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Webkinz Rare = Sun, Jul 15: 4pm = Regal Banquet Dining Table $3600

"Hmmm, that's strange." I think as I approach the Curio Shop.
Arte called and said there was an emergency and he needed me right away, but now here I am and the windows are all dark.

"Why would he call and then close the shop?" I decide to try the front door anyway.
To my amazement, the knob turns, and I step into the darkened room.

"Arte? Arte, are you in here?"

Just then the lights click on and at least a dozen people jump out from behind the counter and shouting "SURPRISE!"
I fall backward, trip over a Wooden Stool, and land flat on my back.
From my vantage point on the ground I am able to see that the entire ceiling of the shop has been decorated with streamers and balloons.
Climbing up from the floor I can see Justin, Wendy, COWS4U, and the rest of the Webkinz Insider staff.



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"Is all of this for me?" I ask, bewildered. "What did I win?"

"No silly, this isn't for you." MissyKinz answers. "It's okay guys, it's only Merthyn. Someone get the lights. She should be here any second."

"Wha, what's going on?" I stammer.

"C'mon everyone. Get back in your places." Kevin grabs me by my shoulders and pulls me down behind the counter. The lights go dark as everyone crouches on the floor.

"Will someone please tell me what is going on!??" My voice is getting loud because I'm really getting frustrated now.

"Shh, she'll hear you. Wait, here she comes!" whispers Karen.

For the second time in as many minutes I'm treated to a shout of "SURPRISE!", except that this time I am jumping up with the rest of the group. It's only then that I see Krystin (595601175) standing by the front door, with a look of amazement on her face.

It appears that, unlike me, Krystin managed to remain standing. "You guys!" She shouts. "How did you know it was my birthday? This was so sweet of you." The rest of the group runs over to Krystin to greet her, leaving me standing alone, confused.

"Will someone please tell me what is going on!" I demand. "Arte called and said there was an emergency..."

"It's okay, Merthyn." Justin, walks back toward me. "I asked Arte to call you. It was the only way we could figure out how to get you to the shop for Krystin's surprise Birthday Party." He laughs.

"The only way! How about calling me and telling me about the party? That would have worked just as well." I'm starting to get steamed.

"They could have called you, but they really wanted it to be a surprise." I see Arte for the first time, emerging from the rear of the shop. "When Justin called me and asked if he could use my shop for the party, I knew we couldn't tell you. Face it Merthyn, you're not the best person at keeping secrets." He laughs.

"Hey, that was uncalled for." I respond.

Justin responds, "Every time you learn something interesting, you spread it to everyone you know. On Webkinz Insider, that's a good thing. Our members love that you report the Curio Shop Information each day, but when it comes to Surprise Parties, we wanted to keep this a secret."

I start to get mad, but then I realize how what both of them are saying is true.
I really can't keep a secret.
Especially when it's good news.
I love to share that.

My hurt pride recovered enough for me to settle down and enjoy the party.
I ate way too much cake, but it was a fun time. Krystin really seemed to appreciate that the staff had come together to celebrate her special day.

So, here's the "Secret" Curio Shop list for tomorrow.
I just can't keep it to myself any longer!

And, Happy Birthday Krystin! Hope it's your best yet!

Sunday, July 15th:

* Toy Purse ($45) at 12midnight!
* Loader Lounger ($997) [orig: $950] at 12midnight!
* Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($504) [orig: $480] at 2am!
* Below Decks Wallpaper ($229) [orig: $200] at 2am!
* Hockey Bed ($650) at 5am!
* Medieval Side Table ($660) [orig: $825] at 7am!
* Medieval Wallpaper ($616) [orig: $685] at 8am!
* Chefs Shirt ($114) [orig: $95] at 9am!
* Apple Chair ($147) [orig: $140] at 9am!
* Hockey Flooring ($94) [orig: $90] at 10am!
* Hockey Study Desk ($275) at 12noon!
* Hockey Side Table ($128) [orig: $160] at 12noon!
* Medieval Flooring ($900) at 12noon!
* Orange Table ($140) at 2pm!
* Rice Paper Divider ($312) [orig: $390] at 3pm!
* Hockey Wallpaper ($95) [orig: $100] at 3pm!
* Thinking Chair ($1391) [orig: $1325] at 3pm!
* RARE: Regal Banquet Dining Table ($3600) at 4pm!
* Chefs Hat ($56) [orig: $80] at 4pm!
* Hockey Chair ($132) [orig: $120] at 4pm!
* Hockey Coffee Table ($285) [orig: $300] at 5pm!
* Rice Paper Divider ($448) [orig: $390] at 5pm!
* Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($382) [orig: $450] at 6pm!
* Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($450) at 7pm!
* Screwy Lamp ($753) [orig: $685] at 7pm!
* Hockey Table ($189) [orig: $180] at 7pm!
* Wagon Wheel Table ($250) at 7pm!
* Kids Cupboard Sink ($220) [orig: $200] at 8pm!
* Wooden Chair ($95) at 8pm!

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