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Old 06-09-2009, 01:25 AM   #1
Webkinz :)
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jadewarlock is not just visiting!jadewarlock is not just visiting!jadewarlock is not just visiting!jadewarlock is not just visiting!jadewarlock is not just visiting!jadewarlock is not just visiting!jadewarlock is not just visiting!jadewarlock is not just visiting!jadewarlock is not just visiting!jadewarlock is not just visiting!jadewarlock is not just visiting!

Default General oddities of Kinz Chat plus

In the past few days, I've been visiting in the collector's rooms - mostly to try and catch Doug (and have finally succeeded - I'm on round two now), and have noticed a few funny things happen - as well as a few oddities, and sadly a couple of down sides.

I'm going to get the sad over with first because while they're sad, they are few:

Sad situations - i.e. bullies/criers

1. I had an emerald labrador decked out in the trading card wizard gear fuss (get upset) at me for paying them a compliment on their outfit and such. They also called me a monkey - I was a Himalayan cat. Same lab also told me a purple monster was a zebra (I might have my errors, but I know a zebra isn't purple, and Mr. Monster - I don't know his name, but call him this because he was nice - turned to smile for me on screen so I could see clearly I was right.)

Eventually the lab gave up trying to bully me - realized it wasn't going to work and wasn't their time to bother.

2. Had a floral fox tell me they liked my Charm forest tiara and asked if it was for trade. I said "Sorry it is not - I worked hard for it" and they said "OK." Then later when there were more in the room they did the "Cries" bit and says they're upset with the "mean cat" and then leave. (Mind you, I paid the fox compliments for her sparkly e-Store tiara and gear). Someone asked why and I said "Probably because I wouldn't trade for my tiara." The Cherry Blossom Bird (I think her name was Carnation, but am not 100 percent sure - reason in funny part), said I had the right to keep my tiara, who doesn't have enough charms to get the tiara right now (not enough to unlock all 8 rows), but didn't ask to trade because she knew it took months to get the "Windy Storm" (tornado) charm.

Funny enough - I had several people ask what the tiara was, and there was another pet who had the same tiara and we joked about how we liked how the other was dressed.

The funny/oddity ones

1. People asking me several times - even though they had been in the room for some time and I answered, where "Dug" is. I would mention the room, but they'd say "He's not there." Fortunately, you can manage to say "Regular chat room" or "room you cannot type words" in there so people know it's the regular chat room sometimes (where in this case he was in the pink zone, but it was the regular room as KC+ the pink room was closed at the time).

It was funny to me because I joked about being a robot repeating myself, and others said they've done it too. But, it's good to help out the younger ones who really are into finding Doug more than I am (and yes, I am still trying to search for him). They're the ones that get excited by the virtual items and need the most help.

2. For some reason, you cannot say "Cherry" for the Cherry Blossom bird in KinzChat Plus. Given there are several birds, this doesn't make sense, and even "red bird" could be confusing if there is a robin or cardinal there. I have had my thoughts about why they refuse it, but if one of them is right, why name the bird that to begin with?

3. Speaking of Cherry Blossom birds, we had a flock of them today in one of the rooms. All three were very sweet, and one of them showed me their dancing moves they earned at the Academy. My favorite bit was watching two of them tending to act as mirror images of each other - it was too cute, and both were enjoying it.

4. Lately, if you are a bird, it seems you will crash through the wall (appear outside the room). I had Apollo the owl fall victim to that the other day - she went from one side of the room to the other and out the room, causing one sweet dog who had seen it to say "Does your head hurt? Were you knocked silly going through the wall?" I said, "No, I'm fine, but that was rather odd," and we both laughed.

5. Apparently ducks and snowmen really DO look too similar to each other. Most common question I got when William the snowman visited was "Are you a duck or snowman?" To which I answered who I was and then said "Maybe I should wear my top hat still" and got chuckles. (I usually put him in a hat, but now he's wearing Rover's coat, so a hat would look silly).

And finally,

6. Most people whom I've met who have e-Store pets are willing to say what their pets are and show them off if you ask. There was a really nice Tinkerpup with a tree hat who went into detail with one pet who had never seen either item.

I've now seen nearly all the e-Store pets in action (haven't seen blossom fish or pearl pup that I know of), and everyone of them was very sweet to confirm who they were and say hi to me. If you were one of those who said Hi to William the snowman, AidanMicah the Himalayan cat or Apollo the Owl, I want to say thank you for being so sweet and kind (and possibly patient - I can be a bit annoying sometimes ) to someone who just likes seeing the pets in action. They're all really cool.

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