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I arrive at Arte's shop and find him in his usual spot behind the counter.
"Hey there Arte? Beautiful day isn't it? How are you doing?"

Arte looks up from the counter, glares at me and says,
"You told them about the Leopard Hat didn't you?"
He continues to stare.



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I try to think quickly.
"I, um, may have mentioned it to, uh, a couple of people." Oh boy, I'm in trouble, think to myself.

"More than a couple of people, I'd say."
He heaves a huge cardboard box up on to the counter. "Just look at what you've done now."

I peer into the box and see a pile of Chef's Shirts, Cowboy Hats, Blue Caps, and assorted W-Shop food. "Arte, have you been doing some Spring cleaning?" I ask.

"No, I have not been doing any Spring cleaning!" He growls at me. "This is what I've been having to deal with all day because of your little story."

I stare back at him with a puzzled look on my face. "My story? How did my story create this box of junk."

He sighs, "All day long people have been coming into my shop and giving these things to me as gifts."

"Uh, that sounds nice Arte. What's the problem?"

"The problem is that every one of them wants to take a picture of me with their gift. So, here I am all day long, posing for pictures when I could be getting some real work done! You've turned me into a darn tourist attraction!"
He tosses the box back down on to the floor.

"Arte, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to start anything. I just thought everyone would like to hear about the great mood you were in. I had no idea that this would happen. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?"

Arte smiles that famous smile, "Well, now that you ask, can you stay and watch the shop for a few hours?"
He reaches down to the floor and picks up a large wrapped package with a 'Happy Birthday' tag on it.
"I've got an important party I need to attend, and I don't want to close down the shop that early."

"Sure Arte, anything you need, just don't stay gone to long. I've got some things to get done today."

He's already halfway out of the door before he answers me, "Of course, Merthyn, I won't be too late. The list is on the counter."
I can hear him laughing as the door slams shut behind him.

Looking at the closed door and back down at the cardboard box I just realize I've been had. Arte wasn't upset about the story.
He just tricked me into feeling guilty so I would watch the shop for him.
That sneaky dog.
Guess he found a way to take a day off afterall.
Getting even with him is going to take some planning.

So, here's the list.

  • Funky Table ($250) at 1am!
  • Hockey Desk Chair ($95) [orig: $100] at 1am!
  • Hockey Dining Table ($350) at 1am!
  • Hockey Coffee Table ($285) [orig: $300] at 2am!
  • Wooden Chair ($95) at 2am!
  • Rockin Pompadour ($897) [orig: $816] at 3am!
  • Toy Purse ($49) [orig: $45] at 6am!
  • Chefs Hat ($76) [orig: $80] at 6am!
  • Wagon Wheel Table ($212) [orig: $250] at 6am!
  • Chefs Hat ($72) [orig: $80] at 7am!
  • Captains Quarters Flooring ($331) [orig: $390] at 8am!
  • Orange Table ($133) [orig: $140] at 9am!
  • Hockey Table ($198) [orig: $180] at 11am!
  • Cat Street Post ($88) [orig: $80] at 11am!
  • Rockin Pompadour ($979) [orig: $816] at 11am!
  • Pineapple Lamp ($47) [orig: $45] at 11am!
  • RARE: Egyptian Walls ($700) at 12noon!
  • Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($472) [orig: $450] at 12noon!
  • Wooden Coffee Table ($75) at 12noon!
  • Hockey Table ($189) [orig: $180] at 2pm!
  • Classic Gaming Room Flooring ($295) at 2pm!
  • Chefs Shirt ($95) at 2pm!
  • Apple Chair ($140) at 3pm!
  • Scoreboard Television ($722) [orig: $850] at 3pm!
  • Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($360) [orig: $450] at 4pm!
  • Screwy Lamp ($685) at 6pm!
  • Classing Gaming Room Wallpaper ($247) [orig: $275] at 7pm!
  • Captains Quarters Flooring ($331) [orig: $390] at 9pm!
  • Funky Neon Fro ($398) [orig: $362] at 10pm!
  • Hockey Coffee Table ($330) [orig: $300] at 11pm!
  • Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($432) [orig: $480] at 11pm!
  • Hockey Table ($171) [orig: $180] at 11pm!

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