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Old 07-24-2009, 06:12 PM   #151
gangnam style
Webkinz :)
tarsky781's Avatar
tarsky781 challenges the impossibletarsky781 challenges the impossible
tarsky781 challenges the impossibletarsky781 challenges the impossible

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Here's my story... (298 words)

Summer Celebration!
By tarsky781 (in the perspective of Colette the Cheeky Monkey)

Hi! I’m Colette the cheeky monkey, and this is my story of a summer celebration.
I was on a plane to an exotic island, and when we landed there, it was amazing! It was so amazing that I almost swallowed my hot dog whole! I stepped out, though, and it was surprisingly hot! I tried shuffling through my bag for my fan, and instead pulled out a bottle of spray-on sunscreen. As I was spraying, I saw a gray and white cat wearing a striped swimsuit. I walked up to her and said, “Hi! I’m Colette. What’s your name?”
She looked at me and smiled. “I’m Papaya.” She took another sip of her cream soda, and I saw an aardvark walk to a coconut tree!
“Wow! Are there many aardvarks around here?” I was surprised, and caught off guard by the creature.
“Oh, yeah, more aardvarks than everything else combined live here!”
“Cool! Who’s that on the surfboard?” I asked, when I saw a black and white cat on a surfboard with island-like designs on it.
“That? That’s Codak, he’s always surfing.” Papaya rolled her eyes. Then, an idea popped into my head.
“Do you have hot dogs, hamburgers, and a grill?” Papaya nodded, and waved her tail to follow her. I followed her to a little house, and outside was all of that, and coconut milk in cups, and coconut cake for dessert! Papaya said,
“We’re going to have a party, do you want to join?” I nodded, and Papaya yelled, “Everyone, let’s have our party!” And we all had a wonderful summer party. After that, I stayed a few weeks, then eventually went home. That’s the story of my best summer celebration ever!

Last edited by tarsky781; 07-24-2009 at 06:16 PM..
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Old 07-24-2009, 06:18 PM   #152
Lol :)
Webkinz :)
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Maine is the cats pajamas!Maine is the cats pajamas!Maine is the cats pajamas!Maine is the cats pajamas!Maine is the cats pajamas!Maine is the cats pajamas!

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Maine’s Day to Model .. ON A BEACH!

I walked onto the beach. The soft white sand felt great. I sat down in my beach chair and applied sunscreen. A small kid came up to me and asked me to play some volleyball. I served the ball and out of nowhere, a dude in a swimsuit said “Are YOU interested in becoming a swimsuit model?! Now’s your chance! Model that suit and if we love it, you have a job as a beach model!” I nearly fainted but the sand broke my fall. I washed off and got up on the catwalk. Never in my life would this opportunity come again. Someone threw me a hot dog and ate it while I walked back. I turned around and winked. The next round I took a surfboard with me. The crowd cheered and I waved. “Maine! Maine! Maine!” they chanted. I ran on the catwalk and crowd surfed on the surfboard. The host came up to me and said “You are a true model! Here’s the contract and you start tomorrow.” I ran up to my beach house and told my mom. “We’re going to be RICH! Ha ha!” The next day I headed down to the catwalk with a bag full of my favorite and cutest bikinis and one-pieces. The first one was a polka-dot bikini. The crowd cheered and had an aardvark and bought hot dogs like crazy. They then started to munch on chips and make confetti. I then modeled my one-piece. It had a fish on the back and a ‘W’ sign in rainbow colors. It was my favorite and handmade swimsuit. I designed it myself! My last swimsuit involved a surfboard and some seaweed. I held the surfboard and stuck the seaweed in my mouth. This was the greatest day of my life. Then, sadly, I was fired for my last swimsuit. It was a cheap looking one even though it cost me 1000 dollars.

329 words.
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Old 07-24-2009, 06:35 PM   #153
Webkinz :)
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vixen500 will become famous soon enough

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Swimming Sleep

On a hot sunny afternoon, I was at Hot Dog Sea. I was visiting my Aunts’ close summer cabin, and staying there for a couple of weeks. This is the last week, and the beach my sea was having its yearly summer celebration. When I got situated on the sandy shore, I looked in the bag I brought, but couldn’t find my sunscreen! I didn’t feel like trudging all the way back to my aunts, so I stole some from a girl that had a pet aardvark. “It’s not nice to steal!” The girl suddenly said. Wait. That was the aardvark! I screamed. I ran away, toward the drink stand in the celebration. I tripped over a shell near the area, and crashed into the drinks, spilling punch water and other beverages all over me! Embarrassed, I stood up and jogged back to my towel, trying to ignore the hoots, snickers, and chuckles. Plus everyone was staring at me! I grabbed my extra swimsuit I packed. Sighing in relief I headed toward the small building where the restrooms where held. I looked at my swimsuit. The look toward into a horrified stare! This swimsuit had a big stain, making it look like I went in my swimsuit! It was yellow, splotchy and wet! I put it on slowly and walked out. I walked toward the big Hot Dog Sea, and suddenly someone swung a big surfboard into my face, and I went flying. I landed into the sea, and saw a fish. But it wasn’t any ordinary fish. It was a Hot dog! I screamed.
I shot up in bed, sweating and breathing hard. “It was a dream!” I sighed happily. I noticed something staring at me. It was that girl’s aardvark! It simply said, “Hi.” I fainted.
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Old 07-24-2009, 06:36 PM   #154
Princess Peach loves
Webkinz :)
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katysmom1 is just really nicekatysmom1 is just really nice

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Who isn’t happy when their best friend comes for a visit? Not me. I was over the moon when my friend Rhoda accepted my invitation to go to the beach with me, just across the street from my home. As soon as she arrived, we dashed across the road and started playing in the sand. Rhoda and I didn’t even put on sunscreen. We didn’t have it and we didn’t need it. Around lunch time, we got hungry. Rhoda spotted a hot dog stand near a surfboard rack. We wandered over, moneyless. I snuck around to the back of the stand while Rhoda strode in front. The hot dog man didn’t notice either one of us. Suddenly, Rhoda flung herself on the ground I front of the hot dog cart and played dead. Rhoda can do that. She’s an opossum. Anyway, the hot dog man yelled, “Ahh! Who threw this dead . . . rat thing at me!” It was hilarious! In all the commotion, Rhoda and I slipped away --with a few hot dogs. “Good job playing dead, Rhoda!” I congratulated her between hot dog bites. “Thanks! You weren’t so bad yourself, Gertrude! I didn’t know aardvarks were such good hot dog thieves!” We laughed. The rest of that wonderful day was spent by making sand burrows (we didn’t get the whole castle thing) and voting for which human we thought had the best swimsuit. It was the best day any aardvark, or opossum, could ask for.
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Old 07-24-2009, 08:33 PM   #155
Webkinz :)
thepokemonqueen's Avatar
thepokemonqueen is on a distinguished road

Cool Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

This summer I was staying with my grandmother. When she described the area around her as having lots of sand, all I could picture was being able to go to the beach. I love the beach. I just wanted to laze around the ocean and catch some rays. She lives in Africa and I had never been there before, but I knew that they have the ocean around them too. So I told her I would come over for the summer.

While I was packing I made sure to make my swimsuit so I could get into the ocean. I also made sure I had my sunscreen because I do not tan, I burn! I also thought about bringing my surfboard, but I did not want to have to fly with it, so I figured if I wanted I could try and find someone to barrow one. I also packet a good beach towel and a beach ball just for fun. I packet clothes for very hot weather because I know it is very hot there in the summer.

Finally the day came that I was going to visit my grandmother. It was a very long trip to Africa, but I did enjoy the movie. The first thing I see when I get out of the jet is an advertisement for an Aardvark Hot Dog! I did not even know what an Aardvark was. When I found my grandmother we picked up my bags and headed home. I asked her what an Aardvark was and she told me she would show me at home. When we were almost there I asked her when I would be able to go to the beach, and she looked at me funny and said, there are no beaches here, we live in the desert in the middle of Africa! I was so upset. I had planed my whole vacation out. When we got home grandmother showed me what an Aardvark was, turns out she had a whole bunch of them living at her home. I got to see a few young ones grow up over the summer, and enjoyed it even though there was no beach only sand and sun! So it really was a good thing I did not bring my surfboard!
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Old 07-24-2009, 08:37 PM   #156
FOREIGN's Avatar
FOREIGN flows towards the sea of knowledgeFOREIGN flows towards the sea of knowledgeFOREIGN flows towards the sea of knowledgeFOREIGN flows towards the sea of knowledgeFOREIGN flows towards the sea of knowledgeFOREIGN flows towards the sea of knowledgeFOREIGN flows towards the sea of knowledgeFOREIGN flows towards the sea of knowledge

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

june, 17, 2009

Finally, I can come to the beach on my own. My mom always protests and insists on taking me everywhere. Especially the beach. She must think that surfing is about as dangerous as skydiving, or I'll die if I don't put on enough sunscreen I'll die or something. Not like I'm any good at surfing, which is probably why she's so freaked out when I do it. I'm sort of dangerously clumsy, I guess. But hey, I don't trip over my feet, they plan against me. Though, I'm getting off topic.

My orange surfboard is banging slightly on the top of the car. It's almost in a rhythm, you could say. I'm already in my swimsuit, too, because everyone knows the dressing rooms at the beach are about as appealing as a hotdog dropped in the sand, then stepped on by an aardvark. Wait a second, did I just put the word 'aardvark' in that sentence? Man, I'm losing it.

Anyways, my car pulls up to the parking lot at the beach. You could almost not tell the difference between the too. The parking lot is so covered in from cars, people's feet, wind, and anything else that picks it up, you can barely feel the asphalt below it. in some spots, though, there is a bit of black, peeking out from the sand like the first flower of spring. Only, it's summer, not spring. And, it's a rock-paste that people drive on, not a fragile daisy.

I slip on my flipflops, throw on some sunscreen (50 SPF, yes, mother demands it. ), and grab my board. At first, the wind and sand combined stings my eyes, making my narrow them and use my empty hand as a block. I slowly trudge out, past the scorching white sand into the squishy darker shade. I let the waves gently wash over my toes at first, and watched the sand bugs scurry into their crevasses. At first I admired the small mark of nature. Then I freaked out- realizing I was standing on top of a bunch of bugs- and ran into the waves.

The water, at first, was a blistering cold, but then in mere seconds it warmed up, and I kicked out into the waves. Once i was far enough out, I laid on my board and let the waves that hadn't broken, yet, wash over me. Then, finally, I saw it. The perfect wave was forming not too far off. It looked like it was going to be big, very big, just the kind I liked. I soon positioned myself and paddled ready for it. Soon, I was in the curve of the wave. I could see through the blue-green glassy water at the people with big sunglasses lying on the beach and rolled my eyes.

They didn't know what they were missing.

503 words, not too long, not too short. not too cold, not too hot.
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Old 07-24-2009, 08:51 PM   #157
ow! She's a Webkinz!
Webkinz :)
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mlh can ride a flying orange
mlh can ride a flying orangemlh can ride a flying orangemlh can ride a flying orangemlh can ride a flying orangemlh can ride a flying orangemlh can ride a flying orangemlh can ride a flying orangemlh can ride a flying orangemlh can ride a flying orangemlh can ride a flying orangemlh can ride a flying orange

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

My best friend Andy the Aardvark and me
Set off one summer the wide world to see.
We traveled to Bern where they served us fondue,
A yummy Swiss dish that you don’t have to chew.
Then on to France with French pastries forsooth,
Enough to cause cavities in any sweet tooth.
The next stop was Rome with pasta galore.
The meatballs were good (‘til they rolled on the floor).
But our very favorite place to be
Was in our swimsuits on the beach of Maui.
With pineapples, poi and hot dogs to eat,
Our culinary trip ‘round the world was complete.
We rode our surfboards and played in the sand
And our sunscreen assured that we both got a tan.
Now it’s au revoir, arrivederci and aloha to all.
It’s back to home and to webkinz and school in the fall!
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Old 07-24-2009, 08:56 PM   #158
Webkinz :)
DiscoDad is an unknown quantity at this point

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Arnie was an aardvark who lived in sub-Saharan Africa. Although he spent most of his time alone, at night, looking for ants and termites, he longed to leave the savannah. Each night, as he would swing his long nose side to side in search of food, he longed to smell anything other than bugs. Even the delicacy of the aardvark cucumber had become boring to him. One evening as he was on the hunt, he found a colony of worker ants that were carrying a hot dog. As he savored each morsel of the hot dog, he realized that there was an exciting new world beyond the borders of the savannah. That evening, he vowed that he would continue his journey until he reached the end of the horizon.
His voyage was not without perils. One night as Arnie was making his journey, he encountered a ball python hanging from a tree. The ball python called to Arnie, “You look so tired. You need a comfortable place to stop and rest. Why don’t you come over here and sleep in my coils?” Arnie remembered the limerick told to him by his mother when he was a cub. It went:

“The prey of a python’s handpicked.
Then the python likes to constrict.
When its coils are squeezed
Its appetite is appeased.
The end isn’t difficult to predict.”

Since snakes have both poor vision and hearing and primarily use heat to locate their prey, Arnie heated up a string of hot dogs that he had taken from the ants and carefully hung it over a branch of the tree. He used his long nose to make the hot dog string move like another snake. When the python was in pursuit of the hot dog string, Arnie narrowly escaped. Arnie’s journey to the horizon’s end continued for days and included other narrow escapes from other predators such as lions, hyenas, and leopards but Arnie never gave up.
Finally, Arnie reached the land’s end. It was much different than life on the savannah. Gone were the sounds of the lions roar and the elephant’s trumpets. Instead, he heard the ocean waves crash against the rocks and the sound of faint voices on the beach. Curious about the sounds, he slowly moved toward the voices to get a closer look. Arnie hid behind a large boulder as he watched a family wearing vibrantly colored swimsuits picnic on the beach. The colors of their swimsuits reminded him of clothing worn by tribes he had seen on the savannah. He noticed the mother rubbing a white lotion on her daughter’s back. Squinting, he could read the word “sunscreen” on the lotion’s bottle. Since Arnie is nocturnal, he couldn’t understand why the family would want to screen themselves from the sun. At night, the colors are muted by the darkness but daylight brings out nature’s beauty. He thought to himself, “Who would want to screen such a magnificent view?” Glancing into the Ocean, Arnie could see a father and a son riding surfboards on the waves. He couldn’t help but be fearful of the water. Back where he came from, aardvarks had to be careful when drinking from the rivers bed. Crocodiles would often be lurking just below the surface.
Arnie made a home in a small cove near the beach. Unlike most aardvarks that sleep during the day and hunt at night, Arnie just didn’t want to miss the colors that could only be appreciated during the daytime. He loved watching the African birds in flight and the dolphins leaping through the water. Arnie eventually overcame his fear of the water. He would smile to himself when he would hear swimmers on shore commenting about seeing a geyser. Little did they know that it was Arnie swimming on his back just below the water’s surface shooting it upward using his long snout. Because of his long snout, he also was a natural at snorkeling because he could see the beauty of the coral reef while staying submerged for hours. Finally his years of experience digging up ant hills and termite mounds made him an expert at building sand castle huts just like he used to see on the savannah.
So if you happen to visit the beaches of Africa and see either a geyser or a sand castle hut, just remember that Arnie is somewhere close by.

730 words
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Old 07-24-2009, 09:06 PM   #159
Beam me up, I'm
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Kinz Queen is a splendid one to beholdKinz Queen is a splendid one to beholdKinz Queen is a splendid one to beholdKinz Queen is a splendid one to behold

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

It was summer, last bastion of unfettered joy for youth set free from the confines of stale books and moldering desks. It was cool evenings following long hot days, ice cream cones that melted on the hand and ran down the arm, firefly brigades and marching bands, lemonade sipped in the shade of a burgeoning oak. It was the steady whir of bicycle wheels, the playing cards slap-slapping on spokes, soft-scented flowers drawing little girls into fields where daisy wreaths were laced into billowing blonde hair. It was rolling down a hill till you landed at the bottom, dizzy and nauseous, then running back up the hill to do it again. It was rapture.

Jolly loved the beach more than anything else. He loved the sand and the water and the kiss of the sun on his striped back. Jolly was an aardvark.

“Just for a few hours, Jiggles. Please?”

“All right,” said Jiggles, the leopard. “We’ll go to the beach.”

Jolly jumped up and down, smiling and flicking his tongue out. “Yay!”

“Put on your swimsuit. Get your towel and sandals. Grab the umbrella and sunscreen. You know how you burn.”

Jolly did as he was told. He gathered everything together in a canvas tote and then stuffed Jiggles’ things inside as well. That being done, they headed off toward the beach.

The house that Jiggles and Jolly shared was only a mile from the beach, so they made their way through town. Mr. Parker’s drug store was blocked off. They were laying a new sidewalk and the big cement mixer was parked out front.

Jiggles plodded along with Jolly bringing up the rear. The sun was hot and the beach within sight, and Jolly babbled as he walked.

“I don’t want to wear sunscreen. I don’t like the smell. Can we get a hot dog when we get there? Or maybe rent a surfboard? I love surfing.”

Jolly walked across the sidewalk in front of the drug store, babbling all the while. He hopped up and down as he spoke, giggling in anticipation and laughing until his sides hurt. Then Jolly began to walk slower…and slower…and s-l-o-w-e-r.

And then he stopped.

“Jiggles! Please help!”

Jiggles turned around to see Jolly, frozen in place and not moving at all. He had walked all around the drug store, splashing into the wet cement as he went. The cement had dried and, being somewhat of a statue now, Jolly couldn’t move.

“Oh, please, Jiggles! Please help me!”

“I’ll get someone to come help me get the cement off you.”

“Never mind that,” said Jolly. “Just get me to the beach.”

Jiggles disappeared around the corner for a moment and when he came back, there were three monkeys with him. Jiggles didn’t have hands and thumbs with which to carry the statue that was now Jolly, but the monkeys sure did.

The monkeys reached down and grabbed hold of the cement-covered Jolly and began carrying him toward the beach. The cement itched a bit and made him feel very warm, but his nose quivered with excitement as they set him down on the sand.

“Look at it this way, Jiggles. At least I won’t have to wear sunscreen.”

536 words

Last edited by Kinz Queen; 07-24-2009 at 09:08 PM.. Reason: Added word count
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Old 07-24-2009, 09:14 PM   #160
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cpom defies all oddscpom defies all oddscpom defies all oddscpom defies all oddscpom defies all oddscpom defies all oddscpom defies all oddscpom defies all oddscpom defies all oddscpom defies all oddscpom defies all oddscpom defies all oddscpom defies all oddscpom defies all oddscpom defies all odds

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

What a perfect day to go to the beach and show off my new swimsuit. As I headed down to the sand, I passed a hotdog stand and my tummy grumbled. I had missed lunch! I got a couple of hotdogs to eat on the way.

I found the ideal spot and set up my blanket and umbrella. I made sure to put on my sunscreen so I wouldn't get a sunburn. The water looked so inviting, but my tummy wasn't feeling well. I decided to lay down and rest for a bit... it's not safe to go swimming right after eating anyway.

I guess I must have been a bit tired, and I dozed off. When I woke up, I saw someone out surfing. The wave was huge, and the surfboard was sparkling in the sunlight. As I watched, he was getting closer and closer to me. It was an aardvark!

The next thing I knew, the wave was crashing all around me. I shivered as the cool water hit my skin and I realized I had set up my blanket and umbrella a little too close to the water... the tide had come in. I looked around for the aardvark, but there was no one else around. It was all a dream. I guess I shouldn't have eaten so many hotdogs!

Thanks for the awesome contest!
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awesome storyyy peeps, good luck everybody, good stories great, great stories here!, ilikecheese!!, love the aardvarks!, robertpattinsonishot:), stories are cool, third tag!

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