North Pole, you could still get sunburnt! After he had lathered himself up with sunscreen, Arnie grabbed his surfboard, and ran to the ski hill.

The chairlift took Arnie and his surfboard up to the top of the snowy mountain. Arnie didn’t own skis or a snowboard, so he decided to use his surfboard. No need for a swimsuit, because this was snow surfing! At the top, Arnie got off of the chairlift, and brought his surfboard over to where he would start heading down the mountain. He sat down on the board, and then he was headed down the mountain! Arnie used his hands to steer himself around the corners, and he held on tight for the moguls. Near the bottom, there was a mogul that was just a little too big for Arnie, and he flew off his surfboard, and tumbled the rest of the way down the mountain.

Unfortunately, the spill broke Arnie’s surfboard…and his arm. This was not an ideal way of spending a summer holiday away from the heat. Arnie didn’t see the point in staying any longer, so he headed home much earlier than he had planned.

After the incident, Arnie never tried snow surfing again, and he never paid another visit to the North Pole. Nowadays, Arnie spends his summers sitting is his freezer. He finds it to be a safer alternative to his snow surfing days.

Word Count: 385
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Old 07-24-2009, 10:00 PM   #165
ants Diamond Apples!
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Jennifer36 defies all oddsJennifer36 defies all oddsJennifer36 defies all oddsJennifer36 defies all oddsJennifer36 defies all oddsJennifer36 defies all oddsJennifer36 defies all oddsJennifer36 defies all oddsJennifer36 defies all oddsJennifer36 defies all oddsJennifer36 defies all oddsJennifer36 defies all oddsJennifer36 defies all oddsJennifer36 defies all odds

Donation Award 
Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

“You’re getting sunscreen all over my surfboard!” shouted Lavender the Floral Fox. “Well, I have to put it on, or I’ll get burned!” said Violet the Purple Floral Fox. “Then, I’ll be as red as Dad’s hotdog!” she said as she motioned to their Dad, Sir Harry Fox who was sitting on a beach towel eating his 14th hotdog. Sir Harry was preparing for Saturday’s big Hot Dog eating contest.

He was up against some tough competition this year. Doug the Dog was eating up dogs almost as fast as he was collecting gems. Tabby Von Meow had won two years running, telling everyone she thought “the hotdog eating contest was just too tricky for most people.” And let’s not forget about Mark the Aardvark. He could **** up hotdogs as fast as they were placed in front of him!

“Dad, if you don’t watch out, you won’t fit in your swimsuit anymore!” said Lavender. “Well, I have to train, just like YOU have to apply sunscreen. Oh, and you missed a spot on your arm” said Sir Harry. “What’s you plan for beating Doug?” asked Violet. “Well, you know he will ask for toppings on his dogs that they just don’t have, so he won’t be eating very many hotdogs.” answered Sir Harry.

“How will you defeat Tabby?” Lavender asked. “Well, I am just going to show her how easy it is to eat a lot of hotdogs! I may not have been good at packing groceries, or making hamburgers, but I can certainly eat hotdogs! said their Dad.

“And how will you beat Mark?” both foxes asked at the same time. “Well, I think he might be a bit sleepy as the contest will be happening during the day this year, and Mark the Aardvark is a nocturnal animal.” Both girls looked at one another and then back at their Dad. “What does nocturnal mean Dad?” they asked. “It means that Mark is up at night and sleeps during the day.” answered their Dad. “So I expect he will be very sleepy tomorrow and won’t be able to keep count of all of the hotdogs he has eaten.” said their dad.

The next morning was bright a sunny, the perfect day for a hotdog eating contest. Sir Harry Fox went through all of his preparations for the big day. He went for a long walk to build his appetite and put on extra stretchy pants. Lavender and Violet were waiting for him and they all walked to the park.

Sir Harry took his seat up on the stage. Fred Rover, the announcer began introducing all of the contestants “In the first Chair, we have Doug the Dog. Second, we have Sir Harry Fox, followed by Tabby Von Meow. And, last but not least, Mark the Aardvark! We would like to thank Chef Gazpacho for providing the hotdogs to today’s contest! So contestant’s, I hope you’re hungry, because here come those hotdogs! Get ready to eat!”

Just as Sir Harry told Lavender and Violet, Doug started asking for all kinds of toppings. “Do you have common items like ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise?” asked Doug. “You do! Let’s try for some uncommon items. How about onions, chili and pickles? Unfortunately, the server only had onions and so Doug stopped eating after three hotdogs.

Tabby Von Meow was busy telling the audience how tricky an eating competition can be. She was so busy talking, that she forgot to eat a single hotdog!

A loud snoring sound could be heard from the end of the table as Mark the Aardvark had fallen back asleep and the pile of hotdogs lay untouched before him.

Sir Harry Fox just smiled and ate one hotdog after another until he finished all 20 hotdogs.

“And this year’s winner of the Kinzville hotdog eating championship is Sir Harry Fox!” announced Fred Rover. Sir Harry Fox had truly ‘outfoxed’ them all!

653 words
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Old 07-24-2009, 10:06 PM   #166
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

The summer is a season
With lots of rhymes, less reason.
No school for me
My time is free
I’ll see you later Boston.

Headed to the seashore
For fun and lots more
I’ll put on my swimsuit
And be off with a toot
That is what summer’s for!

I ride my surfboard
Catch a wave – all aboard!
Then apply my sunscreen
(on SPF 50 I’m keen)
‘til nigh when I am moored.

Then a hot dog in the park
No ants, but a big ol’ aardvark
It was a perfect day
Fun and all play
Silly and super – a lark.
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Old 07-24-2009, 10:28 PM   #167
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Wink Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Why aardvarks hate hot dogs

It was a hot summer day. Two wiener dogs, one called hot dog, who looked like a hot dog was lying on the beach in a tan and pink hot dog style swimsuit. The other one, called aardvark, looked a lot like a aardvark, was surfing on a big surf board with an aardvark on it saying surf's up, aardvarks! On the other side of the beach sat a real aardvark. He really loved to eat hot dogs. He thought hot dog was a real hot dog, so he decided to eat him. Just then, hot dog was putting on sunscreen. So the real aardvark took a bite......a he choked and spluttered shouting, ahhhhhh! *gasp* this hot dog tastes horrible!!!!! so he ran away to tell his family and friends to never befriend hot dogs, and more, never again to eat a hot dog.

Three days later the real aardvark's sister met hot dog and aardvark(the dog) in the forest. She was so shocked! She screamed at aardvark: Whats wrong with you? Befriending a HOT DOG!!!!!

~The End~
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Old 07-24-2009, 10:42 PM   #168
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

It was a normal sweltering summer day in Kinzville. I was relaxing on a lawn chair trying to bleach my fur. With sunscreen on my left, a hot dog on my right, it felt refreshing. Ahhh!
“Hey Jingo! Want to ride the waves?” “Of course, Bongo! Let’s go!” I snatched my swimsuit and surf board, and we raced to the beach. “Eeeek! What are those?” I think they’re dancing… uh, sunscreen bottles??” ” Oh ya, sure! When aardvarks fly” said Bongo. “Aaahhh!” “Eeeek! A flying aardvark! Duck!” After we recovered, we noticed the aardvark caterwauling, “Attack of the killer sunscreens! Run away!” Bongo and I looked at him with baffled looks. Then we screamed our hearts out, sprinting into the water. We tried to surf, but then a dancing sunscreen started dragging Bongo out of the water! Then he was coming after me singing, “Hot dog! Hot dog! Jingo! Jingo…”
“ Jingo! JINGO!” “Huh, what??” I said sleepily. “You were screeching, ‘Hot dog! Hot dog!’ And now you have the whole town riled up! They all want hot dogs now! Anyway…” Bongo jabbered on as a smile spread across my face.

Word Count: 191
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Old 07-24-2009, 10:48 PM   #169
Call me Gina!
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

"Agent A., we are counting on you to solve this case, do you accept your mission?" The Director asked me, his eye's fixed on my face. I nodded, then turned to leave. I knew what I had to do.

I'm Agent A. The A stands for Aardvark. Yes, my name is Aardvark. Strange, isn't it? I would call it very unique! So, about my case. The problem is my dear friend J.J has lost his favorite surfboard! He knows it was stolen because a ransom note was left. It said:

Dear Owner-of-this-surfboard,
Yes I took it. It's beautiful, and I will definitely use it in the big surfing competition coming up. I will surely win! Unless, you hand over
a life's supply of hot dogs!
Yours truly,
Raugaj Sneoj

I quickly scanned the note then got to work. I first searched through J.J's shack on the beach, and found 2 things. An open bottle of sunscreen that had been squished, and a swimsuit that looked exactly like J.J's. It was torn and hanging on a tree branch next to the shack. I was slightly confused, but hey, I'm an agent, I would figure it out.

I came out of my office the next day with a large bag containing all of my "evidence" as I headed over to Headquarters. When I entered the room, the whole group was there, staring at me. "What?" I mumbled a bit annoyed. That's the problem with us agents, we're so good at getting what we want from people, and it get's annoying some times! J.J was fidgeting uneasily in his chair. He knew what I now knew.
I cleared my throat for attention, even though I didn't have to. "As you may all know, I have called you hear today because I believe I have discovered the surfboard theif. I searched through the shack and found J.J's swimsuit hanging on a branch nearby, and his favorite sunscreen lying on the ground, squashed. Also, I looked through the ransom note one more time and gave a closer look to the signature. Have
you noticed that Raugaj Sneoj is Jaguar Jones backwards, also known as J.J? Therefore, I believe J.J staged this all for one reason, and I can give it to you in 2 words. Hot dogs."

I finished, then sat down. For a moment, the whole group just looked around in confusion as they played back my explanation in their heads. (Poor
things, their old minds are too slow for this cheetah!) Finally, the Director spoke up. "J.J, is this true?" He sunk lower into his chair.
"Yes, it's all true! I love hotdogs but my mom thinks I'm obsessed so she won't let me have any more of them. I thought somehow this would work..."
The little animal trailed off. Suddenly, the Director burst out laughing, and soon, everyone was laughing! When it calmed down, I heard J.J speak
up again. "So can I still have a hot dog?"
Case closed.

Word count: 505
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Old 07-24-2009, 10:53 PM   #170
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Here's my story. It's kind of long but its only 906 words though. Enjoy!


I was out on the Assateague Island beach one day, enjoying the wind in my hair. A storm was coming in, I could tell. The wind was blowing hard, the waves were at least 7 feet tall, and the sky was darkening at the horizon. I picked my surfboard out of its perch in the sand. The blue paint was fading a bit but I loved that thing.
A gust of wind blew some sand in my eyes.
“Ouch!” I shrieked.
I dropped my board and rubbed my eyes while blinking. Man, I thought that hurt!
I blinked a bit more, picked up my board and sprinted out to the sea. Running against Mother Nature’s wrath was hard, but I got used to it.
When I was about waist deep, a big wave hit me. I let go of my board and was hit by another wave. I went under. The current flipped me over again and again. A fish swam into my swimsuit. I gasped and started coughing. I learned that doing this while underwater isn’t smart.
I swam up. Throwing my hair back out of my face as I surfaced. I coughed a bit more and opened my eyes.
“Where’s my surfboard?” I asked myself.
Then I saw it, floating along innocently. All of a sudden, an elephant sized, flying aardvark came down and ate it.
“Holy cow!” I exclaimed. You didn’t see that every day!
I shook my head and started to swim back to shore, the waves helping me. Sea gulls were diving down to eat fish, but that flying aardvark was nowhere to be seen.
“Where is that thing?” I wondered.
When I was about knee deep a wave swept me up and plowed me into the sand.
“Ugh.” I moaned.
I picked myself up and started walking again. The fish swam out of my swimsuit thank goodness.
“Hey!” A voice called to me.
I looked up. A man at a hot dog stand was waving at me. I started to jog towards him.
“What?” I asked.
“Do you want a hot dog?” He offered.
“Sure!” I replied. “How much?” I asked as I pulled out my waterproof wallet.
He glared at me in a strange way. “About $300.” He explained.
“300 bucks?!” I cried. “You’ve got to be kidding me!”
I then noticed that he wasn’t a man at all; he was the elephant sized flying aardvark!
“Give me back my surfboard!” I demanded.
“No!” He shouted back.
“Give it to me!” I screamed as I picked up a stray sunscreen bottle.
“Never!” He laughed and started to fly.
I opened up the bottle and sprayed the sunscreen in the aardvark’s face.
“AAH!” He cried, and he fell into the sand.
I looked around and saw that no one was paying attention. I looked back at the aardvark. He was out cold.
I walked over to a nearby stranger.
“Excuse me sir.” I started but he wasn’t paying attention.
“Sir.” I said again.
He looked at me. But he wasn’t a man; he was a zombie!
He stood up, put his arms out ahead of him, and moaned. Then, all of the other bystanders stood up. They’re all zombies! I screamed inside of my head.
I started sprinting away “ZOMBIES!” I screamed. “ZOMBIES!”
I stepped on a crab. I should’ve worn sandals! I thought as I hopped on one leg. Being barefoot was not smart. I set my foot down and ran faster.
Then I looked back. A sandstorm had started not far behind and had blown the zombies away.
“Whew.” I exhaled. But this wasn’t over.
A great white shark jumped up out of the water and landed on the shore. It started to flop over to where I stood, frozen. Then, the aardvark flew from out of nowhere and picked up the shark with his mouth and threw it back into the ocean.
“You saved me.” I murmured.
“Yes,” He replied. “And that will cost about $300 please.”
“No!” I shouted back. “I will not give you $300! Why do you want it?”
“Because it is every flying aardvarks dream to get $300.”
“Wow.” I said.
“Can you give me it?” He begged.
“No.” I said. “I only have 5 bucks.”
“Oh.” He sighed.
“I’m sorry.” I apologized.
“I’m sorry for eating your surfboard.” He said.
“Yeah, whatever.” I shrugged.
Then it started to rain.
I blew some hair from my face.
“Do you want to go for a ride?” The aardvark asked.
“No.” I replied. “Thank you, but I have to go home.”
“Alright.” He said.
I started my walk home slowly, looking at seashells and sand crabs. I trudged over sand dunes and found the road. I walked on it for a while. Reflecting my day. What a weird day! I thought. But it’s not as weird as some days I’ve had…
I kept walking. Following the paved path that called itself a road. I then saw my house. I loved living here! I skipped up towards the front door and knocked.
“Mom! Let me in!” I shouted.
The door opened and my Mom stood there with a mad look on her face.
“Young lady! Where have you been?” She shouted at me.
“Mom,” I started. “I’ve been attacked by waves, giant aardvarks, zombies, sandstorms, and sharks. I just want to sit down on the couch and sleep. Okay?”
“Whatever.” She replied as she walked away.
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awesome storyyy peeps, good luck everybody, good stories great, great stories here!, ilikecheese!!, love the aardvarks!, robertpattinsonishot:), stories are cool, third tag!

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