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Old 07-23-2009, 02:24 PM   #111
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

The Week My So Called Friend Got Me Stuck In A Dumb Con-Geenie's Lamp
Told in the point of view of Molly the groundhog and Abby the Springer Spaniel.

Part I: The geenie, told by Molly.

This was the vacation I had been waiting for all summer. I had never been out of my country before. I had never even been out of Kinzville, and now I was on my way to Asia! For a whole two weeks of nothing but my surfboard, swimsuit, and sunscreen on the Asian beach! We'll be landing in an hour. Then I remember to write to my friend.

A minuet later I finish, and fold the letter so it will fit snuggly in my back pocket.

The airport is a lot like the one I got on in Kinzvill, only everything is written in strange drawings my mom said is their written language. It's a good thing there are people here who speak english.

Something draws my eye. An ancient looking golden lamp sitting in a pedastool in the center of the airport. I touch it. Suddenly I feel something pulling me into the lamp!

I land on a big silk carpet. I don't belive it! There is a genei floating before me!

He sighs impatiantly. “You rubbed?”

I nod and squint at him “Um, sir. Who exactly are you, and where exactly am I?”

In Asia” He says, looking at me like I'm stupid.

Where exactly in asia?”

“In my lamp. I'm a geenie. So make three wishes.”

What should I wish for?”

“I don't know kid” He says impatiently. “But could you make it snappy?”

Fine.” I look take out my note “I wish I could read you this letter to my friend, and that you would tell me your honest opinion.”

He snaps his fingers and I start reading.

Wish you were here, love Molly.” I finish.

Okay well if you insist! He says.” He snaps his fingers and Abby appears infront of me.

Part II: Stuck, told by Abby.

It was so unfair! My parents are vacationing in Hawaii, and I'm left to babysit my little brother Danny. He didn't seem to mind, he just wants to waste his break playing with his action figures.

All I can think about as I make the hotdogs for lunch is that my parents and my best friend Molly are on the beach.

I'm tired from all that cookig now, so I decide to take a nap. I tell Danny where I'm going, and he just nods, too busy make sounds like VROOOOOM! For his action figures. But just as I'm lying down something strange happens.

Suddenly I'm being engulefed in purple smoke. I yell FIRE! To my brother.

Suddenly I land on a silky rug in a room with golden walls, and Molly is standing before me! I must be dreaming!

Where am I?” I ask

Funny story,” Molly laughs weakly “Mybe I'll tell it later.”

Tell it now” I demand

Okay, okay,” Molly sighs “Here it goes. I basiclly accidently wished you were here. Accidentally!” She took a deep breath after rapidly explaining all this.

What! I've got a little brother to watch!” I say

Well then I'll just wish us out of the lamp, and you back home. Ever think of that, genius?”

Just do it,” I say

Fine. I wish we were all back to where we came from.”

The geenie appears suddenly “Sorry no can do. You know when you wished that you could read me your letter and that I'd give you my honest opinon? Yeah, that counted as two wishes. Bringing Springy here” He points at me “Was third. Ergo, I don't serve you!”

Part III: Plan, told by Molly

Well if you can't get Abby back to her house, can't you at least get us out of the lamp? I mean we made three wishes, time for us to go.”

Well, I can.” The geenie pondered it for a moment “But it's not part of my contract, so I think I'll just keep you as my eternal servants.”

Abby looks at me furiously.

Sorry!” I say.

The geenie interrupts “But until then I'll mke lunch! Are either of you vegetarians?”

We both are,”

Good! Artichoke pizza it is!”

We both sigh, obviously the geenie wants to make us misrable. But at least he's gone for now.

We need an escape plan.” I say “We have to con the con kinz. We'll have to figure out his hopes, his fears, his dreams!”

Abby sighs and says simply “He hopes to become the high geenie, he fears spiders, and he dreams of making kids miserable. It's written all over his face.”

Then I have a plan.” I say

Part IV: Escape, told by Abby

When the geenie comes back, we are scrubbing the floors, singing “Whistle While You work!”

What is that horrible noise!” He screams

Happiness!” I smile

Yes!” Molly says “So happy! I don't know why we would ever want to leave when we love it so much here!”

He frowns “Okay... well, who wants pizza, extra meat!” He laughs evily.

WE DO!” .

This is the best food I've had for a long time!”

That's it!” The geenie yells “You are ways to happy! I'm sending you home.”

We look at each other and wink. Then we try to be sad “No, please, don't!”

The next thing I know, there's smoke, and my brother is running in screaming “Where's the fire!”

I guess everythings back to the way it was. But you know what? Maybe that was a pretty cool adventure.

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Old 07-23-2009, 03:14 PM   #112
Call me Nadine [:
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” Mark’s constant question was the only sound in the car for the last ten minutes. Violet groaned. He was acting like a ten-year-old, when in reality, he was fifteen, same age as Violet - they were twins, after all.
“Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we-“
“SHUT UP ALREADY!” Violet yelled.
“Jeez. I can’t help being excited to come to Cape Cod.” Mark defended himself.
“Yeah, well, so am I, and you don’t see me saying ‘Are we there yet?!’ in a stupid voice for ten minutes straight!” Violet grumbled.
“Sweetie, it just got a little repetitive after ten minutes…” Mom said to Mark, sounding exhausted.
“Why don’t you try talking about what we’ll be doing on the Cape?” Dad suggested. Violet rolled her eyes.
“We can go to the beach, and surfboard, and swim, and see Vi in her ugly swimsuit-”
“Hey!” Vi complained. Dad chuckled and Mom sighed.
“-and collect shells, and get ice cream sundaes every night, and-”
“For your information, Mark, my bikini is NOT ugly!”
“-and ignore Vi, and pretend to laugh at Dad’s corny jokes, and run away from Mom when she tries to put too much sunscreen on us, and meet cute girl- uh… make new friends…”
Vi laughed along with the rest of the family this time, but she was still The car pulled up in the driveway of their summer home and everyone got out. As Mom and Dad unpacked the suitcases and Mark grabbed the surfboards from the roof, Vi immediately ran to their neighbor’s house and banged on the front door.
A girl with dirty blonde hair and tan skin opened the door.
“Vi!” she squealed, giving Vi a giant bear hug.
“Ohmigosh, I missed you so much, Vi!” she said after she had released her.
“I missed you too, Megs!” Vi said, although the person she had missed even more was nowhere to be seen.
“Where’s Kyle?” Vi asked, trying not to sound too interested.
“At the beach. He told me to meet him there with you when you got here.” Meghan said.
“Okay, I’ll go get ready!” Vi said, running back to her yard.
Vi’s suitcase wasn’t in the driveway, so she ran right up to her room.
Vi liked her summer house room even more then she liked her room back home. It had a mural of the beach at sunset covering the walls. Vi loved looking at the mural - the orangey-pink sky, the pinkish purple clouds, the brilliant golden sun peeking over the horizon. The waves crashing over the empty beach, white foam at the tips. The lone seagull flying off into the distance…
Only a brilliant artist could truly capture the beauty of the beach at sundown - and Kyle’s mural did just that. His name was signed at the bottom in careful, beautiful script. Vi let out a dreamy sigh, reminiscing memories.
“Better hurry, Meghan’s getting impatient!” Mark called, barging into Vi’s room, then ran back outside, shutting the bedroom door behind him.
Vi quickly un-zippered her suitcase and found her bikini. She slipped off her clothes and put the bathing suit on, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror on the back of the door as she did so.
Vi grinned with satisfaction. The bikini was black with rainbow polka-dots. The black complimented Vi’s raven-black hair, while the colorful polka dots matched her personality - bubbly and exciting. Vi grabbed her beach towel and ran downstairs.
Meghan was tapping her foot impatiently, holding both her and Vi’s surfboards under her arm. When she caught sight of Vi, she smiled.
“I love it!” she said, complimenting Vi’s bathing suit.
“I like yours, too.” Vi said. Meghan was wearing an aqua-colored bikini that matched her eyes.
“Say no more- I know I’m a ten.” Meghan joked, dropping the surfboards and striking a model pose. Vi laughed and picked up her pink surfboard.
“Come on, let’s go!”

- - -

It was close to midnight, and Meghan, Vi, Mark, and Kyle were sitting on the beach, staring up at the sky.
“Kyle, tell us!” Meghan demanded, giving her brother a playful push.
“Yea File, fell uff!” Mark agreed his mouth full of hot dog.
Vi said nothing, simply stared at Kyle.
“Alright, I’ll tell you.” he finally agreed. The other three teenagers all stared at him, waiting.
“So, tell us!” Meghan exclaimed.
Kyle smiled. “Tonight, a shooting star’s going to pass over Cape Cod. In just a few minutes, actually. I wanted to keep you guys out here so we could all make a wish on the star.” Kyle explained.
Meghan snorted. “That’s stupid. You wish won’t come true, it’s all just make believe. I’m gonna go surf.” Meghan stood up, grabbed her surfboard, and ran back into the ocean. Mark nodded apologetically and followed her.
Kyle looked a little upset, but his face brightened when he realized Vi was still sitting next to him.
“You’re not leaving?”
“No.” Vi said with a small smile. “I believe in magic.”
Kyle smiled. “Great. Do you know what you’re gonna wish for? I do.”
Vi shook her head. “No clue.” she said, although she knew exactly what she wanted to wish for: for Kyle to like her as more then just a friend.
“We could think of wishes alphabetically…” Kyle suggested. “Hmm, let’s see. ‘A’… do you want to wish for an aardvark? Or ‘B’… no, you wouldn’t want to wish for barf…”
Vi laughed. Kyle was such a goofball.
Suddenly, a cry rose up from the crowd waiting on Nauset Beach to see the shooting star. “There it is!” someone shouted, pointing towards the sky.
A brilliant, white, glowing ball of light was streaking across the sky from behind the beach. Everyone craned their heads up to watch the star pass by.
Vi clasped her hands together and silently sent her wish up to the stars.
A minute later, the star was gone, beyond the horizon, just like the glowing sun in Kyle’s mural.
It took Vi a minute to realize Kyle was holding her hand. She gasped when she looked down and saw.
“You wanna know what I wished for, Vi?” Kyle asked, smiling. His big blue eyes were staring deep into Vi’s dark ones.
“W..what?” Vi asked, excitement building up inside of her, as Kyle gave her the answer she had been waiting to hear.
“I wished for you.”

1,082 Words - is that too much? i hope not, I spent a long time working on this.
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Old 07-23-2009, 03:15 PM   #113
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Cassie's Fun but Silly Day at the Beach
It was a hot sunny day on Vacation Island, a Island on the waters surronding Webkinz World.Cassie the Golden Retriever was putting on her new swimsuit which she just bought last night. Before heading out to the beach she put on some sunscreen. She catched up with Jordan the Irish Setter. Jordan who was holding a surfboard said", I got to go Cassie I told Isabella I would go surfing with her!Bye!" Then Jordan ran off. Cassie sighed and sat down in a beach chair. Rosalina asked ",Hot Dog Cassie"? Cassie said '',Sure" and Rosalina handed her a hot dog. She ate it and sarted to look for a random aardvark. What felt to her a millon hours she could not find one! She looked at her watch and realized her flight back to KinzVille was taking off in a couple hours. So she grabbed her stuff and ran to the airport.
The End!
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Old 07-23-2009, 03:44 PM   #114
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

:acs:Hey Kiss lets go to buy sunscreen!
Why would we do that?
:acs:*Shrugs* I guess sine we are not going to the beatch . .
I can take us there in my car.
:acs:Okay I'll get my swim suit! I'll be one hot dog get it!
Sigh lets just go to my friends pool there is even an aardvark!
:acs:Okay! Can I eat sticky stuff in it!
I have a better Idea!
:acs:Thanks for letting me use your sink! My Surfbord can even fit in here!
No problem!

Last edited by carrub; 07-23-2009 at 07:01 PM..
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Old 07-23-2009, 03:50 PM   #115
Sheryl is wacky!
Webkinz :)
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slbradshaw is epic beyond epicnessslbradshaw is epic beyond epicnessslbradshaw is epic beyond epicnessslbradshaw is epic beyond epicnessslbradshaw is epic beyond epicnessslbradshaw is epic beyond epicnessslbradshaw is epic beyond epicnessslbradshaw is epic beyond epicnessslbradshaw is epic beyond epicnessslbradshaw is epic beyond epicnessslbradshaw is epic beyond epicnessslbradshaw is epic beyond epicnessslbradshaw is epic beyond epicnessslbradshaw is epic beyond epicness

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing


Come one, come all, to our end of the summer clearance sale, beginning tonight at midnignt. There will be games and treats for the kids, FREE IRISH SETTER HOTDOGS, "the dogs kids love to eat", KOALA COLAS, and lots of fun for everyone. And for each person who shows up wearing an Aardvark Costume, we will be giving away a MINIATURE SURFBOARD, made especially for fun in the tub. While you're here don't miss our spectacular sales specials, SAMMY THE SEAL SWIMSUITS (for the child in everyone) only $2.99, and SKUNK SCENTED SUNSCREEN ( a must for everyday sun protection), a deal at only .99 cents a bottle. And if that's not enough to bring you all out, we will also have live music by the WEE WITTLE WEBBIES, that's right folks, you heard it here, for one night only come join the celebration. And for our older group, there will be lots of hugs and autographs given by (NOW DON'T FAINT) the one, the only, DOUG THE DOG! Hope to see everyone tonight at the greatest store on Webkinz, AARDVARKS R US!

"Mom!, Mom!, Hurry up! Get your Aardvark costume on! I don't want to be late for the sale at Aardvarks R Us." "Hailey said if you are one of the first 10,000 aardvarks there you also get a free webkinz of your choice." "We gotta hurry because I know how much you want that Cheeky Cat." "Just think, by tomorrow you can be creating a new room for your pet and telling all your friends on all about meeting Doug!" After all, you have been so good lately, I just want to do something extra special nice for you and I couldn't think of anything better than this, Can you?" "No", I answered. "This is the perfect end to a perfect summer." " OK then, let's burn rubber." Mom, hey mom, Can you see o.k. out of that aardvark mask?"


330 words

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Old 07-23-2009, 04:14 PM   #116
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Thumbs up Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

On a hot summer day in the middle of August, I decided to go surfing on my brand new surfboard. It was blue with red and orange flames along the sides. It looked so new that it was sparkling. Before I left the house I grabbed Timmy, my pet aardvark. Timmy likes to surf to and he also got a new board. It's just like mine except miniature. When we got to the beach we layed out our towel and put our sunscreen on. I put the spray kind on and Timmy rubed his on. "Race you to the water." I called to Timmy. I sprang up off the towel and sprinted to the water with my board at my side. I droped it and skimmed a while until the board just floated, then I got down on my stomach and paddled to deep water. The waves splattered in my face just the way I like them to. The breeze made the sun feel less hot. And Timmy was right by my side. We surfed some waves and we shot some tunnels until I got hungry. I told Timmy we should go get some food and he agreed. When we got to the snack shack I ordered two hot dogs. Our favorite. The snack shack also had a gift shop so I looked at a new swimsuit while I waited for the hot dogs. When we had finished eating we continued surfing and as the day faded away and night time began to rise, beautiful fireworks of every color shot into the night sky.
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Old 07-23-2009, 05:22 PM   #117
my dogs babies r
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Donation Award 
Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

“To the reader of this e-mail… Congratulations on being invited to the Molly Scull’s 1st Annual BBQ at Webkinz Shore Noon on 7-26-09. Please bring the following: a swimsuit, a towel, a surfboard, extra clothes, a sleeping bag and a bottle of Sunscreen. Please respond by 7-25-09. Thank you, Molly. “There that should do it” I said. “Now all I have to do is press send. Click. “There all done.” I was so proud of all my work. “Molly time for dinner” called her mom. “Finally” I said. I hopped off my turquoise chair and went down stairs to eat. I went to bed and to my surprise when I woke up and checked my e-mail my friends had already replied. “YES!!!! All my friends replied and they are coming.” I said to myself.
“Now all I have to do is get a tent, Hotdogs, a grill and get everything else ready.” I said to myself. Meanwhile Molly’s friends were all rushing to get the things they needed. When the day came for Molly Scull’s 1st Annual BBQ everyone came a little too early, they all beat me there! No one seemed to mind. They all started to suntan and have fun. The pets who were there were Abraham, Artie, Ork and Liberty. When Molly arrived she said “Hey welcome to Molly Scull’s 1st Annual BBQ. So go surf, swim, or build sandcastle. I’ll go set everything up.”
With that, the friends went and did what they wanted to do at the beach. Liberty went surfing on her new surfboard. Ork and Abraham went and made one of the best sandcastles in the whole world. Artie well …….. “Wait, where is Artie?” Molly asked. Just then a huge aardvarkappeared it stated to tear up everything in its path. Then Molly was more worried about what happened to Artie. Just then there were giggles and they were coming from the aardvark! “Wait…the aardvark was Artie!” Molly thought. “Game over Artie, I know it is you!” I cried “I so got you!” Artie said with a laugh.
That night the friends were all laughing about the whole attack of the aardvark thing while eating their Hotdogs. They all went to sleep that night with lots of giggles. Then they all say to the reader “Have an AWESOME and COOL SUMMER and don’t trust any Aardvark’s that Bark! Ha, Ha”
398 Words
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Old 07-23-2009, 06:14 PM   #118
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

My Vacation to the "Big Apple"
When my mom first told me we were going on a vacation to the "Big Apple" this summer, I couldn't wait to explore the streets of New York City. I had even printed out maps and planned our routes to get around every day. Little did I realize that when she said the "Big Apple," she was referring to the world's largest apple, right in the heart of Hood River, Oregon.
As we pulled into the area we would be staying at I grumbled "You better have at least picked out a nice beach house for me!" at my mother. But, before she could say anything we pulled into Hood River Camping Ground. "How could you, mom?!" I shrieked. "It's bad enough that we have to go to 'nowhereville' for our vacation, but now you're going to make me sleep outside with the bugs and these other red necks?!" I finished. My mom shifted her position to scowl at me. I knew it was going to be a long vacation. But, what I didn't know was what people in Hood River were really like.
As we made the 5 mile walk to the beach, back and neck stiff with blisters already forming on my ankles, all I could think about was how I was never going to sleep in a tent again. Nothing a day at the beach couldn't cure. As we rounded the corner I saw one of the strangest sites - people were riding their surfboards on the beach while they ate hotdogs with sunscreen on them. Only one person (The lifeguard.) wore a swimsuit while everyone else wore suits. What kind of weird city was I in? But, the strangest part was that the people on the beach seemed like they were all having fun and laughing with their family and friends. "I think I'll pass on the beach today." I told my family. My dad looked concerned, but that's to be expected from your parents. That afternoon I spent alone at the camp ground.
The very next day my mom was ecstatic knowing that we were going to see what we came here for - the "Big Apple." My last afternoon was pretty boring, so I decided to tag along with my family. After about an hour of walking we approached a small, ratty farm house. Great, I thought, more weird people. A farmer and his wife greeted us at the door and immediately lead us to the room supposedly holding the best attraction in all of Hood River. The apple was the most pitiful thing I had ever seen, that is until a giant aardvark jumped up and ate it. I expected the farmers to be fuming, but all they could do was laugh. This vacation had really got me thinking. The people of Hood River seem to live the strangest and most boring of lifestyles and yet they're still content just to be around each other. Maybe it doesn't matter what type of vacation you have, but rather who you have it with.
I happily spent the rest of my vacation with my family site seeing. I may not have been interested in the world's largest potato or the oldest barn, but it was nice to see my parents happy to have me there. Next year my mom says we're going to see the "Big Tomato." I can only imagine.
566 Words
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Old 07-23-2009, 06:59 PM   #119
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

There once was a little girl dreaming about going to the beach.But, her mommy hates the beach. All the girl who is named Skye had a unbitten hotdog!Skye said,''I wish I could on a surfboard to the beach''.Then she fell asleep still with the hotdog.As she woke up she felt sand lying on her with water going towards her.skye screamed''THE BEACH!''As she put sunscraem on her she read on the label it said oh, sunscream oh sunscream without me you will scream burts oh burts we don't want that.Skye lyed on a surfboard.on the board was hotdogs!She wore a swimsuit with HOTDOGS on it!She was in the water when a crazy aarduart swam to her and BIT the HOTDOG!When that happened all her hotdogs were gone, but not her!Skye still lives their today.She learned two things that day. One is never trust aarduarts and hotdogs is magic food.

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Old 07-24-2009, 01:24 AM   #120
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

It's finally summer and the celebration begins! My friends and I are heading to the ocean to do some surfing. We grab our swimsuits and surfboards and head to the car. "Don't forget to bring the sunscreen," Mom yells out the door. We briefly look back and then keep going. The day was hot, but the hot dogs were hotter. It was a great time. We surfed all day. On the way home, our skin was bright red. We remembered Mom's warning that we didn't heed. Now, we are all wishing we had listened to her. Now, we all look as red as the ants aardvarks eat!
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awesome storyyy peeps, good luck everybody, good stories great, great stories here!, ilikecheese!!, love the aardvarks!, robertpattinsonishot:), stories are cool, third tag!

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