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Thursday, Jun 7th: 2pm KT - Medieval Stone Column 7pm KT - Master Grill

"Wha?" I try to gain my bearings.
Arte comes crashing through the door!!!
"Sorry, buddy" he shouts!
"Arte!! You okay? I've never seen you like this" I say as I rub my eyes.
Arte looks completely flustered, I've never seen him so..... scared?
"Merthyn, no time, get up, let's go" he says as he pulls me out of bed
He leads me out of the house and I turn around to lock the door. This time.
"I thought you got those pajamas fixed" he chuckles!
"Ok, what's the emergency, Arte" I ask in a huff, not pleased with the comment?
"I'll explain on the way, we have to hurry, before anyone notices" he says!
Of course, I'm intrigued and he's walking faster than I've ever seen him walk before.
I have to start jogging to keep up with him.



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"It's Bert & Ernie" he explains while we run.
Arte sure is in much better shape than I am!
"Bert & Ernie? You mean those guys from Sesame Street" I ask?
"Sesame Street? What? What are you talking about?" Arte grumbles, as if I'm playing games!
"No, you know, the show on TV? Sesame Street" I ask?
"Look, Merthyn, I watch TV as much as the next guy, but we don't have Sesame Street here in Webkinz World. Bert & Ernie live on Wacky's Way!"
"That's right", I say to myself, "they only have a couple of channels here..."
"Ummmm okay, Arte.. So, who are they? What's the problem" I ask?
"The problem? The problem? They're GOOGLES, that's the problem" he barks!
I can tell Arte's frustrated, so I knew to keep my cool..
"Oh? I love Googles, they're cute and fuzzy"
"Not these two, trust me" he mutters and stops to look at me.

"You can't tell anyone" he whispers...
I inch closer to listen while he tells me what's going on
"I'll get in loads of trouble, so just don't say anything, okay? I'll repay the favor for you soon."
I agree to keep his secret
"So, you know how Webkinz World is shut down late at night?"
Of course, everyone knows and it always happens at the worst time....
"Well, the reason they do that is so that the Webkinz employees like myself can have a chance to play some games and unwind"
"Go on... " I urge him
"Well, tonight I did something I wasn't supposed to... See, I've been banned from playing Go Go Googles"
He starts walking again and we approach a house numbered 117 Wacky's Way and start walking toward the gate on the side of the house.
"But tonight, I figured I'd go back and play because I really do love throwing the little guys around, it helps relieve my stress" he continues...
"And it'd been so long since I played the last time" he whispers as he opens the gate!
"And I got a little excited" he says, embarrassed!
I hear a strange high-pitched noise, kind of like a cross between a baboon and a turkey, coming from the backyard. Whatever it is, it's loud and sounds scared.
We walk into the backyard and there, stuck in the top of the tree is Bert or Ernie, whichever one is pink.... Screaming as loud as he can...
"Ohhhh..." I think to myself "That's a Googles scream, that's a sound I'll never forget!!!!" and I chuckle a bit.
"Ernie's the pink one, if you're wondering.." Arte growls while Bert glares at him.
Neither one speaks to each other.
"Arte" I exclaim!!! "How long has he been up there" I yell?
Looking at his watch, Arte says "Umm.. about 3 hours, give or take?"
"Give or take? Why'd you wait so long" I gasp?
"Well, dogs can't climb trees, and well, Bert got really upset with me and we've been arguing ever since. I just remembered that you have a Monkey Webkinz that'd be perfect to get Ernie down so I came running to get you!"
I call "Mr. Chimp" and he starts climbing to the top of the pink tree and helps Bert down...
While they're on the way down, I see Arte and Bert watching them come down.
"You know, Bert... I've known Arte a long time and I'm sure he didn't do this on purpose..."
"Hey Arte, Buddy, maybe you should apologize" I suggest to him.
Ernie and Mr. Chimp make it to the bottom and Bert and Ernie give each other a hug.
"Thanks Merthyn" they say in unison as if they're tied together somehow.
Then Ernie looks at Arte and says "No hard feelings, I know you just get excited Arte, I've never flown so high in my life, so that part was kinda fun! Wheeeeee!"
Arte chortles as only Arte can and apologizes to both of them.
Then, we head out of the backyard on our way back home... and back to bed for me.... Oh wait... Almost forgot

Thursday, June 7th:
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