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Words of Wisdom from the Pandas

(Having spent a long time learning the secret language of the Pandas, I have come to discover that they are a very wise and insightful species. What follows are some of the sayings of Bamboocius, the great Panda sage.)

If you take yourself too seriously, no one else will.

Bad play will cost you the game; bad sportsmanship can cost you a friend.

Remember that the world isn't all black and white (even if your fur is).

God, the Earth, your parents: honor these above all else, as they are the source of your very being.




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Of all the talents and skills a person might possess, none is so important as the ability to laugh at oneself.

It is okay to fall in love with people -- much better to fall in love with the act of loving.

Two wrongs don't make a right (and they're not likely to mate in captivity either).

What you think about God is not nearly as important as what God thinks about you.

If you have to be an endangered species, it helps to be fuzzy and adorable.

Keep chasing your dreams, but remember to wake up every now and again.

When life gives you bamboo -- CHOW DOWN!!! (Or you could, I suppose, make furniture out of it. If you really want to. I guess.)

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