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Old 07-24-2009, 07:01 AM   #121
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Gypsy is not just visiting!Gypsy is not just visiting!Gypsy is not just visiting!Gypsy is not just visiting!Gypsy is not just visiting!Gypsy is not just visiting!Gypsy is not just visiting!Gypsy is not just visiting!Gypsy is not just visiting!Gypsy is not just visiting!Gypsy is not just visiting!

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

The Webkinz Circle of Friends (what I call my group of Webkinz) were all getting ready to go to the beach one day in July. They were all gathering their swimsuits, beach towels, summer hats, sandals, and beach toys like balls, buckets, and shovels. Once everybody was ready, they headed across the street to their neighbors’ house.

Eleanor the li’l white mouse answered the door. She was dressed in a blue t-shirt, striped shorts, sandals, and a blue sun hat. “Hi!” she said. “We’re almost ready. Madeline and Emerald are just putting on some sunscreen so they don’t get burned.”

“Ah the advantages of being a creature with fur,” Gypsy the alley cat said.

“Definitely,” Eleanor said.

“Or feathers,” Annika the li’l penguin said coming up to them.

“Or feathers,” Gypsy amended. Annika was dressed in a purple hearts swimsuit top and purple swimsuit bottom. “All ready to get into the water when we get there?” Gypsy asked.

“Absolutely!” Annika said. “I love swimming. I plan to spend most of my time in the water.”

“Me, too,” Lorelei the manatee said, floating up to the group in her bubble of water.

“You’re always swimming, Lorelei,” Cindy the black and white cat said.

“True,” Lorelei said, “but it will be a change of scenery. And I won’t have to stay in this bubble all the time.”

Jocelyn the li’l panda, Rosemary the Floral Fox, Daffodil the skunk, Mistletoe the Hedgehog, Sassafras the Chipmunk, and Juliet the Signature Raccoon all came over and talked to the horses and cats of the Circle for a few minutes.

“Sorry to keep you guys waiting,” Madeline the Velvety Elephant said, coming up to the group with Emerald the li’l Bullfrog. “We wanted to make sure the sunscreen was soaked in before we left.”

“No problem,” Crystal the American Albino said, and off they went.

It was still fairly early in the day, but the beach was already crowded. Gypsy, her little sister Sandy, Cindy, Hope the li’l gold and white cat, Faith the li’l grey and white cat, Amber the cheeky cat, Charlotte the charcoal cat, Jasmine the Persian, Lily the Himalayan, Orchid the Siamese, Laila the Domino Cat, and Sable the Black cat all laid out beach towels and lay down. Jasmine and Lily laid theirs under a nearby tree because, with their long hair, they would get too hot lying in the sun. The short haired cats didn’t have this problem and laid theirs in the sun for some sunbathing. Crystal, Cocoa the brown Arabian, Dove the grey Arabian, Johanna the black Friesian, Melrose the Clydesdale, Jubilee the li’l horse, and Chenoa the Pinto went off to join another group of horses who were splashing and playing about in the surf. Madeline joined the elephants and velvety elephants in the water, splashing and spraying each other with their trunks. Lorelei joined a group of manatees, dolphins, fish, and whales swimming around. Annika joined in with other penguins who were playing a game where they slid down a natural slide made out of a large rock and into the water. Emerald joined the other frogs in exploring the tide pools. Jocelyn, Rosemary, Daffodil, Mistletoe, Sassafras, and Juliet got out the beach ball and began throwing it around, soon joined by other creatures.

At noon time, Crystal, Cocoa, Dove, Johanna, Melrose, Jubilee, and Chenoa came over to where Gypsy, Sandy, Cindy, Hope, Faith, Amber, Charlotte, Jasmine, Lily, Orchid, Laila, and Sable were lounging. They’d all fallen asleep.

Just then a lion pushing a grill on wheels walked along the beach. He had hot dogs, hamburgers, shrimp, and many other things cooking on his grill. The smell of the food cooking caused the cats to wake up. They and the horses ran for the food. Each of the cats had a hot dog while each of the horses had a carrot and apple kabob.

They had just finished up eating and looked out towards the sea. There was somebody out there on a surfboard. They watched as whoever-it-was rode the waves. They were too far away to be able to tell what kind of animal it was. As whoever-it-was came surfing in towards shore, they all saw what kind of creature it was and stared.

It was an aardvark.

The aardvark picked up his board and waved at everybody watching him “Hey everyone!” he called.

Hope ran up to him. “I’ve never seen an aardvark in Webkinz World before,” she said.

“I’m just visiting,” he replied, smiling down at her. “My name is Adisa, what’s yours?”

“Hope,” Hope replied. She then waved her friends over and introduced them.

“What kind of name is Adisa?” Jubilee asked.

“Jubilee” Chenoa scolded.

Adisa smiled. “It’s African,” he said. He turned to Chenoa. “Chenoa,” he said, “That’s Native American, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Chenoa said with a smile. “It means ‘dove’.”

Sandy had been admiring the surfboard. Adisa looked down at her. “You like my board, Sandy?” he asked.

“Very much,” Sandy replied.

“I could give you a ride if you want,” Adisa said. “In fact,” he added in a raised voice, “I’ll give rides to anybody who wants one.”

The rest of the afternoon was spent pretty much in the same manner as the morning, with Adisa giving surfboard rides to all Webkinz and li’l kinz who wanted them.

As darkness fell, pits were dug in the sand and bonfires were lit. Sticks were gathered and food stuck to them and roasted. Some Webkinz brought out instruments and played them while others sang.


“The fireworks!” somebody exclaimed.

Everybody quickly doused the fires and turned to face where the fireworks were being shot off. They came in all different colors. Some were in the usual shape of a circle. Others were heart or star shaped. However, the new Webkinz ‘W’ firework shape was the favorite. At the end of the display, everybody clapped and cheered.

That evening, everybody returned to their homes exhausted but happy. It had been a wonderful Summer Sensation holiday.
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Old 07-24-2009, 07:14 AM   #122
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

"Schools out! Schools out! Hip Hip Hooray," all the Webkinz shouted as they left the Kinzville Academy the final day of school for the summer. Bunny Foo Foo was the most excited of all. She couldn't wait to get home. She was leaving on vacation the very next day and she was elated. There was so much to do before she left tomorrow for the beach. She hoped she could get everything done in time. She still had to pack her sunscreen, swimsuit, and she couldn't forget her surfboard. She walked home faster then she had ever walked before. When she got home she immediatly went and put her surfboard by the front door so she wouldn't forget it.

Later that evening she realized that in all her excitement to get everything packed for her vacation she had forgotten to eat any dinner and her tummy was very rumbly. She looked in the fridge and decided that a hot dog with mustard would be the perfect thing to eat. She got out the buns, hotdogs and mustard and in no time at all she had a delicious dinner ready. While she was eating she went over her to do list again. Sunscreen... check! Swimsuit... check! Surfboard... check! She had everything she needed for her trip. She placed her little suitcase next to the door by the surfboard and then went to bed. It was important that she get a good night sleep so she would be ready to travel in the morning.

She could hardly sleep she was so excited. She woke up several times and peeked at the clock. Finally the alarm clock went off and it was time to rise and shine. She couldn't wait to get started for the beach. She grabbed her surfboard and suitcase and headed for the Webkinz bus station. She was very early so she had to wait for quite a while before her bus left. It was very interesting watching people at the bus station. So many different types of people. It seemed like she had to wait forever but finally it was time to go. Before she knew it she was leaving Webkinz World and headed to the beach.

She thought the scenery was beautiful and enjoyed the trip very much. She saw lots of farm fresn gardens filled with yummy veggies. She even saw a doughnut farm. Before she knew it the bus was pulling to a stop. She was finally here. She couldn't wait to get in her swimsuit and head to the water with her surfboard. First though she had to find her cousin Andrew. She would be staying with him and his family while she was on vacation. As soon as she stepped of the bus she saw him. She called his name and he came to greet her. "It's so good to see you," he said. "You too!" said Bunny Foo Foo. Andrew carried her surfboard and she carried her suitcase. First they went to Andrew's house and he showed her the guest room and told her to make herself at home. The he asked her what she would like to do first. Without any hesitation she said, "Let's go to the beach." So they got on their swimsuits and they grabbed their surfboards and they headed out. Bunny Foo Foo was having a wonderful time. They had so much fun catching waves and swimming in the ocean. Bunny Foo Foo was amazed at how well her cousin could surf. She had never seen an Aardvark hang ten like Andrew could. She couldn't wait to tell all her friends back home what a great vacation she was having. Then she giggled to herself because after all this was only the first day and there were many, many, many, more days to go. She couldn't imagine all the fun she was still going to have.
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Old 07-24-2009, 07:39 AM   #123
FireFlyz is a name known to allFireFlyz is a name known to allFireFlyz is a name known to all

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Sizzle's Silly Summer Day

It was a very hot day on July 24th with the blazing sun just beyond the deep sea water. I took a look out farther beyond the sea. It looked so amazing, like it was endless. I shot up and did a quick flip in the air, trying to show off my moves. It was almost like a show I was putting on, flips and dives and other neat tricks. When I floated back down into the water, I noticed it was more shallow that where I usually was. I became very scared at that time, searching all around for Ma. Nowhere in sight.. Hot tears were dripping down from my eyes. I'd be lost forever, not anywhere near my family. Then a quick shot of confidence ran up my spine. I would keep on looking and looking until I found her. I would never live this way, in this terrible missery with an empty spot in my heart.

I was looking until I found something very interssting but yet very scary. It was a large boat, with a white base and thick blue stripes around it. My Ma had always told be to be careful around the tuna nets. She explained it to me when I was just a little baby. The tuna boats were very dangerous, and she never wanted me to get caught. What happens is that a bunch of two-legged creatures come on large boats with a gigantic net. They let the net down, hoping to catch tuna fish, but dolphins get caught in them. They get in the net and are unable to escape. I just worked my way around it and then notice a hotdog on the ocean floor. The two-legged creatures were throwing waste in the sea. It just wasn't right! Now wonder it's getting so polluted.

One of the creatures on the boat was wearing sunscreen, I soon noticed. It was all over his nose and one the very sides of his cheeks. He didn't rub it in very good. That then reminded me, I don't need to wear sunscreen.. but why? That would always be unkown to me. I have never gotton sunburn before, so I'm really not sure how to answer that.

With an ease then running through me, they washes up to the beach. I thought it was a little strange that I suddenly was so close to the sandy edge of the ocean. This was very dangerous. There are many people by that area. But what was very scary was that there were more two-legged creatures, this time on surfboards and riding the waves. How fun that would be!

Then there was a little girl who walked out infront of me and picked me up. What was she doing? I was really, really scared at this point and had never experienced anything worse than this. Her swimsuit was a bright blue, like the sea, and had pictures of dolphins on it, like me! She then dried me off so I was completly dry in her towel and after that, she was walking somewhere, with me still in the towel.

Before I knew it, she set me down by the computer and went on www.webkinz.com. She typed in the name Sizzle, and also put in some sort of code.

I really didn't understand what was going on, but I suddenly felt safer when she gently set me beside a webkinz aardvark.

574 Words

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Old 07-24-2009, 09:14 AM   #124
Wacky Be
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wikylo is a creator of wonderwikylo is a creator of wonderwikylo is a creator of wonderwikylo is a creator of wonderwikylo is a creator of wonderwikylo is a creator of wonderwikylo is a creator of wonderwikylo is a creator of wonderwikylo is a creator of wonderwikylo is a creator of wonderwikylo is a creator of wonderwikylo is a creator of wonderwikylo is a creator of wonder

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

:goo:Kaboodle’s Journey to the Beach!
Up here on planet Googly, we don’t have any beaches, so once a year in the summer I head back to earth to go to the beach! But sometimes, it’s easier said than done. Let me tell you the story about the last time I went to the beach.

I had just woken up, ready to start my voyage to the beach! I had my surfboard in my day pack, my swimsuit on, and I thought I was ready! I dumped a 20 gallon bucket of jellybeans into my jellybean-powered rocket and cranked it up. Then it hit me. I wasn’t going to reach a restaurant for another fifteen light-years! So I quickly fixed me a hotdog and zippity-doed through the asteroid belt on my way to earth.

It wasn’t long after that, that I came to another obstacle! Out of nowhere, a giant, alien, bubblegum-crusted, high-flying, winged, fire-breathing, aardvark appeared in front of my shuttle!

“RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!” It shouted as it shot fireballs at me!

I tried to zap it with my laser, but it just wasn’t strong enough. The beast swiped my ship with its giant paw and I was sent hurling at the speed of light into another galaxy.

I woke from my shock of flipping round and round and realized I was lost in space. I had no idea where I was floating and twirling and spinning, but all I knew was, I had to get to that beach! I deserve it! All the rest of the year I am left on an asteroid dodging space rocks! I deserve nice things!!!

In my extreme yearn for relaxation, I became unstoppable! I got enough adrenaline to hurl the meteorites out of my way, and before I knew it, being blinded by fury, I came into Milky Way! I past Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and Wa-La! I made it to Earth! I burst through the atmosphere and went to Cancun and lay my tired body on a nice, soft beach chair, and then realized…I forgot my sunscreen!!!!!!

345 words.

Thanks for hosting this contest WI Staffers! You guys rule!!!!!
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Old 07-24-2009, 09:39 AM   #125
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i_like_pie has lots of talenti_like_pie has lots of talenti_like_pie has lots of talenti_like_pie has lots of talenti_like_pie has lots of talenti_like_pie has lots of talenti_like_pie has lots of talenti_like_pie has lots of talenti_like_pie has lots of talenti_like_pie has lots of talenti_like_pie has lots of talenti_like_pie has lots of talenti_like_pie has lots of talenti_like_pie has lots of talent

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Forgetful Fiona

Fiona the dachshund woke up, as sunlight streamed through her window. “It’s pretty sunny outside for 7 a.m.” she thought to herself puzzled. She glanced at her clock. 11:00! “Oh no” she groaned. She must have forgotten to set her alarm clock the night before. Her best friend Penny had called her 10 times yesterday, reminding her, “Be ready by 3:12”and, “Don’t forget again.” But she had forgotten. “Where oh where are we going???” Fiona racked her brains but she couldn’t remember what Penny had said. “Oh well” She said cheerfully. “I still have lots of time to figure it out before Penny comes!” She crawled out of bed slowly… and almost tripped over her surfboard, which was lying on the floor by her bed. “So THAT’S where I kept it!” she said to herself. Then suddenly she remembered what Penny had called her for. They were going to the beach today! I’d better get ready before I forget again!” she thought.

It was 12:30 by the time Fiona FINALLY stumbled downstairs. It had taken her a while to find her toothbrush, but she was finally finished! Just as she was about to sit down, the phone rang. “Fiona where ARE you?” Penny shouted into the phone. “I told you to come to my house by 12:03!”
“Oops!” Fiona said. “I thought you said 3:12!”
Penny sighed. “Whatever. Just come now. And don’t forget to put on sunscreen like the last time.”
“Don’t worry, I won’t” Fiona said. She dashed upstairs to get her swimsuit, and then left to go to Penny’s house.

By the time they reached the beach, Penny had forgiven Fiona, and was back to her cheery self. “Come on, let’s go get some hot dogs” she said, pulling her towards the aardvark who was selling them. “Yummy!” Fiona exclaimed.
Once they got their hot dogs, they walked around, trying to find a good place to sit. “Hey Fiona look! It’s Mollie, Charlie, and the rest of our friends! Let’s go say hi!” Penny exclaimed. She pulled Fiona to them, before she could say a word.
As soon as Penny and Fiona neared their friends, they yelled “SURPRISE!!” Startled, Fiona looked around to see whose birthday she had forgotten about. Then Charlie, the googles, ran up to her and handed her a present. “Happy Birthday!” He exclaimed. Fiona just stared at in shock. Mollie came up next to her. “Well, aren’t you going to open it?” she asked her.
“Don’t tell me you forgot it was your birthday!” Penny said laughing.
“Ummm… Of course not….” Fiona said, embarrassed. Everyone laughed. “Forgetful Fiona,” Charlie said, grinning. “Well aren’t you going to open your present?”
“Oh yeah!” Fiona said, eagerly ripping open the wrapping paper. However, deep down she knew that she had already gotten the best present ever.
She was going to remember this summer forever.

Thanks so much for the great contest!!
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Old 07-24-2009, 09:59 AM   #126
Webkinz :)
nmdtopaz is an unknown quantity at this point

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Hello! This is Freddie coming to you from the sunny beaches in Webkinz Land. Today it the big day for our annual Surfboard Contest and the weather is just perfect. The prize is a giant ten pound hot dog. I see all the contestants gathering at the waters edge. There is last years winner, Betty Pig and a new comer, Andy Aardvark. They sure make a splendid sight in their colorful bathing suits. One bathing suit that catches my eye is a light pink covered with sharks eating, of all things, hot dogs! It's time, they are all entering the water. Mounting their boards. I heard the starting bell and they are off. Up in front is last years winner Betty Pig. She always has a quick starting technique. But what is this? Coming from behind is Andy Aardvark. Just look at that speed! I am amazed at how fast is he going. There he goes over the finish line. I guess he really wanted that hot dog. Lets get Andy off to the side and ask him his secret. "Andy how did you manage to skim those waves so fast?" Andy answered, "I always use my secret weapon. Just before the race I cover my surfboard with sunscreen!"
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Old 07-24-2009, 10:24 AM   #127
....♥ you &&
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Sunshine's Surf
by 926c

"Ugh!", I complained to Cora the Chihuahua; my best friend.

"What's the matter?", asked Cora.

"Well, I have never told you this...but.... ummm..... I kind of....can't.....
s-swim.", I said sadly.

Yeah I can't swim. I know, right? I mean what Yellow Lab cannot swim? I can't swim! I never really told anybody because it's pretty embarassing.
Anyways, whenever somebody invited me to swim over at their house I would say I have a skin disease where if I swim in water I will have to go to the hospital! Believe it or not, people believed that excuse!

"But what about your skin disease?", asked Cora impatiently.

"It was a lie", I said murmured.

"Well I am going to teach you!", said Cora with pride.

"I don't think that's a very good idea!", I said.

"Well, I am going to teach you at Sindy's beach party today!", said Cora.

"In front of everyone?! Sid is going to be watching!", I gasped.

Sid is a German Shepard. I think he is very...well....attractive. He doesn't have a girlfriend but he likes girls who can do what he does. And Sid surfs.

"If you learn how to swim, you can learn how to surf. Which means Sid will probably like you! Besides, I have a plan for when I teach you, no one will be watching!", stated Cora.

"Fine!", I groaned.

At the beach;

"With that swimsuit you will have ALOT of confidence around Sid!", Cora stated.

I took that as a compliment. I stared at the beautiful ocean, the beautiful waves. The waves that Sid was riding with his surfboard and with Sindy.
Sindy was one of Cora's best friends (besides me). Sindy was a VERY pretty Pink Pony who had a thing for Sid. Sindy is kind of mean to me. She didn't even invite me to the party! Cora insisted that I'd go, though. As I put on my sunscreen Sindy was talking into a microphone trying to get everybody at the party's attention.

"ATTENTION!", Sindy screamed into the mic., "We will be having a little surf competition! I picked the people who will be in the contest! The contest is MANDATORY for the people I picked! When I call your name please stand beside me! Sid the Shepard, Andy the Aardvark, Cassie the Monkey, AND our final contestant is....SUNSHINE THE LAB! Whoever surfs over the highest wave with the most freestyle points is the winner!"

What?! I panicked! I walked up next to Sindy & told her this was a mistake!
Instead Sindy thought that meant I really wanted to enter & made me go first! As I approached the wave i jumped right to my feet and before I knew it, I was hanging ten over a massive wave and flipping and doing all kinds of tricks! My board and I had landed perfectly on our feet in the sand! I didn't even have to swim! I glanced over at the judge's scores for me & all 3 judges gave me a 10! Soon the contest was over, and I won! I got a big trophy & a free hotdog! Sid had even asked me if I had a boyfriend! I said "Nooo" and he asked me to be his girlfriend! Of course I said "Yessss!".
And today my friend, was the best day I have EVER had!

The End

566 words!
Thanks so much!
Love, 926c (Erika)
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Old 07-24-2009, 10:39 AM   #128
You wish you were a
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Surfing Academy

"Taylor! Get down here!" my mother called.
Me? I'm Taylor Cali Von Kinzston. Today I would start at Surf academy. Mom had already bought me a new surfboard and wetsuit. But the first day we had to wear a swimsuit. Unfortunately I tan and sunburn easily. I don't mind tanning, but sunburning is not an activity I am interested in!
"Coming, Mom!" I cried. I grabbed a bottle of
sunscreen and ran down the stairs.
"It's about time
too," Mom sighed. "For the love of Pete, be ready on time tomorrow!"
"Who's Pete, someone I should know about?" I
She rolled her eyes. My mother doesnt't do humor. She's too serious. Like, WAY too serious. "Lighten up, Mom," I said, slinging my arm over her shoulder.
She managed a terse smile.
I sighed. "Seriously, Mom, you need to chill."
After a while in the car we got to Surf Academy. "Bye, Mom! See ya at five thirty!"
She gave me a quick kiss and drove off.
I ran in. I quickly glanced around. My friend Cassie was there, and one of my guy friends, Michael.
"Tay-Tay!" Cassie cried, wavinc her paw. She's a dog. Michael is an aardvark. I'm a cat.
"Hey ya'll."
"Hi Taylor," Michael said.
"Hey Michael," I said. Michael and I were dating, but that was a year ago. Now I am dating Orlando Bloomkinz.
After some video about surfing, we went to the beach. I finally could show off my surfing skills.
At the end of the week we went out for a hot dog lunch. I was psyched about surfing for the rest of my life.
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Old 07-24-2009, 10:52 AM   #129
e can all be
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

My Summer Celebration Story by soccerchaos14

It was a cold, windy day. Casey was lying on her bed starring at her skylight above her bed. She was watching the rain run down her window while listening to the sound of trees tap the side of her house. Casey hasn't been outside since the week she got out of school. It's been so dark and rainy it's felt like summer had never come. Casey was now just getting annoyed. She sat up from her bed.
"I'm not going to let rain keep me from having the best summer ever, or the weather wins!" Casey said in a hushed, but demanding, tone.
Casey was about to get out her swimsuit and go dance in the rainwhen her mother called to her downstairs.
"What is it now mom!" Casey yelled to her.
"We're having a family meading, now!" her mom called back.
Casey ran downstairs. They all sat at the kitchen table, Casey's dad, mom, brother Matt, and her.
"I'm afraid that we're going to have to cancel our trip to Aardvark National Park, it's to rainy" Casey's dad said.
"But we go there every year. It's our way of celebrating summer every year," Matt said.
"Yeah, we have to go!" Casey said.
"You guys didn't let me get to the good part," her dad said,"Instead of Aardvark National Park, we'll be going to Daytona Beach in Florida!"
Matt and I jumped up! Daytona Beach, Florida, Casey's family has never gone that far.
"You guys better start packing your sunscreen and swimsuits because we leave tomorrow!"
Casey rushed to her room and practicly packed her room. She had everything in her suitcase.

The plane ride was great, her dad got them first class seats. The food was way better than what they would give you if you were in coach seats. As soon as they got their car, Casey marveled at the seenery. It was beautiful. As soon as they arrived at the hotel and got their room keys Casey immedietly put on sunscreen and her swimsuit and was ready to go to the beach.
When they got to the beach Matt said,"Hey Dad, can I have some money to rent a surfboard?"
Their dad took out a ten dollar bill and gave it to him. Casey was about to get in the water when her stomach growled. She saw a hotdog stand nearby.
"Hey Dad, I'm hungry. Can I get a hotdog?"
Her dad also gave her a ten dollar bill.
After she ate her hotdog she waited 30 minutes before going in the water. So she lied down on her towel and waited. One difference she noticed about Daytona Beach that is different from home is that it is always warm.

When it was 7:30 pm her dad went to go get permission from the beach to have a campfire. After he got the permission they all prepared for their Summer Celebration Campfire. Casey and Matt went to go and get some rocks, her mom went to the store to get marshmellow sticks and s'mores stuff, her dad went to get wood, paper and a lighter.

It was all set up. Everything looked perfect. Everthing looked exaclty like it would look like at Aardvark National Park, except for that this was on a beach. As they roasted marshmellows they sang there Summer Celebration Song.
"It's getting hotter,"
"Summer's coming,"
"It's getting greener,"
"Summer's coming,"
"The kids are out of school,"
"Probably splahing in the pool,"
"Because summer's come,"
"So their celebrating summer,"
"Because summer's come,"
"So their celebrating summer"

"One more time!" Matt yelled.
Casey definetly knew that this was the best Summer Celebration ever.

608 words

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Do I look like a
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

It was just a scorching day outside, and I was at the pool. Momma Kinz, Brother Kinz, Sissy Kinz, and I had just arrived, and no one was there. We thought to ourselves, "Cool! We have the whole thing to ourselves!" And jumped in to cool off.

About 2 hours later, we finally got out, to order hot dogs. A few other neighbors entered the pool clubhouse. They lived next door to us, so we asked them to come and sit by us. "So, you have a birthday party coming up, right?" I asked the signature Retriever, as she nodded back at me. "Rico, sweetie, come and eat your hot dog!" I stepped over my surfboard, and found my way to my mother and ate the hot dog. I turned back to my friend, and she was not there. Her whole family was not there. The only thing I found was her pink and blue swimsuit, and her sunscreen, laying on the concrete floor. My mother was tanning on the lawn chair, and I wanted to handle this alone. My brother, and sister was sleeping next to my mother, and I was ready to take action and find my friend.

We lived in kinzville, and many animals lived around us. I looked to my right, nothing, then to my left, I see a Aardvark sitting, there, then I see my friend, and her family!!! Silly Aardvark!

Webkinz World user name- eear Words total: 226 Submit time- 11:50 ET Friday, July 24, 2009.

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awesome storyyy peeps, good luck everybody, good stories great, great stories here!, ilikecheese!!, love the aardvarks!, robertpattinsonishot:), stories are cool, third tag!

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