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Tue, Jun 12th: 11am-Sacred Pyramid Flooring $700 3pm-Exp Station 2 $1150 8pm-Egyptian Vase

I wake up, early as usual, and tired as ever.
I'm just about to head out the door when the phone rings.
"Who's calling me this early?" I think (but of course, we all know the answer!)..
"Uhhh.. Hello?" I ask as I pick up the phone.
"MERTHYNN!!!! Morning bud!!" Arte says, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (literally!)
"Hey Arte, morn-*Yawn*-ing..." I say.
"Wake up! Big day! Big day!" he sounds excited as ever!
"Really? *Yawn* What is it this time?" trying hard to keep from falling asleep.
"Trust me, it's REALLY important that you come today!!" he barks!
I'm so tired I want to tell him that I'd rather come home early and take a nap.
"Arte, I'm pretty tired I was think....." Then I realize, once Arte has his heart set on something, I have no choice in the matter " that I'll head right over this afternoon." I say, reluctantly.
"Alright, I'll see you at 5:20, 1 block from Gazpacho's!" as he goes to hang up the phone.
"Wait! Gazpacho's, why?!" I ask quickly before he hangs up.
"Yeah, one block away, I'll explain then.. Don't be late!" he says mysteriously, which gets me excited!





Of course, I head there around 5 and Arte's pacing on the corner.
He looks ... nervous?? As I get closer, it really does look like he's nervous!
"Heyyyyy Arte!!!!" I shout as I walk toward him
"SHHHHHHH...." he says "Keep it down...."
"Why are you being so secretive?" I whisper.
"Okay, the reason I dragged you out here was kinda selfish.."
"See, I've spent sooo much of my money at the W Shop buying food to figure out these recipes.." he continues... "So I pulled your name into it. Gazpacho likes you."
"He does? Okay Arte, what'd you tell him? Just spill it!" I say a little louder.
"Okay, shhhh, I told Gazpacho that you were a terrible cook and wanted some instruction" he says, chuckling quietly.
"Arte!!! Why would you do something like that??" I say, a little upset!
"Just trust me and follow my lead.. I have a plan.." he says, as he starts walking to Gazpacho's.
"A plan? What plan?" I ask?
"Shhh....." he says as he turns with his finger covering his lips.

Chef Gazpacho is waiting at the front door for us with a pair of Chef's Shirts and hats.
"Hmmm..." I think "I guess we're not eating.. Has Arte signed me up for a job at Gazpacho's??"
"ahh, awelcome-a you-a two, putta these-a on-a and-a I'll a meeta you-a twoa in-a da kitchen eh?"
I try whispering to Arte while we put them on, but he can't hear me.. or is he ignoring me?
We walk into the kitchen and Gazpacho is standing at a counter and points to the one next to him.
"So-a Merthyn, I hear-a you-a can'ta cook to -a save-a your life-a no?"
I glare at Arte, who shrugs his shoulders, and then I start to blush.
"Well... Honestly, I actu-"
"well, Ima gonna change-a all-a that-a for you-a today yes?"
I look in front of me and there's jars of all kinds of ingredients, and some really weird stuff I don't recognize!
"Wonder where he got..." as I reach inside this strange-shaped container.
"aaaayyy! don't-a touch-a that merythn, I-a dinna teach-a you-a anything-a yet, you-a could-a hurt someone-a witha that!"
"S-Sorry" I say.
"ok merthyn, we're gonna start-a with a nice fruit-a salad recipe, that my dear momma taught -a to-a me, oh solia me ooo, so-a getta knife-a and a banana ci.."
Gazpacho starts talking about how these bananas are very fresh, straight from South America.....
Arte leans over during this speech and whispers.
"Ok, here's the real reason I brought you here.. I need a distraction.."
"A distraction?" I whisper "For what?"
"I'm going to peek into Gazpacho's recipe book, I can't take it any longer, I NEED to know those recipes" he says!
My eyes almost pop out of my head "You're going to swipe the bo-"
"heya merthyn! I-a asked-a you-a question-a, you-a paying attention-a!?"
"Of course!" I say, with confidence.
"And...?" he asks?
"Um... Yes?" I say, with no idea what I'm answering.
"Ahhh-a! you-a were-a listening-a!" he shouts!
"Whew, that was close" I think...
When I look back at my table, I realize that Arte has snuck behind Gazpacho and is reaching under the counter for his master recipe book!!
"now-a that-a you have-a banana, take-a da apple, and-a looka at it-a closely"
I, of course, can't take my eyes off of Arte, but grab an apple anyway and pretend that I am paying attention to it. He's almost got the book.
"issina it a beautiful fruit-a no? I just-a love-a apples"
I nod my head, and watch Arte, who now has the book and is sneaking back over to our table.
"ok! now-a pick-a the knife-a to-a cut the-a apple"
I do what he says, just as Arte arrives at the table.
I stare at the book and Arte looks like he's just found a winning lottery ticket!
He opens the book and starts flipping pages.. "Neon Pink Smoothie.. Health Juice.. Cara-Milkshake.. What order is this in?" he grumbles.
"now-a holding onto-a the apple with-a strong-a grip, slice-a itta from-a top to abottom" he says..
I still can't take my eyes off the book, I can barely contain my excitement.
"Ah-HAH" Arte says "New recipes for June...."
I push down to slice the apple and then ...
All three of us are thrown about 10 feet back!
"Oh my! Oh my! Am I still alive??" I shout??!?
"Of course you are... We all are... I know that explosion anywhere!" growls Arte.
"You do? What happened?" I ask?
"What happened? You ruined my plan!!" Arte shouts!!
"Your-a plan-a eh?" Gazpacho inquires?
"Well, I have to tell ya, Gazpacho, Merthyn is actually an okay cook, but I don't think I'd trust him around any Goober's Lab atoms with a knife ever again!" Arte lets out a huge laugh and can't stop.
"Is that what it was?" I ask "I must've picked one of those up when I wasn't paying attention, thinking it was an apple!!!"
"Whatta plan-a eh?" Gazpacho asks again, starting to get upset!
Arte holds up what's left of Gazpacho's recipe book, it's shredded and burnt!
"I couldn't take it anymore Gazpacho, I just had to know those new recipes!" Arte confesses.
"well-a now-a it-sa gonna be-a- even-a longer, nowa that-a I ahave to -a start-a froma scratch-a to-a make-a all-a these new-a recipes again" shouts Gazpacho!
Arte lets out a long sigh, "Serves me right, I shouldn'ta tried that.. Guess it'll be that much longer before we can make 'em...." he says, really disappointed that his plan didn't work.
"Hey Merthyn, you were innocent, I'll help Gazpacho clean up, you can head home.. Sorry I dragged ya into this" Arte says, as he hands me the list.
"It was kinda fun" I say, laughing, and looking at the mess that I made, ".. and Even more fun to make this big of a mess and have YOU clean it up, Arte!"
"Thanks, bud, see ya tomorrow?" Arte asks.
"Of course!" I say.
"ahh, no-a more-a classes for-a you merthyn, you-a are a terrible cook-a !" says Gazpacho as I leave the kitchen on my way home with a little laugh.
"OOoooohhhh... Three rares? They'll love it" I think...

Tuesday, June 12th :
Chef's Shirt ($95 + 5%) at 12midnight!
Hockey Dining Table ($350) at 12midnight!
Funky Table ($250 - 5%) at 3am!
Funky Chair ($210 + 10%) at 4am!
Apple Chair ($140 + 5%) at 4am!
Hockey Coffee Table ($300 + 10%) at 7am!
Orange Table ($140 - 40%) at 7am!
Rockin' Pompadour ($816) at 8am!
Rice Paper Divider ($390 + 5%) at 8am!
Hockey Flooring ($90) at 10am!
RARE: Sacred Pyramid Flooring ($700) at 11am!
Hockey Desk Chair ($100 - 15%) at 2pm!
Apple Chair ($140 - 20%) at 2pm!
RARE: Experiment Station 2 ($1150) at 3pm!
Thinking Chair ($1325 + 10%) at 3pm!
Medieval Wallpaper ($685 - 15%) at 4pm!
Thinking Chair ($1325) at 4pm!
Country Cabinet ($450 - 20%) at 5pm!
Lime Desk Chair ($150 - 10%) at 5pm!
Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($450 + 10%) at 5pm!
Hockey Couch ($750 - 10%) at 5pm!
Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($480 - 15%) at 5pm!
RARE: Egyptian Vase ($6250) at 8pm!
Country Cabinet ($450 - 15%) at 8pm!
Gladiator Helmet ($1200) at 8pm!

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