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Wednesday, June 20th: 10am KT> Clock of the Future $1850

"Owwww...." The whole left side of my face hurts!
I reach up and feel an ice pack on my left eye..
I open my right eye and look around.. I'm definitely not home, I don't own the nice, plush Bed Of the Pharoah that I'm lying in.
I pick up the ice pack and hear a familiar "Wooooah.. Leave it there Merthyn, you okay bud?"
"I'm not sure, Arte... I uhh... Wha.. Whe-" and then I remember how I ended up here...

It was another typical day at work.
Painted a bunch of fences and then I headed over to Arte's to hang out and get the list.
Arte was busy with a bunch of customers, as usual, and I just stood in the back, watching him work.
He really is an amazing shopkeeper, knows how to balance humor with business.



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They finally clear out and I walk up to the counter with Arte getting something out of the medieval chest behind him.
"Welcome, how can I hel--- Hey Merthyn!" Arte says as he turns back around.
"Wanna help me move these chests for tomorrow?" he asks in a hopeful voice.
"Not really" I mutter under my breath....
"What's that?" he asks.
"Totally" I say reluctantly.
"Great! Let's go!" and he leads me to the back of the shop where all the chests were stored.
We moved them one by one, each of us on a side, and I peeked into quite a few of them to see if Arte accidentally left something in one of them.
Unfortunately, he's a really thorough guy!

Afterwards, we sit down and Arte makes us each a Fizzletwist Pop while we talk. (He only messed it up once, he wasn't using cream soda!)
"So, Merthyn, your birthday is coming up, isn't it?" Arte asks.
"Don't remind me!" I shout!
"What? Don't like yer birthday?"
"Naw, it's just that I've seen so many of them, adults don't care for them too much.." I say.
"I can understand that.. Remember last year's botched surprise on my birthday?" he asked?
"How could I forget?" I ask, laughing!!
"I guess hiding in your house to surprise you after you got out of the shower with 50 people wasn't the best idea in the world, huh?" I say, mocking him.
"Ever since then, I always put on clothes under my robe after I get out of the shower... Don't want THAT happening again!" he says, chuckling as well.

"So, what are you hoping for? Humvee? Blue Dragster?" he asks?
"Well, those'd be nice, but I've always wanted an iPod, everyone wants an iPod now." I say.
"Really? No problem!"

And now, here I am laying in Arte's bed.
"So sorry about that, Merthyn, but you said yeh wanted yer eye pawed, so I figured I'd oblige and do it for yeh. That way ya could ask fer a decent gift!" he says, innocently, really intending to help.
"But Arte, I don't get it... I want an iPod and you think hitting me helps?" I ask.
"Well, I didn't hit yeh, I pawed your eye, just like you asked... Really sorry..." he says..
"You-iPod-Pawed-My... OH ARTE!!!!" I can't control my laughter, I start roaring!!
Arte looks confused and worried..
"Arte, it's an i-p-o-d, not an eye-pawed!!!!" I shout.
Arte starts laughing with me and it takes us a good time to settle down.
"Sorry about that again, Merthyn.. Maybe I'll get you one of them iPods if I can find one.." he says, "in the meantime, here's the list, you should head home and rest that eye!" and helps me up out of the bed and toward the front of the shop.
"No problem Arte, the ice and the good laugh really helped me out!"
I open the door and start to head out..
"Pawed my eye... That's why I love you big guy.. See ya tomorrow!!"

Wednesday, June 20th:
Silver Sofa ($400 + 5%) at 2am!
Cat Street Post ($80) at 5am!
Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($480) at 6am!
Hockey Couch ($750 + 15%) at 6am!
Apple Chair ($140 - 5%) at 7am!
Wooden Coffee Table ($75 + 10%) at 8am!
Rice Paper Divider ($390 + 5%) at 8am!
Hockey Table ($180 + 20%) at 9am!
RARE: Clock of the Future ($1850 ) at 10am!
Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($480) at 10am!
Lime Desk Chair ($150 + 20%) at 11am!
Hockey Flooring ($90 - 5%) at 11am!
Hockey Coffee Table ($300 + 5%) at 12noon!
Toy Purse ($45 - 20%) at 1pm!
Medieval Flooring ($900 + 5%) at 5pm!
Hockey Couch ($750 - 15%) at 7pm!
Classic Gaming Room Flooring ($295 - 10%) at 7pm!
Hockey Study Desk ($275 + 15%) at 11pm!

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