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Thursday, June 21st: 10pm KT> Geographic Globe $4000

Oh man... What a day...
It just seemed like everything that could go wrong did!
Have you ever had one of those days?
Here's how mine went.

"What? You're kidding?" I yell at my alarm clock!
I waited for it to speak back to me, or re-adjust the time.
"Great!" I shout as I jump out of bed!
I'm already 20 minutes late for work and I still have to take a shower, brush my teeth, eat breakfast and walk to work!
I get all of that done and show up almost a full hour late.



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Tabby Von Meow was upset with me and sent me to do fence painting.
Doesn't sound too bad, but we've got a heat wave out here, so I think she was punishing me by putting me out in the sun all day.
Of course, being so hot and showing up late, I didn't finish painting the fences in time (some of them get so hard!).
When I left the employment office, I tried pleading with Tabby, but she's really big on the rules and, since I didn't complete it in time, no Kinz Cash!

On my way to Arte's, I was feeling sorry for myself and I walked through the large park that I always pass on the way.
Some gorilla was driving his brand-new Hummer through a hedge maze.
A Lil Yorkie floated high above in her hot air balloon and winked at me when I looked up.
"Look at all these people and their cool toys, having fun, I've got no Hummer, no balloon and I didn't even get paid today.." I think.
"It can't get much worse than this!" I say to myself.

I got near the other edge of the park and heard a band playing.
There were about 5 people and two stood out, a piano player and a trumpet player.
The trumpet player had a pocket protector and a calculator with him so he just looked so out of place!
As I walked closer to the benches, I noticed that bunny that I always see.
"It's got to be Winnie, I'm gonna go say Hi" I say, determined.
The music got louder and louder as I started getting closer...
Winnie looks upset.. Really upset!
"I guess it can get worse than this for some people.." I think.
Louder and louder, the piano and trumpet are blaring so loud I can hardly think..
Winnie's ears must be more sensitive than most (rabbit ears are so big and long), because all of a sudden, she jumped up and hopped away as fast as she could!
"She wasn't carrying her notepad.. How odd" I say, trying to get as far away from the band as possible, I start to walk faster.
"Must not have been her... That bunny is always running around crazy.."

I get to Arte's earlier than usual because I was walking so fast and Arte's pacing back and forth, on the phone with someone.
"Well, I don't WANT 100 boxes of tongue depressors!!" Arte shouts!
He listens to the other side for a second and then says.
"Come pick 'em up whenever you want, but what about MY stuff? I got customers here that're gonna eat these up and I need 'em yesterday!" he growls!
He's really upset, but with the kind of things Arte gets delivered, I can only imagine what's been lost.
".. And how could ya mix up tongue depressors with my shipment?! I mean, come on!!" he snarls as he hangs up the phone.

I'm afraid to ask him how his day is going because I'm pretty sure I already know the answer.
"Merthyn!" he shouts!
I cringe, thinking that he is going to blame it on me..
"Merthyn naw, I love ya... Lemme ask ya.. Who here would get a hundred boxes of tongue depressors?" he asks?
We say at the same time "Dr. Quack."

"Follow me, Merthyn, we got some rare items to pick up" he says as he dashes out the door.
"Wai-Arte-What rare--" but he's off and on a mission.
I try to keep up, but he's one fast dog!
We get to the medical building and it's after business hours, so security won't let Arte pass to get to Dr. Quack's.
"Look, I have an emergency, I need to see Doc Quack immediately!" Arte fibs.
He looks my way, gives a wink and whispers "play along"
"Arte, you look fine to me, healthy as a horse from where I can see" one of the guards says.
"A horse? Did you just... I'm a dog! I don't take well to being called names!" Arte barks, sounding ferocious!
He glances at me with a grin.
"I've got this terribly contagious rash, here, look.." and Arte opens his bomber jacket and starts to take it off.
The security guards inch away, looking scared to catch it.
"Oh yeah" I say "Itchier than the rash he got when he was in the jungle in Brazil, right Arte?" I say, trying to stifle my laughter.
"Ya got that right!" Arte says as he puts his jacket on their desk.
One of them jumps away.
"Heya Arte.. It'll be fine if you go, sounds real bad and we uhh.. we feel bad for you, go right ahead." and they point down the hall.
Arte grabs his jacket and laughs softly all the way down the hall.
"Ahhh, the ole rash trick, does it everytime!" he says, laughing a little harder.
We head up to the second floor to Dr. Quack's and we can see the door's closed and there's a note hanging on it.

As we approach, I can kind of make it out "Groan.. Hurt.. Trouble!!"
"Arte, hurry! I think the Doc is hurt! Look at the note!"
I start to run and then the sign becomes clearer...
"WHOOPS!!! ---- GONE HOT TUBBIN!!!! WHA?!?!!?" I shout!
"Oh man, I knew it... That duck!!! Now I'm gonna have to clean all those hot tubs before I sell 'em. He's probably havin a big party with all those hot tubs that were supposed to be delivered" Arte growls.
"And I'm stuck with 100 boxes of tongue depressors.... GREAT!!" Arte says, laughing. "At least they'll get some good use, Quack works hard, he deserves some relaxation.. But I think he's had enough, I'm going to get my hot tubs now!" Arte says.
"Here's your list Merthyn, I'll try and get those tubs ready soon!"
"No problem, Arte, this is a great list, they'll be happy with THIS!" I shout, as we make our way out of the building.
"See ya tomorrow, Arte!"

I just checked my KinzPost and Arte sent me a letter -- "DEAR MERTHYN!! With all the changes in Webkinz World last night, I had to change my list! Please forgive me, Arte."

NEW LIST Thursday June21st:
Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($450 - 15%) at 12midnight!
Gladiator Helmet ($1200 - 5%) at 1am!
Captain's Quarters Flooring ($390 - 10%) at 1am!
Toy Purse ($45 - 30%) at 2am!
Medieval Window ($600 + 10%) at 3am!
Kids Cupboard Sink ($200) at 4am!
Scoreboard Television ($850 - 30%) at 6am!
Wooden Stool ($65 + 10%) at 8am!
Hockey Table ($180 10%) at 8am!
Medieval Flooring ($900) at 9am!
Hockey Chair ($120) at 11am!
Chef's Shirt ($95 + 5%) at 2pm!
Hockey Wallpaper ($100) at 4pm!
Hockey Study Desk ($275 - 10%) at 6pm!
Hockey Wallpaper ($100) at 7pm!
Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($480 - 5%) at 8pm!
Funky Table ($250 + 20%) at 8pm!
Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($450 + 10%) at 8pm!
Classic Gaming Room Flooring ($295 - 5%) at 9pm!
RARE: Geographic Globe ($4000) at 10pm!
Treasure Chest ($200 + 10%) at 11pm!
Wooden Stool ($65 - 15%) at 11pm!
Helmet Lamp ($110 - 10%) at 11pm!

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