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Old 05-28-2009, 12:04 AM   #1
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Default [ RULES ] Please Read BEFORE Opening a Shop

When we first instituted the application process to host an avatar/graphics shop, it was due to many reasons. There was lots of hot linking going on. Many were using images that should not have been redistributed. Many people were being rude to one another and abusing the responsibility it took to host a shop.

We now feel like most of you know the rules so we are removing the application process. PLEASE NOTE: the rules still stand. We will continue to conduct periodic searches of shops to make sure you're abiding by the rules and we hope that our community will help keep an eye out too.

We truly dont want to go back to an application process but will institute it once again if need be. For now, here are the new rules. We cannot stress enough that if you do not understand one of the rules, please ask!


1) All graphics must be original - you may not use other members' images or images from other sites that have not been properly credited. If the original creator of the graphic is not known and the graphic appears to be commonly distributed, do not take credit for it. No face graphics unless a celeb. No Ghetto Signatures.

2) You may have one graphics shop ONLY - you may only create another thread when your first reaches 1000 posts. [This applies to any change in your shop - ie: a holiday shop. You are still only allowed one thread and must work off that one thread only.] The new thread is a "part two" of your current shop. You may not say "My solo shop hit 1000 posts, please close it so I can open a partner shop." If you open a duplicate thread, all of your shops will be closed and you will not be allowed to have a graphics thread. If you chose to open up a shop with a friend, that is counted as your one thread. You cannot have one solo thread and one with a partner. Consequently, if you have partners in a shop, you must drop out of that shop in order to have one of your own. If you are a "helper" at a shop, that counts as your shop. You may not own your own shop and help in another person's shop; you may not help in more than one shop.

***If your shop closes due to inactivity, you must ask a staff member or flag post 1 of your thread to reopen it as opposed to starting a new thread.

3) No rude behavior will be tolerated - graphic shoppers must be patient and never rush a shop owner.

4) You may not charge WW items, WI bucks, rep points, or anything else for your work.

5) Do not advertise your shop on another shop or any thread here on WI. The only place you can advertise it is in you signature.

6) We do not allow hotlinking on WI. When you see a graphic on here or any other website, that image is hosted somewhere and uses that site's "bandwidth" to display the graphic. If you copy the link location of a graphic then paste it in your post as an image, you're using the other site's bandwidth to display it on WebkinzInsider. This is called hotlinking (also called "stealing bandwidth"). This can sometimes cause performance issues for both websites.

Your choices are to upload the image to WI (you are restricted how much bandwidth you get to use on here) or to host the image somewhere else like your own website or an image hosting account like Photobucket, ImageCave or TinyPic. Display your images wisely and considerately to each individual website and the internet community at large.

7) All shops previously not approved are still not approved.

8 ) In order to post a shop, members must meet the following requirements:

Shop owners must have 50 non-fluff posts and be in good standing on WI.

Breaking the rules elsewhere on WI can result in losing your graphics shop.

9) You must abide by the rules of this section including not using graphics you are not allowed to use. Some of those are listed here, however, it is still your responsibility to find out if you can use the graphics or not.

If you are found in violation of any of these rules, your shop will be closed and you will not be allowed to open another. If you do not understand a rule, ask before you open your shop.

Update as of 5/27/2009:

Shops no longer need to receive staff approval. However, as stated above, if you have previously been told you cannot open a shop, that decision still stands. All rules still apply and will be enforced.


View Post Originally Posted by fairlyoddmom
The following are graphics that have specific terms or use or are not allowed to be distributed or put up for adoption.

This list is not complete. If you find a graphic that you'd like to use or distribute, it is your responsibility to find out if its allowed.

http://animalpalace.cjb.net/ - Do not use

http://weuukoo.com/index2.htm - Do not use

Zelecen from neopets - Use with proper credit given

http://www.valixy.net/home - Do not use

http://www.carrielynnesworld.com/ - Please check the designers website for instructions on using her plops.

www.dollclique.com Use for your own avatar only, cannot redistribute.




http://warriors.wikia.com/wiki/Warriors_Wiki:Charart - specifically art listed under the header "Pixel Blanks."

View Post Originally Posted by cocoabean
New post here...

*Do Not Copy Other Members*

This means everything from shop design and layout to graphics offerings. The A/S section is here to serve WI. It's filled with people who want to help other people and artists who want to showcase and share their work with others. Plagarism or copying of other people's shop layouts, designs or art is unacceptable.

If you do this your shop will be closed.

When you are designing your shop or considering what type of graphics to offer DO NOT copy other members threads, layouts, shop design or art.

If you see this please flag the shop or PM a staff member.

ONLY report if YOUR idea/layout has been stolen.
Do not report what you think may have happened regarding other people's layouts/graphics.

(This includes ORIGINAL art, designs, shop layouts, etc. This does not include things that you offer that are available from the internet. If you offer blinkie dolls or other things made on the internet other people can do this too. Do not report these shops.)

*This includes members avatars and signatures*

You may not copy other people's avatars or signatures without permission. Some graphics may be from sites where anyone can find them. This is not considered stealing and is allowed. On the other hand, some avatars may be of a person's own drawing or computer work, or they may have taken an avatar from a site and then enhanced it with their own graphics, captions, bling, etc. Copying enhanced avatars is the same as copying someone's hand-drawn art and is not allowed.

If you want an avatar like someone else's, you should ask them where they got it. If it's their own work, you may ask if you can copy it or if they will make one similar, but if they say no, then you may not copy it.

Originally Posted by FIA
"Hotlinking" is when, instead of saving a picture to your computer and then uploading it to Webkinz Insider, you copy the address of the picture on another site and use that address to post the picture here on WI. This takes away server/processing resources from the other site and can slow down Webkinz Insider because WI's server has to look back at that other site every time it wants to load a page. If the other site has a small or slow server, this can drag down both sites.

There are exceptions. Sites like "tinypic", "photobucket", "imageshack", etc that are set up specifically for you to hotlink to are different. These sites are made for hotlinking. They have super servers that are very fast and are set up to handle this sort of thing. Any site that actually gives you the code and tells you to cut and paste it to where you want the image to go is fine.

Thank you for understanding.


Here is a much more detailed explanation from the site WEBWEAVER:

Originally Posted by webweaver
You see an image you'd love to add to your website, you:

  1. Download it to your hard drive and upload it to your own server (after checking that is is allowed to be used)... or,
  2. Add it to your page without uploading it to your website.
If you chose #1, congratulations, you've already decided to not hotlink!

If you chose number 2... please read why this is theft.
Please click HERE to read the rest of the article.

Originally Posted by webweaver
Bandwidth is a bit like gas for a car. Every time you drive (or a file is loaded), a bit of fuel (or bandwidth) is used up. Now imagine if each night one of your neighbors siphoned out a tiny bit for their own car... then other neighbors thought "I'll just take a couple drops as well"... by morning your fuel tank is empty. Your neighbors each thought taking just a tiny bit would be unnoticeable.. but added all up it left nothing for you.

Serving up images is not only usually our biggest consumer of bandwidth, when others remotely link to them (ie. embed them in their websites from our servers without our permission), we have to pay... bandwidth is not free! Most websites have a limited amount of data transfer and the website owners either have to cough up extra money each month to pay the fees, or face shutting down.
Helpful threads and links for graphics makers:



How to reserve posts:

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