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Sunday, June 10th: 5pm KT - Super-Secure Trapdoor Toybox $1950

So, I hadn't heard from Arte since our last conversation and I've been worried about the guy.
I headed over to his place again after a long day's work and, of course, he's not behind the counter.
From what everyone tells me, he's always there for them, but never for me... How odd!
I head into the back room and I see Arte, working on some kind of chest.
As I walk closer, he hears me walking.
"Merthyn, that you, bud?" in a muffled tone from underneath whatever he's working on.
"Yep, you seem to be right on top of things, glad to see ya!" I say, since he seems to be in a much better mood already than he was yesterday!
He pops his head up and I realize that he's working on one of his Davy Jones' lockers.
"Dogbeard dropped off a shipment in these lockers and this one won't budge!"
"I can't get this doggone thing open!" he growls "Been tryin' for hours and I can't get my stuff out!"



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"Did you use a key?" I ask (regretting it as soon as the words came out of my mouth)
Arte, rightfully, glared at me and crawled back underneath it.
"I grow it's brown deer fun fair" he mumbles.
"Sorry! I had a hard time hearing you" I mutter.
"Harm me a fool" Arte mumbles again.
"Fool? Who's a fool?" I ask?
He pops up his head once again.
"Shellfish Wrench!" he shouts!
"What?" I ask?
"My Shellfish Wrench tool, I can pop it open with that!"
I hand him the strange-looking tool and he has the locker open in no time.
"I knew it! Things are always easier when you use the right tool" he says, getting excited while looking inside.
I try to sneak a peek and he quickly slams it shut.
"Those are for another day, Merthyn, be patient!"

"Anyways, you've really got to see this!" Arte grabs my arm and yanks me toward the back of the shop.
"What?" I ask, rubbing the sore spot on my wrist.
"C'mon. It's great. You really won't believe it."
With that, Arte takes off ahead of me down the stairs to the basement.
I don't think I've ever seen him this worked up. I dash after him.
"I've been looking for these everywhere, and I finally found them" he shouts!
Seeing Arte's excitement, I start to get really curious.
What on earth could he have found?
Could it be Ra's Golden Bureau or the Fabled Hummer?
I catch up with Arte at the bottom of the stairs.
He's staring up at something I can't quite see around the corner.
With great anticipation I step around Arte and I am treated to the site of the largest pile of hockey inventory I have ever seen.
"What? Behind the pile?"
"No, it IS the pile."
For a moment he just stares at the all of the hockey items and then he turns to look at me.
"Do you have any idea what the value of this mountain is? Ever since the W-Shop stopped carrying hockey stuff people around here have been driving me crazy! 'When are you going to get more in? How much is it going to cost?' Grr, I cant stand dealing with shoppers. Why can't they just give me money and leave?"
He pauses for a moment and smiles.
"Hopefully this will keep them quiet for a while, and of course, turn a nice profit for me."
"Here's the list." He thrusts a piece of paper at me.
"YOU go and deal with them. I've got REAL work to do."
With that, he turns his back on me and leaves me to show myself out.
It's not until I reach the top of the stairs that I finally look at the list.
"Hmmm. I've gotta get myself to Quizzy's to earn some KinzCash for that Toy Box."
So, for all you hockey fans, and for everyone else, here's the list. ENJOY!

Sunday, June 10th
Treasure Chest ($200 + 5%) at 12midnight!
Wagon Wheel Sofa ($250 - 10%) at 12midnight!
Captain's Quarters Flooring ($390 -20%) at 12midnight!
Kids Cupboard Sink ($200 - 15%) at 2am!
Wagon Wheel Sofa ($250 + 20%) at 2am!
Hockey Bed ($650 - 10%) at 3am!
Chef's Hat ($80 - 10%) at 4am!
Pineapple Lamp ($45 + 5%) at 5am!
Wooden Stool ($65) at 6am!
Hockey Table ($180 - 20%) at 6am!
Rice Paper Divider ($390 - 20%) at 9am!
Pineapple Lamp ($45) at 9am!
Goalie Mask Shelf ($75 -5%) at 10am!
Country Cabinet ($450 + 5%) at 10am!
Hockey Table ($180 -15%) at 11am!
Scoreboard Television ($850 + 10%) at 11am!
Country Cabinet ($450 + 10%) at 1pm!
Medieval Flooring ($900 -15%) at 2pm!
Rockin' Pompadour ($816 +5%) at 3pm!
Thinking Chair ($1325 - 5%) at 4pm!
RARE: Super-Secure Trapdoor Toybox ($1950 ) at 5pm!
Hockey Flooring ($90 -20%) at 6pm!
Orange Table ($140 - 5%) at 7pm!
Wooden Chair ($95 - 5%) at 7pm!
Hockey Desk Chair ($100 -10%) at 7pm!
Chef's Hat ($80 +5%) at 8pm!
Kids Cupboard Sink ($200 - 5%) at 10pm!
Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($450 +5%) at 10pm!
Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($480 -20%) at 11pm!

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