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Thu, Jul 12: 12noon=Domo Roboto Dresser $2895 6pm=Ras Golden Bureau $7480

Tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap.
"I can't believe I'm doing this." I think to myself as I look up at the star-filled sky.
"How did I ever let Merthyn talk me into this?"
Looking down at my dog, Kopi, I think, "Girl, we must be crazy."

"What do you want?" comes the familiar voice from inside. "The shop's not open yet!" Kopi and I both jump back and she starts growling at the door.



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Kopi, being her ultra-friendly, Golden Retriever self, starts wagging her tail and jumps up on the door, forcing it open a bit further. Arte wags his tail and gives her a look and a bark, and Kopi seems to understand and sits down right next to me, just like in my avatar.

"Um, Arte?" I stammer. "Merthyn isn't able to make it today because he has tickets for a Midnight showing of Harry Potter. He asked me to come in his place."
The door opens slightly and I can see Arte peeping out through the crack.

"Harry Potter, huh? Doesn't Merthyn know there's a lot of work to be done? We've got a ton of inventory to bring up from the back room. It's not every day I run a deal like this. Stuff is going to be flying off the shelves."
He grows quiet for a moment and appears to be lost in his own thoughts.

"Um, speaking of the deal you're running" I stammer again. "I, um, Merthyn, um, that is, we were hoping you could let me have the list today."

Arte glares at me and looks as if he is going to slam the door in my face, but then he pauses and looks me up and down.
The door opens a little further.
"You look like you've got some muscles. If you come in and help me move this stuff, I suppose I could let you have the list. Like I said, it's a big day today, and I'll take any help I can get."

So, here's the information for today.
My muscles hurt, and my heart is still pounding, but I think it was worth it.
See if you agree with me.

And, Merthyn? I hope you had a nice day off.
I'm afraid Arte's going to have you make up for it tomorrow.

* Wooden Chair ($85) [orig: $95] at 3am!
* Hockey Dining Table ($402) [orig: $350] at 3am!
* Cat Street Post ($76) [orig: $80] at 4am!
* Hockey Flooring ($85) [orig: $90] at 4am!
* Below Decks Wallpaper ($210) [orig: $200] at 5am!
* Cat Street Post ($80) at 5am!
* Hockey Chair ($138) [orig: $120] at 5am!
* Hockey Chair ($126) [orig: $120] at 6am!
* Hockey Desk Chair ($100) at 6am!
* Hockey Dining Table ($420) [orig: $350] at 7am!
* Medieval Side Table ($742) [orig: $825] at 7am!
* Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($472) [orig: $450] at 10am!
* Chefs Shirt ($99) [orig: $95] at 11am!
* Helmet Lamp ($132) [orig: $110] at 11am!
* RARE: Domo Roboto Dresser ($2895) at 12noon!
* Hockey Wallpaper ($105) [orig: $100] at 3pm!
* Hockey Study Desk ($275) at 3pm!
* Rockin Pompadour ($856) [orig: $816] at 5pm!
* RARE: Ras Golden Bureau ($7480) at 6pm!
* Funky Table ($250) at 7pm!
* Hockey Coffee Table ($315) [orig: $300] at 8pm!
* Hockey Couch ($637) [orig: $750] at 8pm!
* Classic Gaming Room Flooring ($295) at 8pm!
* Chefs Hat ($88) [orig: $80] at 9pm!
* Lime Desk Chair ($142) [orig: $150] at 9pm!
* Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($456) [orig: $480] at 9pm!
* Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($432) [orig: $480] at 10pm!
* Medieval Window ($420) [orig: $600] at 10pm!
* Hockey Chair ($126) [orig: $120] at 11pm!

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