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kangarooshrink07-11-2015 05:09 PM

Kinzchat not working in trading rooms

I cannot use kinzchat (regular or plus) in the trading rooms or at the trading table.
Although it's nice to be able to access trading again, I feel ignorant when
I cannot respond to questions, ask for what I want, or just be friendly.
I have no way of saying ''good-bye" and just leave without a word or smile when the trade is over.
I wish I weren't so addicted to trading and could just stay away until chat is fixed.
Hoping this glitch will get fixed when they shut down for de-bugging:-\
I'm really frustrated and hate feeling rude. Just venting -thanks.

terriermom07-12-2015 10:24 AM

Re: Kinzchat not working in trading rooms
I tried last night to chat in the Kinzville Park and I couldn't use the chat line. Tried again today in the clubhouse and I still can't chat.

bubblygirl89707-15-2015 06:41 PM

Re: Kinzchat not working in trading rooms
Kinzchat seems to be working better this afternoon. If you try to add a Zum it flashes several zums at one time on the screen. I would avoid using them.

luvzfrogs07-15-2015 06:46 PM

Re: Kinzchat not working in trading rooms
Well Webkinz X is still fairly new and things are still out of whack and could be for a little while. Hopefully as time goes on and everything gets situated with Webkinz X it'll get fixed or corrected. Just going to have to wait it out and see :)

mattyboo107-29-2015 02:54 PM

Re: Kinzchat not working in trading rooms
this has happened to me for years and is very frustrating, the only way to fix it is to log out and log back in again, its frustrating during an important trade but its the only thing that works.

I wish Ganz would fix this.

Nickelcat08-08-2015 09:44 PM

Re: Kinzchat not working in trading rooms
I can't chat in the Kinzville Park. It won't let me click my cursor in the bar where you type. Is this what others are experiencing?


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