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Sunday June 3rd: 6pm KT - Formula Blackboard $2500!

Doctor Quack is so nice!!
Why did I get him involved in this?
These thoughts were running through my mind.
We tricked Arte into coming to Doctor Quack's clinic.
He thought Dr. Quack wanted to talk about a sale, but Dr. Quack really planned on giving Arte a checkup!
This whole thing is my idea because Arte's been acting a bit strange lately.
I've been concerned about him.
Of course, Arte would never have come on his own.
This was the only way!



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The amazing thing is that here we are and Arte seems okay with it.
I never thought it would happen.
Sitting on the exam table, Arte didn't look too happy though!
Doctor Quack came back in about then, and asks Arte to say "Aahhh", so he can examine his throat!
Arte does it, but it sounds more like "Grrrr" to me! I laugh!
The Doctor tells Arte that he wants to take his temperature.
Arte opens his mouth and the Doctor puts the thermometer under his tongue!
"I'll be back in a minute!" Dr. Quack tells us!
While we wait, I think that maybe I can cheer Arte up a little!
"Hey Arte", I say! Arte can only say "Mmmph" with the thermometer in his mouth.
"Arte, do you know why you would make a great PIRATE", I ask?
Arte shakes his head side to side!
"Because of your name...ARRRR!-Tee!, Get it"?
Arte roles his eyes and grimaces!
I think he liked it, so I offer another,
"Arte, when the doctor comes back, tell him that he's not all that he's QUACKed up to be!"
This time I hit pay dirt. Arte almost spits the thermometer out
trying not to laugh.
It was probably good that the Doctor came back about then.
I watch as the Doctor removes the thermometer and writes down something.
He then pulls out a small rubber hammer and tells Arte he wants to check his reflexes!
He taps Arte on the knee with the hammer.
No sooner than he does that, Arte's leg flies up and kicks Doctor Quack on his shin!
Both of them yell "Ouch" at the same time! Arte rubs his sore foot and the Doctor rubs his shin!
The look they gave each other was an indication of things to come.
I decided that it was time for me to wait outside until the Doctor got through with Arte.
While I'm waiting, I can hear brief periods of commotion going on inside.
I can't make out what is being said, but there is no doubt that things aren't going too well!
Finally, Arte comes out and he doesn't look happy!
The Doctor comes out looking very serious!
"Well, what did you find out, Doc", I ask?
Doctor Quack pulls me aside and says, "I'm afraid I have bad news"!
"Oh no", I reply with a worried look on my face!
"There's nothing we can do" he tells me.
Speaking loud enough for Arte to hear, the doctor says,
"I'm afraid that Arte is Always going to be Grumpy and Cantankerous"
Arte pretends that he doesn't hear it.
"But, what about his health", I ask?
"Oh, he's healthy as an mule and just about as stubborn", retorts the Doctor!
"There's nothing wrong with him that a good attitude won't cure!", he says loudly again towards Arte!
I'm relieved to here this, so I thank the Doctor for his time.
Arte seems eager to leave, so I lead the way back to his shop!
"I'll walk you back home and get the list I need while I'm there", I tell him.
Arte just nods his approval!
We walked just a short way when I detected a sly grin on Arte's face!
"What's with the grin", I inquire?
Arte reaches into his pocket and pulls out a handful of Doctor Quack's lollipops!
The Doctor likes to give a lollipop to patients who behave well.
Knowing that Arte didn't fit the "well behaved" category, I suspect the worse!
"Tell me you didn't help yourself to those lollipops", I inquire?
"Nah", says Arte, "The Doctor gave them to me".
"He said it was a cheap price to pay to get rid of me", he laughs!
Picking one from the bunch, he tells me, "Here", have one"!
He hands me a red one! I take it and comment out loud, "Mmmm, cherry, my favorite"!
The rest of the walk was quiet. We were both concentrating on our sugary treats!
We took the long way back so we had time to savor them.
I couldn't help but think, "Sometimes being with Arte isn't so bad"!
I slowly pull the lollipop from my mouth, inspect it, and pop it right back in.
"Nope, not bad at all!"

Here's the list (a little late due to our trip) that Arte had for me back at the shop:

Items for Sunday June 3rd!
Hockey Wallpaper ($100 -5%) at 1am!
Kids Cupboard Sink ($200 -15%) at 3am!
Captain's Quarters Flooring ($390) at 5am!
Rockin' Pompadour ($816 +10%) at 6am!
Chef's Shirt ($95 +15%) at 6am!
Loader Lounger ($950 -10%) at 7am!
Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($480 +5%) at 8am!
Funky Neon 'Fro ($362) at 9am!
Country Bed ($350 5%) at 11am!
Classing Gaming Room Wallpaper ($275) at 12noon!
Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($480 +15%) at 4pm!
Rare: Formula Blackboard ($2500) at 6pm!
Wagon Wheel Table ($250 -10%) at 6pm!
Hockey Locker ($150 +10%) at 7pm!
Wooden Chair ($95 -10%) at 8pm!
Thinking Chair ($1325 -15%) at 10pm!
Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($480 -15%) at 11pm!
Hockey Locker ($150 +5%) at 11pm!

Have fun shopping!

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