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Thurs, June 14th: 4PM-Grand Egyptian Column $8000 9PM-Manic Monitor $3425

I headed home this afternoon and decided to stop by Arte's shop.
I've been spending so much time with him lately, that most of my other friends have forgotten about me by now! =P
As I walk in, I can't believe my eyes.. ARTE IS BEHIND THE COUNTER!!
This is the first time in ages that I've seen him work the counter and there's a line of about 4 people buying some Country Cabinets on sale for 20% off.
I waited my turn and Arte turned to me "Country Cabinet?" and laughed.
"Hey, you're working extra-hard today Arte!" I say.
"Well, Merthyn, only one small rare for tomorrow and they aren't that heavy, so I figured why not work the counter for a bit?" he says.
"Well, it sure impressed me!" I tell him.
"I've got something exciting planned in a little bit when it gets dark, come back in a bit?" he asks me?
"Sure Arte, no plans for tonight and I'm always up for something exciting!" I yell with enthusiasm and head out.
"Well, I guess I'll head home and relax for a bit" I say to myself and start on my way home.



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Just as I am about to walk in the door, my phone starts to ring, and I see that it is arte , "Hello Arte, what's up big guy?"
In his loud booming voice Arte says "I forgot to tell ya to dress comfortable... but not in your PJ's" he says laughing.
"Very funny, Arte, everyone knows about that, thanks to you!" I say, embarrassed.
I do a few boring chores around the house and start getting excited about Arte's as it starts to get dark, so I change into some more comfortable clothes.
Of course, I check every seam to make sure there's no holes, we all know what happened last time!

I finish putting on my shirt, and Arte calls again.
"Merthynnnnnnn! Come on buddy, where are ya? It's dark!" Arte asks enthusiastically!
"On my way!" I say, he sure sounds excited!
"Awright, meet me in the Medieval store room, I got some cool stuff set up! See ya in a bit!" he shouts as he hangs up the phone.
I start thinking about what he might have in the store room.
"Does he have a new medieval item? Did he get a shipment of Medieval Curtains? Haven't seen those in awhile!" my mind wanders as I make my way back to Arte's.
I walk in to Arte's shop, and he's not behind the counter.
"That's more like it.. " I think to myself and chuckle.
I walk past the counter and head toward the medieval room.
I'm not sure if any of you have been to any of Arte's storage rooms, but the Medieval and Egyptian storage rooms are all the way in the back.
The Curio Shop counter has a bunch of bright lights, but Arte is kind of a cheapskate with the lighting as you go further back toward the store rooms!
As I approach the Medieval room, I notice that Arte has shut the lights off and there is a gentle glow emerging from the doorway.

"Ooooooh.." I say, as I walk into the room...
I've never seen Arte go this far with his store room before!
He's got it all decked out, every Medieval item you can imagine.
"No wonder he's been selling some of the smaller items every day" I think "He's got hundreds!"
Arte has set up about thirty of the regal flame lamps he's selling tomorrow to light the whole place up.
I have to admit, he's outdone himself, this is really authentic!
"And quiet.." I think to myself... I just realize that I've been in here looking around for almost 5 minutes and Arte is nowhere to be found!
I figure that he's probably caught up with some extra paperwork and continue to explore.
I walk over to where keeps the Thrones and turn around to sit down and then.....
"Raaaarrrrhhhggghhhh!!!" A giant pumpkin head comes flying out of the dim-lit room right at me.
So used to the quiet, this scares me more than anything I've ever experienced before in my life!
As I was about to sit down, I lose my balance and fall over while screaming at the top of my lungs.
My foot hits one of the Flame Lamps and knocks it over.
I jump up and start running out the door.
I may be a boy, but when I'm this scared, I always end up embarrassing myself by letting out a high-pitched scream at the top of my longs while I run away, arms flailing...
Which is exactly what I did!
I look back and I see the pumpkin head glowing in the flames and the lamp that I kicked over has ignited some of the curtains!
I don't hear anything.
I don't see anything.
Then I realize, I need to call the WFD (Webkinz Fire Department).
I whip out my Kinz Phone and press the "Fire" button and the Fire Chief tells me to remain calm.
"Remain Calm? My best friend is in there, and it's all he's got and the place is haunted! HURRY!" I shout and hang up the phone!
Still nothing, and no WFD...
"Oh Arte" I think "I'm so sorry..."
Then, all of a sudden, I see some movement inside. It's the pumpkin-head coming toward me.
"Should I run? Should I scream again? It's getting closer" I think, scared out of my wits!
"Merthyn, STOP IT N - O - W!" the mask GROWLS!
"Wwwww-wait, I kkknn-ooow that voice.... Arte?" I stutter.
As it comes closer, Arte takes off the pumpkin-head mask and has a fire extinguisher in his hand.
"Merthyn, my friend, I was just havin' a little fun, you really lost it there, bud!" Arte said, concerned. "You okay? You look spooked!"
I hear the WFD siren coming...
"Uhh yeah, I'm okay Arte, I just.. Umm... I uhhh..." Completely bewildered, I just don't know what to say!
The WFD chief arrives in his shiny red firetruck.
He's a Dalmatian, of course!
"We have a report of a fire here at the shop, is anyone inside?" he asks Arte & I.
I'm still too upset to speak, so Arte does the talking.
"Hey Spottikinz, I got everything under control here" Arte says, while holding up the fire extinguisher.
"Wanna tell me what happened?" he asks?
"Well, I fired up one of my famous Master Grills in a confined area and it caught a rice paper divider on fire, so I had to get an extinguisher and put it out before the whole place went up in flames!" Arte explained.
"What? Did Arte just keep my embarrassing antics to himself?" I think?
Arte turns and gives me a wink.
"Well, as long as no one was hurt, I think my work here is done." Spottikinz says.
I'm eyeing the firetruck, "Wow, I'd love to pick one of these babies up.." I think.
Arte catches me staring at it.
"Hey Spottikinz, on your way out, can you take us around the block on your truck, with the sirens and lights going? It looks like FUN!" Arte asks, very excited!
"Sure, why not.. Merthyn, you wanna control the horn? You look like you've been through a lot!" Spottikinz asks?
"YES YES YES!" I shout! "Last one on the truck is a rotten egg!" and I jump on board.
Spottikinz took us for a short ride and I was blaring the horn every second of the ride!
People were coming out of their houses to see what all the commotion was and Arte and I were having such a great time!
"I gotta get me one'a these" Arte says as we left Spottikinz's truck.
"Ohhhh... me too, that was the BEST, Arte!" I shout!
"Thanks Spottikinz!" I yell as he drives away!
"ANYTIIIIIME!" he shouts and heads off into the distance with his sirens on.
"Hey Arte, I just wanted to thank you for... well.. for not embarrassing me before..." I say.
"I was really worried that I'd hurt you or was going to burn down your whole shop..."
"Heya Merthyn! Don't'cha worry about it! That's what friends are for, my man!" Arte says with a big grin... "And if you thought you could get ridda me that easy, you don't know me all that well" and he starts to laugh.
"And thanks for asking about the firetruck ride.. That was really AWESOME!" I say!
"Couldn't'a had better company, Merthyn... See ya tomorrow?" he asks?
"After the excitement of today? You couldn't keep me away if you tried!" I shout.
Just before Arte hands me the list he starts scribbling on it..
"Uhh.. Jes' addin' a coupla things" he says just before handing me the list
I take the list and read it on the way home..
"That sneaky dog..." I think "Trying to sell his Medieval stuff off now that it's probably covered in soot!" and I start to laugh.

Thursday June 14th:
Medieval Wallpaper ($685 - 5%) at 12midnight!
Classing Gaming Room Wallpaper ($275 - 5%) at 1am!
Medieval Flooring ($900 - 15%) at 2am!
Silver Sofa ($400 - 5%) at 2am!
Silver Sofa ($400 - 5%) at 3am!
Screwy Lamp ($685 - 10%) at 3am!
Captain's Quarters Flooring ($390 - 10%) at 4am!
Funky Table ($250 -5%) at 4am!
Below Decks Wallpaper ($200) at 6am!
Silver Sofa ($400) at 7am!
Captain's Quarters Flooring ($390 - 15%) at 9am!
Medieval Side Table ($825 - 10%) at 10am!
Hockey Chair ($120 - 15%) at 10am!
Pineapple Lamp ($45 + 5%) at 11am!
Rockin' Pompadour ($816 + 10%) at 2pm!
RARE: Grand Egyptian Column ($8000) at 4pm!
Kids Cupboard Sink ($200 -5%) at 5pm!
Treasure Chest ($200 - 5%) at 6pm!
Medieval Wallpaper ($685 - 5%) at 6pm!
RARE: Manic Monitor ($3425) at 9pm!
Captain's Quarters Flooring ($390 - 10%) at 10pm!
Medieval Flooring ($900 - 15%) at 11pm!

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