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Sunday, June 17th: No rares, Arte's giving us a break!

It's another early morning as I arrive at the Curio Shop.
Yawning and rubbing my eyes, I look up to see a delivery truck backing up slowly.
"That's strange." I think. "I wonder what Arte is getting delivered at this hour?"

It's a large truck that appears to have seen better days.
It's smoking, rattling, and almost completely covered in mud.
In fact, the mud is so thick that I can only make out a few words on the sign on the door.
"Medieval Movers"
"Wow, I wonder if Arte finally found the Medieval Bed and curtains?" I dash inside the shop excitedly.



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Arte, however, is nowhere to be seen.
"Gosh, I hope he's not stuck in the shop somewhere under a pile Egyptian Columns and Spittoons again!"
Then I hear a faint splashing coming from one of Arte's many back rooms.
Following the sound, I head down the long rear hallway and stop at one of the last rooms.
Peeking in, I find Arte, hunched over what appears to be a tin tub, splashing in water.

"Um, time for a bath Arte?" I snicker.

Arte sighs, "Merthyn, just because I'm a dog that doesn't mean that I'd take a bath in this thing."

It's then that I notice he's not wearing his usual bomber jacket. Instead he's in a bubble vest and a pair of star fly pants!

"Arte, what happened to your jacket, and the rest of your clothes?!"

"It's laundry day," he mumbles. "I didn't have anything else to wear, so now I"ve gotta take time out of my busy schedule for this. I wish I could get a hold of one of those fancy washing machines I keep hearing about, but Webkinz World just doesn't seem to have any."
He turns back to the tub.

"But Arte, there's a big truck pulling up outside. We've really got to get that stuff unloaded."
My curiosity about the contents of the truck is killing me, but I'm trying to learn to be patient, and stay on Arte's good side.

"Hey, kid, one more day, and I'd be naked. I don't think anyone around here would want that." He continues washing.

I pause for a moment and think "Is it even possible for a dog to be naked?"
Fortunately, my brain is working faster than my mouth and I am able to keep this thought to myself.

"Uh, Arte, what should we do about the truck?"

Arte smiles with that all-too-familiar smile and starts to hang the wet clothes on the handrail of a treadmill in the corner.
"Merthyn, buddy, I'm going to be tied up here for a few more minutes. Why don't you go out and start helping the delivery guys unload? I'll meet you out front."

Before he even finishes the sentence, I'm out the door and halfway to the truck.
Mentally, I'm already clearing space in my house for Medieval Bed.
I round the corner just as the delivery guys are opening the back of the truck and I am treated to the sight of...

...the largest, and heaviest, shipment of grey stones I have ever seen!
It wasn't the Medieval bed afterall.
It's a truck full of Medieval Flooring!
Mentally, I start moving my imaginary furniture back into place.

I head back inside and Arte's just finishing up his laundry.
"Heya Merthyn... I uhh... Well, I washed your clothes with a red shirt of mine and well...."
He holds up my bright pink shirt and pants that I was wearing the day I ended up with spaghetti on my head (and didn't use to be bright pink!!)
"Arte! You really DO need some laundry help!" I shout, laughing at him.

Oh well, today was a disappointment for me without the Medieval Bed, but hopefully you'll find what you're looking for.

I think Arte accidentally left the list in his pocket when he washed, so it was a bit difficult to read, but I think I got everything right.

Here's the list for Sunday June 17th, too bad they didn't deliver any rares!
Medieval Flooring ($900 + 10%) at 12midnight!
Loader Lounger ($950 - 10%) at 1am!
Hockey Chair ($120) at 1am!
Medieval Window ($600) at 2am!
Wagon Wheel Table ($250 - 15%) at 3am!
Country Bed (350 + 10%) at 5am!
Chef's Shirt ($95 - 15%) at 5am!
Wagon Wheel Sofa ($250 - 10%) at 5am!
Medieval Flooring ($900 + 15%) at 8am!
Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($450 - 15%) at 8am!
Medieval Window ($600 - 5%) at 10am!
Medieval Side Table ($825 + 5%) at 12noon!
Country Bed ($350 - 5%) at 12noon!
Hockey Side Table ($160 - 10%) at 1pm!
Wagon Wheel Table ($250 - 5%) at 2pm!
Orange Table ($140 - 15%) at 3pm!
Hockey Desk Chair ($100 - 5%) at 3pm!
Orange Table ($140) at 6pm!
Kid's Cupboard Sink ($200 - 15%) at 7pm!
Chef's Hat ($80 - 5%) at 8pm!
Kid's Cupboard Sink ($200) at 9pm!
Classic Gaming Room Flooring ($295) at 10pm!
Goalie Mask Shelf ($75 - 5%) at 10pm!

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