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Wednesday, June 13th: 8PM KT - Regal Flame Lamp $925

**BZZ** **BZZ** **BZZ**
I forward the call to voicemail.
"That's the 7th time Arte's called today, I better call him back" I think.
See, I'm not allowed to talk on my personal phone at work, just like most of you aren't allowed to use cell phones in class!
I tell my coworker that I'm heading to the bathroom and he looks at me funny like he's saying.. "Why are you telling me this?"
I shrug it off and head to the bathroom, guess that me trying not to raise suspicions actually makes me do suspicious things!
I head inside the bathroom and go to an empty stall and take out my Kinz Phone and call Arte.
"Heeeellllo Merthyn!!!" Arte shouts in his husky booming voice "Finally, my friend!!"



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Even through the Kinz Phone, his voice bounces off all the walls and echos everywhere
"h-h-hey Arte" I say in the smallest of voices, to keep it down.
"Howcome you aren't answering my calls?" Arte demands!
"B-because I'm at work and I'm----" someone opens the door and comes in to the bathroom.
I panic! I can't leave, but I can't talk on the phone either!
"You're what?" I hear Arte say, even though the Kinz Phone is nowhere near my ear.
I'm sure that the other person heard it, they must've!
"Merthyn! Are you ignoring me?" Arte shouts again!
I cover the phone with my hand.
"Merrrrtthhyyynnn... I can hear you, what are you doing?!" Arte asks?
"Hello? Someone there?" the person in the bathroom asks.
"Uhhh.. yeah.." I mutter while I take the phone and sit on it to muffle the sound.
"Yeah? Yeah what? What are you talking about Merthyn?" Arte says.
Oh no, I can still hear him!!
"Everything okay there, son?" the voice in the bathroom asks.
"Yeah.. I'm umm... not feeling well.." I say.
"You're sick, Merthyn?" Arte says, still thinking I'm talking to him.
The person washes their hands and is about to walk out when they stop.
"Hope you feel better, you should think about seeing someone, after talking to yourself so much" he says.
"Oh how embarrassing, I think!" and I stand up and pick up the phone.
"H-Hey Arte... Sorry" I say quietly.
"No problem, if you're sick, we can reschedule..." he says.
"No, I'm not sick I--well I'm--Nevermind what I said before, I'm not sick, what's up?" I ask.
"GRRREAT" he growls "I'm going to make last night up to you.. free dinner at my place, I'll cook!"
Never one to pass up free food I tell him "I'm in! I'll be over right after work!"
I hang up the phone and walk out of the bathroom.
On my way back to my cubicle, I see a couple of people laughing.
"They can't be laughing at me, must be something else" I think.
But then I start to wonder when I see more people laughing while I'm walking..
"That guy must've told them I was talking to myself, oh no!!" I think.
As I walk past my coworkers desk he says "Hey Merthyn, might wanna check your right shoe, you've got a long trail of toilet paper following you"
I almost die from embarrassment, but I try my best to be composed and take the toilet paper off my shoe and throw it away!!
"Arte better cook something GREAT after this!" I tell myself.

I head straight to Arte's home after work and walk by this busy-looking bunny with a note book.
She's sort of lost in her own world and then I realize, was that Winnie?
I turn to look for her and she's gone. Fast little bunny, whoever she was!

I arrive at Arte's and it looks like he's invited Gazpacho over to apologize for his little "mishap" yesterday, as well.
"Come on in, Merthyn, make yourself at home" he says.
"heya Merthyn, good-a to-a see you-a again, no more-a of those Goober's lab-a atoms, that-a took us-a hours to-a clean-a up!" Gazpacho says as only he can with a hearty laugh!
Something smells really great, kind of like spaghetti, but there's something else in it.. Mmm... I'm hungry!
"Hey Arte, what'cha cookin?" I ask?
"Merthyn, don't get me started on this, Gazpacho and I were havin' an argument about that before ya came" Arte grumbles.
"you're -a cooking spaghetti that-a you-a bought-a in a the w-shop-a no?"
I chuckle and remember that spaghetti is about the only thing that Arte knows how to cook.
"You say that over and over, but when you taste this, you'll understand!" Arte shouts.
"Merthyn, I have some special meatballs that I made just for this spaghetti, you'll see.. They add a real 'kick' to the sauce!" he says with a grin.
"Oh great" I think to myself, because I think that green bell peppers are too spicy!
"yeah, well-a we'llia see-a about-a your home-a cooked-a meataballs" says Gazpacho.
"Merthyn, can you go set up the picnic table outside? It's nice out, we can eat out there." Arte asks?
"Sounds great, Arte!" I say as a I walk to the back of the house with plates and silverware.
I open the back door and walk into his back yard.
"Wow" I think..."He's got SOME yard".. I'm in awe at some of these things.
Never seen some of them in person before!
The ice cream tree looks so yummy that I just want to climb it and start eating, but I know better than to spoil my appetite at Arte's!
I set down the plates for the 3 of us and peek at his garage through a crack in the door.. "WOAH!"
I'll have to tell you guys about all the stuff at Arte's some other day, you just wouldn't believe it!
I hear Arte coming so I run back to the picnic table and pretend I've been waiting there all along.
He comes through the door with a giant pot of spaghetti and meatballs and gives me a bunch of noodles and 3 meatballs.
It smells great, but not spicy like I thought it'd be.
He sets the pot on the other side of the table.
"Urgh.. Where did Gazpacho go? I'll go get him, you go ahead and start" Arte growls.
"No no, I'll wait!" I say.
"I insist, you're always hungry, eat eat!" he shouts on his way back to the house, laughing.
"I'm not always hungry, but this sure looks good, can't hurt to have a bit before they come back" I think to myself.
I grab my knife and fork and pick the biggest meatball and start to cut into it and... then I think about it for a second...
"Arte said it was going to have a "kick" and he's put it outside and it's just me out here with these giant meatballs."
I look closely and they look almost the exact same size as Galactic Gumballs!!
"OhHoho!" I think...
"I've got him now! If that jokester thinks he's gonna get me to cut another one of these and get spaghetti all over myself, he's got another thing coming!" I say out loud.
I pick up my plate and head into Arte's house thinking, "I'll show him who gets who!"
He and Gazpacho are still arguing about the meatballs.
"Do they ever give up?" I ask myself?
They see me running toward them and Arte shouts "Careful Merthyn!" and looks scared!
"Why?" I shout while I'm running toward them "Afraid these galactic gumballs will spew spaghetti all over your house?"
"No! Watch your ste-----pppppp" Arte shouts as I hit a small step that I never saw coming.
As I trip, the plate flies up in the air and I land face-first onto the ground.
As luck would have it, the plate came straight down on my head, meatballs and all.
I lay there for a second, completely embarrassed, covered in noodles, spaghetti sauce and Arte's famous meatballs.
Then, I realize that nothing has "blown up" and now I was covered in the meatballs that I thought were a trick!
I tried to avoid getting covered in meatballs and spaghetti and ended up with them all over me anyway!!
Both Gazpacho and Arte started roaring with laughter and were laughing too hard to even ask if I was okay!
Gazpacho could barely breathe through all the oinking!
I stood up and tried to clean myself up (red spaghetti sauce stains everywhere!).
"Yeah, I'm fine, thanks for asking" I mutter.
"Sorry, that was just too funny, bud!" Arte shouts!
"Head to ma bathroom, I got some extra clothes in there and you can wash up, let's eat!" Arte says as he and Gazpacho head toward the back door to eat.
I clean up and put on the shirt he gave me.
Next, I put on the pants.. and I realize... these are "Goober's smarty pants" from the book!
I've never seen them in person! Arte has some really cool stuff!
I head outside and share a nice meal with a pair of great friends.
On my way out, Arte hands me the list and says "I'll wash these clothes for ya, you can pick 'em up next time you're by.. Ya really don't trust this dog, do ya?" he says, chuckling.
"I know how much you love to joke, Arte, I was sure you were setting me up" I say, laughing too.
"No need to set ya up, Merthyn, ya do a great job of it yourself!"

Looking at the list on my way home, I think, "Whew... A break on my wallet!!"

Wednesday, June 13th:
Medieval Wallpaper ($685 + 5%) at 12midnight!
Funky Neon 'Fro ($362 - 5%) at 1am!
Thinking Chair ($1325) at 2am!
Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($450 - 20%) at 3am!
Hockey Side Table ($160 + 15%) at 6am!
Apple Chair ($140 + 5%) at 8am!
Hockey Dining Table ($350 - 5%) at 9am!
Country Cabinet ($450 + 10%) at 10am!
Hockey Wallpaper ($100 - 5%) at 10am!
Wooden Coffee Table ($75 + 20%) at 11am!
Hockey Study Desk ($275 - 10%) at 12noon!
Captain's Quarters Flooring ($390 + 10%) 1pm!
Classic Gaming Room Flooring ($295 + 10%) at 1pm!
Hockey Table ($180) at 4pm!
Funky Table ($250 - 15%) at 4pm!
Hockey Locker ($150 + 10%) at 5pm!
RARE: Regal Flame Lamp ($925) at 8pm!
Below Decks Wallpaper ($200 + 10%) at 9pm!
Apple Chair ($140 - 30%) at 10pm!
Funky Table ($250 - 15%) at 10pm!
Toy Purse ($45 - 15%) at 11pm!
Orange Table ($140) at 11pm!

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