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Old 07-24-2009, 03:26 PM   #141
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Talking Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Note: The name Muraco means "White Moon".

The Heat Wave

It was the longest, hottest summer of the year, and everyone in Webkinz World was suffering. Plumpy’s hand was too slippery with sweat to hold her pencil, Arte had to come back from his treasure-hunting trip early due to a bad sun-burn, and the adoption center was bustling with cranky, thirsty pets, all driving Mrs. Birdy crazy. If was as if the Sun had finally decided to drop out of orbit and stop by for a visit without realizing that he was burning everyone he met.
Of course, the pets could have helped each other. They could have lent each other an ice cube, or helped one another to fix their air-conditioning. But throughout the drought, the webkinz had forgotten how to be kind and friendly, now only caring for themselves. They lived through the waves of heat miserable, cranky and unfeeling.
Of all of the webkinz, three pets were especially unhappy, but at least still moderately kind to each other. Hiding indoors to get away from the blistering heat, the trio of friends tried their best to stay cool.
“It’s too hot,” complained Garbonzo the lion for the umpteenth time. He was lying on his back in his swimsuit, paws over his eyes like he was hoping that if he couldn’t see the heat, then he couldn’t feel it. His mane was dripping with perspiration and melting sunscreen.
“We’re all going to die,” said Holt the fox dramatically from his position in front of the open freezer. He pulled his head out of the frozen box to add, “The world is coming to an end”.
From across the room, Hannah the hippo sighed. “No one is going to die, Holt.” She pulled her feet out of the water (which was now considerably warm) and began to dry them. “We just need to think of something else. You know, get our minds off of the weather.”
The three friends thought.
And thought.
And thought.
“I haven’t a clue,” said Holt after a while. “I mean, what is there to do on such a day?”
“What we need to do is go swimming,” stated Garbonzo, who was imagining himself diving into a pool of ice-cold water (or Jell-o and hotdogs, because he was hungry).
“We can’t, remember?” said Hannah. “All of the water in Webkinz World has rather dried up with the heat or is too boiling hot to touch from sizzling in the Sun all day.” She looked down at her bathtub and sniffed. “There’s no cold water left anywhere.”
“Yes there is.”
Holt, Hannah and Garbonzo looked up in surprise. Who could know where to find such a miracle? In the doorway stood a fox. He looked a lot like Holt, but something was different about him...
“Muraco!” cried Holt, turning away from the freezer to run towards the stranger. They hugged, then Holt turned to his bewildered friends. “Hannah, Garbonzo; this is my cousin, Muraco. He lives in the Arctic.” He faced the white fox again, puzzled. “But what are you doing here? I usually only see you on special occasions.”
Muraco smiled. “Ah, cousin. But this is a special occasion!” Muraco grinned at the other’s baffled expressions. “I was watching the Newz, and I happened to hear about your heat wave crisis, so I’ve come to lend a paw.”
When they still seemed bemused, Muraco continued, “What if I told you that there was a place where it’s always cold..?”
Now he had their attention.

“And so you see,” Muraco concluded his speech with feeling. “That’s why I’ve come here to invite you all to my home in the Arctic.”
He looked nervously to his cousin and friends waiting in the wings of the stage. While they clapped their hands and mouthed, “good job!” to him, the towns-pets had started muttering to one another suspiciously.
“Who is he?”
“He looks different.”
“Where is this so-called ‘Arctic’ place?”
Finally, someone dared to speak up.
“Why do you want to help us, anyway? What do you want in return? You’re not getting any of my crops, if that’s what it comes to!”
The crowd agreed, calling out demands that they would refuse. He wasn’t getting any kinzcash from anyone, nor was he going to get a free spin on the Wheel of Wow. And he could forget about receiving a W-Shop coupon for a free surfboard!
Holt ran to his cousin to back him up, Hannah and Garbonzo following behind. They stood in a line at his side, hands on their hips. Muraco nodded, and cleared his throat.
“What do I want?” he asked.
The webkinz in the crowd stop yelling to hear his answer.
“What do I want?” he repeated. “I want all of you to stop acting like *****s! Webkinz used to be all about happiness, and fun and games! What’s happened? You’re being mean to each other for no reason. You’re behaving like…like Shining Stars! But Webkinz are above them, above all other stuffed animals! Why? Because of the way we can form a bond with any child just by being there for them. You used to love playing as much as aardvarks love to eat ants. I used to be proud to be a webkinz, but now…I’m not so sure.”
Every pet was speechless. The silence was deafening, but no one dared break it. Holt was starring at his cousin like he was seeing him for the first time, while Hannah was making a “told you so” face at the crowd.
Eventually, a little golden retriever made his way to the front. He looked up at Muraco and said,
“I’m sorry.”
He started a chain reaction ― now everyone was apologizing; hugging and crying and hugging some more. They couldn’t believe how stupid they had been.
Muraco smiled. The pets were once again getting along, and Webkinz World was once again the best place to live. The heat wave would soon be over, but in the meantime…
“Come on, everyone!” He shouted. “Who’s up for a vacation to the Arctic..?”

The End!

1006 Words. I hope it still counts even though I went over a little. If not, I'm sure that I could take out six words...

Names and characters of Holt and Garbonzo are of PeachblossomPlush Inc. Do not take them, please!
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Old 07-24-2009, 03:35 PM   #142
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

While all my friends are relaxing by a pool this summer, I’m going to be staying at a lake with my annoying cousins. When we were little, my cousin, Tammie, cut my hair. There was a huge bald spot in my hair for weeks! “Mom! There is no way I’m staying with Tammie for the summer, remember in 2nd grade, what she did to my hair!?” I complained. “Oh, Kayla, Will you ever let that go!? You are going and THAT’S FINAL!” My mom glared at me. There had to be a way I could squeeze out of this! 2 DAYS LATER……………………… “ Hi Kayla! I’m so excited to see you! Yay! You are going to be like my sister!” Tammie squealed. She was wearing her purple swim suit. “Want to go swim in the lake!?” “I forgot my bathing suit.” I lied. “Oh, no you didn’t, I packed it in your bag. Bye!” My mom said. I ran upstairs and got my swim suit on. I ran outside. “Here’s the sun screen, Kayla!” Tammie said handing me a tube of sun screen. I put my sun screen on. “CANNON BALL!!!!!” Tammie screamed running of the dock. I followed her. We swam out farther. “Hey Kayla, Race you back to the dock!” I swam my fastest. “Wow Kayla, You are fast!” We kept swimming. Before we knew it, she was my best friend. “Hey Tammie, look at that sunset!” I said amazed. “Yes I know, I usually get out the inflatable rafts and just lay here and watch.” Tammie said. She looked at me. Then she swam to the docks and went into the shed. She came out dragging two rafts. “Here you go!” We pulled the rafts out farther in the lake. We laid there, just watching. Then I heard snoring. It was Tammie. I pushed her off her raft and swam. “hey!” She yelled laughing. I grabbed a towel and dried off. I sat at a beach chair. She came out, shivering. “Yes Miss, may I help you?” I said, trying not to laugh. “Ha Ha, very funny” Tammie said seriously, but she was smiling ear to ear. “Girls! Dinner is ready!” My aunt Tracie called. We opened the screen door and walked inside. My uncle George walked in behind us, carrying a plate of hot dogs. “Right off the grill!” My uncle said smiling. My Aunt put two hot dogs in buns and put them on separate plates. “Here you go, girls!” We walked outside. I overheard Aunt Tracie whisper something to Uncle George, “I’m so glad she has a friend, she’s been so lonely” We sat at the picnic table. I took a huge bite out of my hot dog. Tammie laughed, “You like some sort of chipmunk!” After we were finished went to bed. I had brought a sleeping bag. Tammie pulled her sleeping bag out onto the floor of her living room. Her sleeping bag had an aardvark on it. I looked at her. “What!? I love aardvarks!” Tammie said defending her sleeping bag. “Ever seen one?” I asked curiously. “Yup, sure I have. I saw one at a zoo.” “I thought you absolutely despised zoos!? “I said. “Oh yes! I hate them! They lock up poor innocent animals. The first time I went there, I thought animals would be roaming free, but no, they were behind glass and cages! I saw an aardvark there. And that was my FIRST and LAST time I went to the zoo!” Tammie explained. We dozed off to sleep. RING….RING…… “What?” I said, sleepily. “Wakey-Wakey sleepy head!” Tammie shook me. “ITS 5:30!” “Yes it is! So get up, get up!” After 15 minutes, I finally got up. We went outside. I followed here into the shed. “Now where did I put those goggles?” Tammie mumbled. I saw a flowered surf board. “What’s this surf board for? You catch a lot of waves here at this lake?” I said sarcastically. “Very funny, my dad was a surfer in his 20s he said” Tammie explained. “See that trophy over there? He won that on one of his competitions.” The trophy was bronze but how it shimmered in the light, I thought it was gold. “Oh, here are the goggles!” Tammie handed me a pair of sky-blue goggles. As usual, Tammie sped out of the shed screaming “CANNON BALL” a huge splash got me soaked. I decided to try….. “CANNON BALL” I went running off the dock! I nearly jumped on Tammie. She squeaked and swam away. We laughed. We had wonderful times that summer. I remembered when I wanted to stay home. Boy was I crazy then! I had so much fun and didn’t want it to end! But of course everything has to end sometime. But I didn’t ever forget about Tammie. I E-mailed her all the time. And the next summer I am going to the beach with her. Uncle George is going to teach us to surf! I can’t wait until then!

835 words
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Old 07-24-2009, 03:50 PM   #143
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing



My Webkinz were so excited about going to the beach on vacation!!!! They were going to have a birthday celebration for my pet Pengwy's 2nd birthday. They packed their little tiny bags with lots of tiny stuff. Then, they drove their Webkinz Hummer over a big bridge. It took 2 hours and 48 minutes to arrive at their hotel, the Webkinz Inn Express. When the got to their room, they jumped on the beds and almost broke one! They went to the boardwalk, played skeeball and won lots of prizes. They also went to the Candy Kitchen Store to visit their Webkinz brothers, sisters and cousins, who were on sale there. And they ate a lot of fudge! The next day, they had a big party on the beach for Pengwy. During the party, a horrible thing happened! A giant aardvark ate their sunscreen, surfboard, and an entire hot dog! He even ate their spare swimsuit! They called the police, who put the aardvark in jail, and made him pay the Webkinz for everything he ate. With all that extra money, they bought Pengwy more birthday gifts, and more souvenirs for themselves. The next day, they went downstairs for breakfast, and bought some bananas, apples and oranges to take with them to the Webkinz Water Park. Their favorite water ride was the Lazy River. That night, they ate pizza and found lots of shells by the seashore. My pet clownfish Nemo, and my manatee Swimmy, went under the sea to meet some live clownfish and manatees. When it was time to go home, everyone was very sad. But then, my pet chipmunk Smores reminded everyone, "We can always come back!" So everyone started planning their next vacation!

By Nathan (with a little help from Mom)

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Old 07-24-2009, 03:59 PM   #144
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Yay! It was my favorite day of the year. My favorite day of the month. My favorite day EVER! It was my beach party day. I always call my best friend to have them come over. Strangely enough though, they don’t seem to enjoy it as much as I do.
Anyway, I called my friend, Clive the AARDVARK, and I asked if he wanted to come to my beach party at my house. His response was, “Oh no, you haven’t filled the living room with sand again, have you?” Reluctantly, he agreed to come though. One thing you should know about Clive though, is that he is not easily excited.
Once he came, I checked with him to make sure he had everything. “HOT DOGS and SWIMSUIT?” I eagerly asked. He barely nodded. We walked into the living room (which by the way was full of sand) and I sat down oh my recliner, which was buried almost to the top, and reclined it back. Clive just sat down. I turned on my bright overhead light, put on my sunglasses and SUNSCREEN, and relaxed. Suddenly I sat up straight. “Wait Clive, we forgot to invite Bonzo. He’s my Koala friend.”
“Does he like HOT DOGS”? Clive asked.
“Don’t invite him. More for us.” Then he gave me a smile. Pretty rare.
I sat back on my recliner. 15 minutes later I decided we should do something. I asked Clive, “Do AARDVARKS like to swim?” He said yes, so I went to my bathtub and kept the water turned on until it was filled to the top. Clive said he wanted to go first so I let him. He asked me if I had a SURFBOARD. I didn’t, but I told him I had a spare piece of cardboard in the garage. I got it and gave it to him, but it turned out he was to heavy for it and he just sank. We went into the living room again and ate some hot dogs. Then we just sat around again. Clive eventually said he had to go home, so he left. I emptied the sand in the living room and the water in the bath tub.

Ah, now you can see why I love this wonderful day!

379 words
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Old 07-24-2009, 04:22 PM   #145
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tinkrulz knows the way

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

My Silly Summertime Vacation

When I got to the beach, I figured I'd have a nice, normal vacation. Boy, was I wrong...

"Mom! Where's my sunscreen?" I asked my mother frantically.
"I don't know," she replied. "Didn't you bring it?"
I moaned. "Oh no," I said to myself. I had forgotten my sunscreen.
"At least I have my swimsuit." I said to myself, as I ran to get a hotdog. As I finished my last bite, I got up off my sun-warmed towel, and grabbed my surfboard.
"I'm going in the water, Mom," I called as I jumped in. I sat up on my board and paddled. I caught the first wave I saw, but fell, as i got there. I sighed as I got out of the water. A little brown animal rubbed against my legs, so I pocked it up, without looking, and gave it a kiss on the top of it's head, thinking it was my dog. Then I heard my dog bark, and it definitely did not come from the animal in my arms. I looked down and shrieked as I dropped the poor creature. As it scampered away, my mom walked up with my real dog.
"Was that...an...aardvark?" she asked, puzzled.
"You have no idea," I said as I groaned.

About 205 words
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Old 07-24-2009, 04:24 PM   #146
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

super odd story. LOL
I wrote it as I went.

I approached the Surf Cabaña slowly, walking in a measured pace, letting the sun hit my bare skin. I hoped my sunscreen would be strong enough not to let me burn. I planned to enter the Surf contest later in the day. I took a seat in one of the 10 stools lined up against the bamboo bar. It was surprisingly cool under this tent. An aardvark pin hung on the lanyard of the bartender.
“What can I get you, today missy?” he questioned.
“I’ll take a pineapple smoothie and hot dog,” I said calmly. “And also, may I ask what your pin is about?”
“No,” his simple answer made me upset. “Your order will be out in a minute”
I sat and thought. Aardvarks? In California? On Santa Monica beach? The man brought out my order. I sat and ate slowly, as usual, paid and left. I walked twords my hotel just close enough to the ocean to get my feet wet, but not my swimsuit. I only had a bikini and shorts on but when it got wet, it didn’t feel right. My surfboard and real swimsuit waited for me back in room 247, third floor. I could hear the key and change jingling in my pocket.
I got back to my hotel room just in time. It was 5 PM, 2 hours before the surf competition. My parents where already ready to leave and plus, I needed to check in. I quickly changed, put my coverup on and grabbed my surfboard. “This is it,” I thought. “Let’s go.” I looked in the mirror, tusseled my long brown curls and smiled. My dad called from the door.
“You coming sweetie?”
“Yes,” was all I could say.
We walked from our room, to the elevator, to the lobby, to the board walk. The greatness of having your hotel right on the 1st peir. We needed to be at the 5th, so it didn’t matter anyways. We walked and walked for what seemed forever. We got to the surfers’ tent around 6:30 and I was the last to check in. The first surfer was about to start. He did a few tricks and came back in. Same for the next person, and next and next…. I was #25. It would be a while. I walked up to the scoreboard to check the scores.
In first was Wilkinson with points, second was Daniels with points and in third was Finnagin with points. The rest, didn’t matter since they had been disqualified. Only #8 was coming back up the beach, so I sat an relaxed………..
. They announced my name over the loudspeaker as I paddled out to the waves. The first wave came and I let it go. Same for the second. As the third came up, I was ready.
I paddled back twords the now distant beach quicky. Waiting for the right moment to stand, I suddenly saw an aardvark surfing. He had a number, but it was to soggy to make it out. Was I dreaming, or going crazy? I kept going, but I was too late. The wave had engulphed me. I was now underwater, gasping for air. I couldn’t find my way back up. The merky water held me under, like I was stuck under a thick layer of ice.
I was loosing air quickly. I couldn’t breathe at this point. How long was I under here? I love my family. I miss my sister. Why was I such a horrible friend to Sally? Why can’t I get out of her – I was cut off as I disappeared deeper into the blackness.------------------------- > I can feel something on my mouth *cough* *cough* I can feel water coming up my throught. Am I ali - *cough* ve? Or did I die and go to heaven? Nether, I was dreaming.I suddenly woke up. The announcer was shaking me.
“It’s your turn, number 25,” he said.
“Oh. OH!” I was releaved of the darkness and the light filled my eyes. I got up, grabbed my surfboard and paddled out. I knew I could do this. I took the first wave, paddled back and stood up. I did 10 overall tricks and made a smooth landing back on shore. The announcer and my family where complimenting me as the judges tallied up the results.
After number #26 went, a late entry we all stood and waited to hear the winner. I was nervous, because I was the underdog here. Everyone said I had no chance. People where babbling around me, saying they thought Wilkinson would win, as no one has done as good. The scoreboard though, hadn’t been updated since #14 went. To keep things secret. A tall lady in shorts and a t-shirt came to the microphone. Everyone became silent and waited.
“ We are proud to announce the winner of the annual JR’s surf completion here in Santa Monica,” she began. “In all 25 years of this tradition, no one of the age of 13 has won, until now. I am so pleased to announce that Joanna Fisher is the winner of this year’s trick completion…”
After that, I couldn’t hear anymore. I was in my own world of happiness and my parents hugged me warmly. I won. Oh my god. I won. I won. I won. FIRST PLACE
“I WONNNNN!!!!!” I yelled.
“We knew you could do it, hun,” my mom said.
The announcer came up to interview me. He congradulated me, then asked,
“What was your motivation?”
“Aarvarks,” I said.

By Katie.
923 words
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Fred the aardvark couldn’t wait to go to the beach, eat hotdogs, and try to teach himself how to surf. He slipped into his swimsuit, grabbed his towel, and tip-toed to the door as quietly as possible. But just as he was about to leave, his mother stopped him and applied sunscreen to his fur. That was the only thing about going to the beach that Fred couldn’t stand. Sunscreen was so slimy and greasy feeling and his mother always slathered on such an ample amount of it, that it made Fred feel like he couldn’t breathe.
“Now remember to put some more of this on after you first go into the water, because it isn’t waterproof. Oh, and if you sweat, because it’s going to be hot, you should apply a second coat as well.” his mother finished.
Yeah, like that will ever happen. I’m not going to torture myself even further by putting more of this junk on my fur! YUCK!” Fred thought to himself. “Why do you always make me wear so much sunscreen?” He complained, already knowing the answer.
“Because I love you,” his mother replied, “and I don’t want to see my son as red as a lobster, and itchy all over! I only want what’s best for you sweetie!” She kissed his head as Fred opened the door. “Goodbye!” she called after him as he left.
“Ah.” Fred sighed as he floated on the water. “This is nice.” He took a bite of his fresh hotdog and watched the gulls, screeching “Hotdog, hotdog!” as they wheeled overhead. Laughing, Fred tore off a little of his hotdog bun and tossed it high in the air. The birds swooped down, and snatched it out of the sky. There was a scuffle as the seagulls fought over it but it soon was muffled by the cacophony of the waves below. “I’m bored.” Fred said aloud a minute later. “I’m going to make a sand castle.” He swam to the sand and took out his bucket and shovel. Then he worked diligently for an hour and a half, perfecting his masterpiece, while the sun beat down on his fur.
Finally, Fred finished his sand castle. It was a sight to behold, with a moat and turrets and even a drawbridge made of drift wood. The castle was bedecked with glorious seashells of every color and shape, and little sticks with leaves fluttering in the breeze sat atop his achievement. It was perfect. He had actually had the blueprint for the structure imprinted in his mind for a couple of weeks, and so he had brought a camera with him so he could capture the moment, before the tide came and ruined the fruit of his efforts. He snapped a photo and not a moment too soon. The minute the flash shut off, a huge wave came and wiped away every trace of the castle’s existence. Fred smiled and silently congratulated himself for his clever preplanning prowess. Suddenly, Fred realized he was feeling very hot so he decided to get back in the water and try out his incredible new surfboard.
Fred bravely paddled with his front legs, out farther than he had ever been. He saw a wave bearing down on him and paddled into the rising water. He courageously stood up on all four legs and did the best he could to stay upright and not fall into the water. But he tilted too far and wiped out! “Ouch!” he cried as he fell into the roaring waves. He grabbed hold of his surfboard and hauled himself back up onto it. “Let’s Dance!” He said, as the wave got bigger and bigger until it was towering in the air. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” He screamed as the wave jerked him around. But somehow Fred kept his balance and rode the wave as if he had done it hundreds of times before. “Dude,” said a turtle sitting on the beach. “That mini dude is like a natural surfer dude. You know what I’m saying dude.” “…Dude.” replied his buddy as they watched in awe.
After he got back from riding the biggest wave that anyone had ever seen, Fred sadly noted that the sun was going down and he had to get back home. He packed away his bucket and his shovel, folded up his towel and safely stored his camera in a separate compartment in his bag. “Funny,” The young aardvark thought, starting home, “it’s evening now but I still feel as hot as if the sun was still high in the sky.
“I’m home!” Fred called as he walked through the door. He strode toward his room, but as he passed the bathroom he did a double take. Slowly, he walked into the bathroom. Staring back at him from the mirror was what looked like an aardvark, but this creature was tomato-red. “Oh no,” he said, suddenly realizing that the strange creature was HIM! “MOM!!” The aardvark screamed and she came running.
“Oh dear, oh sweetie” she said quietly, clucking her tongue and staring at him.
“What HAPPENED?!” Fred screamed.
“You didn’t put on another coat of sunscreen after you went in the water did you?” she said simply.
“Umm…” Fred fidgeted “uhhhh…”
“Well?” his mother asked.
No. I didn’t.”
She glared at him. “Didn’t I tell you this would happen? Didn’t I warn you?” She said exasperatedly - then she went full tilt bananas. Screeching like a chimpanzee and chucking various items across the room. Slimy, yellow froth slithered from her snapping jaws. Fred screamed in terror as she lunged. Dodging away from his deranged parental unit, he picked up the phone and quickly called 911. “Umm, yo officer dude, my mom went rabid and what not….”
“Shut up ya stupid kid I don’t have time for this!”
“WH’EVS!!” Fred shouted violently into the phone. He then threw the phone down on the ground with such unbridled rage it broke into a thousand tiny pieces. Yet again his mom lunged and he screeched running out the door until his already smoking, sun-singed hide caught on fire. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!” he blubbered as he jumped into the ocean and swam to Norway.

(1,031 words so I'm a little over and I hope it's ok) PS: My crazy sister wrote the ending.
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

As I was in my bathing suit,putting on some sunscreen,Iwent surfing with my webkinz.Then,we all ate hot dogs and saw aardvarks!One of us needed to surf again beacause we were all sweaty so we grabbed our surfboards and surfed!
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Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

One Monday, Goober heard a knock on the door and went to answer it, but the only thing there was a piece of paper. Curiously, he read it aloud to himself:

You're invited!
This Tuesday, 3:30 pm at 555 Webkinz Lane.
Bring bathing suit and sunscreen and a smile!

He looked around to see if the deliverer was still around. One by one, other People were coming out of their houses to find the mysterious piece of paper on their doorstep. They were doing the same thing as him in different levels of curiosity. He went inside and tried to figure out who could have sent this note and whether he should believe it.
Ms. Birdy! Who else could have created such a nice polite note? He decided to call her and ask what the occasion was. He looked in the Webbies White Pages to find her number and started to dial: 6-4-2-9-
BRINNNNNGGGG!! He nearly dropped the phone.
"Hello?" He asked.
"Hi, this is Ms. Birdy-"
"Sorry to interrupt you, but I got this note just now and-"
"I did as well! How peculiar. I was calling you about the note. I thought maybe you had a new invention to exhibit."
"I was about to call you because I thought that only you could be this polite with a note."
"I was thinking of going if you would like to come with me."
"Of course! Do you want to meet-up and walk in together?"
"That would be delightful! I will see you there to walk in together tomorrow, Goober!" With an invisible grin to Goober, she hung up.
Goober headed to his closet to find a bathing suit. He found three suits. One was test tubes with a dark blue background, the second was hot dogs with a deep red-colored background, and the other had aardvarks with a light-brown background. He looked from one to the other trying to decide which to wear. The final decision was the test tubes because it was his favorite. He couldn't wait to find out what was happening at the event tomorrow.
He had a delectable meal of Bluchetta Grillon and Blucocrunch bread and followed it with half of a batch of chortletort (Chef Gazpacho had given it to him to test). After such a big meal, he fell asleep in no time at all.
He dreamed of a big barbecue, then of a hot tub party, then of relaxing on beach. The list of ideas went on and on. The nightmare came last.
He pictured himself walking onto the beach and finding no one there. He went to look at Ms. Birdy next to him, but she had disappeared. He walked onto the beach figuring that he could relax and get a tan. He fell asleep in the sun and when he woke up everyone in Kinzville was standing around him pointing rudely and laughing. He looked down at himself and saw that his whole body (except where the bathing suit was of course) had horrible sunburn. He started to run towards his house when he realized that his feet were burning. Goober had forgotten his shoes along with his towel back at the beach.
Suddenly, he woke and sat stiffly in his bed. He thought about the dream and noticed that the sun was shining in the window and his sheet had fallen off during the night.
"That must be why I was feeling so hot in my dream. I’m glad it wasn’t real." Goober thought to himself. He had a yummy webkinz breakfast fit for a king: a sunrise sandwich. He knew how to make it because it was simple when all he needed was tomato, eggs, and bread.
He headed to the living room and flipped on his KinzVision HDTV. He decided to watch monkey and monkey to get some laughs before lunch.
Time flew by and he had lunch and thought that he had better leave for the event. He changed into his bathing suit and grabbed his sunscreen (so his bad dream wouldn't come true), the invitation, and he made sure to have his smile on too.
He got to the address and looked around for Ms. Birdy. She walked up behind him.
"Ready?" she asked.
He nodded in approval and together they entered the path amongst the trees. The path seemed to go on forever. At one point, they came to a huge rock in the way and Goober went first and assisted Ms. Birdy's venture over it. They walked a little longer and came to Nafaria, the bad fairy.
"Give me your charms now or receive my wrath!" she growled at the pair.
Ms. Birdy looked at Goober and he answered Nafaria, "I'm sorry but we left them back a little ways. I brought them to show at the event ahead but I seem to have dropped them."
Nafaria swooshed by them on her way to be first to find the alleged charms.
Goober led the way as the trees finally split and revealed a wide open area. It was covered with flowers and a couple picnic tables. There were balloons and coolers all around. It had everything except people. Goober checked his watch and he was five minutes late. He looked to the right and saw a small opening to a body of water. He walked through to see the ocean with plenty of beach.
He walked onto the beach and turned around to go back and wait at a picnic table. As he spun around, he got a big shock.
“SURPRISE!” Everyone from all over Kinzville leaped from the trees lining the beach. Enorma Elephant stepped forward and said, “This is the anniversary of your first successful invention in Kinzville and we wanted to celebrate! C’mon, let’s go swimming! And Goober, your present is a surfboard so you can ‘hang ten’ anytime you want!” Everyone took off running towards the ocean. Goober gripped his new surfboard and led the entire group to the water.

1001 words maybe only 1000. I hope that it is at least an enjoyable read even if it doesn't win a prize!
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

How I Celebrated Summer

“It was a dark and stormy night…” typed Jenny as she started her paper about her summer vacation. Actually, it WAS a dark and stormy night. It was the end of summer and summer storms were as common as hot dogs at a baseball game.

Jenny was thinking about the beach trip that she had taken with her parents a few weeks ago and how it had helped beat the dog days of summer. Because what else is better than getting a few rays (with the proper amount of sunscreen, of course) and jumping the waves? But this trip didn’t happen this picture perfect way….

Jenny’s dad pulled up to their uncle’s beach house on Sunday afternoon and Jenny ran inside to get her swimsuit on. “Jenny- you need to visit with your aunt and uncle before you go out to the beach” scolded her mom. And by the time she had Aunt Amanda all caught up on school and dance and gymnastics, it was time for dinner and bed.

The next day, it rained all day and Jenny could only look out the window hoping for sun tomorrow. The next morning, more rain. Back to Monopoly and Scrabble with her cousins. Jenny was to the point of wishing for an internet connection to play Webkinz. Oh how she wished they would come out with an aardvark plushie! She had seen some in a book about Texas and never thought she would see them in person.

By now, Jenny was really getting desperate. She could walk on the beach in the rain, but the waves were too strong to swim in. The waves were getting bigger with the storm. Her family was leaving tomorrow afternoon to go back home and Jenny had not even been able to swim even once!

That last night at the beach was the darkest and stormiest night of all. It was the middle of the night and Jenny woke up to a knock at the door. She waited a few minutes and she heard the knock again. After a third time, she crept to the front door and opened it to wind and rain but nothing that would have been knocking. She closed the door and heard it again but she realized that it wasn’t coming from the front door but somewhere in the front of the house.

She opened the door again and walked down the front steps. To her surprise, the waves had made it all the way up to the retaining wall in front of the house! Then Jenny saw something moving in the dark. As she squinted- she saw something shiny and long tapping on the wall. It was a piece of wood washed up from somewhere! Jenny grabbed it and pulled it up to the front porch and went back inside to wake her parents.

After dad opened one eye and heard her story, he told her that the retaining wall was safe and to go back to bed. Jenny went back to bed and went to sleep listening to the thumder and the waves crashing.

The next morning, Jenny awoke to her uncle exclaiming “How in the world did THAT get here????” Jenny opened her eyes to the sunlight shining in her eyes and walked outside. It had stopped raining!

“What is it Uncle Arte?”, Jenny asked.

“Well, Jenny. It was going to be a surprise for your birthday but it looks like your birthday present that we got for you has appeared here on the porch somehow!”

Jenny looked down and saw the object that she had pulled out of the dark the night before. It was a wet, shiny surfboard with a rainbow painted on it! Jenny ran inside to get her swimsuit on and spent the rest of the day playing in the waves and the sun.

It was the BEST day of her summer vacation!

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awesome storyyy peeps, good luck everybody, good stories great, great stories here!, ilikecheese!!, love the aardvarks!, robertpattinsonishot:), stories are cool, third tag!

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