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Prize: Sapphire Gemster Gift with Purchase

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Tuesday June 5th: 4pm KT - Sofa of the Nile $9100!

I'm sorry for the delay!
It's been a really long night!
I've been up all night helping Arte at his shop.
"Oh, excuse me!"
"I can barely keep my eyes open!"
Arte got in a big shipment and he asked if I'd help him with it.
I told him I would!
"Big mistake!"

I had no "idea" of what I was in for.
"Oh my,excuse me again!"



drupal_mosgoogle center


Let's see..where was I.."oh yeh"
I think you'll like the Egyptian couch.
I can attest to it's comfort.
That's where Arte found me passed out this morning.
Funny, I don't even remember sitting down!
Well, I better go and catch some Zs...
Arte wants me to come back later today and
help him with his inventory!
I have to try and find Arte some help!
Note to myself: Call Tabby Von Meow!
"That dog is going to be the death of me yet!"
"My goodness"
Uhhh..oh, yeh..before I forget,
here's Arte's list:

Rice Paper Divider ($390 -10%) at 1am!
Toy Purse ($45) at 8am!
Silver Sofa ($400 -30%) at 9am!
Hockey Flooring ($90) at 10am!
Cat Street Post ($80 -30%) at 10am!
Helmet Lamp ($110 +10%) at 1pm!
Helmet Lamp ($110 +10%) at 2pm!
Screwy Lamp ($685 +5%) at 2pm!
Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($450 -15%) at 3pm!
Rare: Sofa of the Nile ($9100) at 4pm!
Below Decks Wallpaper ($200) at 7pm!
Country Bed ($350 -40%) at 7pm!
Kids Cupboard Sink ($200 -15%) at 8pm!
Gladiator Helmet ($1200 +10%) at 9pm!
Hockey Flooring ($90 10%) at 10pm!
Rockin' Pompadour ($816 -10%) at 11pm!
Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($450) at 11pm!
Wooden Chair ($95 -20%) at 11pm!


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