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Sunday, July 1st: 1PM-Exp Station 4 $1250 5PM-Ra's Golden Bureau $7480

Man, I'm so disappointed!!
Here's what happened today...

*Buzz* *Buzz* *Buzz*
My alarm clock goes off.
It's early in the morning, but I'm already up and out of the shower!
"Today is the day! Finally!" I think to myself.
I've been waiting months for this day, ever since they announced its release.
I headed out to work a little early.

I knew that my day at work would seem like an eternity, being so excited like this all day.
I was right.
It was the longest day at the grocery store I've ever had.



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And you know as well I as do that, when you've got your mind on something else, the grocery store job is near impossible!
I just finish in time, which is great because I need the Kinz Cash for Arte's!

I get there right at 6pm and the line is all the way down the street.
I start to worry as I count the people in front of me.
I stop counting, figuring that it will only make me more anxious.
The line isn't moving, so I start to fidget and talk to people in line.

"Can you believe it? I'm so excited!" I say to the Webkinz Cow in front of me.
He turns to me, with his Crown of Wonder and says,"Yep, the first time ever! How momentous is this occasion? I've never seen this many people waiting for Arte's!"
The line moves a bit.. I start to get more anxious.
"Will he run out? I should've called him, maybe he would've made a special "stash" for me?" I think to myself.
By 7:40, I'm just about to enter the door, only 7 people in front of me, and I'm tapping my feet to keep myself busy.
The cow turns and gives me a look over the top of his glasses.
I stop tapping my foot.

I finally make it to the counter and there's Arte, with one of the biggest smiles on his face I've ever seen.
"Merthyn, my friend, you made it! Look at everyone.. This will be one of the best days in history for my pockets!" he says, grinning from floppy ear to floppy ear.
"So, ya must be here for the same thing as everyone else, want both?" he asks.
"Both? Both what, Arte?" I say, with a puzzled expression.
"Both rares! That's why you're here, isn't it?" he barks,
"Rares? You mean the iPhone, don't you? Today's the iPhone release!" I shout!
"Another one of your eye-toys?" Arte asks "I have this, if you want a phone."
He pulls out a Toy Cell Phone and lays it on the counter.
"No, Arte! Wait, all these people aren't waiting for it? They're just here for the double rares at 7?" I ask, disappointed.
"JUST?" Arte shouts, glaring at me, "Merthyn! This is an important day for me, look at all the money rolling in! JUST?? How could you do that to a friend like me? I'm appalled!!"
"Oh, I'm sorry, Arte, I didn't mean to insult you I ju... I just I mean.. I'm dis... I'm sorry!" I stammer.
Arte grins and smiles.. "Had ya going there, Merthyn. Ya look scared. Keep the phone, you can pretend it's your eye-phone, but I'm not sure how your eye would use a phone...."
I laugh at his comment, but let it go, taking the phone and the list that Arte slips to me without the other customers seeing.

So, here I am at home, without my iPhone, with a list and a toy cell phone. Maybe tomorrow I'll find one.....


Is it really? I just checked the list and... Yes! It's the Golden Bureau!!

Loader Lounger ($950 + 5%) at 12midnight!
Hockey Couch ($750 - 10%) at 1am!
Hockey Study Desk ($275 - 10%) at 1am!
Screwy Lamp ($685) at 2am!
Classic Gaming Room Flooring ($295 + 5%) at 4am!
Hockey Table ($180 + 10%) at 4am!
Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($480 - 10%) at 4am!
Helmet Lamp ($110 - 10%) at 5am!
Wooden Chair ($95) at 5am!
Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($450 - 30%) at 6am!
Hockey Coffee Table ($300 + 5%) at 7am!
Hockey Coffee Table ($300 + 20%) at 8am!
Country Cabinet ($450 - 5%) at 11am!
RARE: Experiment Station 4 ($1250 ) at 1pm!
Funky Table ($250 + 15%) at 1pm!
Rockin' Pompadour ($816 - 10%) at 3pm!
RARE: Ra's Golden Bureau ($7480) at 5pm!
Wagon Wheel Table ($250 - 15%) at 5pm!
Goalie Mask Shelf ($75) at 5pm!
Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($450 + 5%) at 6pm!
Hockey Dining Table ($350 + 10%) at 9pm!
Wooden Chair ($95 + 10%) at 9pm!
Wooden Chair ($95 + 5%) at 10pm!
Rice Paper Divider ($390 + 15%) at 10pm!

Hockey Coffee Table ($300 + 15%) at 11pm!experitment4.JPG rasgoldenbureau.gif

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