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Tap, tap, tap.
I hear as I open the front door to the Curio Shop.
"Hmmm, sounds like Arte's hanging up another sign. Hopefully he won't drop this one on his paw." I chuckle slightly as I enter and close the door behind me.

"You'd better wipe that smile off of your face and get up and help me!" Arte snaps at me.

I look up and see Arte standing on top of the front counter.
He's got an enormous digital clock balanced on one of his shoulders and several strings of colored lights wrapped over the other.

I climb onto a nearby step ladder and then up onto the counter. "What do you need me to do Arte?"



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"I need you to stand there and hold this while I figure out these lights." He heaves the gigantic clock at me and almost knocks me off of the counter.

"There. That's better." He mumbles as he turns his attention to the lights.

Straining under the weight of the clock I manage to ask, "Arte, what's going on with the clock and the lights?"

"Well, Merthyn, I'm tired of arguing with my customers over what time it is. This is going to settle things once and for all." He continues to pick through the light strings.

"Customers actually argue with you over the time? That seems like a strange thing to fight about." I try rest the clock on my knee.

"Hrumph, you'd be surprised how many times during the day I have the exact same conversation."

I cough to cover up a laugh, remembering how many times I've heard Arte say the exact same thing about mining for gems.

Arte continues. "You'd be amazed at how many people get the time confused and then come into the shop expecting to buy an item that is no longer for sale. I had some girl from California show up nearly three hours late to buy a Bowling Alley the other day. She kept pointing at her watch, insisting that I had the time wrong."

"What ended up happening?"

"She complained about working very hard to earn enough money to buy the Bowling Alley and I told her the same thing I tell all of my customers! She got mad and stormed out of the shop." Arte loops one end of the light string over a hook in the ceiling.

"Okay, that explains why you are hanging the clock, but why are you hanging up colored lights?"

"Do I look like an electrician to you? I'm using the colored lights because they were already hanging there and it's the easiest way to run power to the clock. Now hold still while I plug this in." He pauses and smiles. "You are wearing rubber-soled shoes, right?"

Well, as I'm sure you have guessed by now, I managed to survive my morning as Arte's electrical assistant. We had a few close calls, but in the end everything turned out okay.

Here's the list.
Keep in mind when you go to the shop to buy stuff, all of the times I have listed are "KinzTime" which is the same as the "Eastern Time Zone".
If you live in another time zone, you'll have to add or subtract an hour or more.

Monday, July 16th:

* Funky Chair ($231) [orig: $210] at 1am!
* Country Bed ($385) [orig: $350] at 2am!
* Medieval Flooring ($855) [orig: $900] at 4am!
* Funky Chair ($220) [orig: $210] at 4am!
* Helmet Lamp ($104) [orig: $110] at 4am!
* Apple Chair ($112) [orig: $140] at 5am!
* Gladiator Helmet ($1320) [orig: $1200] at 5am!
* Hockey Bed ($715) [orig: $650] at 7am!
* Funky Neon Fro ($380) [orig: $362] at 7am!
* Scoreboard Television ($595) [orig: $850] at 8am!
* Captains Quarters Flooring ($370) [orig: $390] at 9am!
* Scoreboard Television ($850) at 9am!
* Hockey Coffee Table ($360) [orig: $300] at 10am!
* Rice Paper Divider ($390) at 12noon!
* Funky Chair ($178) [orig: $210] at 2pm!
* Funky Table ($237) [orig: $250] at 4pm!
* Hockey Chair ($138) [orig: $120] at 4pm!
* Hockey Couch ($600) [orig: $750] at 6pm!
* Hockey Locker ($172) [orig: $150] at 7pm!
* Funky Neon Fro ($398) [orig: $362] at 8pm!

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