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JacksMom07-04-2009 09:33 PM

Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing -- Winners Announced!

Congratulations to all of our talented WI writers. The staff never realized how much fun it could be to read about summer adventures with aardvarks!

We are please to announce the following winners of this contest:

Top Prize Winners, and their prizes:
  • Bethmiz – Master Card Collector Statue
  • Bubbanight – W Tales Sofa
  • carmel_mom – Space Shuttle Explorer
  • Jarrah – At Paw Level Display Screen
  • mlh – Series 2 Collector Trophy

Additional Prize Winners

(Each will receive a random piece of Trading Card furniture)
  • Oddmeister
  • TrappersKid1
  • Aliyka
  • meganmonkee
  • volleyuup
  • kinzmom1924
  • dragonbird
  • Emma8432
  • tennisstar10
  • brb1995
  • ais1744
  • mckinneysh
  • Juliekinz
  • meggiemooz
  • teaandpizza
  • turtles
  • fatcatpix
  • webbieluvr1924
  • jlhaffner
  • Erinmokney
  • x pookie x
  • gripperluverxxoo
  • Jthegymnast
  • virtualpawprint
  • Erinbeth236
  • DTF95
  • panda886
  • SnowPearl360
  • twilightcrz
  • WebkinzRocks231
  • Grace98
  • rockermom
  • tkprit
  • ICanHasWebkinz?
  • KraziiKinz123
  • celticknotqueen
  • RHPMom
  • slbradshaw
  • sempson
  • wikylo
  • soccerchaos14
  • softbop
  • Holt
  • Katarina
  • Ziwhtam
  • Kinz Queen
  • lilypad42795
  • koalakinzforever
  • Elphy
  • iamearwig

If you are a winner, please follow these instructions to claim your prize:

1. Send a PM to JacksMom that includes the Webkinz World user ID where you would like your prize to be sent.
2. Add the name WIGIFTZ to your KinzPhone in Webkinz World.
3. Wait for your prize to arrive! Please be patient, we are sending prizes out as fast as we can.

Failure to follow these instructions correctly may result in a delay in sending your prize.

Again, congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated!

UncleTimmay07-19-2009 11:01 PM

Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing
Last summer while vacationing in Hawaii, the weirdest thing happened to me. My family and I were at the beach just lying around taking in the sun, when I saw the coolest surfboard I had ever seen. I just had to have it, so I got out all my allowance money and bought it. I loved surfing it, came really easy to me. I usually just go out to catch a wave and have a bite to eat. A hot dog is my favorite thing to eat when I surf, because you can put them in a Ziploc bag to keep them dry and they fit in your swimsuit pocket. I grabbed my new board and started paddling out into the ocean. Oh man the biggest wave I had ever seen started coming at me, so I quickly turned around to catch it. I jumped up on my board and started to rip through a huge curl. I was completely covered by water but none of it was touching me. I thought what a great time to eat my hot dog. I pulled out my hot dog and got ready to take a bite when this aardvark wearing a shark costume jumped out of the water and snatched it from me. I couldn’t believe that just happened. I didn’t know what to do. When I got back to the beach I looked for a life guard to ask if he has ever heard of that before. He looked at me like I was crazy and then pointed to a sign and said, didn’t you read the sign before you went in the water? I must not have seen it I said. So I walked over to the sign and you will never believe what it said. ”All surfers are required to wear sunscreen with aardvark repellant or you could lose your lunch.” So needless to say I bought some new sunscreen that day.

323 words

Oddmeister07-19-2009 11:01 PM

Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing
My Summer Celebration Story by Oddmeister

Hi! I’m Rosamund. I want to tell you about the super summer cookout at the beach that my best friend Nooka and I had last weekend. Of course we had the usual accoutrements for a day at the beach. I brought my swimsuit to lie out and let my pink scales bake in the sun. I, for one, do not need sunscreen. My friend Nooka does, though. He is from the North Pole, and despite his thick, white coat he always gets a little crispy right around his cute black nose. He gets pretty hot, too, so instead of sunbathing he likes to grab his surfboard and paddle with his enormous paws out into the waves. Nooka only pretends to surf. Actually, he likes to crack me up by standing up on his board just as a big wave is coming and hollering, “Heheheheheheee wipe oooout!” just as the wave crashes into him. He is a powerful swimmer, so I don’t worry. I like to crack him up by crooning “Little Surfer Bear” at him in a silly falsetto.
After a grand afternoon of sun and surf, as the sun began to set it was time to start the fire for our cookout. I laid out a fresh picnic blanket and took out the plates, napkins, and utensils while Nooka quickly built a bright, hot driftwood fire. All that remained was to get out the bratwurst, which Nooka had promised to bring. I thought it was a little odd when he started toward his spare surfboard bag instead of a cooler.
“Dum diddy dum-dum-dum dah! Ta-daaah!” Nooka hummed an elaborate fanfare as he pulled out the biggest wurst I had ever seen! I mean, this brat was huge! Comparing a regular hot dog to this thing would be like comparing an elephant shrew to its close cousin the aardvark! I just gawked for a moment.
“Wow,” was all I could say at first, then, “How do you intend to cook that?”
Normally we would just sharpen sticks to make hotdog roasting skewers, but looking around we didn’t see any driftwood sticks the size of javelins.
“Behold!” said Nooka as he extended a huge claw and began to slice the bratwurst into thick slabs. These he skewered through the side with a hastily whittled fork of driftwood and roasted them one by one over the fire. Each slab sizzled and dripped as it cooked, making the fire flare up brightly. They smelled so good I could barely wait for mine to be pulled from the fire before I devoured them. Even so, I let Nooka have the bear’s share. After that we made short work of a couple of watermelons from my garden and lay back on our beach blankets to watch the fire die out as the orange horizon darkened to blue and the first stars appeared overhead. Packing up our things for the short drive home I knew we would have to plan at least one more cookout before the summer is over. Next time, we’ll have to call ahead to the butcher, because we’re inviting all of our friends!

521 words

TrappersKid107-19-2009 11:03 PM

Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing
Sally, the camel, awoke to another hot summer day. Looking out the big picture window she could see all the other kids playing. Sally picked up the phone and called her best friend Penny Laine and asked her if she wanted to join her at the beach. “That sounds like fun!” exclaimed Penny.

Sally hung up and quickly put on her swimsuit. It was a bubble gum pink, one piece bathing suit with pastel flowers all over it. She had gotten it last year and it still fit her pretty well. She grabbed her sunscreen and towel and headed out the front door hollering to her mother as she left “Bye Mom, be back later”. “Wait a minute!!” her mother yelled. Sally came to a halt on the front porch. “Moomm, I gotta gooo, Penny’s waiting on meee.” Sally said with a whining voice. “Don’t you want a hot dog before you go? It’s your favorite.” Sally thought just for a split second “No, I told Penny I would be right over, and I am already late.” “Alright” Mom smiled. Kissing Sally on her head “Just be careful and be home by supper.” Sally beamed at her mother and jumped off the porch.

When Sally got to Penny’s house she was waiting for her. “Where have you been?” Penny asked. Sally just rolled her eyes and said “Moms!” The girls giggled.

Penny grabbed her beach bag and surfboard. “Do you want me to carry that?” Sally asked concerned. “Nope, I got it.” Penny replied in a happy go lucky voice. On the way to the beach the girls talked about the usual things. “Ann Marie invited me to her party on Saturday, are you going to go?” asked one. “I think Jordan Jones is so cute, don’t you?” asked the other. All the while Sally kept asking Penny if she was sure she could carry the surfboard. Sally was worried it was too big for her. “No, I’m good” Penny kept telling her.

When the girls finally got to the beach there was a group of boys pointing and giggling at them. “You think you’re big enough to handle that?” one boy taunted. “Are you sure you even know how to use it.” Another said. Sally and Penny just ignored them and found a spot.

They spread out their towels and sat down. Sally rubbed the sun block on making sure she didn’t miss a spot. She did not want to get burned like last summer. She hurt for a week. “You want some?” she asked Penny. “Yes, thank you.” Penny turned and Sally rubbed a little on her back.

Before long the boys were back and they were still making fun of them. “What’s the matter, to chicken to ride that?” Henry said pointing to Penny’s surfboard. Penny didn’t answer. Instead she turned to Sally and started talking. This made Henry mad. He got louder “I bet you’re too dumb to even know which way is up.” Henry said in an animated fashion. This made the other boys laugh. At that Penny turned and looked Henry in the eyes and said “Not only do I know which way is up, I bet I could beat you in a race.” The boys got silent. Henry knew he had to accept the challenge or the other boys would make fun of him. Henry the aardvark grabbed his board and said “You’re on!” He headed for the water.

Sally looked at Penny, she was worried, “Are you sure, I mean he is so much bigger than you?” “Don’t worry so much!” Penny grabbed her board and followed Henry to the water. They got on their board and swam out to the break point. “First one back, wins” Henry said. Penny nodded. They got set. “Here comes one!” She yelled.

The wave was huge! They both started to paddle waiting for the right moment to stand up. Finally Penny could see Henry jump up on his board, and as the wave swelled, she jumped on hers. They were both riding the wave. Everyone on the shore was cheering them on. “Go Henry!” the boys cheered. Sally was jumping up and down. She was so nervous. “Come on Penny, you can do it!” She hollered.

Henry knew that he could win this with his eyes shut. So just to show off he tried a hand stand. Unfortunately, Henry slipped on the wet board and fell into the water. “Oh, no!“ the boys groaned. They knew the race was over. Sally was excited now, “Go, Penny, go!” she cheered.

Penny rode the wave all the way to the beach and stopped right in front of the group of boys. They hung their heads low and watched as Penny grabbed her board. Sally ran up to her “You did it, you won!” Penny just smiled.

By the time Henry reached the beach, Penny and Sally were laying back on their towels talking and giggling. Henry walked over to Penny and held out his hand. “Congratulations. You were awesome!” Penny took his hand and said, “Next time you will think twice about picking on a girl.” Henry the aardvark looked at her, “A girl? I can’t believe I was beat by an ant!”

874 words

abitha807-19-2009 11:09 PM

Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing
Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing
Aardvark Scavengers is the name Albert , Allen and I, Alvin, called ourselves. We all grew up in a town called Rubble. Big machines come daily and dump all sorts of rumble and trash in our town. One day while walking Albert came across a flyer. It said that the town of Sunscreen City was having a surfing contest and anyone could enter. Allen said I have tried surfing one time and it was easy. He said he had found a piece of board and put it in a puddle and stood on it. Anyone could do it, he said. With that we decided to find some boards and head to Sunscreen City that summer day.
It took us several days of walking until we came to an area covered with the whitest dirt you would ever find. Then we saw the puddle. It was so big you could not see the other side. Someone on the other side of the puddle must have been throwing big boulders in it, because it caused the biggest ripples I have ever seen. Then I heard some yell, “Look at the size of those waves!”
Just then a cute girl turtle walked up and started giggling.
She said, “Are you here to surf? Where are your swimsuits? And are those boards what you are going to use to surf with?” Then she really started laughing.
I said, “We decided to buy some new ones. Where is the closest place to buy them?”
She said, “Over there buy the hot dog stand.”
We strolled over to the hot dog stand and found all sorts of swim trunks and then saw what real surfboards look like. Allen, Albert and I got deck out in our new swimsuits and boards. As we were leaving the shop a group of sharks walked by and pushed me in a small pool of water. The all started laughing. The sales clerk came running out yelling at me to get out of his bait pond. Allen was pulling me out of the pond I when heard my name called to come surf. I picked up my new surfboard and walked to the big puddle.
I went running into the water and watched as the other surfers paddle out. I started doing everything they did. As I was waiting for the perfect wave, a group of seagulls started swopping down at me. I hadn’t noticed but worms were coming out of my swim suit. They had gotten in my trunks pockets when I fell into the bait pond. The gulls were now trying to eat the worms. I stood up to shue them away but they wouldn’t leave. At this moment, little did I know,a big wave had just formed behind me. I didn’t notice the wave taking me to shore. I was standing and swinging at the gulls trying to get them away from me. That didn’t work so I tried doing jumping jacks to get them away. That also didn’t work. Next I tried flips on the board. Nothing! They still dove at me. I tried dancing but nothing. Then I felt the board hit the bottom of the puddle floor and I ended up doing three summersaults and landed on my back.
The crowd came rushing over yelling and clapping. Some of the guys picked me up and put me on the stage. The next thing I know everyone was talking about my surfing abilities and how I won the contest . They were saying that was the biggest wave anyone had ever ridden.
The talk was also about the stunts I did as I rode the wave. No one had every seen anyone do stunts as they surfed. I just stood there and looked lost. I didn’t realize I rode a wave much less won a contest.
The town of Sunscreen held a big party that night to honor all that surfed. We partied until dawn. I was scared that some one would find out that it all was a big mistake. They would find out I had never surfed before .They didn’t realize that if I hadn’t been distracted by the seagulls, I would have fallen off the board before I could even stand up. I told the Aardvark Scavengers I was ready to go home. My friends were so excited that one of us won! I decided I won’t tell them about the seagulls till we got back to Rumble City. That night after telling everyone that I had won a trophy, I sat down and told Allen and Albert the truth on how I really won. They laughed and laughed. Said we pulled a fast one on the town of Sunscreen. We decided to put the trophy on top off the biggest rubble pile in my city along with our surfboards and swimsuits. We decided that our puddle is big enough for us to surf!

821 words

Redhead00407-19-2009 11:15 PM

Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing
One day me and my parents went to the beach in Florida down in the keys. we stayed in a very nice hotel right on the beach so we could hear the waves day and night. The first day I put on my swimsuit and took my surfboard out to the ocean. I tried to balance on it a few times but i kept falling off it was hopeless for me. I went back inside to eat dinner which was hotdogs and french fries. Well after a couple of days of trying to stay on the surfboard i finally got it. i was up on the wave riding it to the beach. When i realized how fast i was going i tried to slow it down but of course i couldn't. I kept surfing unable to stop myself. I hit a rock and was sent hurteling thru the air right into a man putting on sunscreen, when all of a sudden an aardvark flies right by me. strange i have never seen a flying aardvark before. Right then i woke up and found myself inside of an igloo. Yep i live in Alaska with my parents and my two husky dogs oh well maybe one day i will go to Florida and hopefully not see any flying aardvarks.

218 words

carmel_mom07-19-2009 11:28 PM

Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing
I woke up to another hot summer day in Webkinz World. I didn't want to stay home and suffer from the heat, so I decided to head for the beach. I applied my sunscreen, putting lots of the special green sunscreen on my nose. Then I put on my yellow polka dot swimsuit, grabbed my purple surfboard with my left hand and picked up my pet aardvark, Fred, with my right hand. Out the door we went.

The walk to the beach was weird. I passed a brown cow yelling "How now!", a chihuahua saying "Yo quiero chimichangas", and a blue Googles eating a hot dog covered with sauerkraut and mustard. I'm still not sure how he ate so neatly when he has no arms!

At the beach, Fred and I saw lots of happy Webkinz residents playing volleyball and frolicking in the waves. Down the beach, several more Webkinz residents were testing their strength on a Carnival Strength Tester, while another group was marveling at the new Seaside Palace Sandcastle. The light was spinning lazily on the Rocky Shores Lighthouse on a little island a few hundred feet off the coast.

Fred ran off to find an ant or termite mound for lunch, while I looked for a good place to surf. As I headed toward the waves, I tripped over an odd lamp. When I rubbed it, a magic genie came out and said "You ain't never had a friend like me!" Then he disappeared in a puff of blue smoke. I decided to put the lamp aside so I could investigate it later. All I wanted to do now was get in the cool water.

As I paddled out in the water, a hot air balloon with 3 white mice floated by. I could hear them singing a song about 3 men in a tub. As a small wave started to crest, I got up on my surfboard. I was just starting to move with the wave when I was distracted by a Flying Saucer being driven by FRED! I wiped out and washed up to shore, right at the feet of Captain Dogbeard. "Better pay more attention to them waves, matey, or ye'll be finding Davy Jones' locker!" I spit out a mouthful of seaweed and salt water and sputtered, "Yes, Sir!" I'm still wondering - was that really Fred? Looks like another fun, summer day in Webkinz World.

403 words

Aliyka07-19-2009 11:35 PM

Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing
It was a rainy afternoon in July, so I didn’t’ feel the need to put on my sunscreen. I decided it would be fun to play in the puddles that were forming in the yard; after all I am a pig. I put on my best swimsuit and took off outside to roll around in what would soon become the most muddle filled puddle ever!

It wasn’t long until my neighbor, Danny the aardvark, was shouting out his window “Hey, Hot Dog! Do you want to head to the beach after the storm and collect some shells?” Of course, I told him yes after yelling at him for calling me Hot Dog, I HATE that silly nickname he came up for me.

I jumped out of my puddle and quickly realized I’d need to change into a new swimsuit. I grabbed a bottle of sunscreen and my surfboard and ran over to Danny’s house.

We waited for the storm to pass by playing Chinese checkers and cards. Finally, after an hour we felt it was safe to venture toward the beach. With sunscreen in one hand and the surfboard in the other, we trudged along the path toward the beach.

I was amazed at all the awesome shells that washed on shore after the storm! We found sand dollars, conch shells, oyster shells and clam shells. Once we had our fill of all the neat shells, we jumped into the water and spent a few hours catching waves and showing off for each other.

I was grateful for remembering to put my sunscreen on because one look at Danny and you could tell he’d forgotten. He was as red as a lobster! My giggling at him just put him in a bad mood, so we decided to head home.

Once we arrived back at Danny’s house, we found our parents out in the yard grilling up some hot dogs and hamburgers. Danny and I both went into our houses to put up our surfboards and clean up in the shower, even if Danny didn’t have any sunscreen to wash off.

After eating dinner, I was so tired from the long day that I jumped in the bed and quickly fell asleep.

368 words

meganmonkee07-19-2009 11:47 PM

Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing
The sun shone down on the Kinzville Academy. It was a sweltering day in Kinzville. Students sat at their desks, in the air conditioned building, watching the clock reach three. Some students were still finishing their essays, about their plans, for the summer to come. Most students were dreaming of the beach. The thought of jumping into their swimsuit and smacking on some sunscreen filled the heads of the eager Webkinz.

Wiggles, was planning on spending his summer with Plumpy, on vacation! They were planning on taking a trip to Africa, to see the exotic Webkinz wandering in other countries. “Wiggles, what are you going to do this summer?” Ms. Cowline asked, interrupting Wiggles’ day dream. “I’m going to Africa!” Wiggle exclaimed enthusiastically. “Sounds like fun, what are you planning on doing while you’re there” “Well, I’m not sure what I want to do, all I know is I want to see an aardvark!!!” Wiggles cheered. “Okay….” Ms. Cowline trailed off, finally moving on.

Goober was in the corner of the classroom, working on his math. He was so happy to have an A! “Goober, what will you be doing this summer?” Questioned Kinzville Academy’s Superintendent. Goober had equations floating around in his head, and was so caught up in the fun of math, that he didn’t hear the question. All eyes on him, he just let out a simple, “Huh?” Everybody giggled. Wacky Zingoz whispered the question to Goober. “I want to learn to surf! But, if that doesn’t really work out, I just want to have a hot dog” Goober said, with a chuckle.

“Goober, you want to learn to surf?” Wacky asked his dear friend. “Yeah, I think I’d be fun! Do you know how to surf?” Goober replied. “Yep, I know how to surf! I have an extra surfboard over at my house. You could come over, and I could teach you” Wacky said. “That’d be fun” Goober said in awe. “And then we can grab a hot dog once we finish” Wacky laughed.

Three o’clock was quickly approaching, and all eyes were focusing on the clock. Five…. Four…. Three…. Two…. ONE! Brrinngg! The bell rang. School was out. Wiggles ran home to pack to see aardvarks, and Goober and Wacky started waxing their surfboards. “Have a Kinztastic Summer everybody!” exclaimed Ms. Cowline as the students flooded into the hallway. Summer was now in session.

397 words

volleyuup07-20-2009 12:11 AM

Re: Dog Days of Summer Contest #4: Creative Writing
"Dottie's Silly Summer Beach Plan!"
by volleyuup

I'll admit it: I'm not a big fan of summer. It's hot, everything melts so much quicker, and I'm always so BORED! The only thing that I like about summer is going to the beach. And since Elf the Snowman wanted to go to the beach for his first time, I agree to go with him. After all, I needed to work on my tan!

When we arrived at the beach, it was all ready near 100 degrees. "Great! This is going to be the best day EVER!" I said to myself, rolling my ways. I was kidding of course. This was going to be awful!

Elf and I put each put on our swimsuit so we could go swim. But then, Elf ran out to the water. "You need sunscreen!" I yelled. Elf turned and called back "You're not wearing any! Why should I? It's not like it protects you from the sun's rays!". "Wow Elf, buddy, you have so much to learn!" I thought to myself. I needed to get sunscreen on him otherwise he'd either melt or look as pink as me! I wasn't sure which but really niether sounded good.

I needed to come up with a plan. All of a sudden, I saw a Webkinz Hedgehog with a hotdog. "Hey, can I borrow that?" I asked him. I took it without him saying a word. I HAD to make sure that Elf had sunscreen on! Do you want one of your best friends to melt?

I put tons of sunscreen on the hot dog. When I was ready to present it to Elf, I couldn't find him. Finally, I saw him trying to surf on a surfboard. He didn't even know how to swim! What was he thinking?!

I ran to the water as fast as I could with the hotdog. Luckily, I stopped him in time by waving my arms like a mad woman. I mean, mad dinosaur! He came over and I started my plan. "Look Elf! Even hotdogs wear sunscreen! You need to do it."

He started at me like I was crazy which I most likely was. "You're not wearing any so I'm not going wear any." He walked away and stopped to pet a Lil'kinz Rabbit's pet aardvark. "He's ADORABLE!" I heard him say. "I love aardvarks!" "Thanks!" said the little Rabbit. He tugged on the aardvark's leash and he started to come my way. I had another idea and this time, it had to work!

I grabbed the aardvark, not even asking this time, and I put tons of sunscreen on it. When I was ready to show Elf, I gasped! Elf was starting to melt! He had gotten shorter. I needed to HURRY!

I ran over to him and I cried "Elf, look! Even aardvarks wear sunscreen!" Elf was surprised but covered it. "He doesn't need it and NOR DO I!" Elf was getting shorter and shorter.

"Elf, please. If you don't wear sunscreen, you'll melt away. You're my best friend. I don't want to lose you. I'll even wear the sunscreen." I put some on me and immediately, my skin felt better. Maybe I really did need some sunscreen.

Elf slowly took the bottle. "I don't want to melt away. I'd miss you too much!" He put plenty on and his feet slowly regrew. Elf was safe!

Here is the lesson that I learned: ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN! And only put it on things that TRULY need it: Like aardvarks!


583 words

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