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Old 07-22-2009, 10:07 AM   #91
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Mandy, the green spotted frog, decided to take a summer vacation to the beach. She never was there before and didn't know what exciting and fun things she would see and do. She stopped at the Webkinz Store. She bought a beach blanket bed, sunglasses, a cooler and a flowered swim suit. She jumped in her pink convertible and drove off. When she saw the ocean the first time, she was so amazed how beautiful it was. She put sunscreen on, to keep those famous freckles safe and then started carrying her stuff down to the beach. Along the way she ran into a pretty pink pony. "Hello," said Mandy. "Well, hi," said the pink pony, "my name is Stardust."
They set everything up and then decided to have lunch. "Let's go to the hotdog stand," said Stardust. "Okay," said Mandy. "I also have some fruit punch and farm fresh corn we can share."
As they ate, they watched a volleyball game going on. One side had a dalmation, a pink and white cat, a beagle and a racoon. The other side had a cocker spaniel, a saint bernard, a brown cow and a kangaroo. Mandy said, "I bet kangaroo's team will win!" Stardust replied, "I bet you're right. Just look at the kangaroo jump!" And sure enough kangaroo's team won.
Stardust looked towards the ocean and laughing said, "Look! An aardvark on a surfboard." Mandy and Stardust giggled and ran towards the water to play. They swam, built a giant sandcastle and then rested on their blankets. Soon it was time to go home. Mandy said goodbye to her new friend, packed up the convertible and headed back to Kinzville. She had such a wonderful vacation and was already looking forward to the next time!
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Old 07-22-2009, 11:16 AM   #92
♥Team Alice♥
Webkinz :)
kathryn236 has a reputation beyond reputekathryn236 has a reputation beyond reputekathryn236 has a reputation beyond reputekathryn236 has a reputation beyond reputekathryn236 has a reputation beyond reputekathryn236 has a reputation beyond repute

Wink Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

The Summer Story of Kimmy and her friends

This is Kimmy's Diary, So just as a caution
to any readers ~ It can and will get weird.

Summer. It is the best time of year. And to top it off,
My best friend and I are going to spend all of it
Together! You see, I’m Kimmy, a white terrier. While
My best friend is Nellie, a golden retriever.

And today she is at my house, We had a sleepover and here is
What’s going on.

“Kimmy! Hey!” shouted Nellie.
“Was sup?” I called back.
Nellie ran out of my room, I didn’t wake her up early.
“Come on to the dining room breakfast is cooking.”
I informed her.
“Sweet! I’m starving.” Nellie said.
“A bit of an exaggeration don’t ya think?”
“Um . . . no. No, not at all”
We went to the dining room claim our breakfast.

Last night we had a sleepover and today is the big party!
Our friends are coming over to celebrate summer!
Meanwhile we had an uninvited guest at our party to be.
Who was undercover. It was of course, the super
Jealous Ally, who as a gray and white cat, was very
Stealthy. So we didn’t hear her creeping along the side of
My house and stealing into my bedroom. Of course I forgot
To shut the window, which is how she got in.
“They are so going to get it!”
“MWAHAHAHAHAHAH! *cough* *cough*”
“Oops they are going to here me!”

So . . . .

“AHH! Put that down!” “Come on Kimmy live a little!”
Nellie sprayed me with the chocolate in my face!
“I can’t believe you! So the sweet revenge is mine!” And
I coated her in milk and anything else with in reach.
“Ok ok girls stop it! Right now!” ugh that was my dad.
He is such a party pooper!

After dinner or our war if you want to call it that,
We cleaned up and went to my bedroom. I had just cleaned
It up and when Nellie came over I put her bags on my spare
bed. And . . . .
“Daddy!” I screamed.
“What!” He screamed back and ran up the stairs.
“What the . . . . ?” “You didn’t clean your room!?!?!?!”
“YES I DID!” “And someone tore it apart!”
“No I don’t believe it that is ridiculous! You obviously
I ran out of my room and scraped together the twenty bucks I
hid under the mattress in the guest bedroom. Dad told me to
clean my room, but he didn’t have to know about this.

“Nellie! Do you know where the secrect phonebook is?”
“Yeah I do! I threw under the guest bed.”
“Thanks” “Would you please come on here like now.”
“Um . . Ok “ She said back in a mouthful of food.

Once she was up in the room, I called a maid service.
They were right down the road, and got here within a
few minutes. After we got they got the room ready,
We set up the basement, our part room. It was the
Summer Celebration!

Nellie called our friends. We only invited few.
“WAIT! Lets right down the ignore list first.”
“Ok let me put them on here. . .”

Ignore List

Lou Lou the super rude cow
Squiggles her pet dog who follows her around, even if she is a pig
Super really, really, really, Jealous Ally
Danny the guy who lives down the road and we think works for Ally
Gabby, Ally’s minion

And invited a few guest

Invite List

Shiloh ~ Just he’s coming. *sigh* so coming. . . . .
Beethoven ~ for the Music *sigh* he so has to come to . . .
My uncle Max ~ the clown! Can’t wait to tell him. . .
Dad ~ but just for the food!
Mom ~ She is going to do our hair tonight!
Nellie’s aunt Piper ~ Security. . scary but in a nice way
Nellie’s Aunt Piper’s best friend – Jade ~ Security . . . ouch. .
The three maids ~ The best I got them from 1800-got-maids?
And anyone else who can be of use

But those are just the entertainers
Here are the real guest

Shiloh the basset hound
Beethoven the St. Bernard
Sugar the white poodle
Ruby the black poodle
Nellie of course she’s already here
And some other people I think . . . .

“They are here!” Nellie screamed after she finished calling them.
“Maids! Get my room cleaned up, then go to the backyard.” I said.
“ And Hurry! I’m not paying you to eat!” I also added.
Just then the fat maid dropped the food and ran outside
“I gotta get paid!” she screamed and started working

Dad got all the food out after the backyard was clean
While we ran outside he said “Girls put on sunscreen, now”
“Ugh I hate sunscreen.” I mumbled but just so he couldn’t
Here me.

Then we got the pool ready, it was a 6 feet deep pool
That starts at 1 foot and went like that, we also have
A wave pool, so we brought out the floaties and surfboards.
Ally, was of course creeping around and destroyed a lot
Of the floaties, she wrecked the food we think she ate some.

But she could not win. Ally even went to the point
Where she . . . . . . . .

“Nellie my room come here.” I shouted from across the yard.
Oh no. . . . . . . “MY bathing suit is in pieces!” Nellie screamed.
We ran upstairs to put our swimsuits on. “I look awesome.”
I said when I looked in the mirror. “Well I don’t” Nellie said
With a rude tone. “Ally must have done this!”
“Yes she did, it is her signature.” Right there was a stamp –
A and just to make matters worse she drew an aardvark on it!
“Oh great.” Nellie was so upset. I didn’t know what to do.
“Wait” I ran to my closet which was the next room.
Yes ok I have a lot of clothes. I pulled out a better one
And Nellie was so happy. “It fits! I’m so going to keep it.”
But luckily I didn’t notice until she went home with it.

Everything was ready just as the guest started coming.
It was noon. The hot dogs were out, candy, soda, chips.

“We did it!” said to Nellie.
“I know I can’t believe it.”

It was the best summer ever.

The End

Word Count ~ 1,100


To A Thread Near You

~ The Kimmy's Diaries ~

Coming to you in August
BE prepared
BE excited
BE shocked
BE in Kimmy's world

In the Creative Writing Thread

~ Kimmy

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Old 07-22-2009, 11:59 AM   #93
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

Dear Mom,

Thanks so much for sending me to camp. It's great. Really. You know I was the last one to arrive at camp, after that 5-car pileup we started when we swerved to miss the aardvark. Well, after you dropped me off, it turned out the camp had run out of cots to sleep on. But don't worry! They issued me a slippery blue surfboard to go under my sleeping bag! My new "friends" got sick of me slipping off the board and into their cots, so they helped out by smearing the board with my sunscreen to stick it all together.

Unfortunately since I no longer have any SPF, I got a sunburn in the shape of my bathing suit, so I sorta look like a hot dog that's been cooked too long. They smeared aloe all over me, but now I looked like a hot dog with relish.

And that aardvark you swerved to miss? He tried to eat me. So I'm in the infirmary.

But at least there's a real bed here to sleep on!

Your Little Hot Dog with Relish and a Backache
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Old 07-22-2009, 12:06 PM   #94
Webkinz :)
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Default Martha Mae's Vacation

Martha Mae the monkey was just sitting in her room listening to the radio when an ad for a free trip to the Bahamas started playing. She ran to the phone just as the announcer congratulated the winner. She had won! In her excitement, Martha screamed into the phone, possibly deafening the announcer for life. After she calmed down a bit, she began to pack. Martha packed her favorite shorts and tanktop, a swimsuit, and lots of sunscreen.
The next day, Martha went to the airport and boarded the plane. During the plane ride, Martha met a very nice aardvark named Albert. Aparently, they were both staying in the same hotel.
When they landed in the Bahamas an hour later, Martha grabbed her bags and went to her hotel. Once in her room, she began to unpack. Since she got there in the evening, after she was done unpacking, she went to bed.
The next day, Martha and Albert went to the beach together. When they got there, they saw people surfing. Martha had never went surfing before, so Albert agreed to teach her. Martha bought a silver surf board and was waiting for Albert to get his when a huge wave hit her. She was being pulled out to sea. So Martha got on her surfboard and rode it back to shore. When Albert was ready to join her, she headed back out again. As it turns out, she was a really good surfer. So Martha and Albert spent the rest of their vacation at the beach surfing, swimming, and eating hotdog after hotdog.
When it was time to leave, Martha didn't want to go. She liked the Bahamas. But, she got on the plane and in a few hours, she had gotten home, unpacked, and told her friends about her vacation. The best part though, was she was happy to be home! (But she still missed surfing.)
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Old 07-22-2009, 12:18 PM   #95
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ICanHasWebkinz? is a WI addict!ICanHasWebkinz? is a WI addict!ICanHasWebkinz? is a WI addict!ICanHasWebkinz? is a WI addict!ICanHasWebkinz? is a WI addict!ICanHasWebkinz? is a WI addict!ICanHasWebkinz? is a WI addict!ICanHasWebkinz? is a WI addict!

Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

I love summer. Summer is my favorite season. You can go to the beach, play in the sun, and best of all there is no school (or homework!) One day, me and my friend Hayley went to the beach. Boy, was it HOT! We made sure to bring all our nesessites: Sunscreen, swimsuits, towels, and something to eat (I brought a hot dog). We found a very warm and sunny spot. There were some other people near us. I was getting hot, so I decided to go out for a swim.

"Alexann, look out!" Hayley shouted when I was running towards the water.

I looked behind me, and saw an aardvark with a surfboard! I ran all the way to the entrance of the beach. I was safe there. Not for long, though! I saw it running towards me.

"LIFEGUARDS! I NEED YOUR HELP! NOW!" I kept shouting, frantically and scared.

The "aardvark" pulled off its costume. Wait.... pulled off its costume? Yep, that is exactly what happened. The "aardvark" turned out to be my mom, dressed in an aardvark costume!

After the aardvark incident, we went home. Mom drove us back. I never did see the lifeguards I called out to. What a lifeguard service. Once we got home, we got to eat hot dogs and hambrugers my mom grilled us. My mom is very good with the grill. When we were done, we got to go swimming in my own backyard pool! And I promise there won't be any aardvarks there.

253 Words
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Old 07-22-2009, 01:01 PM   #96
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

It was a perfect sunny day in Webkinz world. Webkinz were swimming, going on vacation, buying popsicles and enjoying the sun. One Webkinz though, was not so happy with the sun and heat. Mrs. Potsberry Hippo was not very happy. Her new surf board had broken in half and she only wanted to surf on the great water of Webkinz world. She approached the shoreline of Webkinz world and sighed. To see all those other Webkinz surfing and swimming made her want to join. "Aha!" Mrs.Potsberry shouted. I just got a new hot pink swimsuit with with many "W's" on it. She quickly rushed home and got on her new swimsuit. When she returned to the beach, she spread out her blanket under her orange and yellow striped umbrella, and started to slap on her favourite lemon scented sunscreen. This is where things started to get crazy! A neon blue aardvark showed up right in front of her. She let out a cry of terror as a Purple hotdog attached itself to an innocent raccoon's face! Suddenly, the water all floated away and it started to rain. Webkinz started to chant "PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA!" Mrs. Potsberry hippo, attempted to pack her things and run home, but the front gate closed and a daschund hopped onto the scene wearing a bow tie and a plaid miniskirt! Right when she thought this couldn't get wackier,
bubbles started coming from her sunscreen bottle, and when she looked inside the bottle, instead of sunscreen there was bubble soap! Mrs. Potsberry fell to her knees and yelled "noooooooooo!" She ducked her head in between her legs and a gush of wind hit her. She looked up and everything was normal again. and her last thought was.........

"Do birds eat email cheese?"
The end

estimate: 250 words

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Old 07-22-2009, 03:06 PM   #97
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

~~~~~~~~~~~~Skylar's Adventures of Summer~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

One day, Skylar the Floral fox, was playing outside in his yard. As he swam in his brand new swimsuit, a strange figure rustled about in his garden.
"Who goes there?" Skylar stuttered.
He hopped out, dried off and ran inside to Raider's room.
"Raider! Raider! Help! Help! There's a monster in the backyard! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Skylar screamed in fear.
“Hahahahah! A monster? Really Skylar? Hahahah I love how paranoid you are. There is no monster.” Raider snickered.
"Oh? Explain the one at the Estore!" Skylar gloated.
Raider shrugged,” Good Point."
Skylar rolled his eyes and ran to Mama Elenor's room.
"Mama Elenor?! Mama Elenor?! Help! Help! Monster! Backyard! Me! Is! Scared! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" He cried as he leaped into her arms.
"Baby Boy! It's Okay! Shh Shh... It's alright. Tell me everything in order. Shhh... Shhh..."Mama Elenor soothed.
"I saw a-a B-b-big scary m-m-monster! In the garden! I'm scared! Raider doesn't believe me. It’s almost dark too!" He cried into her soft wrinkly skin. "Mama? You are an elephant. Can you scare the monster away? Raider's only a raccoon. He's too small."
"Quiet down baby boy..." She quietly whispered, “Go up to your room and go to bed! I'll tuck you in right after Daisy and Gateway Jr. are asleep. Okay?"
Skylar nodded and walked to his bedroom.
"Why does nobody believe me? I am completely right! I know what I saw! Humph." Skylar whispered to himself.
As he arrived at his bedroom door, he heard claws tapping on hardwood flooring.

*Tap* *Tap* *Tap*

His eyes widened as he scurried into his room and onto his bed.
The room was darker than a moonless night. He ran and ran for what seemed like an eternity across the black hole that was his room. Skylar curled up and fell into a deep, dreamless slumber. A beautiful voice awakened him.
"Go riding in your sweet lullabies. Come fly away!!!" The voice sang.
Skylar instantly knew who the voice was.
"Kila? What are you doing in here? Singing? I love that song though. Come fly away is the greatest."
She giggled and said, “Mama Elenor told me to wake you up with your favorite song. This just happened to be the song I do vocals for. Teheh. Plus, you have the only room without a roof."
"I DON'T HAVE A ROOF?!?!?!?!?!? WHAT?!? HOW?!" Skylar panicked as he snapped his head toward the sky.
"We thought if it rained you would just grow. Like a plant. We also thought the sun would help you grow too. Again. Like a plant."
Skylar rolled his eyes and went into the kitchen to grab hog dogs and buns. He did so and went to grill them outside. He started the grill and put the food on it.

"Psssssst! Hey! You! Floral Fox grilling food! Back here!" A voice whispered out of nowhere.
Skylar froze in place with his heart racing like a train going off its tracks. He was shaking as if an earthquake surrounded where he was standing.
"Who are you!? What do you want?!? I have raw hot dogs and I'm not afraid to use them!" Skylar declared, trying to sound brave.
"Ahahahhah! Listen Foxy. Go to the right-most corn plant and bring the sun block." the voice said sternly.
"Why?" Skylar asked cautiously.
"Just do it okay!" the voice grumbled.
Skylar grabbed the sun block and started to the large corn plant.
The small sunburned aardvark appeared from behind it. It snatched the sun block from Skylar's paws and rubbed it rapidly over itself. Skylar stared in confusion, wondering what an aardvark was doing in Kinzville. Sun burnt at that.
"Foxy! What are you staring at!? I got sun burnt! Big whoop!"
Skylar just stared.
"Listen Foxy. You want to hear how I got here? Fine! I was surfing at the coast of Kinztopia when a 40 foot wave crashed down on me. I was out cold. I drifted out on sea for days. I woke up on a strange island. My surfboard saved my life. If I didn’t clutch it for dear life after I wipeout... I wouldn’t be here. You know. I'd be sleeping with the fishes. I ran and ran until I saw somebody with sun block in their yard. Which was you. I rested here for the night and fixed your ant problem today. He he. So. Any questions?" The aardvark explained.
"One question. Your name." Skylar choked.
"Oh. Duh! Why didn't I start with that? I'm Benassi. Benny Benassi. It's just like ben-aussie. Teheh."
“Oh. I am Skylar.” His eyes widened and he thought back to this morning, what Kila had told him.
"BENNY!" Skylar exclaimed," Do you know Kila LaMau? The vocalist for your song Come Fly Away."
Benny laughed, “Ah. She was a doll. I wonder what ever happened to her. She was so nice."
Skylar pulled his kinzphone and dialed Kila's number.
"Kila! You will never guess who I am standing next to." He paused, "BENNY!"
Screaming and cheering blasted out of the phone.
Skylar touched the end button and said," My roomie will be right over.”
Kila rushed in and hugged Benny
"I missed hanging with you!" Benny said.
Kila's phone rang.
~*I'm glidin' in the beautiful sky,it's such a clear day.Go ridin' in,your sweet lullabies,come fly away.~*
She answered," Hi Midnight. I will be right there. Uh huh. Okay. Benny's here! Cool huh! Yeah. I will. Bye."
"Guys? I got to go. Midnight needs inspiration for his next line of room themes. He's creating the D.J theme, inspired by Benny. Got to Fly!" Kila said waving as she headed inside.
Benny and Skylar ate hot dogs, sipped smoothies and talked.
"Benny? Want to go surfing at Kinzville Beach? I hear the waves are nice." Skylar suggested.
Benny smiled and said, "Sure! Let’s grab the sun block though. I don't want to burn again."
"Sure buddy!" Skylar said as he grabbed the bottle.
The two best friends walked to the beach and played for the rest of the day. Benny the Aardvark and Skylar the Floral Fox lived happily ever after.
The end!


1,022 words

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Akawah the
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

"Hey stinky wiener!" Freddy bon Bobo said with a greasy smile. You see I'm an aardvark and that means no one understands me. "Loser!!!" Daskin shouted. Grrrrrr...I hate Daskin. Plus it doesn't help my name is Hot Dog. You see Ms.Kullotzy is my caretaker at Jozzimba Orphanage. I was dropped off on the front step of the orphanage in a hot dog box, and Ms.Kullotzy isn't very creative.
Don't tell her but we call her Ms. Klutz!
But anyway, that's how I got my name. I see a golden swimsuit with purple monkies which can only mean one thing,
Jeri-lee-a-snake-a-skag-a-rick-a-lang-a-macaderm-a-dosis! My best friend! (my only friend but still!) I remember how we met...
I was a Mountain Goat resort with my surfboard made of computers when I realized I was out of sunscreen, so I went to the Ghafidm store (don't ask) and asked the clerk where the sunscreen was. "I have a name ya know." she said rudely. "Fine then," I said while reading her name tag,"Daisy". What a weird name.
After a long struggle I found the sunscreen... the last bottle of sunscreen. Jeri saw it too. We both lunged for the bottle and then battled for the bottle. I won. Then I gave Jeri the bottle because I wanted a tan. So we became best friends!
Hot Dog! *snaps out of it* It was Jeri pulling me to English 101. "C'mon we're gonna be late!"
At least someone understands me. (:
270 words
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Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

The sun was shining and Amia woke up with a start! Today was the big garden show. She had wracked her brain for different hedge combinations and flower designs. She hoped her AARDVARK holding a SURFBOARD hedge design was too bizarre. She tried for normalcy in her designs . But being a monkey it just wasn't her style.
Amia grabbed a cold HOT DOG out of the fridge on her way out to give her garden a last touch up and watering. She had on her brightest purple flowered SWIMSUIT to show off her beach themed flower garden. While slapping on SUNSCREEN she hoped the garden committee liked blushing banana bread sandwiches served in mini coolers?
Everything was ready. Amia hurried away to open the door to the committee she saw they were all smiles and loving her designs.
Amia walked the ladies through the ice cream trees and by the lilac bushes. She tried not to be nosy but couldn't help but over hear whispers of "creative, wonderful."
She served the luncheon as required by the garden contest rules. After being satisfied with their visit through Amias garden, Mrs. Martina McBirdie announced their ruling.
She said in no uncertain terms Amia monkey was their winner! Amia was soo excited she started swinging from her vine laden jungle gym.
And her prize? Why what else would make a gardening monkey happier? A brand new purple weed wacker. Just what Amia wished.

Total words our contest( less than 300). Sorry I forgot to put it in

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Default Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing

A dark cloud floated across the sky and began to cover the bright sun
which was previously shining down on the celebration which was taking
place in the Town Square. The animals who had all gathered to have fun
at the Grand Carnival looked up with worry. The cloud which seemed to be
growing in size and animosity threatened to ruin the day. Personally, I
was relieved at this turn in luck because I would need the cover of
darkness if I were to pull of what I was about to do.

Unfortunately this job was necessary if I wanted to be able to feed my
family for the next week, and with my current situation, it seemed to be
the only way. My husband had recently had a horrible accident at his job
at the Wish Factory and was unable to provide for us any longer. You
see, he was in charge of the new line of exclusive items that were going
to be placed on the showroom floor and as he was carrying the brand new
green and white surfboard to its display case, he slipped and broke his
hip. Things got incredibly hard after that, and soon our savings had
dwindled to nothing.

My children and I did what we could, scrounging around the streets for
the occasional scrap of popcorn or hot dog. We would not be able to
survive on these scraps for long as they were becoming more and more
scarce. Also, being a family of Golden Labradors, our appetites were
quite large anyway, and the constant hunger was taking quite a toll on
our lives.

Today gave us a rare chance to have some fun as a family, but first I
needed to take care of the dreaded task. Word around town was that Arte
was going to have a sidewalk sale for the Grand Carnival so the
opportunity presented itself to take advantage of his absence.

Last night, Doug the Dog had approached me, knowing that I was
desperate. He offered me several hundred dollars if I would be able to
bring him a single precious gem from the mines. That is why Arte being
out of the Curio Shop was so important.

As the cloud shielded me from the light of the sun, I quickly ran into
the house and grabbed my Husbands mining gear, tucked it under my pack,
and ran across town to the mine entrance. I ducked inside the Barking
Mad mine and began to prepare for the dastardly deed. I pulled on the
heavy equipment over my swimsuit, so that I would be ready to join my
family as soon as I was done. So far no one had noticed me running into
the shaft, which I thanked goodness for, because I truly didn't know
what I would say if I was confronted about what I was doing.

The list Doug had given me was very specific and had only one item on
it, the nearly priceless Corona Topaz. I knew the scent well, from my
days in the Kinzville Academy, so I began tracking as soon as the light
on my hat was on the ground in front of me. I pressed my sensitive nose
to the ground and began to sniff deeply in order to catch a whiff of the
gem. I felt like an aardvark scavenging for a precious colony of ants as
I progressed as quickly as possible through the depths of the mine. Soon
I had the scent I was looking for, and began to the spot I was sure
contained the Topaz I was so desperate to find. I took out the pick
which was strapped to my back and began to chip away at the rocks in
front of me. Soon I could see the shining golden yellow gem and it would
be mine within moments!

I tucked the gem safely into my pack and strapped the pick back onto my
back as I ran as fast as I could through the darkness lit only by the
small flashlight on my helmet. Once I got to the entrance, I slipped out
of my husband's equipment and back into my swimsuit. By this time the
scary cloud was gone, and I was able to blend in along with all of the
other animals enjoying the sunlight in the festival. I nodded at one of
the couples I knew, and waved to their children. Nervously, I continued
back to our home.

Once inside the door I breathed a huge sigh of relief, Doug would be
happy, I would be able to provide for my family a little bit longer, and
no one would have to know anything about my secret life as a jewel

“What's wrong Mommy?” My daughter startled me with her question as I was
still leaning inside the door catching my breath.

“Oh, nothing dear, just getting the last few things ready for our day in
the sun at the Grand Carnival! Aren't you excited?”

“Oh yes, I am!” She answered, “It looks like its going to be a hot and
sun-shiny day, so I even put on my sunscreen already!”

“Good girl,” I told her, “Go get your brother and lets go into Town

She skipped happily away having no idea what her mother had just done.
“It'll just be a little bit longer, and then we'll be back on our own
four feet,” I thought to myself, hoping dearly that I was right. I could
barely look myself in the mirror as I stashed the gem and equipment
under my bed for safe keeping.

“What are you doing honey?”

I gasped and stood up to face my husband who had an angry, knowing look
on his face. What was I going to do?

969 words
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awesome storyyy peeps, good luck everybody, good stories great, great stories here!, ilikecheese!!, love the aardvarks!, robertpattinsonishot:), stories are cool, third tag!

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