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amazon07-24-2009 10:53 PM

Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing
It was a hot and sunny day when Joane, a webkinz pig, went out to go surfing on her new surfboard at the beach. Joane ran to the ocean wearing her new polka dot swimsuit when all of a sudden, an aardvark jumped infront of Joane and threw a hot dog at her. "Hey! What are you doing?" screamed Joane. Then, the aardvark started throwing hotdogs on Joane's surfboard. "Hey! That's new!" Joane screamed. Joane looked around the beach to see if she knew anyone and maybe they could help her. Joane didn't see anyone she knew, all she saw was . . . AARDVARKS! "Oh my gosh!!! Aardvarks have taken over the world!!!" Joane ran off to a lemonade stand on the beach. There was someone wearing sunglasses and a sunhat which covered up their face. "Hello, I need help! Evil aardvarks have taken over the beach!" Joane told the worker. The worker took off its sun hat which revealed once again, another aardvark. "AHHH!" Joane screamed. Joane looked around, then all at the same time, all of the aardvarks pulled off masks to show that they were all normal webkinz. "Oh my gosh!" Joane said. At the same time, everyone screamed "HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SUMMER, JOANE!".

peachypeaches07-24-2009 10:57 PM

Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing
Thanks for another great contest! Here is my story:

As soon as I stepped out of the car, the familiar scents of the beach filled me with excitement and nostalgia. We were finally back at North Carolina's Emerald Isle, one of my favorite places in the world!

The night was beautiful--clear sky, almost-full moon, a faint smattering of stars, and gently crashing dark blue waves. The smell of the ocean is different at night than during the day, but that just makes me love it more.

I breathed in the crisp air and ran to the water, feeling the cold sand burn my feet. The water was freezing and my pants got soaked, but I wanted to stay there forever, just watching the calm waves.

Unfortunately, my mother wouldn't let me camp out on the beach.

"Let's go check out the house!" she exclaimed cheerily. And I had to admit, it was a pretty nice house. It was three stories high, was literally on the beach (just past some sand dunes), and all three floors had balconies. My best alternative to staying on the beach all night was sitting on my balcony all night. No such luck on that, either.

Before I went to sleep, I opened my windows so I could fall asleep to the sound of the crashing waves.

,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,(

The next morning I awoke to the sound of my sister banging on my bedroom door.

"Hey, wake up! Help me decide which swimsuit to wear today!"

"I don't care."

"Aww, come on. This one?” She struck a model pose in her rainbow bikini. "Or... this one?" she said, untying the rainbow suit to reveal a turquoise bikini with a surfboard on the left.


"Okay, thanks! And mom says she's making french toast for breakfast!"

“YAY!” I jumped out of my bed and ran faster than a cheetah to the kitchen table. French toast is my favorite!

“Thank you thank you thank you!” I shouted as I bounced up and down excitedly.

My mother chuckled. “You’re welcome, honey. Now don’t eat too much. We’ve got a party later, remember? So save room for all those hot dogs, potato chips and tons of candy!”

,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,(

This was ridiculous. The party my mom was all excited for was a costume party! I couldn't believe we were going to a costume party with my dad's old college buddies. I thought this reunion would be a nice vacation to my favorite beach, but no. It had to be ruined with a Halloween-themed party.

"Surprise! I got you girls matching costumes for the party tonight!" My mom grinned and held up two ball gowns. "You're going to be princesses!"

"Mom... you know my favorite princess is Jasmine from Aladdin. She doesn't wear ball gowns," I complained.

“Just wear it. It’s either this or an aardvark costume. There aren’t many costumes left at the store anymore.”

,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,(

At the party, we actually had a blast. I normally don’t like parties that much, but being with my dad’s old friends’ kids was so much fun. We always see each other at reunions like this, but being here on Emerald Isle just put me in a better mood.

My favorite part was the piñata. It was shaped like a vampire and there was enough candy stuffed in there to feed the entire country on Halloween!

I saw some pretty crazy costumes at that party. A book, a shoe, the moon? And someone was a bottle of sunscreen! There sure are some creative people in this world.

The party officially ended at midnight, but we kept partying for the whole week. I grew a lot closer to the kids because we got to hang out all week, unlike other reunions our parents have had.

It was so sad leaving the beach. I revisited the places I remembered, and made new memories to cherish forever as well. It was the best vacation of my life!

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