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Wednesday June 6th: 2pm KT - Bejeweled Coffee Table $3200!

Aaahhh...sweet paradise!
Here I am, basking in the tropical sun.
The surf washing up on the beach.
Palm trees blowing in the breeze!
"What can be any nicer" I ponder!
I take a sip of "Wild Kiwi Sunset"
out of a glass with an tiny umbrella on the rim!
I think to myself, "This is the life"!
I notice that my glass is almost empty.
"Oh cabana boy", I yell, "Over here!"
Dressed in a flowery shirt and shorts, he comes over.
"The name's Arte, Sir", he tells me!



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"Whatever", I reply! "I need a refill!"
"Right away Sir" He trots off to do my bidding.
I sit my empty glass down in the sand.
I close my eyes and delight in my good fortune!

Suddenly, I'm hit by a HUGE wave!
I'm being swept away and I'm struggling to keep my head above water!
"HELP...HELP", I scream!
"It alright", I hear. "Wake up!"
I open my eyes and I'm no longer at the beach.
I look up and there's Arte, staring down at me with an empty glass in his hand.
I glance around and I'm in my own bed, in my own room!
"What?" "Where am I", I gasp?
"I thought you were never going to wake up", Arte explains.
"I'm sorry to toss the water in your face,
but I couldn't get you to wake up any other way"
"Well, thanks a lot", I grumble, wiping the moisture off my face!
"Get up", he orders. "We've got inventory to do!"
"Oh gee, I reply. How long have I been asleep?
"Way too long", he barks!
''Get dressed and I'll see you at the shop in 10 minutes!"
Arte hurries out the door, leaving me on my own.
I arrive at the shop about 20 minutes later.
"You're late", he growls at me!
"Just be glad I'm here at all!" I answer back glumly.
He motions for me to follow him and says,
"Come on, we've got work to do!"
He sets me up in the back working alone.
The next couple of hours were pure drudgery!
Arte's warehouse is a mess! I don't know how he gets anything done.
I counted sofas, tables, lamps, you name it!
It's not like the heavy lifting we did the previous night.
It's mentally exhausting and I'm wondering how much longer I can last.
Then I discover an item I want to ask Arte about.
So I a take a break and go looking for him.
It's a large warehouse and it takes me a while before I find him.
I can't believe what I see before me.
Arte's asleep on the same couch he caught me in the previous night!
He's out like a light! All that work has finally caught up to him.
It's a comical image, Arte curled up like that.
I could almost pity him for being tired. I knew that feeling myself!
But then, this mischievous smile creeps across my face!
"EUREKA", I whisper to myself softly! "This is the moment I've been waiting for!"
A perfect moment to get even with that practical prank playing pooch!
(Whew, try saying that fast! LOL)
I chuckle fiendishly, savoring the moment!
I just need a large glass of icy cold water and I will reap my revenge!
"It is going to be sooo sweet" I snicker to myself!
I quickly start searching around for a glass or container to use.
But then I stop. I pause a moment and a realization comes over me.
If I follow through with my plan, Arte will wake up and put me back to work.
And if I make him mad, he will make me work even harder!
"Rats", I whisper to myself. My mind races and soon I come up with an even better plan!
"A plan so marvelous in design that I must be genius", I think to myself!
I go to work searching for the key item to make this brilliant plan work!
"Ahah, here it is", I exclaim with delight upon finding it!
Quietly and secretly, I put the plan into operation!
It just takes a moment and it starts to work!
"Aaaah, these 'Royal Estate' beds are so soft", I moan, as I slip under the velvet spread!
My head caresses the pillow and I think, "Okay, where was I?"
"Ah yes, now I remember...",
"Cabana boy, my drink please...!"

Here's Arte's list for Wednesday June 6th:

Funky Neon 'Fro ($362) at 12midnight!
Rice Paper Divider ($390 -10%) at 12 midnight!
Screwy Lamp ($685) at 4am!
Hockey Table ($180 -10%) at 4am!
Wooden Chair ($95 +20%) at 5am!
Silver Sofa ($400 +5%) at 8am!
Kids Cupboard Sink ($200 -5%) at 10am!
Rockin' Pompadour ($816 -5%) at 11am!
Toy Purse ($45) at 12noon!
Rare: Bejeweled Coffee Table ($3200) at 2pm!
Thinking Chair ($1325 +10%) at 3pm!
Medieval Window ($600 +5%) at 5pm!
Wagon Wheel Table ($250 +10%) at 6pm!
Rockin' Pompadour ($816 -15%) at 9pm!

Looks like it's a good week to be Egyptian!

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