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Thursday, July5th: 3pm KT> Snakes and Ladders Flooring $950

"Wha-What time is--3:30??! This better be good" I think to myself.
I look at the display on my phone, and, just as I thought, it's Arte.

"Hello?" I mutter in a slightly annoyed, but completely sleepy voice..
"Woah, Arte..." I say, extremely concerned and completely awake after Arte's shouting "Calm down, big guy... What's the problem?" (knowing that no one else will help him because they were smart enough to turn off their phones!)



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"I was moving some stuff around, ya know, couldn't sleep.. And I--Oh, Merthyn, I need your help, just trust me and come... NOW! HELP!!"
I'm already out of bed and into my clothes from yesterday that were lying on the floor.
I manage to put on sneakers this time, since I know I'll be running to Arte's to help him.
"I've never heard him ask for help like that" I think, and begin to wonder what he might've done with the treasure chest. "Is it his back? Did he drop it on his foot and break a toe??"
All the worrying makes me run faster, and I'm soon out of breath.
I have to stop and walk a bit, I had no idea I was this out of shape!

By the time I get there, about 10 minutes have passed since I hung up with Arte.
I can hear him howling in pain still from about 100 yards away, so I sprint to the front door and throw it open, almost knocking that bell clear off the door frame again.
"Good thing Arte reinforced that" I think for a second and then realize that the front is empty.
The door was unlocked and the front is empty, "Has Arte been robbed?" I ask myself.
Everyone knows that Arte's got the best shop in Webkinz World, has someone come and stolen a bunch of stuff and left Arte hurt somewhere?
I can still hear him howling in pain, but I can't see him!
I rush past the counter, toward the back of the store and I see Arte, lying on the ground, holding his front left paw.
There's a treasure chest cracked open near him.

"Arte?? You okay? What happened???" I ask him as I run over to him.
"MERTHYN! THANK GOODNESS YOU'RE HERE... You're my best bud, I knew I could on ya... OWWWW" he says as he tries to get up.
"Who did this, Arte? What did they get? Did you get a good look at them? What did they do to your paw? Do we need to go see Dr. Quack? Did you call the WPF??" I rattle off.
"Who? Wha-Where-Why----Merthyn, are you still on this planet?" Arte asks.
"Of course, Arte! I'm just worried and want to make sure we catch these people right away!" I shout.
"What on EARTH are you talking about?"
"You got robbed, and they hurt you during the robbery.. right??"
Arte starts laughing, not his usual laugh, but laughing through the pain in his front paw.
"What gave you that idea, Merthyn?"
"Well, the door was unlocked, you're injured and this treasure chest is smashed open with wood everywhere.. And I, I'm going to go lock the door-They're gone, right-I don't want them coming back to finish off the job!" I say, getting up to go lock the front door.
Arte starts laughing harder...
"Merthyn, Merthyn, Merthyn..... You got it all wrong bud, but I love ya..." Arte says.
"Wha----no thieves??" I ask, calming down, my heartbeat going a mile a minute.
"Nooooo.... Wow, that's quite an imagination you got there.." Arte says.
"..What actually happened was this... I couldn't sleep, so I decided to move some stuff around. I picked up this treasure chest here and well, it was a little too heavy, so I dropped it right on the floor!" he tells me, smiling, "And when I picked up some of these woods pieces, I got the worst splinter I've ever had!" pointing to a splinter on his left paw "And that's when I called you, cause I just couldn't bear to pull it out myself!!"
"ARTE!" I shout, about to get upset with him for calling me down here and getting me all worked up over a splinter, but realized that I'd gotten worked up about this all by myself with an overactive imagination!
I help the poor guy out with his splinter and he walks me out to the front of the store.
"From now on, Merthyn, I'll do my best to explain things clearly over the phone.... Don't want you runnin' in here with nunchuks ready to take out the bad guys!" he says, chuckling, as he hands me the list.
"Nite Arte!" I say and head home on my way to bed...

I had to work all day, and was groggy the entire time, so here's the list, hopefully I'll have some sweet, uninterrupted dreams tonight!

Thursday, July 5th:

* Orange Table ($126 ) [orig: $140] at 12midnight!
* Funky Chair ($231 ) [orig: $210] at 2am!
* Goalie Mask Shelf ($75) at 3am!
* Below Decks Wallpaper ($240 ) [orig: $200] at 7am!
* Gladiator Helmet ($1320 ) [orig: $1200] at 8am!
* Cat Street Post ($80) at 10am!
* Wooden Stool ($65) at 12noon!
* Apple Chair ($161 ) [orig: $140] at 12noon!
* Wagon Wheel Table ($275 ) [orig: $250] at 12noon!
* Hockey Flooring ($94 ) [orig: $90] at 1pm!
* Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($504 ) [orig: $480] at 2pm!
* Classing Gaming Room Wallpaper ($288 ) [orig: $275] at 2pm!
* Hockey Flooring ($76 ) [orig: $90] at 2pm!
* RARE: Snakes and Ladders Flooring ($950) at 3pm!
* Thinking Chair ($1258 ) [orig: $1325] at 5pm!
* Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($528 ) [orig: $480] at 6pm!
* Hockey Flooring ($103 ) [orig: $90] at 6pm!
* Hockey Table ($189 ) [orig: $180] at 6pm!
* Screwy Lamp ($685) at 7pm!
* Below Decks Wallpaper ($190 ) [orig: $200] at 8pm!
* Lime Desk Chair ($150) at 9pm!
* Rockin Pompadour ($734 ) [orig: $816] at 10pm!

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